ICC Cricket World Cup, 2019

Australia vs Pakistan - Match 17

Venue: The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton

Date & Time: 12 June 2019

Pakistan 266/10

RR: 5.82 | Australia beat Pakistan by 41 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Imam-ul-Haq c Alex Carey (W) & b Pat Cummins c Alex Carey (W) & b Pat Cummins 537570
Fakhar Zaman c Kane Richardson & b Pat Cummins c Kane Richardson & b Pat Cummins 0300
Babar Azam c Kane Richardson & b Nathan Coulter-Nile c Kane Richardson & b Nathan Coulter-Nile 302870
Mohammad Hafeez c Mitchell Starc & b Aaron Finch (C) c Mitchell Starc & b Aaron Finch (C) 464931
Sarfaraz Ahmed run out run out 404810
Shoaib Malik c Alex Carey (W) & b Pat Cummins c Alex Carey (W) & b Pat Cummins 0200
Asif Ali c Alex Carey (W) & b Kane Richardson c Alex Carey (W) & b Kane Richardson 5800
Hassan Ali c Usman Khawaja & b Kane Richardson c Usman Khawaja & b Kane Richardson 321533
Wahab Riaz c Alex Carey (W) & b Mitchell Starc c Alex Carey (W) & b Mitchell Starc 453923
Mohammad Amir bowled Mitchell Starc bowled Mitchell Starc 0200
Shaheen Afridi not out not out 1600
Extras 14 (b 0, lb 4, w 9, nb 1)
Total 266 (10 Wkts, 45.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
2-1 (Fakhar Zaman,2.1), 56-2 (Babar Azam,10.5), 136-3 (Imam-ul-Haq,25.1), 146-4 (Mohammad Hafeez,27), 147-5 (Shoaib Malik,27.3), 160-6 (Asif Ali,30), 200-7 (Hassan Ali,33.5), 264-8 (Wahab Riaz,44.2), 265-9 (Mohammad Amir,44.4), 266-10 (Sarfaraz Ahmed,45.4),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Pat Cummins10 0 33 3 3.30
Mitchell Starc9 1 43 2 4.78
Kane Richardson8.4 0 62 2 7.38
Nathan Coulter-Nile9 0 53 1 5.89
Glenn Maxwell7 0 58 0 8.29
Aaron Finch2 0 13 1 6.50

Right then! Australia move to second spot with their third win in 4 games. Pakistan stay in 7th place. Which match comes up next? It is India against New Zealand, at Trent Bridge, Nottingham. We hear that the forecast is not that great. Hopefully, we are proved wrong like the one here. Join us on Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 10.30 am local (0930 GMT) for all the action from Game 18. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Victorious Australian captain, Aaron Finch, admits that Pakistan certainly tested Australia. On his thought process during that carnage, Finch says that on a small ground like this, if one's execution with the ball is not proper, he will go for runs and that is what happened. Is disappointed that the Aussies could not bat out 50 overs in spite of having an extra batsman in the side and reckons that they ended up 20-30 runs short. But is happy with the 2 points. On the team selection this morning, Aaron says that it was a tough one, as when an all-rounder gets injured, it is difficult to choose a batsman or a bowler.

Pakistan skipper, Sarfaraz Ahmed, says that it is very disappointing given that the way Pakistan fought with the ball, they should have won it. Amongst the positives, praises Hassan Ali and Wahab Riaz' innings with the bat. On the negatives, blames his bowlers for conceding too many runs in the first 30 overs but also praises them for coming back in the next 20. Admits that his batsmen got starts but could not convert those and states that if you want to win matches, you need to play a long innings. Is ready to take on India next.

DAVID WARNER HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH FOR HIS FANTASTIC 107. Warner says, when he got out they had 70 balls to go and they were looking to bat out the 50 overs and be around 340 but adds that Pakistan bowled well and made it really hard for them. States the last game was a used wicket, it was dry and the Indian bowlers gave nothing away. Further adds here he had to adapt as there was movement early on and get on top of the back of the length deliveries. Ends by saying Wahab was very good at the end but the bowlers bowled well and it was a great game.

Who is your Man Of The Match? David Warner - for his splendid century? Mohammad Amir - for bringing Pakistan back into the game with a 5-for? Pat Cummins - for keeping Pakistan quiet throughout and picking up the crucial wickets of Imam, Fakhar and Malik? Or eventually, Wahab Riaz - for making a game out of nothing? Well, the presentation is upon us...

Now comes the second innings. Full of drama. Pakistan were cruising at 136/2 in the 26th over, but then slipped to 160/6. At that stage, it looked like game over with Australia surging to a massive win. But two critical stands - 40 for the 7th wicket and 64 for the 8th wicket - got the game very close. However, Starc's double-wicket over in the 45th sealed the deal, just like it did against West Indies.

A match which Australia should have probably won by 150 runs. Because at 223/2 and David Warner going strong, it seemed like they had 400 in sight. But his wicket led to a collapse and Mohammad Amir's 5-fer restricted the Aussies to 'just' 307.

Phew! What a humdinger. A match which both deserved to lose. In a game where the side committing fewer mistakes comes out on top, Australia have managed to get those crucial points.

K Richardson to S Afridi, OUT! RUN OUT! Brilliance by Maxwell has given Australia the last wicket. Full and on off, Afridi jams it out towards cover and it goes on one bounce to the fielder inside the ring. Sarfaraz is off for a run but then realizes that Maxwell has jumped and collected the ball with one hand over his head. The Pakistan skipper tries to return but before that the Big Show hits the bull's eye at the non-striker's end. One stump to aim at and boom... Ahmed is well short. The Australian players are ecstatic as they hug each other. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 41 RUNS!
K Richardson to S Afridi, Short and on middle, Shaheen looks to defend but it goes off the top portion towards mid off.
K Richardson to S Afridi, Full and outside off, Afridi plays inside the line and gets beaten.
K Richardson to S Afridi, On the stumps, it is kept out.
M Starc to S Afridi, Plays out the last ball but the interesting thing here is, Sarfaraz takes a single. Full toss on the pads, SA works it through square leg and a single is taken.
M Starc to S Afridi, Almost! Bowls it on a length and around off, this one shapes in late. Shaheen looks to defend but gets an inside edge towards square leg.

Shaheen Afridi is the last man in. Will this last pair play a blinder to take Pakistan home?

M Starc to M Amir, OUT! BOWLED 'EM! Two in the over for Starc and this is probably the over which completely turns the game in Australia's favour. He goes full but ends up bowling a low full toss. Amir looks to put bat on ball but gets an inside edge which shatters the stumps behind. One wicket away now Australia, Starc has two balls to do it.
M Starc to M Amir, BEATEN! Quick delivery on off, it skids through. Amir looks to defend but gets beaten.
M Starc to M Amir, WIDE! Goes short first up but down the leg side. Wided.

Mohammad Amir walks in at number 10, replacing Riaz. This game is not done yet. This bloke can bat too. The runs required are not that much.

M Starc to W Riaz, OUT! Caught behind! This could probably be the game-changing review by Australia. Wahab Riaz is out of here. Wicket no. 8 down. Starc delivers when his team needed the most. Back of a length delivery and it lands on off, straightens after pitching. Wahab hangs his bat out. He seems to have missed it. Carey takes it and appeals. The umpire shakes his head. Finch comes running in from mid-wicket or cover, asks Smith but the latter is unsure. Finch waits, waits and waits and at the last moment, reviews just in time and replays show that there is something on the Ultra Edge when the ball passes the bat! The on-field call has been overturned. Australia heavy favorites again. 44 needed in 34 with 2 wickets in hand.

Drama! Australia reckon they have Riaz here. Has he nicked this one? Steve Smith at gully says he is unsure. Finch though thinks for a while and at the last moment, takes the review. Seems to be nothing there in the replays. Wait... Ultra Edge detects a spike! What a masterful review!

M Starc to S Ahmed, Well played! Clears his front leg but Starc bowls it short. Sarfaraz guides it down to third man who is very fine. So only a run.
K Richardson to S Ahmed, Well played again! Guides it down to third man and takes one. 6 from the over.
K Richardson to S Ahmed, A dot! Short and on middle, Sarfaraz looks to pull but mistimes it to mid-wicket.
K Richardson to W Riaz, Slapped but just for one! Outside off, Wahab hits it through covers and gets to the other end.
K Richardson to S Ahmed, Sarfaraz works it through mid-wicket and gets to the other end. Well played. He need not do anything silly at the moment.
K Richardson to W Riaz, Another full toss, Wahab looks to play a cautious stroke. The ball goes off the outside edge down to third man for one.
K Richardson to W Riaz, Good running and even more impressive dive in the end! A full toss to begin with by Kane. Wahab guides it past point. They take one, go for the second. The throw is a loopy one from the deep so Wahab makes in with a dive.

Kane Richardson comes back into the attack! He has a knack of picking important wickets. Australia need one here.

M Starc to W Riaz, Starc's over comes to an end! Three runs from it. A good one for Pakistan as they did not lose a wicket. 51 needed in 42. Full and on the pads, Riaz works it towards fine leg and keeps strike.

Our thoughts - How will Australia finish their 5th bowler's quota? They still have one over left. Will Finch gamble with himself or Maxwell right in the very last over? Or will he give one right now and leave it to his main bowlers in the remaining six?

M Starc to W Riaz, Good bumper! It is on off, Wahab hops and tries to fend at it but at the very end bails out.
M Starc to W Riaz, Back of a length and on the stumps from around the wicket. Wahab blocks it down onto the ground.
M Starc to S Ahmed, Good length and on off, Sarfaraz guides it down to third man and takes one.
M Starc to W Riaz, Nicely played! This is worked through square leg and gets off strike.
M Starc to W Riaz, BEATEN! Full and angles it away from off. Wahab looks to put bat on ball but misses.

Mitchell Starc is back on! Finch has gone to his strike bowler. They need to break this stand.

N Coulter-Nile to W Riaz, Played to the point region by the batsman. They pick up a single. 24 in the last two overs, 54 needed off 48 balls. Game on?
N Coulter-Nile to S Ahmed, On middle and leg, Sarfaraz smartly glances it behind square leg and rotates the strike. The skipper is showing great maturity.
N Coulter-Nile to W Riaz, Back of a length ball on off, Wahab gets back and plays it in the gap in front of square leg for one.
N Coulter-Nile to W Riaz, SIX! Wahab Riaz is doing it here for Pakistan. He picks up the slower one early and slogs it handsomely over mid-wicket for a biggie. 50-run stand comes up, 250 up for Pakistan as well!
N Coulter-Nile to W Riaz, Shortish and on off, Wahab rocks back to pummel it on the leg side but it takes the lower half of his bat and goes towards covers.
N Coulter-Nile to S Ahmed, On a good length outside off, Ahmed dabs it down to third man for a run.
G Maxwell to S Ahmed, Once again smart batting by Ahmed. He eases it down to long on for one. 14 came from the over. 64 needed in the last 9.
G Maxwell to W Riaz, Straight down the ground. Not timed nicely though but a single taken.
G Maxwell to S Ahmed, Ahmed smartly goes back and pushes it down to long off for one.
G Maxwell to W Riaz, Excellent stop! Saves three for his side. Riaz goes for the slog sweep. Does not hit it right off the middle. It still seems to be going to the mid-wicket fence but Coulter-Nile runs to his right, jumps, keeps both his legs in the air and pushes it back in.
G Maxwell to W Riaz, SIX! Take that says Wahab! That is right off the middle. Very full and Wahab whips it easily over the long on fence. 10 from the first two balls. Pakistan not going down without a fight.
G Maxwell to W Riaz, FOUR! Inside edge and that just goes past the off pole. So the intentions are clear. Go after the offie. Maxwell fires it outside off. Wahab swings across the line, the ball just about kisses the off pole. Goes to the fine leg fence.

Powerplay 3 to get underway now! A maximum of 5 fielders can be put outside the ring till the end. 78 needed more off the last 10 overs. Three wickets left.