England in West Indies, 5 ODI Series, 2019

West Indies vs England - 5th ODI

Venue: Darren Sammy National Cricket Stadium, St Lucia

Date & Time: 02 March 2019

West Indies 115/3

RR: 9.45 | West Indies beat England by 7 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Chris Gayle bowled Mark Wood bowled Mark Wood 772759
John Campbell bowled Mark Wood bowled Mark Wood 1900
Shai Hope bowled Chris Woakes bowled Chris Woakes 131801
Darren Bravo not out not out 71410
Shimron Hetmyer not out not out 11620
Jason Holder
Carlos Brathwaite
Ashley Nurse
Devendra Bishoo
Sheldon Cottrell
Oshane Thomas
Extras 6 (b 0, lb 0, w 5, nb 1)
Total 115 (3 Wkts, 12.1 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
40-1 (John Campbell,3.2), 93-2 (Chris Gayle,8), 95-3 (Shai Hope,8.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Chris Woakes6 0 56 1 9.33
Mark Wood6 0 55 2 9.17
Tom Curran0.1 0 4 0 40.00
Alex Hales 0 0 0 0 0
Jonny Bairstow 0 0 0 0 0
Joe Root 0 0 0 0 0
Eoin Morgan 0 0 0 0 0
Ben Stokes 0 0 0 0 0
Jos Buttler 0 0 0 0 0
Moeen Ali 0 0 0 0 0
Adil Rashid 0 0 0 0 0

The trophy is shared 2-2 and Holder and Morgan smile. The former has plenty to take from this series but the latter, hmmm... One of the favourites for the World Cup? That tag has taken a serious beating. Questioned by the number 9 team in the world. He will hope that the Brits do well in the T20I format, which arguably, is the best for the Windies. Promises to be a cracker. Join us on Friday, Match 5, 2019 at 4 pm local (2000 GMT) for the first of a 3-match T20I series, at this very same venue in St. Lucia. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Victorious Windies captain, Jason Holder, is proud of his unit. Says that it was tough on the boys after the first game but they did not lose hope. is happy with the intent they showed in spite of the demoralizing loss in the previous ODI. On Gayle, Holder says that Chris is Chris but the main focus was on the team showing positive intent with the bat and attacking intent with the ball. On the series overall, Jason says that there are still things to be learnt and this final ODI was a good learner. He observes that the middle overs are the key where England score big and today, they concentrated on restricting the boundaries and the Windies were successful. On the surface, Holder says that it was a bouncy wicket but they still needed to put it in the right areas. Credits England for starting off well in Powerplay 1 but then praises Thomas and Nurse for shutting it down in the middle overs.

424 runs, 13 sixes. Universe Boss, CHRIS GAYLE, IS THE MAN OF THE SERIES. Take a bow. Smiles and says that he is only 39. Asks the youngsters across the world - what are they doing? Then becomes serious and praises the bowlers and Oshane Thomas for setting up the win. On the run chase, Gayle says that the 16-run opening over gave Windies plenty of momentum and he took it from there. Praises England for their bowling throughout the series, especially Mark Wood, for sheer pace. On his own self, whether this is the final innings in the Caribbean, Gayle says that he was not sure, but if this is the last, he wanted to go out with a bang. Adds further that this series status is a big boost for the Windies. They wanted to go into the World Cup with a bit of respect and he says that if the bowling attack performs like this in England, they can make a few heads turn.

OSHANE THOMAS HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH FOR HIS FIFER. Seems to be a shy guy. Politely says that the wicket seemed to have a lot for the fast bowlers and he only bowled it in the right areas. On learning at the international stage, Thomas says that the experience was great, after featuring mainly in the CPL.

Eoin Morgan admits that England struggled to bat throughout their innings on a bouncy track. Adds that they were way off the board and with the ball, were all over the place. Bluntly says that they did not deserve to win. Says that nothing is easy and England need to find out ways to score on challenging tracks and hang out in the middle. Stresses that the unit has done it on slower and lower wickets but need to now do it in conditions and tracks like these. On the series overall, Morgan states that England have competed well but have not been at their best. Hence, he feels that 2-2 is a fair reflection of how the series unfolded. Ends by saying that today's performance was disappointing but he will take plenty of positives from the series.

Clearly a day to forget for England. Eoin Morgan had said that they would be tested in this ODI series and they have been. But they have been blown away, to be honest, by one man. Today though, it was more due to the disciplined bowling by the Windies. It will be interesting to see what Morgan says in the presentation. Stay tuned...

Earlier, after electing to bowl, Windies were excellent with the ball. They did not bowl loose stuff, which meant the visitors had to manufacture their shots. Batting was by no means easy but the technique against short stuff was found wanting. Not one of the top 7 had answers to the hurried bouncers. They tried to see off the passage of play but once Stokes was dismissed, the innings was ushered into completion.

The Caribbean is dancing in Gayle's glory. Let us join them. Christopher Henry Gayle. Retiring post the World Cup? Why? 39 sixes in a 5-match ODI series with one game less. The Universe Boss still has plenty of fuel left in the tank. His 27-ball 77 meant that the others did not have to do much and England were given a proper pasting. The number 1 ranked ODI side were asked to fetch the leather and plenty of dirty linen were washed. Battered and hammered. Beaten black and blue.

We have just gone 5 minutes post the scheduled innings break, that is how quickly the match has enfolded. Those tuning in now might just read Gayle's fastest ODI Fifty but there was a team which batted before, toiled for 28 overs but mustered only 113. Only to see that being kicked off in not even half of the overs they faced.

What a way to make a statement. All done, all dusted. Start the car! All over in 40.2 overs. This has been one cracking T20. Oops... was it an ODI? My word. It has been a Chris Gayle show again but do not forget who set it up in the first place.

Tom Curran to S Hetmyer, FOUR! Windies win! Bravo finishes it off with a boundary. Full and on off stump from Curran, Bravo drives that one beautifully down the ground and beats the mid off fielder for a boundary. Comfortable win for the home side as they beat England with 7 wickets in hand and 227 BALLS TO SPARE!

Tom Curran to have a go now.

M Wood to D Bravo, On off stump from Wood, Bravo off the front foot hits that through the off side. They take a couple. Just 3 to win now.
M Wood to D Bravo, On middle and leg from Wood. Bravo paddles that one on the leg side.
M Wood to D Bravo, WIDE. Down the leg side, flick shot missed.
M Wood to D Bravo, Around middle and off, defended watchfully.
M Wood to D Bravo, On off stump from Wood, Bravo hits that one straight to the cover fielder.
M Wood to S Hetmyer, EDGED, SAFE! Once again Hetmyer backs away to the leg side and throws his bat at it. Gets a thick outside edge which flies over short third man! Just a single though.
M Wood to S Hetmyer, FOUR! Just outside off stump from Wood, Hetmyer gives himself room and hits that over the off side for a boundary. Just 7 needed now.
C Woakes to D Bravo, On middle and leg, defended back to the bowler.
C Woakes to D Bravo, WIDE! Bouncer is too high from the bowler Woakes. Bravo ducks underneath and lets that go to the keeper. Dot ball.
C Woakes to D Bravo, FOUR! Too full in length, Bravo gives himself room to the leg side and swings hard but gets a thick inside edge. There is no mid on in place and the ball races away.
C Woakes to D Bravo, On middle and off from Woakes, moves across towards slip. Bravo beaten all ends up. No run.
C Woakes to D Bravo, Bouncer! The batsman ducks in time to let that one go over him.
C Woakes to D Bravo, On middle and off from Woakes. Bravo defends that but straight to bowler. No run.
C Woakes to S Hetmyer, Another slower ball, fuller in length, around middle, worked through mid-wicket for a single.

Powerplay 2 time. 4 fielders outside the 30-yard circle, till the..........40th over. Take your time...

M Wood to D Bravo, Bouncer this time from Wood. Bravo ducks and lets that go through to the keeper. Dot to finish the over.
M Wood to D Bravo, Nicely bowled from Wood. On off stump going away, Bravo tries to play at it, misses it. Straight to the keeper. No run.
M Wood to D Bravo, A short ball, around leg stump, Darren hops and fends it down.
M Wood to D Bravo, On a good length around middle, played away towards point.
M Wood to S Hetmyer, Played to the mid-wicket region by the batsman. The batsmen have run through for a single.
M Wood to D Bravo, Full and outside off, pushed through the covers for a single.
C Woakes to S Hetmyer, Outside off, Bravo gets across and shoulders arms.

Shimron Hetmyer walks in at number 5, replacing Hope.

C Woakes to S Hope, OUT! BOWLED! Ugly shot from Hope and he has no hope. Windies lose their third wicket. Hope has to go. Off cutter from Woakes on off stump, Hope tries to hit that over the on side, ends up missing it and the timber is disturbed.
C Woakes to S Hope, Short this time from Woakes. Hope tries to pull that one but misses it as the ball hits his arm.
C Woakes to S Hope, On off stump again from Woakes. Hope off the front foot defends that one. Dot ball.
C Woakes to S Hope, Full and outside off, Hope lofts this over mid off and comes back for the second.
C Woakes to S Hope, On off stump from Woakes. Hope of the back foot defends it. No run.

Darren Bravo comes in for the finishing duties.

M Wood to C Gayle, OUT! Dragged on! The fun ends. Gayle cannot quite see his team through to the finish line. A length ball, around middle, Gayle looks to pull but the ball stays slightly low and skids through, beneath the bat. Hits the top of off. The entire crowd in Grenada stands up as one. What a champion knock. What a series he has had. The Universe Boss is back.
M Wood to C Gayle, SIX! Where has this gone? Into orbit! His 9th six. Bowled short, around middle, Gayle just clubs it leisurely over mid-wicket.
M Wood to C Gayle, FOUR! Streaky but who will care? A full toss, around middle, Gayle backs away and swings hard but gets a thick inside edge which escapes short fine leg!
M Wood to C Gayle, FOUR! The upper cut again! Short and outside off, Gayle backs away and ramps it over the short third man fielder!
M Wood to C Gayle, SIX. Raining sixes here! Short outside off stump, Gayle gives himself room again to hit that over deep point, way back in the stands for another maximum.
M Wood to C Gayle, SIX! He is dealing in maximums even on this bouncy surface. Short and outside off, Gayle backs away and upper cuts it over point!
C Woakes to S Hope, Landed outside off, punched straight to point.
C Woakes to S Hope, SIX! Hope gets in to the act. On middle stump little bit fuller. Hope presents full face of the bat to hit that over the bowlers head for a maximum.
C Woakes to S Hope, Outside off, played straight to point.