England in West Indies, 5 ODI Series, 2019

West Indies vs England - 2nd ODI

Venue: Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados

Date & Time: 22 February 2019

England 263/10

RR: 5.51 | West Indies beat England by 26 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Jason Roy bowled Sheldon Cottrell bowled Sheldon Cottrell 2400
Jonny Bairstow lbw Sheldon Cottrell lbw Sheldon Cottrell 0100
Joe Root c Shai Hope (W) & b Oshane Thomas c Shai Hope (W) & b Oshane Thomas 364060
Eoin Morgan c Shimron Hetmyer & b Sheldon Cottrell c Shimron Hetmyer & b Sheldon Cottrell 708353
Ben Stokes c Shai Hope (W) & b Jason Holder (C) c Shai Hope (W) & b Jason Holder (C) 798572
Jos Buttler c Shimron Hetmyer & b Jason Holder (C) c Shimron Hetmyer & b Jason Holder (C) 343322
Moeen Ali bowled Sheldon Cottrell bowled Sheldon Cottrell 121400
Tom Curran lbw Jason Holder (C) lbw Jason Holder (C) 0100
Adil Rashid c Shai Hope (W) & b Sheldon Cottrell c Shai Hope (W) & b Sheldon Cottrell 151930
Liam Plunkett c Jason Holder (C) & b Carlos Brathwaite c Jason Holder (C) & b Carlos Brathwaite 2300
Mark Wood not out not out 1300
Extras 12 (b 0, lb 3, w 9, nb 0)
Total 263 (10 Wkts, 47.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
1-1 (Jonny Bairstow,0.2), 10-2 (Jason Roy,2.1), 60-3 (Joe Root,13), 159-4 (Eoin Morgan,30.2), 228-5 (Ben Stokes,40), 233-6 (Jos Buttler,41.3), 233-7 (Tom Curran,41.4), 260-8 (Adil Rashid,46.3), 261-9 (Moeen Ali,46.5), 263-10 (Liam Plunkett,47.4),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Sheldon Cottrell9 0 46 5 5.11
Jason Holder10 1 53 3 5.30
Oshane Thomas5 0 32 1 6.40
Ashley Nurse6 0 28 0 4.67
Devendra Bishoo10 0 49 0 4.90
Chris Gayle2 0 15 0 7.50
Carlos Brathwaite5.4 0 37 1 6.85

That is it from this game. The Windies have leveled the series and we now go to Grenada for the third ODI with both teams winning one game a piece. That match will be played on 25th February. That match will begin at 0930 local (1330 GMT). Join us for that one. Till then, Cheers!

Windies skipper Jason Holder says he is really pleased and credits his boys for their performance. States Hetmyer played really well and took them to a competitive total. Singles out Cottrell's spell to be a game changer. Says those early wickets gave them momentum and those two wickets in one over once again got them back in the game. On being asked about Shimron Hetmyer's performance the Windies skipper said that it is really good to see young players step up to the occasion and says Shimron Hetmyer has been a big player at such a young age for the country. Ends by thanking the crowd for their support.

Man of the Match - Shimron Hetmyer says he just wanted too keep going and rotate the strike. States, him and Bravo wanted to see how far they could go. On his improvement on playing both sides of the pitch, the young batter said he just trying to work it both side of the ground. Says it is a work in progress for him and he is continuing to learn and progress. Insists that he does not want to be a one dimensional player. On being asked how was the mood before they came to field he states the mood was good as usual and they just came out and wanted to do things according to the plan. On being asked about his celebration after the century Hetmyer said it was nothing big but just something for his girlfriend.

England skipper Eoin Morgan says that he always knew it was going to go right till the end. Believes they did a lot of good things today. Says they fielded well and bowled well. States that they were going good with the bat but could not capatalise on it. On facing Sheldon Cottrell the English skipper states that it was his first time facing him and it was a very different challenge. Says he swings the ball in and he is a left-hander so it is difficult. Admits they failed to nail down the partnership today and that cost them.

With the game slipping away from Windies, Jason Holder took the onus on himself and first removed the dangerous Ben Stokes from the crease. He didn't stop there and picked the wickets of Jos Buttler and Tom Curran off consecutive deliveries. That proved to be the match-turning moment and the Windies just capitalized. The bearded boys, Moeen and Adil, put up a fight for a while but once again Sheldon Cottrell returned to do the damage. He finished with a 5-wicket haul and played a key role in Windies' victory.

The chase started on a wrong note for England as they lost both their openers cheaply. Sheldon Cottrell was in his elements as he delivered initial blows to the Englishmen. Post that, Root and Morgan stitched in a handy stand followed by a 99-run partnership between the English skipper and Ben Stokes. Both the batsmen looked set to see the touring team home but then Cottrell was brought back into the attack and he dismissed Morgan. The depth in England's batting meant that they kept the upper hand as yet another vital alliance was formed between Buttler and Stokes. The real action though began from there...

Windies have done it! They have broken the deadlock, their first win over England in ODIs since 2014. In between, they experienced 10 losses in a row. What a turnaround from them! This game swung like a pendulum. Both teams kept bouncing back whenever put under pressure but eventually it was the home team landing the knockout punch. A very entertaining game for the crowd and the series is now levelled 1-1!

C Brathwaite to L Plunkett, OUT! Caught in the deep! Brathwaite picks up the last wicket. Full length delivery on off, Plunkett looks to power it over long off but ends up giving it straight to the fielder. Jason Holder there takes a very simple catch and roars in celebration. WINDIES WIN BY 26 RUNS!
C Brathwaite to M Wood, Shorter in length outside off, Mark cuts it towards point and takes a single.
C Brathwaite to M Wood, Full length delivery on the leg. It is going down with the angle. Wood looks to hit it across the line but misses and gets hit on the pads.
C Brathwaite to L Plunkett, Yorker on middle, Plunkett gets his bat down and flicks it towards mid-wicket for a single.
S Cottrell to M Wood, Shortish and outside off, cut from the back foot but straight to point. Another fine over by Sheldon, grabbing two wickets and giving away just 2 runs.

Mark Wood comes in at number 11.

S Cottrell to M Ali, OUT! Bowled round the legs! Moeen departs. A body blow to England and the crowd erupts. Cottrell serves a length ball down the leg side, Moeen fails to flick and it deflects onto the stumps after clipping the inside of his thigh pad. Sheldon is absolutely delighted, his maiden 5-wicket haul in ODIs. Take our salute, boy!
S Cottrell to L Plunkett, Edgy! Good length ball on middle and off, Plunkett tries to cover the line and defend but it takes the outside edge and runs down to third man for a single.

Liam Plunkett is the new man in for England.

S Cottrell to A Rashid, OUT! Caught behind! Fourth wicket for Cottrell and his wonderful night continues. Delivers a back of a length delivery on off and gets some extra bounce. Rashid tries running it down but gets a thick outside edge behind. Shai Hope makes no mistake and it's time for another salute from Sheldon. 30 needed off 21 balls.
S Cottrell to A Rashid, Once again the length is a touch short outside off, Rashid pushes it from the back foot to point.
S Cottrell to M Ali, A touch short and angling into the batsman, Moeen turns inside the crease and pulls it aerially towards deep mid-wicket. A single taken.
C Brathwaite to A Rashid, Swing and a miss. Length delivery outside off, Adil looks to hit it but misses. Good comeback from Brathwaite. Finishes off with 2 dot balls in a row.
C Brathwaite to A Rashid, Better from Brathwaite. Length delivery outside off. Rashid pushes at it and misses.
C Brathwaite to A Rashid, FOUR! Two-in-two. Pressure back on the bowler. Good length delivery on the pads, Rashid flicks it towards backward square leg and the fielder from deep square leg gives it a chase but fails to cut it off.
C Brathwaite to A Rashid, FOUR! Excellent shot. Overpitched delivery outside off, Rashid drives it through point and the ball races away to the fence.
C Brathwaite to A Rashid, Yorker length on middle and off, Rashid looks to flick but it comes off the bottom edge. Rashid comes forward for a single but Moeen sends him back.
C Brathwaite to M Ali, Full length delivery outside off, Ali hits it towards deep cover and gets only a single.

Carlos Brathwaite back into the attack.

S Cottrell to A Rashid, Reaches out for a full ball outside off and drives it square of the wicket on the off side. A couple taken. 7 from the over, 40 needed off 30 balls.
S Cottrell to A Rashid, Wide! Sprays a length ball wide outside off, Adil allows it through. The umpire stretches his arms.
S Cottrell to M Ali, A length ball on middle and leg, angling in, Moeen closes the face of his bat and helps it through mid-wicket for one.
S Cottrell to M Ali, Wide! An attempted slower one goes down the leg side, Moeen tries to sweep but misses.
S Cottrell to A Rashid, Nicely played. Good length ball on middle and off, Rashid plays at it late and deflects it down to third man for a run.
S Cottrell to A Rashid, Beaten! Cottrell bowls a sharp one. Angles it away from the batsman, on a length, Adil throws his bat at it but fails to make any connection.
S Cottrell to A Rashid, Shout for an lbw! A length ball on middle, straightening a bit after landing, Rashid tries to defend but gets an INSIDE EDGE onto the pads.
S Cottrell to M Ali, Back of a length delivery on off, Moeen punches it down to long on and takes a run.

Sheldon Cottrell is back on. 47 needed off 36 balls.

J Holder to A Rashid, A cracking yorker, right in the blockhole, Adil is equally up to the task as he digs it out. Holder bowls out, 10-1-53-3, brilliant work done by him.
J Holder to A Rashid, Defended off the back foot by the batsman to mid-wicket.
J Holder to A Rashid, FOUR! Valuable runs for England. Holder errs in his line and serves a length ball down the leg side. Rashid gets a faint tickle behind it and the ball screams past Hope for a boundary.
J Holder to M Ali, A dipping yorker around leg, Ali eases it through mid-wicket and takes a single.
J Holder to M Ali, Slower one, angling away from the batsman outside off, Moeen opens the face of the bat and pushes it towards short third man.
J Holder to M Ali, Too full in length on the pads, it's whipped through backward square leg for a couple of runs.
D Bishoo to A Rashid, On the stumps this time, Rashid defends it with a straight bat.
D Bishoo to A Rashid, Dropped! Captain my captain. What have you done here? Flighted delivery on off, Moeen goes back to punch but does so uppishly at covers. It goes straight towards Jason Holder who puts down a sitter. He has his hands on his head and Bishoo cannot believe it!
D Bishoo to A Rashid, Shorter in length, Rashid cuts it to the fielder at point.
D Bishoo to M Ali, Shorter delivery on off, Ali punches it off the back foot and hits it towards cover for a single.
D Bishoo to M Ali, Tossed up on middle and off, Moeen defends it with a straight bat.
D Bishoo to M Ali, Flighted delivery on middle and leg. Moeen tucks it towards mid-wicket and goes for a quick single. The fielder has a shy at the bowler's end but misses. There is no one backing up so they get one more run. Two runs in all taken from that ball.
J Holder to A Rashid, NOT OUT! Daylight! Windies just got carried away there. Now, the home team also has no review left. Back of a length delivery outside off, Rashid stays back to push inside the line but misses. The keeper collects the ball and Holder appeals along with Shai Hope. Not given and they take the DRS. The replays detect no wood. End of an eventful over, 2 runs and 2 wickets from it.

The Windies' players have gone upstairs for caught behind. They think they have got another wicket here. It looked to the naked eye like there was no bat involved but let's see what the Snicko has to say.

J Holder to A Rashid, Yorker, Rashid does extremely well to dig it out at the last moment.