England in West Indies, 3 T20I Series, 2019

West Indies vs England - 2nd T20I

Venue: Warner Park, Basseterre, St Kitts

Date & Time: 09 March 2019

West Indies 45/10

RR: 3.80 | England beat West Indies by 137 runs


Okay. We are leaving early. We will be back quickly too, for the third and final T20I - the last game of this long tour, on Sunday, March 10, 2019 at this same venue at 4 pm local (2000 GMT). Will the Windies be able to make a quick turnaround and avoid a whitewash? Join us to find out. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Victorious England captain, Eoin Morgan, is pretty satisfied with the win. Is happy with the fact that England adapted to the conditions pretty well, especially with their backs against the wall. Praises the Root-Billings partnership and goes further in beautifying Billings' knock. Admits that the collision between himself and Curran was because there was no calling but even if there was, Morgan reckons that it would not have mattered as there was too much wind blowing across. On the plans for the final T20I, Eoin aims to keep improving. Bluntly says that he is not happy with this game's Powerplay total for England, citing that they lost too many wickets.

SAM BILLINGS HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH FOR HIS BREATHTAKING 87. Billings says that it was a nice situation where he could give himself some time and form a partnership with Joe Root. On his slogs through the leg side from wide outside off, Billings laughs it off, saying that he has a strong bottom hand but feels that these days, every batsman needs to bat 360 degrees. On the discussion with Root after the early collapse, Billings says that the aim was to get into the final 5 overs without losing any more wicket. Adds that with the ball, the visitors were targetting early wickets. On the final T20I, Sam looks at that game as a massive opportunity for the World Cup hopefuls.

Windies skipper, Jason Holder, is visibly distraught. Bravely says that it is one of those games which cannot provide any explanation. Puts it down to the tiredness during a long tour and wants to brush this aside and quickly regroup. Feels that this game witnessed their best fielding performance throughout the tour but the death overs' bowling let the team down. On his captaincy stint in the T20Is, Holder admits that it is different and challenging but there are small things those need to be corrected, which would be aimed to be done in the third T20I, before heading into the World Cup. Feels sorry for debutant Obed McCoy but reckons that overall, everyone bowled well and the energy levels were high but the batting let them down. On Ashley Nurse's injury status, Jason says that he is not too sure right now.

It was the Chris Jordan show yet again. His figures of 2-0-6-4 were enough to provide a catastrophic effect with the scalps of Bravo, Holder, Pooran and Allen. The others barely got to showcase their skills. Who is your Man Of The Match? Sam Billings? Chris Jordan? Joe Root? Stay tuned for the presentation...

A shocker of a match for the home side. Had England tottering at 32/4 but that was it. They let it slip from there and perhaps they were having their feet on banana peels. Kept on slipping and never recovered. 25/6 in the Powerplay, 45 all out, just avoiding the lowest ever T20I total of 39. Only two batsmen managed to reach double figures.

All over. In the blink of an eye. Billings and Root played a combined 87 balls. The entire Windies team has lasted just 71 deliveries.

L Plunkett to D Bishoo, OUT! It is all over here, done in a flash! 45 all out! ENGLAND WIN BY 137 RUNS and have gained an unassailable 2-0 lead in the T20I series. A length ball on top of off stump, Bishoo looked to clear his leg and hit the ball over mid-wicket but the ball goes straight up in the air. Billings, at mid-wicket runs back and completes a good catch. Fitting that he takes that too! What a demolition job this has been! Spectacular for the visitors, not so much for the hosts.
L Plunkett to D Bishoo, Bouncer! Typical response from a fast bowler. DB ducks under it and lets it go.
L Plunkett to D Bishoo, FOUR! Shot! Absolutely flat-batted back down the ground to long on. A shorter length ball outside off, Bishoo clears his front leg and smashes it right through mid on for a boundary. The bowler is not impressed and has a few words to say to the batsman.
L Plunkett to D Bishoo, Slightly fuller this time outside off, Bishoo mistimes this slightly uppishly towards cover but the ball lands well short.
L Plunkett to D Bishoo, Short of a length outside off, a solid punch by Bishoo towards cover.
A Rashid to O McCoy, Floated one on leg, McCoy tries sweeping but misses. It takes the pads and goes to leg slip. They appeal but to no avail.
A Rashid to D Bishoo, Played to the mid-wicket region by the batsman. One run added to the total.
A Rashid to O McCoy, In the air... JUST SAFE! Another googly, landing full on middle, McCoy tries heaving it over the leg side but it takes the leading edge and falls wide of long off. A single taken.
A Rashid to O McCoy, A sharp googly, landing on off and turning away, McCoy tries slogging and misses.
A Rashid to O McCoy, Skidding away from around off, McCoy pushes inside the line and misses.

Obed McCoy is the only man left...

A Rashid to S Cottrell, OUT! Bowled 'em! A well-disguised googly by Rashid. He drops it full around off, Cottrell has no idea about it, plays all around it as he tries to defend. It brushes his pads before going on to shatter the stumps. Windies in serious danger of getting their worst T20I score, 21 runs away.
L Plunkett to D Bishoo, A length ball outside off, Bishoo stands tall and punches it to cover.
L Plunkett to S Cottrell, Bouncer! At the batsman's chest. Cottrell tries to fend it off but takes his eyes off the ball. The ball goes off the glove and towards the left of the keeper. The batsmen run for a quick single and Bairstow throws at the bowler's end. Jordan backing up, looks to have got hurt on the shoulder. With this run, the lowest total of T20Is has been equalled.
L Plunkett to D Bishoo, Shorter length once more, Bishoo manages to work it on the leg side for a single.
L Plunkett to D Bishoo, Kept out off the back foot towards mid-wicket on a short length.
L Plunkett to D Bishoo, Bumper on middle, Devendra ducks under the ball and lets it go.
L Plunkett to D Bishoo, Good delivery! On a length outside off, Bishoo looks to cut it without foot movement but fails to put bat on ball.
A Rashid to D Bishoo, Goes down on one knee and sweeps it through square leg for a run.
A Rashid to D Bishoo, A googly landing full on middle, Bishoo tries flicking but gets a leading edge on the off side.
A Rashid to D Bishoo, Too wide on the off side for the batsman to make any contact.
A Rashid to D Bishoo, Leans forward to defend and keeps it out from the outer half of his bat to point.
A Rashid to S Cottrell, Knocks a full ball down through mid on for a run.
A Rashid to S Cottrell, Flatter delivery on the leg stump line, Cottrell plays it off his pads to mid-wicket.
L Plunkett to D Bishoo, Solid defense! Probably the best we have seen all evening. Shorter length ball on middle, Bishoo defends this on the back foot.

Sheldon Cottrell is in next to face the music.

L Plunkett to S Hetmyer, OUT! Taken in the fourth attempt! Hetmyer goes now! 35/8, would you believe it? A shorter length ball on the leg stump line, pacy and gets big on Hetmyer. He looked to clear his front leg and smash this over deep mid-wicket. The ball goes high off the top edge and towards deep square leg. David Willey comes in a bit and settles under the ball to take it. The ball pops out on the first attempt as Willey loses balance, then pops out on the second and third attempt as well. It finally remains in the grasp as David keeps the ball firmly stuck to his body. Has a smile after getting up, knowing he almost messed that one. 2 wickets more now!
L Plunkett to D Bishoo, Hurls it at the pads this time, Bishoo works it to deep square leg for a run.
L Plunkett to D Bishoo, Almost another one! A length ball outside off, Bishoo looked to put bat on ball but it goes past the outside edge.
L Plunkett to D Bishoo, Kept out watchfully off a length on top of off stump.
L Plunkett to S Hetmyer, On the pads, worked away to deep square leg for a single.

Liam Plunkett is into the attack.

A Rashid to D Bishoo, Patted towards point to end a successful first over for Rashid.

Windies are really staring down the barrel here. They are looking down to one of their worst batting efforts currently.

Devendra Bishoo walks in next.

A Rashid to C Brathwaite, OUT! Gone next ball after hitting a six! A flatter one on the pads, Braithwaite goes for the slog sweep but loses his balance in the process. The ball flies off his bat but only straight to Willey at deep mid-wicket who did not have to move an inch! This is implosion! England need 3 more wickets to win!
A Rashid to C Brathwaite, SIX! Huge! Catch it was the call but it will have to be taken in the crowd. A flighted ball on middle, Braithwaite swings and connects. The ball goes way over the rope at long on. Windies continuing to attack.
A Rashid to S Hetmyer, A slog sweep from Shimron to this ball on the pads, Plunkett in the deep almost overruns that ball but then puts out his left hand to stop that ball. Keeps it down to a single.
A Rashid to S Hetmyer, Confusion! Almost resulted in a wicket. Bowled faster at the pads, Hetmyer glances it to short fine leg and looks for a quick single but the ball was straight at the fielder. Braithwaite sees that and goes back at the nick of time. The throw was also wayward.
A Rashid to C Brathwaite, First delivery is wide outside off, Carlos cuts it to deep point for a single.

Adil Rashid to bowl after the field is relaxed.

C Jordan to C Brathwaite, A confident-looking shot to begin with. On a length outside off, Brathwaite comes ahead and pushes it through cover-point. Denly at point runs behind the ball and keeps it inside the rope with a good effort. Saves a run for his team. The Windies are 25/6 after the Powerplay.

Carlos Brathwaite is the new batsman.

C Jordan to F Allen, OUT! Wickets galore! That is number 4 for Jordan! A length ball outside off, Fabian Allen just hangs his bat out to run it down to third man. The ball moves slightly after landing and takes the outside edge. Flies to Root at slip who makes no mistake. 6 down inside 6 overs. Incredible!
C Jordan to F Allen, Almost chopped on! A length ball outside off, Allen looks to run it down to third man but the ball goes off the under edge and just past the off stump.
C Jordan to S Hetmyer, On the hips, pushed towards mid-wicket for a single by Hetmyer.
C Jordan to F Allen, On a shorter length wide outside off, Allen manages to dab it down to third man and get off the mark.

Fabian Allen walks in next.

C Jordan to N Pooran, OUT! 5 down inside the sixth over! Windies are in ruins at the moment. A cross-seam delivery bowled on a shorter length outside off and going across the lefty. Pooran, the hero with the bat the last game looks to run it down to third man but all he manages to do is to get an outside edge to the keeper. Jordan has incredible figures of 1.1-0-2-3 so far. This might be over real soon. 163 runs needed in 89 balls now.
D Willey to S Hetmyer, On a length outside off, Hetmyer has some room to run this down past short third man but he hits it straight to the fielder. Missed out there.
D Willey to N Pooran, Patted down with soft hands towards the off side and the batsmen pick up a quick single.
D Willey to N Pooran, On a length and top of off stump, kept out by Pooran.
D Willey to S Hetmyer, Shortens his length outside off, Hetmyer was looking to defensively push that towards cover but the ball goes off the thick inside edge and runs wide of short fine leg for a single.
D Willey to S Hetmyer, FOUR! Good effort in the deep but the ball goes into the fence eventually. Strays on the pads this time does Willey, Shimron Hetmyer glances it past short fine leg and towards long leg. Hales in the deep runs to his left and tries to make a stop but fails to keep the ball inside. Much-needed boundary for Windies.
D Willey to S Hetmyer, On the money from Willey, on a length and off stump line. Hetmyer watchfully pushes it back towards the bowler.
C Jordan to N Pooran, A length ball on middle and off, Pooran stays inside the crease and defends it watchfully to the off side. Fantastic first over by Jordan, two wickets and a run from it!

Nicholas Pooran is out to bat next and to face the hat-trick ball...

C Jordan to J Holder, OUT! Golden duck for Jason Holder as he is trapped right in front of the sticks. Jordan angles in a length ball on middle and it skids on along with keeping low. The tall man, Holder, is late in bringing his bat down and is rapped on the pads. Jordan appeals and the finger goes up. In big trouble, the home team. Hat-trick ball coming up from Chris Jordan.

Jason Holder comes in at number 5.

C Jordan to D Bravo, OUT! Jordan has got him again! This time with a ripper! Darren Bravo was completely undone by this delivery. A length ball outside off, skids off real quick after landing and with some away shape. Bravo looks to defend, but he ends up missing the line. The ball takes the faintest of edges and goes to Bairstow who pouches it easily. What a start this for England! They are all over Windies like a rash.
C Jordan to D Bravo, Another good ball on a short length and middle stump line. Bravo looks to run it down to third man but the ball goes off the top half of the bat and towards point.
C Jordan to D Bravo, On the middle and leg stump line once more, a little short of a length. Bravo stands tall and defends this onto the surface.
C Jordan to S Hetmyer, Slower one on the pads, Hetmyer pushes it with hard hands towards mid on and picks up a quick single.

Chris Jordan is into the attack.

D Willey to D Bravo, A good length ball on middle and off, Darren Bravo plays it from the crease to point.

Darren Bravo walks in next to the crease.

D Willey to S Hope, OUT! Shai Hope is done and dusted! England though will hope that Morgan and Curran aren't done and dusted. A big collision between them as they both go for the catch with no one feeling the need to call. Seems all is fine. Coming to the delivery, Willey bowls a full delivery on middle and gets it to curve in a bit. Hope tries to flick but closes the face early. It balloons in the air off the top edge and Morgan from mid-wicket and Curran from short fine leg eye for it. Both are ball-watching and eventually the skipper catches the ball before running into Tom. Good thing for the English side is that in spite of the impact on collision, Eoin holds on to the catch. No harm done to any individual either. Windies in some trouble now after losing both the openers in a space of 3 balls.
D Willey to S Hetmyer, Gets behind the line of the delivery and punches it down towards mid off for a run.

Shimron Hetmyer walks in at number 3.

D Willey to C Gayle, OUT! Big blow to Windies, yet again Gayle has been dismissed cheaply. The Universe Boss has failed to carry his ODI form into the T20Is. Willey delivers a full ball on middle, Chris tries to hit it across the line, over mid-wicket probably, but ends up mistiming it in the air towards mid on. Joe Root makes no mistake and England draw first blood. 171 needed off 105 balls.
D Willey to S Hope, A mistimed shot. Willey lands it on a length around off, Shai opens up for a big shot across the line but mistimes it towards mid off. A single is taken.
D Willey to S Hope, FOUR! Hope will feel a lot good about himself now. Back of a length delivery outside off, Shai throws his bat at it and smashes it over mid on for a boundary.
Tom Curran to S Hope, No. He concedes a run off the final ball. Still a very tidy over by him. A touch short and on middle, Hope pulls it in front of square leg and the deep fielder cuts it off.
Tom Curran to S Hope, A well-directed bouncer, Hope tries to pull but it goes over his bat. Can Tom bowl a maiden?
Tom Curran to S Hope, A dipping full toss, around off, Hope squeezes it out to backward point. This is quality bowling, four dots so far.
Tom Curran to S Hope, Perfect line and length. Keeping it on and around off and not offering any room to work with. Shai stays back and pushes it out to point.
Tom Curran to S Hope, Yorker from Curran. Right in the middle stump line at 133 kph, all Hope can do is to block it back towards the bowler.
Tom Curran to S Hope, Angles in a full length ball on middle, Hope leans forward and across before flicking it towards mid-wicket.

Tom Curran to bowl from the other end.

D Willey to C Gayle, FOUR! Easy pickings for Gayle. Willey delivers it full and sliding down the leg side, Chris picks it off his pads and flicks it over short fine leg for a boundary. 6 coming from the first over.
D Willey to S Hope, This time the line is too straight and it has been easily worked through square leg for a run by Hope.
D Willey to S Hope, Uppish but safe! Willey is getting some movement. This one comes back into the batsman from a length around middle, Hope flicks it off his pads and it goes on one bounce to the mid-wicket fielder at the edge of the ring.
D Willey to S Hope, Lands it on a length outside off, Shai Hope gets across the stumps and pushes it down to mid off.
D Willey to C Gayle, Some movement on this occasion. Willey serves it on a fuller length around off and it seams back in a shade. Gayle tries to defend but it takes the inside half of his blade and rolls to the right of short fine leg. A single is taken. Windies are underway!
D Willey to C Gayle, Starts with a fuller length ball around middle and leg, Gayle quietly pushes it off his pads to mid on.

We're back for the run chase. Chris Gayle and Shai Hope are the Windies' openers. It has really turned gloomy out there now. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for a full game. England are beginning with David Willey. 183 needed off 120 legal balls. Let's play...