England in West Indies, 3 T20I Series, 2019

West Indies vs England - 1st T20I

Venue: Darren Sammy National Cricket Stadium, St Lucia

Date & Time: 06 March 2019

England 161/6

RR: 8.54 | England beat West Indies by 4 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Alex Hales bowled Sheldon Cottrellbowled Sheldon Cottrell11511
Jonny Bairstow c Carlos Brathwaite & b Ashley Nursec Carlos Brathwaite & b Ashley Nurse684092
Joe Root lbw Sheldon Cottrelllbw Sheldon Cottrell0200
Eoin Morgan c Chris Gayle & b Carlos Brathwaitec Chris Gayle & b Carlos Brathwaite81610
Joe Denly c Nicholas Pooran & b Jason Holder (C)c Nicholas Pooran & b Jason Holder (C)302940
Sam Billings bowled Sheldon Cottrellbowled Sheldon Cottrell181610
David Willey not out not out 1300
Tom Curran not out not out 2200
Liam Plunkett
Chris Jordan
Adil Rashid
Extras 23 (b 8, lb 7, w 8, nb 0)
Total 161 (6 Wkts, 18.5 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
17-1 (Alex Hales,1), 32-2 (Joe Root,2.3), 83-3 (Eoin Morgan,8.3), 103-4 (Jonny Bairstow,11.3), 153-5 (Joe Denly,17.4), 154-6 (Sam Billings,18.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Sheldon Cottrell3.5 0 29 3 8.29
Oshane Thomas2 0 18 0 9.00
Ashley Nurse4 0 32 1 8.00
Jason Holder4 0 26 1 6.50
Carlos Brathwaite4 0 33 1 8.25
Fabian Allen1 0 8 0 8.00

That is it from this game. Easy peasy for England, which actually comes as a surprise. It is they who have the weaker squad but have come out trumps effortlessly. On the other hand, the first thing the Windies will address in their team meeting is their fielding. Maybe it was lights, maybe it was the wind but the catching was ordinary. The final two matches of the tour will be played at St. Kitts with the second T20I scheduled on Friday, March 8, 2019 at 1600 local (2000 GMT). 2-0 or 1-1? Join us to find out. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Victorious England skipper, Eoin Morgan, says that this is the sort of win that his team has been aiming for, right from the first game of the tour. Praises Adil Rashid for tieing down the Windies in the middle overs. Has another praise for Chris Jordan and is impressed with his calmness in the Powerplay. Is very clear about not giving Jordan the 20th over as he felt that Nicholas Pooran would find it difficult to pick the slower balls of Tom Curran.

JONNY BAIRSTOW HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. Says that it was great fun to play with freedom and get some runs at the top of the order. Adds that the absence of some of the players helped him a touch with no one there to challenge his spot. On his keeping in this game, Bairstow says that it felt refreshing after the gloves were taken away from him in the Tests and ODIs.

Windies captain, Jason Holder, says that the Windies were scrappy in the field. Feels that the wicket was two-paced and batting was difficult but the bowling let them down. Admits that the wind was another factor in this game which went against his team but backs his side to bounce back in the next match. Is happy for Nicholas Pooran for his innings in this game.

Earlier, a Nicholas Pooran special took the hosts to 160/8 - a competitive score at the halfway mark. Given that they lost their top three in the Powerplay, it was a decent effort. Adil Rashid and Chris Jordan tied them down and Tom Curran reaped the fruits of their efforts, finishing with a 4-fer. Please do stay tuned for the presentation...

160 could have been defended but was not defended. The bowling was carted but the Windies did come back nicely in the middle. Sheldon Cottrell continued his good form and took 3 wickets while Nurse and Holder kept it tight in the middle overs. But 4 dropped catches - 2 of Bairstow, 1 of Hales and 1 of Billings were what hurt the home side.

Good outing for Jonny Bairstow who got his highest T20I score and second international fifty in the span of three innings, slowly getting back to his form. He ensured that the Windies did not have a chance at all, though he offered two chances - both grassed. Joe Denly blossomed in his presence and helped himself to his highest score in this format as well.

The first over of the run chase set the tone. Hales went after Cottrell going for 4 and a 6 on the first 2 balls and even though the bowler got his revenge soon, that 17-run opening over set the base. England kept going hard at the bowling, as is their norm and with 62/2 in the Powerplay, needing another 99, victory seemed assured.

A little bit of drama towards the end but a comfortable victory for England nevertheless. They were largely untroubled in the chase of 161 and have taken the first step ahead in this 3-match T20I series. But who knows - with a bit of better fielding, the Windies might have won.

S Cottrell to Tom Curran, That is the match! Short ball outside off, Curran pulls it over the mid-wicket region. The ball races to the fence but they complete the run before that. England win by 4 wickets with 7 balls to spare.
S Cottrell to D Willey, Nudges this through mid-wicket to get to the other end. Scores are level.
S Cottrell to D Willey, FOUR BYES! This has taken the wind out of this game. Short ball down the leg side. Willey looks to hook but misses. Hope behind jumps but the ball touches his glove and goes to the fine leg boundary. Just two more needed now.
S Cottrell to Tom Curran, Outside off, punched through cover off the back foot for a single. England are just a hit away.

Tom Curran walks in at number 8, replacing Billings.

S Cottrell to Sam Billings, OUT! Bowled 'em! Could there be a surprise for us? Sheldon back into the attack and gets a wicket off his first bowl. Rolls his finger to this one and serves it on middle. Billings is early in his slog and cannot get bat to it. The furniture behind is disturbed and out comes the military celebration.

Sheldon Cottrell to bowl his final over. England need 7.

J Holder to D Willey, Played to the point region by Willey. No run taken.
J Holder to Sam Billings, DROPPED! Oh dear, that would have been interesting. Short ball again on off, Billings pulls but the ball goes towards deep backward square leg. Thomas runs but goes with just his left hand for the catch and fails to hold on. They change ends. England would have had two new batsmen to complete the task.

David Willey walks in at number 7, replacing Denly.

J Holder to Joe Denly, OUT! A wicket against the run of play. Short ball on the leg side, Denly looking for a maximum on the on side doesn't get hold of it. The ball goes in hands of Pooran at deep square leg who takes it easily. Is this come too late?
J Holder to Joe Denly, Down the leg side, Denly tries to pull but cannot get bat to it.
J Holder to Sam Billings, Bounce! Outside off, Billings is caught by surprise and gets hit high on the bat. The ball goes to the off side where they take a single.
J Holder to Joe Denly, Full toss on the pads, worked away through mid-wicket for one.
C Brathwaite to Joe Denly, On a good length around off, nipping back in, Denly misses his flick and is hit on the pads. The ball rolls to the off side and a single is taken, leg bye signalled.
C Brathwaite to Joe Denly, The batsman appears to have been struck on the thigh pad. Leg byes signalled by the umpire. The batsmen have picked up a couple of runs.
C Brathwaite to Sam Billings, Short ball, Sam mistimes his pull through mid on for a run.
C Brathwaite to Sam Billings, A low full toss outside off, eased wide of cover for a couple.
C Brathwaite to Sam Billings, ANOTHER WIDE! Full and outside off, this time Billings reaches out to drive but misses.
C Brathwaite to Sam Billings, WIDE. Well outside the wide guideline, outside off, left alone.
C Brathwaite to Joe Denly, Very full outside off, almost a yorker, squeezed through the covers for a run. The stand moves to 40 from 28 balls.
C Brathwaite to Sam Billings, Full and wide outside off, driven through the covers for a single. 19 needed from 23 balls now.

Carlos Brathwaite is asked to bowl.

J Holder to Sam Billings, Billings taps this to the off side and is happy with the single. 20 needed from 4 overs for the visitors.
J Holder to Joe Denly, Great yorker. Denly plays it to the on side and takes one.
J Holder to Joe Denly, FOUR! Not elegant bu effective. Short again, Denly shows all his three stumps and goes for a forehand tennis smash. The ball goes over the bowler's head to the long off boundary.
J Holder to Joe Denly, Short ball on leg, Denly attempts to hook that one but fails to make contact.
J Holder to Joe Denly, Outside off, Denly gives room and slaps it to extra cover. They get the second comfortably.
J Holder to Joe Denly, Awkward bounce. Back of a length ball outside off, Denly goes for the pull but the ball keeps way too low and goes to the keeper.

Jason Holder to bowl the 16th over.

S Cottrell to Sam Billings, MISFIELD, FOUR! Cottrell is not happy. On a length, outside off, Billings opens the face of the bat and steers it behind point. The ball races away but Oshane Thomas gets to it from third man. However, when he tries to get down and stop, he tumbles and the ball deflects off his body to the fence.
S Cottrell to Joe Denly, Outside off, Denky opens the face of the bat and steers it to third man for a run.
S Cottrell to Joe Denly, Outside off, another play and a miss.
S Cottrell to Joe Denly, FOUR! Nicely timed. Short and outside off, Denly punches it behind point and gets a boundary.
S Cottrell to Joe Denly, Outside off, Denly flashes a cut but misses.
S Cottrell to Sam Billings, The batsman plays it with an angled bat and guides it to third man. They pick up a single.
S Cottrell to Sam Billings, WIDE. Slips this down the leg side, Billings misses his flick.

Sheldon Cottrell is back on. 2-0-15-2 so far.

A Nurse to Sam Billings, Half tracker on leg, Billings doesn't go after it. He decides to play it through mid-wicket for a single. Nurse ends with figures of 4-0-32-1.
A Nurse to Joe Denly, Played through mid-wicket by Denly. The batsmen have run through for a single.
A Nurse to Joe Denly, FOUR! Just as the pressure was building Denly gets a boundary. Steps out of his crease and flicks this over square leg to the fence.