England in South Africa, 3 T20I Series, 2020

South Africa vs England - 2nd T20I

Venue: Kingsmead, Durban

Date & Time: 14 February 2020

South Africa 202/7

RR: 10.1 | England beat South Africa by 2 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Temba Bavuma c Jos Buttler (W) & b Mark Wood c Jos Buttler (W) & b Mark Wood 312920
Quinton de Kock c Ben Stokes & b Mark Wood c Ben Stokes & b Mark Wood 652228
David Miller c Chris Jordan & b Ben Stokes c Chris Jordan & b Ben Stokes 211612
Rassie van der Dussen not out not out 432623
JJ Smuts bowled Chris Jordan bowled Chris Jordan 131201
Andile Phehlukwayo bowled Chris Jordan bowled Chris Jordan 0100
Dwaine Pretorius lbw Tom Curran lbw Tom Curran 251321
Bjorn Fortuin c Adil Rashid & b Tom Curran c Adil Rashid & b Tom Curran 0100
Beuran Hendricks
Tabraiz Shamsi
Lungi Ngidi
Extras 4 (b 0, lb 1, w 3, nb 0)
Total 202 (7 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
92-1 (Quinton de Kock,7.5), 101-2 (Temba Bavuma,9.1), 123-3 (David Miller,12.3), 158-4 (JJ Smuts,16.3), 158-5 (Andile Phehlukwayo,16.4), 202-6 (Dwaine Pretorius,19.5), 202-7 (Bjorn Fortuin,20),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Moeen Ali3 0 36 0 12.00
Tom Curran4 0 45 2 11.25
Chris Jordan4 0 31 2 7.75
Adil Rashid3 0 34 0 11.33
Mark Wood4 0 39 2 9.75
Ben Stokes2 0 16 1 8.00
Jason Roy 0 0 0 0 0
Jos Buttler 0 0 0 0 0
Jonny Bairstow 0 0 0 0 0
Eoin Morgan 0 0 0 0 0
Joe Denly 0 0 0 0 0

That's it from this nail-biting encounter that forces a decider! All to play for in the final T20I at SuperSport Park in Centurion. That game will be played on 16th February and it will begin at 1430 local (1230 GMT). We will love your company for that game too. Till then, take care!

Eoin Morgan, the England skipper, says that they would've loved to win both the games. Tells that South Africa gave a good fight during the chase. Praises the performance of de Kock and Bavuma. On their bowling performance, Morgan praises Jordan and tells that he has a cool and calm head on his shoulders. Further adds that it is a tough ground to bowl but he does that really well. On Curran's last ball, Morgan feels that those are tough to bowl but credits Curran for the same and praises Rashid for taking the catch under pressure.

MOEEN ALI IS NAMED MAN OF THE MATCH! On his knock, Ali says that it was nice to connect a few. Tells that he is happy that his shots came out well. Adds that they bat deep and that helps their cause. Feels that when you're playing well, you need to keep it simple and that's how it goes.

Quinton de Kock, the South African skipper, says that it was a great game of cricket. Tells that England fought till the end and they won the game. Says that the bowlers need to be a bit better in the next game. On van der Dussen's knock, de Kock says that he is known for such innings and adds that he can handle the pressure well. On him scoring the fastest half ton for South Africa in T20Is, he says that he wasn't sure if he would be able to do so but he is happy for it.

Earlier in the day, England smashed a mammoth total courtesy excellent knocks Ali, Roy and Stokes. However, South Africa were brilliant throughout. There were also a few brilliant knocks from their end like de Kock's fifty and van der Dussen's knock, in the end though, they fell just short. Stay tuned for the presentation.

Have to feel for the bowlers tonight! First the South Africans took a pounding and then the English bowlers too. Not a lot you can write about the bowlers in a game where more than 400 runs were scored. However, Chris Jordan was exceptional. Wood was expensive but he picked two huge wickets. Curran bowled well when it mattered. Rashid and Ali though had a day to forget but overall, England will be happy they defended this as it is not an easy ground to defend.

South Africa, on the other hand, can surely give themselves a pat on the back though. Yes, there were numerous times in the game where they felt it was their game to win but 205 is a massive chase and in the end, they fell short by just the 2 runs. Let's now though take you to what happened at the start of this chase - de Kock and Bavuma got their side of to a brilliant start. It was the skipper who led the way and Bavuma was happy playing second fiddle. De Kock ended up scoring the fastest half ton for the hosts in T20Is. South Africa got to the 100-run mark before the 10th over. They were cruising at that moment but Wood got rid of both the openers and England were back in the game. Miller then along with van der Dussen took South Africa back on top. Once DM fell though, South Africa then were always chasing the game. Smuts and Phehlukwayo could not contribute a lot. They needed 45 in the last three overs but then the game swung once again as 19 came from the 18th over. 11 from the 19th and 12 from the first 4 balls of the last saw the hosts needing 3 from the last 2. However, two wickets in the last two balls saw England come out on the right side.

WE HAVE A DECIDER! But what two games of cricket have we witnessed in this series! Magnificent! Two nail-bitters, both the games saw the batting side needing 3 on the last ball and on both occasion, the chasing side could not score it. It was Ngidi who kept his calm the last time around and it was Curran who did so this time. He had 14 runs to defend, he went for 10 from the first two balls but brilliantly came back in the end and ensured his side levelled the series. Take a bow, young man.

That was some drama, eh? The sponsors and broadcasters were already out in the middle even though the umpires and players were still out there in the middle. It took some time, but eventually, the decision was made. Nerves, choke. Nerves, choke. And a nervy end to boot! Whoa! Let's take a breather...

Tom Curran to B Fortuin, OUT! CAUGHT! No Super Over! ENGLAND WIN THE GAME BY 2 RUNS! Fortuin is caught off the last ball. This delivery though reminded me of the 2007 WT20 Final. Fortuin played the same shot which Misbah did. He shuffled right across and tried to paddle scoop it but there was absolutely no pace on this delivery. He only managed to hit it high up in the air towards the fielder there. Rashid takes a good catch. England have started celebrating but the umpire wants to check if Rashid was in the ring when the ball was bowled. Replays roll in and they show he was inside the ring when the ball was bowled but, but, excellent presence of mind from him. He started running back as soon as he saw BF get into position to play that shot and in the end, it went straight to where he was standing.

Bjorn Fortuin is the next batsman in. Rassie van der Dussen is into his ears straightaway. Do what you want, but do not take less than two! Poor Bjorn, what fortune! To come out at such a stage. Nothing that Rassie can do. Or de Kock. Just hope that Fortuin gets good enough bat on this. 3 to win, 2 for a Super Over.

Tom Curran to D Pretorius, OUT! Impact umpire's call! Wickets hitting umpire's call and the decision stays. South Africa need 3 from the last ball. Exactly what England needed in the last game. Curran bowls one more yorker this time. Pretorius shuffles across and looks to flick but misses. He gets hit on the pads. An appeal and up goes the finger. Pretorius is walking back disappointed. However, both his captain from the dressing room and van der Dussen want it to be reviewed. Pretorius does take it. Replays roll in and Ultra Edge shows a spike as the ball passes the bat. That though was of the ball hitting the ground. They move forward and it shows that the on-field call stays. An excellent knock from Pretorius comes to an end. Heartbreak for him but he really played well.

Pretorius is walking off as he has been giving out LBW! Quinton de Kock from the pavillion is screaming and signaling that signal the 'T'. Van der Dussen too is calling Pretorius back and wants him to review. DP does so. Stokes is arguing that there was a message from inside but the umpire does go ahead and he takes it upstairs. Looks out though. Let's see Ball Tracker. Inside edge? Yes! Hang on. Getting carried away. No inside edge. The bat has hit the ground.

Tom Curran to D Pretorius, NOT OUT! A brilliant dive from Pretorius saves him. This is a yorker on middle. Pretorius works it through mid-wicket. They take one and go for the second. Stokes picks the ball up and fires it to the keeper. He whips the bails off. Not a big appeal from the English players but it is still taken upstairs. Replays roll in and the umpire has a look at a few of them as the bat seems to be in the air when inside the crease. However, it is grounded before and hence, it is ruled in the favor of the batter. 3 needed in 2.

The umpire has taken it upstairs! However, there was hardly any appeal from the England players.

Tom Curran to D Pretorius, FOUR! 5 needed in 3 now! Pretorius you beauty! Curran offers width now and bowls it wide outside off. DP reaches out for it and hits it wide of the fielder at sweeper cover and bags a boundary. Pretorius is absolutely pumped up.
Tom Curran to D Pretorius, SIX! The early biggie which South Africa needed in the over. 9 needed in 4 balls. You have to favor the batting side now, right? One more slower one and this time it is on a length. Pretorius was waiting for it. He tonks it over the long on fence for a huge one.
Tom Curran to D Pretorius, A dot to begin! A lovely slower one outside off. Pretorius is done in by the pace. He swings way too early and misses.

Now then, who will bowl the last over of the game? The series is on the line here, high pressure, Stokes? Curran? It is Tom Curran. The youngster has been given the responsibility. Can he hold his nerves here?

C Jordan to D Pretorius, A single to end which means 15 needed in the last over. A yorker on off, DP jams it out towards cover for one.
C Jordan to D Pretorius, EDGY FOUR! Handy, handy boundary! South Africa won't care how they come as long as they do. A full toss outside off. Pretorius swings but it goes off the outside edge and to the third man fence.
C Jordan to D Pretorius, Another two! 20 needed in 8 now! One more yorker. DP looks to jam it out but it goes off the inner half through mid-wicket for a brace.
C Jordan to D Pretorius, Tremendous stuff! Good running though! A yorker on middle, it is jammed out towards mid-wicket and the batters take two. 22 needed in 9 balls. Need a big hit do the hosts.
C Jordan to van der Dussen, Just a single! Jordan though gets away with one there! A full toss on middle, van der Dussen looks to go big but it is a little too quick. He mistimes it high up in the air but it lands safe in the mid on region. A single.
C Jordan to D Pretorius, Dropped! He actually saved a boundary there! It was clobbered! A full ball around off, Pretorius smashes it towards Jordan who sticks his left hand out but it does not stick again. A single as the ball rolls on the off side.
M Wood to van der Dussen, A dot! Still a top over for the hosts! 26 needed in 12. Full and around off, it is smashed but straight to cover. 19 from the over.
M Wood to van der Dussen, FOUR! 26 needed now in 13. South Africa back in the game! A very full ball outside off, van der Dussen smashes it through covers and it races away to the fence. Still a ball to go, can he end it well?
M Wood to van der Dussen, SIX! Van der Dussen is not going down without a fight! This game is not done yet. 30 needed in 14. Full and on the pads, right in the zone. Van der Dussen flicks it way over the mid-wicket fence for a huge one.
M Wood to van der Dussen, WIDE! Down the leg side, van der Dussen looks to flick but misses.
M Wood to van der Dussen, SIX! Out of the ground! Wood misses the yorker and ends up serving a full toss. Van der Dussen sends it sailing over the long off fence for a biggie. 37 in 15, can he end the over brilliantly? Two balls to go.
M Wood to D Pretorius, One more yorker on the pads, DP squirts it out towards deep square leg for one. Singles are something England won't mind.
M Wood to van der Dussen, Another delivery which is extremely full, not easy to hit those. The batter only manages to hit it towards cover for one.

Mark Wood returns. 3-0-20-2 are his figures so far.

C Jordan to D Pretorius, A dot to end an over which has probably won England the game and helped them level the series. Full and on off, Pretorius keeps it out towards the left of the bowler. He sets off for a run but is sent back. He sees Jordan misfield and then goes again but is sent back once again. Rightly so, van der Dussen would want to keep strike. 45 needed in 18.
C Jordan to D Pretorius, No hat-trick. Misses his yorker by a little. It ends up being a full ball on middle, Pretorius works it through square leg for two.

Dwaine Pretorius will face the hat-trick ball.

C Jordan to A Phehlukwayo, OUT! KABOOM! Cleans him up! Once again Jordan is on a hat-trick. It is another corker of a yorker. Right in the blockhole on middle. Too good for Phehlukwayo. He tries to jam it out but fails to get his bat down in time and it hits the stumps. Pin-drop silence here as they know, their side is staring down the barrel at the moment.

Andile Phehlukwayo is the new man in.

C Jordan to JJ Smuts, OUT! TIMBER! Excellent, Jordan is just too good at the death. Saw that in the last game and we are seeing that here. Smuts looks to innovate against someone who is giving nothing away, he walks right across and tries to paddle. Jordan bowls another yorker on middle. He misses and the stumps are shattered. England are into the bowling all-rounders now. An uphill task for the hosts. 47 needed in 21 balls.
C Jordan to van der Dussen, And again, extremely full and on middle, not easy to get under those. The batter jams it out for one towards cover.
C Jordan to van der Dussen, WIDE! Slips this one down the leg side, the batter looks to flick but misses. Jordan and Buttler both are not happy with the decision. They feel van der Dussen walked across there and had he stayed in his normal stance, it would have hit his pad. The umpire feels different.
C Jordan to JJ Smuts, Well bowled! Well played too but it is just a run. A pin-point yorker outside off. All Smuts can do is jam it down to third man for one.

Chris Jordan is back on. 2-0-15-0 from him so far.

Tom Curran to JJ Smuts, Outstanding end to the over and a magnificent comeback! Just the 10 from it despite him going for 7 from just the one ball. A yorker to end. It is jammed out towards covers for one.
Tom Curran to JJ Smuts, Brilliant, brilliant skill from Curran! He bowls another slower one just inside the tramline on the off side. Smuts thinks it is a wide and leaves it but not given.
Tom Curran to van der Dussen, A lovely dipping slower one outside off, van der Dussen guides it through covers and takes one.
Tom Curran to JJ Smuts, An overthrow! Needless from Roy! A shy was just not needed there. A yorker on off, Smuts guides it towards point. The batters were not taking a run but Roy has a shy at the striker's end. He misses, the fielder backing up is in the deep and a run is gifted.
Tom Curran to JJ Smuts, Good comeback! A slower one and it is outside off, Smuts is foxed by the lack of pace and does not play a shot.
Tom Curran to JJ Smuts, SIX! Powered! That is a big, big one! Smuts is helped here as Curran bowls a length ball. Smuts smashes it way over the long on fence for a biggie. 7 from the first ball. Curran under pressure.
Tom Curran to JJ Smuts, WIDE! Full and just outside the tramline on the off side. Wided.

South Africa trumped England by 1 run to take a lead in the first T20I of the 3-match series. England looked in complete control till the 19th over of the game. However, smart and accurate bowling in the final over from Lungi Ngidi saw South Africa keep their nerve and clinch the game. After being asked to put on a total, the South African top-order provided a breezy start as the team's total read 105/1 after 10 overs. However, England bounced back really well in the second half of the innings, giving away just 72 runs in the final 10 overs and did not allow the hosts to run away with the game. The chase started with Dale Steyn removing Jos Buttler early on but Jason Roy looked in some mood as he pummeled JJ Smuts for 22 runs in an over. After the wicket of Roy, skipper Morgan took control of steering his side home but failed to get them over the line as Lungi Ngidi delivered with the ball, defending 7 runs off the final over. The caravan now moves to Kingsmead, Durban where England would be eager to land a heavy punch to go level in the series. South Africa, on the other hand, would look to seal the deal in this game itself. They would once again look at skipper Quinton de Kock, Temba Bavuma and Rassie van der Dussen to contribute with the runs. They would also hope that David Miller provides an impetus in the final few overs. With a quality deck for batting, one would feel that the bowlers from both the sides did a terrific job to make a comeback after initial hammerings. Both the sides would not look to change much in this important clash but would like to hold onto their nerves better than the other. Will we see South Africa clinch the series here itself or will England force a decider at the Centurion?

South Africa Team Squad -David Miller,Rassie van der Dussen,Reeza Hendricks,Temba Bavuma,Dwaine Pretorius,JJ Smuts,Heinrich Klaasen,Pite van Biljon,Quinton de Kock,Andile Phehlukwayo,Beuran Hendricks,Bjorn Fortuin,Dale Steyn,Lungi Ngidi,Lutho Sipamla,Sisanda Magala,Tabraiz Shamsi

England Team Squad -Dawid Malan,Eoin Morgan,Jason Roy,Joe Denly,Ben Stokes,Matt Parkinson,Moeen Ali,Sam Curran,Tom Curran,Jonny Bairstow,Jos Buttler,Adil Rashid,Chris Jordan,Mark Wood,Pat Brown,Saqib Mahmood