England in New Zealand, 2 Test Series, 2019

New Zealand vs England - 2nd Test

Venue: Seddon Park, Hamilton

Date: 29 November-03 December, 2019

New Zealand 241/2

RR: 3.21 | New Zealand drew with England


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Tom Latham c Joe Root & b Chris Woakesc Joe Root & b Chris Woakes182920
Jeet Raval lbw Sam Curranlbw Sam Curran0200
Kane Williamson not out not out 104234110
Ross Taylor not out not out 105186112
Henry Nicholls
BJ Watling
Daryl Mitchell
Mitchell Santner
Tim Southee
Matt Henry
Neil Wagner
Extras 14 (b 2, lb 3, w 3, nb 1)
Total 241 (2 Wkts, 75.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
2-1 (Jeet Raval,1.2), 28-2 (Tom Latham,9),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Stuart Broad9 0 28 0 3.11
Sam Curran16 2 56 1 3.50
Jofra Archer12 1 27 0 2.25
Chris Woakes11 4 12 1 1.09
Ben Stokes14 1 58 0 4.14
Joe Denly9 1 27 0 3.00
Joe Root4 1 23 0 5.75
Rory Burns0 0 0 0 0
Dominic Sibley0 0 0 0 0
Zak Crawley0 0 0 0 0
Ollie Pope 0 0 0 0 0

Right! A tour which had a lot of expectations, could not quite turn up the way it was advertised. The T20Is were a superhit but the Tests were very dull, except that final day of the first Test. However, the next two series which these two teams play promise much more excitement - New Zealand in Australia and England in South Africa. There will be the India-West Indies series as well in between. So you see, there is plenty of cricket to come before the year ends. For now, we just take a short break. See you soon. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Kane Williamson is handed the series trophy and that is yet another victory for New Zealand at home! Their 5th successive series win, beating West Indies, England (2017), Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and now England again. Good confidence heading into Australia.

New Zealand captain, Kane Williamson, is happy with the fight shown by his side in spite of losing the toss. Admits that the surface here was a tough one, not quite breaking up as much as they expected and also laments the time lost due to the weather. But putting it from the players' perspective, he lauds the intent from his team, with bowlers wanting to bowl in tough conditions even when nothing was going their way. Is looking forward to an exciting tour of Australia. Praises Daryl Mitchell for his contribution on debut and also Matt Henry for slotting in nicely. On their upcoming tour of Australia, Williamson admits that his side will have to adapt to some new challenges in that country.

England captain, Joe Root now, talking as a skipper. Is disappointed with the game being abandoned early and also with the pitch not quite opening up, but is happy with the bowling last evening and this morning. Is pleased with his young side which is always wanting to learn. Believes that if they keep up this consistency, they can become a side hard to beat. Admits that on flat pitches, it becomes difficult to pick wickets and not let shoulders droop. But also feels that England have learnt a lot in this series and can take a lot of positives to their next tour of South Africa. Reckons that the players are extremely lucky to have a support staff like the one currently.

NEIL WAGNER HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE SERIES. 2 consecutive 5-wicket hauls. No interview.

ENGLAND CAPTAIN, JOE ROOT, HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. Says that it felt good to score a century after 15 innings. On the areas he was working on during his lean run, Root says that he worked on small technical things, like position at the crease and so on. On the match, he is glad to have contributed and believes that his team was in a position to force a result but could not quite do it. Feels the pitch did not break up as much as they expected it to but praises his bowlers and his batsmen for coming back from the big first match defeat.

Coming to the Black Caps - they will grab more eyeballs than the SA-Eng series. They travel across the Tasman to meet arch rivals Australia in a series, which could perhaps decide the second World Test Championship finalist. It is almost taken for granted that India will breeze through the group stages and end on top but by the looks of it, one of either Australia or New Zealand would meet them in the final. This series will go a long way in deciding that. The Kiwis have won just one Test series in Australia - way back in 1985/86 but one will agree that of all the NZ teams to have visited Australia in the last 30 years, this one is certainly the best. No disrespect to the rest. Please stay tuned for the presentation.

To sum up the tour, clearly England have a lot of work to do with their bowling. Their batting still looks decent but they lack penetrating bowlers except for Stuart Broad. They now travel to South Africa, where they should find conducive pitches to bowling. But do they have bowlers back home to exploit those? They have not lost a Test series in the rainbow nation since 1999 - so history holds them in good stead.

Was there a chance with the Black Caps at 28/2 and trailing by 73 on Day 4? Definitely. Was there a chance on the morning of Day 5? For sure. But England messed up whatever chances they had, dropping catches and missing run outs. As a result, a masterclass was witnessed from Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor, both scoring centuries and racking up an unbeaten partnership of 213 till rain helped the bowlers by coming in post Lunch.

Perhaps choosing to field was the right call from Joe Root. In reply to NZ's 375, his own team managed 476 with the skipper himself coming back to form in style, amassing his third double century. Do not forget the contributions of Rory Burns and Ollie Pope.

A bit of a disappointing pitch from a spectator's and player's point of view. A batsman's paradise - yes. As many as 5 centuries. But look at the bowling strike rate - 100.09! A deathbed for the bowlers as all struggled. Yes, Wagner did get a 5-fer, Broad did get a 4-fer but at what cost? Heavy. The batsmen enjoyed, albeit scoring at an attritional rate but that hardly mattered in this Test.

Sigh. This was coming, wasn't it? THE GAME HAS BEEN ABANDONED AND THE SECOND TEST ENDS IN A DRAW. The umpires had a look at the ground and seeing the puddles forming, there was no way we could have had a resumption soon. Given the rain forecast, this was always on the cards but who knows, if England had held on to their catches this morning, would they have been in with a chance for a win? Ifs and buts are nothing but whims and fancies...

3.15 pm local update (0215 GMT) - Called off? Don't think so. It is raining, no one can win, no one can lose, why can't common sense be used? Paul Wilson and Kumar Dharmasena have a chat with one another, then the groundstaff and then with the captains. But no handshakes. So no official confirmation yet. But we are not far from an abandonment. We are hearing that there will be an official announcement at 4 pm local (0300 GMT). Cannot promise any positive news. Just delaying the inevitable...

3 pm local update (0200 GMT) - Rain, rain and more rain. We are hearing that the umpires could take a call at 3.15 pm local time. Would that be a call off? Don't see this rain stopping any time soon.

2.30 pm local update (0130 GMT) - Nothing much to update. If any, the rain has gotten heavier and looks set to reside. Hopefully, we get some news soon.

1.55 pm local update (0055 GMT) - Drip, drip, drip. The drizzle has begun. And now, it has increased. The rain is falling properly. Williamson and Taylor shake hands and the players go off the field. It is not too heavy right now, with only the main square being covered. But the forecast looks pretty grim. Please stay tuned for updates.

Joe Root to Taylor, Full and around off, well defended.
Joe Root to Taylor, Punched off the back foot by the batsman.
Joe Root to Taylor, SIX! Another massive hit and there comes the century! His 19th in Tests. Full and outside off, Rosco gets down and mows the slog sweep again, well over mid-wicket! He really likes this venue. 1066 runs in Tests here, at an average of 56.10, with 6 centuries and 2 fifties in 23 innings. Gets it in the nick of time too, with the heavens about to open up.
Joe Root to Taylor, SIX! 99 is the score for Rosco! Full and around middle, Taylor gets down and slog sweeps it over mid-wicket. There is a man in the deep but it does not matter as the ball sails over!
Joe Root to Taylor, FOUR! THRASH! Into the 90s! Full and around off, Taylor gets down and mows the slog sweep over mid-wicket for a boundary! 200-RUN STAND IS UP AS WELL!
Joe Root to Taylor, ALMOST A CATCH! Full on middle and leg, Taylor looks to flick but the bat hits the ground and the ball flies towards short mid-wicket. Rory Burns dives to his left but the ball falls short of him.
Joe Denly to Williamson, Full and around off, Williamson lunges and smothers it.
Joe Denly to Taylor, Very full, outside off, drilled through the covers for one.
Joe Denly to Taylor, Full and outside off, Rosco gets down and laps it through fine leg for a couple.
Joe Denly to Taylor, Short now, outside off, cut straight to backward point.
Joe Denly to K Williamson, Floated generously outside off, pushed through the covers for a run.
Joe Denly to Taylor, Full and around off, eased through the covers for a single.
Joe Root to Williamson, Another one on the pads, flicked towards the leg side.
Joe Root to Williamson, FOUR! 100 for Kane Williamson! He has surely been lucky to get to this milestone but a man makes his own luck. Floated on middle and off, Williamson gets down on one knee and sweeps this one through backward square leg for a boundary. This is the Kiwi skipper's 21st Test hundred but this should be counted among his lucky ones.
Joe Root to Williamson, On the pads, worked towards square leg.
Joe Root to Williamson, Run out chance missed! How many lives has Kane Williamson got? Floated ball on off, Williamson pushes this one towards mid off and sets off. Curran there picks up the ball and goes for a direct hit towards the non-striker's end but misses. Had he hit, Williamson was gone for all money and that too so close to his ton. The ball goes towards fine leg as the back up fielder fails to collect it and Williamson is back on strike as he gets a couple. Moves to 99 with that.
Joe Root to Williamson, Williamson prods forward and defends this one.
Joe Root to Taylor, Down the leg side by Root, Taylor looks to pull but misses. The ball goes off the keeper's glove over the leg slip fielder and the batters steal a bye.
Joe Denly to Williamson, The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.
Joe Denly to Taylor, Taylor takes this one on the full and paddles this towards the leg side for a single.
Joe Denly to Williamson, First run of the session as Williamson pushes this one towards cover and takes a single.
Joe Denly to Williamson, Williamson prods forward and defends again.
Joe Denly to Williamson, Floated on off, pushed down towards mid off.

Joe Denly to continue from the other end. 7-1-20-0 are his figures so far.

Joe Denly to Williamson, Shortish outside off, cut towards point.
Joe Root to Taylor, Maiden to start the second session. Floated delivery on middle and off, Taylor is solid in his defense.
Joe Root to Taylor, Taylor again dances down and blocks.
Joe Root to Taylor, Floated on off, pushed towards mid off.
Joe Root to Taylor, Taylor comes down the track to this floated ball and defends.
Joe Root to Taylor, On the pads again, worked towards the leg side.
Joe Root to Taylor, Starts with a flatter delivery on the pads, pushed back towards Root.

It has gone dark around the Hamilton region and showers are predicted in this session but the players and crowd alike will be hoping to have a full game. The floodlights are beginning to take effect too. The England players walk out to the middle followed by the formidable batting pair of Williamson and Taylor. Joe Root, the English skipper, to start the procedings. Here we go...

... Day 5, Session 2 ...

So, from the question of whether both batsmen will get to 50, we have come to whether both legends will get to a century. Looking at England's fielding and bowling, even 200s would not have been ruled out. But. An external factor. Rain. We are hearing that it is on its way towards Seddon Park and the entire afternoon might be in jeopardy. Join us back, hopefully, for some action, at 1.40 pm local (0040 GMT).