England in India, 5 T20I Series, 2021

India vs England - 4th T20I

Venue: Narendra Modi Stadium, Motera, Ahmedabad

Date & Time: 18 March 2021

England 177/8

RR: 8.85 | India beat England by 8 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Jason Roy c Suryakumar Yadav & b Hardik Pandyac Suryakumar Yadav & b Hardik Pandya402761
Jos Buttler c KL Rahul & b Bhuvneshwar Kumarc KL Rahul & b Bhuvneshwar Kumar9601
Dawid Malan bowled Rahul Chaharbowled Rahul Chahar141701
Jonny Bairstow c Washington Sundar & b Rahul Chaharc Washington Sundar & b Rahul Chahar251921
Ben Stokes c Suryakumar Yadav & b Shardul Thakurc Suryakumar Yadav & b Shardul Thakur462343
Eoin Morgan c Washington Sundar & b Shardul Thakurc Washington Sundar & b Shardul Thakur4600
Sam Curran bowled Hardik Pandyabowled Hardik Pandya3500
Chris Jordan c Hardik Pandya & b Shardul Thakurc Hardik Pandya & b Shardul Thakur12910
Jofra Archer not out not out 18821
Adil Rashid not out not out 0000
Mark Wood
Extras 6 (b 0, lb 2, w 4, nb 0)
Total 177 (8 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
15-1 (Jos Buttler,2.5), 60-2 (Dawid Malan,7.5), 66-3 (Jason Roy,8.5), 131-4 (Jonny Bairstow,14.5), 140-5 (Ben Stokes,16.1), 140-6 (Eoin Morgan,16.2), 153-7 (Sam Curran,18), 177-8 (Chris Jordan,19.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Bhuvneshwar Kumar4 1 30 1 7.50
Hardik Pandya4 0 16 2 4.00
Shardul Thakur4 0 42 3 10.50
Washington Sundar4 0 52 0 13.00
Rahul Chahar4 0 35 2 8.75

Right then! The series is even stevens with the decider to play for. India's 7-match series wins is on the line here. While England would hope to win the T20I series and take the momentum in the ODI series. Who will lay his hand on the trophy? Kohli or Morgan. To find out join for the 5th T20I on 20th March 2021. The action begins at 1900 local (1330 GMT). We hope to have your company for the game. Till then cheers and take care. 

Suryakumar Yadav is named the Man of the Match. He says that he is happy with how things went as his dream of playing for India came true. He mentions that he tries to keep things simple and does not complicate them much. He mentions that the team management cheers him by saying just play the way he has played in Indian T20 League and domestic circuit. He ends by saying that he enjoyed his day out today. 

Indian skipper, Virat Kohli says that against a top side one expects the game to be tough. Tells that the dew factor was a massive factor. Shares they were looking at 180-plus and credits Suryakumar Yadav for his innings. Tells they wanted to give chances to these guys so that they can get more confidence as this is the last T20I they play before the World Cup. On a few calls, Kohli says something similar happened in the Test series and tells that the soft signal will be difficult to call from square leg. Kohli feels the situation as such is not ideal in a high-pressure game. On his fitness, Kohli says that he ran for the ball and threw it while diving and tells he aggravated his upper quad and tells he did not want to injure himself. On changes to the side, Kohli says he is very happy and once again credits Surya for his innings as it is not easy to play against bowlers of high quality. Tells that he put them in a good position and credits the youngsters for grabbing the opportunity. Says he is happier for Hardik bowling his 4 overs and how he bowled. Kohli says Hardik was potent with the new ball in the practice session and tells if he bowls in rhythm he can take wickets. Tells Hardik's role in the defence was very crucial.

England skipper, Eoin Morgan says that it has been the closest game they have played in the series. Credit India for the win as he mentions that they played well. He mentions that they try to learn along with this series as they prepare for the World Cup. He mentions that the wickets they lost in quick succession hurt them a lot and he also mentions that there was a lot of dew. He mentions that it is difficult to chase when the starting run rate is 9 runs in a T20I. Praises that Bairstow and Stokes played a good hand. He ends by saying that they play for winning and to win away from home is the one thing that they look for. 

Shardul says that the last over is never easy especially with dew coming in. Tels they were swinging hard and it was important to bowl dot balls. Thakur says that the new ball in the last over worked in England's favour. Shardul says the dew was coming in and if they had bowled slower one in the stumps it would have travelled. Shardul tells the ball was drier and hence he bowled the knuckle ball in the final over. Shardul says he is enjoying a lot and tells he bowls a lot of overs in the death and he is getting used to it. Thakur tells Hardik had some plans but Rohit told him to bowl according to how he wanted.

Earlier on the back of Suryakumar Yadav's maiden T20I fifty and contributions from Pant and a quickfire 37 of 18 balls from Iyer saw India post a healthy total on board. It also was the first 180 plus score in this series. For England, It was Jofra Archer's 4 wickets and a wicket each from Wood, Stokes, Curran and Rashid capped off the day with the ball as Jordan ended with a none for 41 in his 4. In the end, The total proved too much for England to chase as they went down fighting hard. Let's hear it from the man who defended 23 in his last over to hand India a win. Shardul Thakur is down for a quick chat.

A brilliant bowling display from India. They cameback strongly after being criticized in their last game for poor bowling. They bowled superbly with the dew playing its part. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar started with a maiden and then what unfolded was a strong bowling display from the Indian bowlers. Pandya, Thakur and Chahar supported him well. The only disappointment was Washington Sundar who leaked 52 runs in his 4 overs. And a brilliant last over from Shardul Thakur sees India win the game. Though a close one but India won't mind. Overall a good display of slower bowling and good fielding see India keep the series alive.

Chasing a huge total in excess of 180 runs need a  strong solid opening partnership. which England failed to get as they lost Buttler early. Then they lost Malan and Roy in quick succession. Before, Stokes and Bairstow joined hands to take England back on track with a 65-run association. But three quick wickets in the end, derailed their hopes as they went down fighting despite some effort from their bowlers. 

A brilliant competitive cricket from England and India. In the end, the team that played well won and it is India who have won the game to square off the series 2-2 with the decider to play now. But a sheer nail-biter of a game as England kept the home team on their toes till the last ball of the game. First time a team chasing has lost a game in this series. 

Shardul Thakur to Jofra Archer, Swing and a miss! India have done it! They have won the game and leveled the series. Slower ball outside off, Archer swings but to no avail.  INDIA WIN BY 8 RUNS!

Adil Rashid comes out to bat with just one ball left.

Shardul Thakur to Chris Jordan, OUT! CAUGHT! Shardul redeems himself. Jordan cannot get the distance like Archer did and India have sealed this game as long as the next ball is a legal ball. Length ball wide outside off. It is the knuckle ball, Jordan hits it over mid off but does not get the distance and hits it straight to Hardik in the deep. He makes no mistake. 
Shardul Thakur to Jofra Archer, Just a single. Length ball outside off, Archer looks to smack it but it hits the lower half of his bat. The splice is flying as Archer's bat is broken. They take a run. For India it is just a run and more importantly, the man who was hitting the long ball, is at the non-striker's end.  9 needed off 2 balls. 
Shardul Thakur to Jofra Archer, WIDE! Shardul Thakur is under pressure now. Pacy ball wide outside off. Too wide as it is well away from the tramline. Pant dives and takes a great, valuable take.
Shardul Thakur to Jofra Archer, WIDE! Slower ball bowled into the surface. Shardul looks to be away from the arc of Archer. He overcooks the bouncer. Archer lets it be.
Shardul Thakur to Jofra Archer, SIX! SMOKED! 12 needed off 3! Archer, you beauty! He has kept his side in this game. Short on off, the dry ball has skided off the surface. Archer pulls it and pulls it nicely to get it over mid-wicket for a biggie.

Something is wrong with the ball and it has been changed. Big boost this as Shardul Thakur now has a dry ball to bowl with.

Shardul Thakur to Jofra Archer, FOUR! England are still in this! Full around off, Archer is standing inside his stumps. Archer hits is straight down the ground between long on and long off for a boundary.  18 needed off 4 balls.
Shardul Thakur to Chris Jordan, Slower ball outside off. Jordan swings but gets a bottom edge. It goes to the leg side, behind the stumps. Pant runs and dives to stop it. Just a single. 22 needed off 5 balls now.

Shardul Thakur to bowl the final over. 23 runs he has to defend in the 6 legitimate deliveries.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Jofra Archer, FOUR! 23 needed off the last over now! Length ball outside off, Archer comes down the track and gets enough on it to send it over short third man. The ball races to the fence. 
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Chris Jordan, Excellent! Very full, almost a yorker on off. Jordan can just milk it to long off for one.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Jofra Archer, Off the toe end! Wide outside off, Archer swings but gets it to cover off the bottom edge. Just a run.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Jofra Archer, In the air but in no man's land. Length ball outside off. It is the slower one. Archer mistimes it over cover and gets a couple. 29 needed off 9.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Jofra Archer, WIDE! This one is on the wrong side of the tramline. Too wide outside off, Archer swings but gets nowhere close to it. 
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Jofra Archer, A big hoick and a massive miss for England! Slower ball outside off, staying away from Jofra's arc. He swings but cannot get anything on it.  
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Chris Jordan, On middle, Jordan glances it to the on side for a single.

Jofra Archer comes onto bat now. Also, Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl the penultimate over.

Hardik Pandya to Sam Curran, OUT! BOWLED! Brilliant from Hardik Pandya. Just 6 off the over and he has finished with his second wicket. He finishes with 2/16 from his 4 overs. Absolutely phenomenal from Kung-Fu Pandya.  Once again he takes the pace off the ball and rolls his fingers on this one. It is on middle, Sam Curran goes for the big slog to the on side. He gets a bottom edge, and the ball rolls behind to hit the middle pole. Curran has no idea where the ball is and till the time he realises the zing bails are on the turf.
Hardik Pandya to Sam Curran, Bouncer down the leg side. Sam looks to hook but misses. He looms at the umpire but there is no signal from him.
Hardik Pandya to Chris Jordan, Brilliant from Hardik! He rolls his finger on this one and bowls it on middle and off. Jordan is unable to come to terms with the pace of the ball. He looks to pull but gets an inside edge onto the pad. The ball goes to the off side and they take a single. 
Hardik Pandya to Chris Jordan, Miscued but safe! Short ball on leg, Jordan looks to pull but mistimes it. It works in his favour as it falls in no man's land at square leg. They get a couple. 
Hardik Pandya to Sam Curran, Slower ball again and once again it is bowled into the surface. Curran looks to pull but misses. It hits his body and stays leg side of the pitch. They take a run.
Hardik Pandya to Sam Curran, Oh no! Sloppy all-around! Slower short ball on the leg side. Curran pulls it to fine leg and takes a run. The throw is a poor one. It bounces in front of Pant. It hits his glove and goes behind. The backup is lethargic in his approach and they take an extra run. 

Hardik Pandya to bowl out.

Shardul Thakur to Chris Jordan, Slower bouncer on off. Jordan pulls it to the left of Washington Sundar at deep mid-wicket and gets a couple. Just 7 off the over and not to forget two big wickets of Stokes and Morgan. Tremendous from Thakur.

There is so much dew that the ball has slipped out of Shardul's hand even before he can finish the action.

Shardul Thakur to Chris Jordan, Good ball! Wide outside off, inside the tramline. Shardul rolls his fingers on this one. Jordan swings but misses. 
Shardul Thakur to Chris Jordan, FOUR! SLAMMED! Jordan is off the mark with a boundary. He can bat! Length ball outside off. It is the cross-seam delivery. Jordan punches it on the up through extra cover for a boundary.
Shardul Thakur to Sam Curran, Slower ball on middle, Sam Curran defends it to the off side and takes a single. 

Who comes out to face the hat-trick ball? Chris Jordan comes out to bat now. He now faces the hat-trick ball from Thakur.

Shardul Thakur to Eoin Morgan, OUT! CAUGHT! Two-in-two for Shardul Thakur. Captain Morgan cannot see this ship to the shores and Shardul Thakur now is on a hat-trick. Once again it is the slower one that has done the trick. Shardul rolls his finger on this one and bowls it away from Morgan's arc. He looks to go over on the off side but ends up slicing it to the man at sweeper cover. Washington Sundar there takes a good catch. India's game to lose now. 

Who comes out to bat now? Sam Curran comes out to bat now.

Shardul Thakur to Ben Stokes, OUT! CAUGHT! Is this the turning point in this game? Shardul Thakur comes and strikes. Smart bowling from Shardul and Super Ben is out of here. Huge wicket for India. Full and wide from Shardul. He cunningly takes the pace off the ball as well. Stokes looks to smack it over long off but does not get it out of the middle. He ends up finding the man at long off. Suryakumar Yadav there cannot do anything wrong today. He takes a simple catch. 46 needed in 23 balls.England now have two new man in the middle. 

Shardul Thakur is back into the attack now.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Eoin Morgan, Yorker around leg. Morgan looks to flick but misses and gets hit on the pad. They think to take a leg bye but Bhuvneshwar is quick to get to the ball. Good end to the over. Just 8 off it. England need another 46 from the remaining 4 overs.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Eoin Morgan, Good ball! Bhuvneshwar almost got the leg pole. Morgan shuffles inside his stumps. Kumar sees this and bowls it on the leg side. Morgan swings but misses. It is close to the leg pole and had Morgan stayed where he originally began, it would have hit his pad. Not a wide. 
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Ben Stokes, Slower ball outside off, Stokes punches it to wide long off for one. 
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Ben Stokes, FOUR! Finds the gap to perfection! Stokes walks down the track. Bhuvi sees it and bangs it short. Stokes is so much in the mood though that he pulls it right between deep mid-wicket and long on for a boundary.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Eoin Morgan, Off-pace delivery again. This too is outside off but not as wide as the previous one. Morgan punches it closer to KL Rahul at sweeper cover. Gets just a run this time.