Bangladesh in Pakistan, 2 Test Series, 2020

Pakistan vs Bangladesh - 1st Test

Venue: Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi

Date: 07 February-10 February, 2020

Bangladesh 168/10

RR: 2.69 | Pakistan beat Bangladesh by an innings and 44 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Tamim Iqbal lbw Yasir Shahlbw Yasir Shah345660
Saif Hassan bowled Naseem Shahbowled Naseem Shah162540
Najmul Hossain Shanto lbw Naseem Shahlbw Naseem Shah388731
Mominul Haque lbw Shaheen Afridilbw Shaheen Afridi419350
Taijul Islam lbw Naseem Shahlbw Naseem Shah0100
Mahmudullah c Haris Sohail & b Naseem Shahc Haris Sohail & b Naseem Shah0100
Mohammad Mithun bowled Yasir Shahbowled Yasir Shah01200
Liton Das lbw Yasir Shahlbw Yasir Shah295941
Rubel Hossain lbw Mohammad Abbaslbw Mohammad Abbas52610
Abu Jayed c Asad Shafiq & b Yasir Shahc Asad Shafiq & b Yasir Shah3900
Ebadot Hossain not out not out 0500
Extras 2 (b 0, lb 0, w 2, nb 0)
Total 168 (10 Wkts, 62.2 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
39-1 (Saif Hassan,9), 53-2 (Tamim Iqbal,15.5), 124-3 (Najmul Hossain Shanto,40.4), 124-4 (Taijul Islam,40.5), 124-5 (Mahmudullah,41), 126-6 (Mohammad Mithun,44.5), 130-7 (Mominul Haque,46), 156-8 (Rubel Hossain,57.5), 165-9 (Liton Das,60.4), 168-10 (Abu Jayed,62.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Shaheen Afridi16 6 39 1 2.44
Mohammad Abbas17.4 6 33 1 1.90
Naseem Shah8.2 2 26 4 3.17
Yasir Shah17.2 3 58 4 3.37
Asad Shafiq3 0 12 0 4.00
Shan Masood0 0 0 0 0
Abid Ali0 0 0 0 0
Azhar Ali 0 0 0 0 0
Babar Azam0 0 0 0 0
Haris Sohail0 0 0 0 0
Mohammad Rizwan 0 0 0 0 0

The first Test is over but bizarrely, the second Test is two months away. And before that, a one-off ODI would be played as well. That is because Pakistan will now have their domestic T20 league, Pakistan Super League, to be staged from the 20th of this month. In that span, Bangladesh will go back home, host Zimbabwe for a full tour and then return here. Join us for the coverage of that series. And others too, in between. We take your leave for now. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

That ends an expected one-sided Test match. Bangladesh showed some promise but that was far and few in between. But there are signs. The batsmen have the talent but self-discipline is lacking. The bowling is not heavily reliant on the spinners now. Pakistan are seeing some refreshing young talent in both batting and bowling and could see themselves slowly climb up the Test rankings in a year or two. They move to 4th spot in the World Test Championship, with 140 points but India and Australia are well ahead.

Victorious Pakistan captain, Azhar Ali, lauds his side for getting the reviews on track in this Test. Admits that usually, Pakistan are not good with their reviews. On this win, Azhar says that this is included in the Test championship and any Test win is not easy. Praises his bowlers for sticking to their discipline in spite of the wicket not providing enough on the morning of the first day. Then, praises his batsmen for bedding in, supporting the hard work put in by his bowlers. On being asked about which department excites him more, batting or bowling, Azhar says that there are some good batsmen coming up and to see young fast bowlers do well is a great feeling. Thanks the Pindi crowd for turning out in large numbers not only for this match but for also turning up for the Sri Lanka game before this series. Ends by praising Naseem Shah for taking a Test hat-trick at such a young age.

Bangladesh captain, Mominul Haque, is very disappointed for not making a bigger total in the first innings on a flat wicket. On being informed that as many as 10 batsmen were dismissed between 20 and 60, Mominul says that it is a crime if you do not make a century after being set. On the feeling after Bangladesh's triumph in the Under-19 World Cup, Haque smiles and says that it is a massive achievement and believes that the future of Bangladesh cricket is in safe hands.

NASEEM SHAH HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. First, he is asked about his fitness. Naseem says that it is not a major worry and it is just a muscle pull. Hopes to resume bowling within a couple of days. Thanks the almighty for helping him perform well and also the crowd for taking out its time and coming in large numbers to watch the game. On his hat-trick and his energy during that spell, Shah smiles that the first LBW review did the trick, as he initially felt that it was going down the leg side. Once that went in his favour, he decided to go full and straight. Hopes to keep performing like this and wishes that he be remembered in a nice manner.

Now, the bowling. Pakistan were better in these conditions, exploiting the reverse and conventional swing while Bangladesh were not too bad either. Their bowling on Day 3 morning showed that they have fast bowlers coming up the ranks as Abu Jayed and Ebadot Hossain took 3 each. Pakistan have some questions to answer regarding Mohammad Abbas and Yasir Shah but the youngsters Shaheen Afridi and Naseem Shah highlighted their bowling depth. Yasir took 4 in the second but it was more because of the batsmen throwing it away. Please stay tuned for the presentation.

Second innings was a much better start from the visitors. They looked focused, determined not to throw their wickets away. They were looking in good shape at 124/2 with Sunday about to come to a close but along came Naseem for one final burst and he blew Bangladesh away. His hat-trick completely floored the tourists and they lost their way.

Pakistan too, started poorly, in their batting effort but that was it. Shan Masood grinded the opposition along with Azhar Ali and Babar Azam on Day 2 while Asad Shafiq and Haris Sohail took advantage of the platform set. They lost their way towards the end, but a lead of 212 was more than enough on this deck.

A forgetful Test for Bangladesh then. They were rocked early on Day 1 but then recovered well. However, the patience of their batsmen was tested as the middle and lower middle order threw its wickets away, after being set. That meant, only 233 was possible on a good batting track and that perhaps was where the game was gone.

Shaheen Afridi struck the right chord as he dismissed Mominul Haque in the first over of the morning. That nearly ended all hopes of a fightback and a possibility of Pakistan batting again but Rubel Hossain and Liton Das' effort managed to revive the hopes a little. They hung in there for 71 balls but eventually, the hosts found a way to break through.

Easy peasy for Pakistan then. Just 85 minutes needed to wrap the innings up on Day 4. 104 balls required to take the 4 wickets. Victory was never in doubt and it was only a question of whether Bangladesh could avoid an innings defeat.

Y Shah to Jayed, OUT! CAUGHT! That ends the match. Azhar Ali is pumped up as he charges across to his mates to celebrate. Tossed up outside off, Jayed cannot resist and goes for the slog sweep. All he manages is a top edge which goes straight up in the air. Asad Shafiq runs back from second slip and takes it nicely. PAKISTAN WIN BY AN INNINGS AND 44 RUNS!
Y Shah to Jayed, On a length outside off, watchfully defended.
M Abbas to Hossain, Oh dear. How to describe that? A length ball, outside off, EH gets across, then backs away, looks to push, is beaten and then again gets across and shoulders arms. Wow.
M Abbas to Hossain, A length ball, outside off, Hossain goes back and blocks.
M Abbas to Hossain, Around off, pretty straight, on track to knock the off stump out of the ground. Ebadot is squared up completely but at the last moment, the bat comes down to defend the ball.
M Abbas to Jayed, Full and outside off, Jayed eased this through the covers and gets three runs.
M Abbas to Jayed, A bouncer on middle, ducked under.
M Abbas to Jayed, A length ball, outside off, watchfully defended.
Y Shah to Hossain, The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery.
Y Shah to Hossain, Very full, outside off, watchfully defended.

Ebadot Hossain is the last man in.

Y Shah to Das, OUT! LBW! The decision is overturned against Nigel Llong again. 6th time in this Test. Full and around leg, Das looked to sweep but missed and was hit on the pads. Yasir appealed but for some reason, Llong did not raise his finger. Azhar Ali immediately went for the review and Ball Tracker showed the ball to be pitching in line of leg stump and then going straight on to hit the leg stump. Liton's fighting innings ends. He would have wished to at least help Bangladesh avoid the innings defeat. The deficit is now 47.

Huge shout for LBW! Not given and Azhar Ali takes the DRS. Nigel Llong is the umpire again. Will this be the 6th decision overturned in this Test against him? Yes sir. Poor Nigel Llong.

Y Shah to Das, Around off, worked towards short leg.
Y Shah to Das, Outside off, left alone.
Y Shah to Das, Outside off, punched off the back foot.
M Abbas to Jayed, The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
M Abbas to Jayed, Full and around middle, flicked towards short mid-wicket.
M Abbas to Jayed, The batsman defends it from within the crease.
M Abbas to Das, Full around middle, flicked towards deep square leg. Strange call from Liton. Takes the single.
M Abbas to Das, WIDE. That is a wild bouncer, around off, Das ducks.
M Abbas to Das, The batsman rocks onto the back foot and punches the ball.
M Abbas to Das, Full and around off, watchfully defended.
Y Shah to Das, Risky shot. The googly, outside off, Liton goes back to cut but is cramped for room. The ball just about hits the bat, in front of the keeper and goes past first slip. Mohammad Abbas tries his level best at short third man to entice the batsmen to go for the second but while he jogs towards the ball, Liton goes one step further. Walks for the single. Yasir smiles on seeing this drama. The deficit is now 49.
Y Shah to Das, SIX! PUMMELED! Aha... time for a change of gears then. Fun time. Floated, around off, Das gets down and mows a slog sweep over mid-wicket!
Y Shah to Das, Full again, worked straight to short mid-wicket.
Y Shah to Das, Full and around off, watchfully defended.
Y Shah to Das, That is a beauty. Landed outside off, Das looks to defend but the ball pitches and then zips away past the outside edge.
Y Shah to Das, Landed around off, spinning away, punched towards cover.
M Abbas to Jayed, Around off, Jayed defends this awkwardly.

Abu Jayed walks in now.

DRINKS BREAK. Bangladesh have done well to drag this into the second hour. They lost Mominul in the very first over of the day but the 71-ball stand between Rubel and Das did raise the hopes of the deficit being erased. Still 56 runs adrift. Can they make Pakistan bat again? The bowlers have been on song and it really looks like a matter of time before this game is done.

M Abbas to Hossain, OUT! LBW! Abbas breaks the stubborn stand. His biggest strength is his accuracy and that helps him immensely. A length ball, outside off, Rubel looks to defend but the ball comes back in a long way and hits the batsman on his pads. Abbas appeals and umpire Gaffaney raises his finger. There is a discussion between the batsmen and Das agrees for the review request to be taken. But the 15 seconds are done by then and Rubel is timed out. So he is not allowed the review. Waiting for the Ball Tracker.
M Abbas to Hossain, The batsman rocks onto the back foot and punches the ball.
M Abbas to Hossain, Full and outside off, Rubel shoulders arms.
M Abbas to Hossain, A length ball, just outside off, watchfully blocked from the back foot this time.
M Abbas to Hossain, Full and straight, around off, watchfully defended.
Y Shah to Das, Full again, pushed back to the bowler.
Y Shah to Das, Full and around off, pushed back to the bowler.