Bangladesh in New Zealand, 3 T20I Series, 2021

New Zealand vs Bangladesh - 1st T20I

Venue: Seddon Park, Hamilton

Date & Time: 28 March 2021

Bangladesh 144/8

RR: 7.2 | New Zealand beat Bangladesh by 66 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Mohammad Naim lbw Lockie Fergusonlbw Lockie Ferguson271850
Liton Das c Ish Sodhi & b Tim Southee (C)c Ish Sodhi & b Tim Southee (C)4510
Soumya Sarkar c Ish Sodhi & b Ish Sodhic Ish Sodhi & b Ish Sodhi5610
Mohammad Mithun bowled Ish Sodhibowled Ish Sodhi4600
Mahmudullah bowled Ish Sodhibowled Ish Sodhi11910
Afif Hossain bowled Lockie Fergusonbowled Lockie Ferguson453351
Mahedi Hasan bowled Ish Sodhibowled Ish Sodhi0100
Mohammad Saifuddin not out not out 343431
Shoriful Islam c Martin Guptill & b Hamish Bennettc Martin Guptill & b Hamish Bennett5710
Nasum Ahmed not out not out 0100
Mustafizur Rahman
Extras 9 (b 0, lb 2, w 7, nb 0)
Total 144 (8 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
20-1 (Liton Das,2.3), 39-2 (Mohammad Naim,4.2), 43-3 (Soumya Sarkar,5.4), 44-4 (Mohammad Mithun,6), 59-5 (Mahmudullah,7.4), 59-6 (Mahedi Hasan,7.5), 122-7 (Afif Hossain,16.4), 133-8 (Shoriful Islam,18.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Tim Southee4 0 34 1 8.50
Hamish Bennett4 0 20 1 5.00
Lockie Ferguson4 0 25 2 6.25
Ish Sodhi4 0 28 4 7.00
Mark Chapman1 0 9 0 9.00
Glenn Phillips1 0 5 0 5.00
Daryl Mitchell2 0 21 0 10.50

Right then. It has been yet another destructive performance by the Kiwis and they deservedly go up 1-0 in the 3-game T20I series. Not a lot of time for Bangladesh to retrospect and they will want to make a comeback in the second game which is a series-decider of sorts as if the visitors lose, then the series will go the way of the Blackcaps. The 2nd T20I of the series will be played on Tuesday, 30th March 2021 at 1900 local (0600 GMT). We hope to have your company for that game. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Tim Southee, the captain of New Zealand, says that it was nice and putting up such a performance with a young team is pleasing. Mentions that Will Young has been around for some time and it was pleasing to see him do well today and also Devon Conway who is carrying on with his great form. Feels that when you have a couple of guys knocking on the door, it is a great sign. Says that you stick to your plan with the ball but it is always nice to have runs on the board. Regarding Lockie Ferguson, Southee replies that it is not easy to come back from an injury break but he will be happy with the way he bowled.

Mahmudullah, the Bangladesh skipper, says that their bowlers bowled quite well and praises Nasum Ahmed for his spell. Feels that they let themselves down once again in the batting department and need to pick themselves up. Lauds Devon Conway for his knock and mentions that he has been in great form. Reminds that they had a chance to dismiss him but failed and adds that they need to find ways to get him out. Mahmudullah further opines that 190 was a good score here to chase but they conceded a few more boundaries at the death. Calls Ish Sodhi an experienced campaigner and feels that the ball was gripping for him. Tells that they cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes again and again.

PLAYER OF THE MATCH IS DEVON CONWAY! He starts by saying that he is pretty happy with the way things went today. Calls it happy days. Mentions that you got to be really positive (after losing wickets) and is glad that it came off for him. Tells that it was awesome to bat with Will Young. Shares that for him it's all about watching the ball and sticking to the basics, although sometimes he does try to premeditate his reverse-batted shots.

Clinical show by the Blackcaps despite missing plenty of first-team players. Devon Conway and debutant Will Young set the right tone in their batting innings and it was capped off by some insane hitting at the death by Devon and Glenn Phillips. A total in excess of 200 was always going to be difficult to overhaul and the Kiwi bowlers did the job exceedingly well to earn an easy win. Stay tuned for the presentation...

It anyway was a stiff target to chase for the Bangla Tigers and it became next to impossible after they lost 4 wickets in the Powerplay. Their flavourless batting show on this tour continued and had Afif Hossain and Mohammad Saifuddin not combined for a partnership, the defeat margin would have been even bigger.

Bangladesh have been beaten black and blue here in the first T20I! Everyone expected the Kiwi pacers to do the damage but as it turned out, Ish Sodhi, the leg spinner, blew away Bangladesh's top order. Once again Ish was in top gear, picking up his second 4-wicket haul in two months and it was strange to see a team from the subcontinent struggle against a leggie..

Daryl Mitchell to Mohammad Saifuddin, EDGY FOUR! A boundary to wrap up this game. On a good length and close to off, Mohammad Saifuddin swings his willow at this and the ball takes the outside edge, goes over point and into the ropes, on a couple of bounces. NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 66 RUNS! 
Daryl Mitchell to Mohammad Saifuddin, A slower short ball around off this time, Mohammad Saifuddin again swings his blade at this but fails to connect bat with ball. 
Daryl Mitchell to Mohammad Saifuddin, Around off, length, punched to the covers. 
Daryl Mitchell to Mohammad Saifuddin, This time, this is short and around off, Mohammad Saifuddin goes back and looks to cut, but this is way too close to his body to cut. So, he misses. 
Daryl Mitchell to Mohammad Saifuddin, Well bowled this time. Sees Mohammad coming down the track and hence, Daryl Mitchell bowls this one fuller and wider outside off, Mohammad Saifuddin cannot reach out. 
Daryl Mitchell to Mohammad Saifuddin, SIX! WHAM! On a good length, around the off pole, Mohammad Saifuddin comes down and cracks this one over the long on region. 
Hamish Bennett to Nasum Ahmed, Around off, on a length, worked to the short third man uppishly, but it lands ahead of the man there. 6 balls left, can New Zealand bowl out Bangladesh?
Hamish Bennett to Mohammad Saifuddin, A low full toss on middle, slogged away to deep mid-wicket for a single. Wanted two but would have been way too risky. 
Hamish Bennett to Mohammad Saifuddin, A yorker on off, Mohammad Saifuddin again does well to dig this one out. 
Hamish Bennett to Mohammad Saifuddin, Another length ball on middle, Mohammad Saifuddin keeps this one out. 
Hamish Bennett to Mohammad Saifuddin, Around middle, length, punched back to Hamish, who fails to stop the ball, but it goes onto hit the stumps at the other end. 

Nasum Ahmed is in next.

Hamish Bennett to Shoriful Islam, OUT! CAUGHT! A STUNNER! What a catch and this is a beauty from Guppy. He followed the ball all the way and put in a full length dive to take this catch, on this 100th T20I game for him. A length ball, around off, Shoriful Islam slices this one over the point region, where Martin Guptill runs behind, keeps his eyes on the ball and dives to take a stunning catch. 

Hamish Bennett is back to operate. 0/19 in his 3 overs.

Tim Southee to Mohammad Saifuddin, FOUR! In the gap and a boundary. On a good length around off, Mohammad Saifuddin slams this one through extra cover and the ball finds the ropes. 
Tim Southee to Shoriful Islam, An off pace ball on off, Islam pushes this one, off the toe end of the bat, to covers for one. 
Tim Southee to Shoriful Islam, A chance to take the catch but Tim was a bit late in his reflexes. A slower ball around off, Shoriful Islam slams this one back to where it came from. Tim Southee gets his hands across and gets his fingers to the ball but fails to hold on. The ball goes towards the mid off region. 
Tim Southee to Shoriful Islam, WIDE. Short and around off, Islam misses his shot and the umpire flexes his arms, to signal a wide. 
Tim Southee to Shoriful Islam, FOUR! SLAM! On a good length and around off, whacked through extra cover for a boundary. 

Player review for a caught behind! Tim Southee takes the DRS and it turns out to be one of the worst ever. Daylight between bat and ball.

Tim Southee to Shoriful Islam, NOT OUT! An optimistic review but it yields nothing for the Blackcaps. On a good length and around off, Islam looks to play at this one through the off side but misses and the ball goes to the keeper, Conway, who takes it nicely. An appeal for caught behind, but the umpire is unmoved. Tim wants the review and so, he takes it upstairs. A big gap between ball and bat and the Ultra Edge confirms the same. 
Tim Southee to Mohammad Saifuddin, On a good length and around off, Mohammad Saifuddin chips this one over mid on, for a single. 
Lockie Ferguson to Shoriful Islam, Length and around off, pushed to the point fielder. 89 needed in the last 3 overs. Safe to say that this game is done and dusted. 
Lockie Ferguson to Shoriful Islam, A short ball around off, Shoriful Islam moves leg side and looks to play the upper cut but he misses. 

Shoriful Islam is the new batsman.

Lockie Ferguson to Afif Hossain, OUT! TIMBER! Afif loses his stumps, after displaying some good strokes. Lockie Ferguson bowls a full toss on the leg pole as he sees Afif Hossain making room to the leg side. Afif looks to guide this one to the off side but he misses due to the extra pace. The ball crashes into the leg pole and Bangladesh lose their 7th here. 89 needed in 20 balls. 
Lockie Ferguson to Afif Hossain, FOUR! Terrific shot and this was almost a six. On a good length, around off, Afif Hossain stands his ground and lofts this one with a straight bat over the mid off region for a boundary. 
Lockie Ferguson to Afif Hossain, A full toss around off, this is guided to the short third man region. 
Lockie Ferguson to Mohammad Saifuddin, Bowls a very nice yorker on middle, MS does well to dig this one out, to the square leg region for a single. 

Lockie Ferguson to bowl out. 1/20 from him so far.

Tim Southee to Mohammad Saifuddin, A pace off ball around off, pushed to covers for an easy single. 4 off this one. 94 needed off the last 4 overs. 
Tim Southee to Afif Hossain, Around off, length, nudged through mid-wicket for a quick single. 
Tim Southee to Afif Hossain, Outside off, on a back of a length, AH comes down and slaps this one, but only finds the cover fielder. 
Tim Southee to Afif Hossain, Way too short and outside off, left alone. Wided. 
Tim Southee to Afif Hossain, SWING AND A MISS! A back of a length delivery, around the off pole, Afif Hossain looks to swing this one across the line but misses. 
Tim Southee to Mohammad Saifuddin, Back of a length on off, pulled to mid-wicket for a single. 
Tim Southee to Mohammad Saifuddin, SWING AND A MISS! Southee bowls a short ball wide outside off, Mohammad Saifuddin comes down the track and swings his blade at this. Fails to connect. 

Tim Southee is into the attack again. 1/19 in his 2 overs so far.

Hamish Bennett to Mohammad Saifuddin, Short and on middle, Saifuddin swings his bat and pulls it behind square leg for a run.
Hamish Bennett to Afif Hossain, Width on offer outside off, it's steered to deep point for a single.
Hamish Bennett to Afif Hossain, Tries to be innovative but fails to connect. A length delivery wide outside off, Hossain walks across the stumps for the paddle scoop but then realizes that it's too wide. Tries to play the ramp shot at the last moment but misses.
Hamish Bennett to Afif Hossain, Sent back in time! Short in length outside off, it's slapped straight down the ground to mid off where it finds Southee. Saifuddin wants a run but is sent back as Southee misses his shy at the bowler's end.
Hamish Bennett to Mohammad Saifuddin, Slower short ball round off, Saifuddin stands back and taps it down to point for one.