Bangladesh in India, 3 T20I Series, 2019

India vs Bangladesh - 1st T20I

Venue: Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi

Date & Time: 03 November 2019

Bangladesh 154/3

RR: 7.89 | Bangladesh beat India by 7 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Liton Das c KL Rahul & b Deepak Chahar c KL Rahul & b Deepak Chahar 7410
Mohammad Naim c Shikhar Dhawan & b Yuzvendra Chahal c Shikhar Dhawan & b Yuzvendra Chahal 262821
Soumya Sarkar bowled Khaleel Ahmed bowled Khaleel Ahmed 393512
Mushfiqur Rahim not out not out 604381
Mahmudullah not out not out 15711
Afif Hossain
Mosaddek Hossain
Aminul Islam
Shafiul Islam
Mustafizur Rahman
Al-Amin Hossain
Extras 7 (b 0, lb 3, w 4, nb 0)
Total 154 (3 Wkts, 19.3 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
8-1 (Liton Das,0.5), 54-2 (Mohammad Naim,7.5), 114-3 (Soumya Sarkar,17),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Deepak Chahar3 0 24 1 8.00
Washington Sundar4 0 25 0 6.25
Khaleel Ahmed4 0 37 1 9.25
Yuzvendra Chahal4 0 24 1 6.00
Krunal Pandya4 0 32 0 8.00
Shivam Dube0.3 0 9 0 30.00

Okay. 1-0 up go Bangladesh. Who would have thought that? Not many. Can they double their series lead and wrap it up? Or will India bounce back? The second T20I will be played in Rajkot on Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 7 pm local (1330 GMT). ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

MUSHFIQUR RAHIM HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. On him loving India as an opposition more than any other, Rahim just puts it down to playing well when the team requires it. Says that it is an honour to play against India in India. On the plan to play the middle overs, Rahim says that he and Sarkar chatted about playing the spinners carefully and waiting for one big over, which came towards the end. Praises the bowlers for setting up the win. On his form improving, Mushy smiles and says that there is a lot left in him and he wants to improve as a cricketer all the time.

Victorious Bangladesh skipper, Mahmudullah, praises his bowlers for tying India down. Is really happy with the way his team fielded. On his captaincy, the skipper says that his team made it easier for him. On Rahim, who played another match-winning knock, Mahmudullah praises his brother-in-law and Soumya Sarkar for their partnership but does not miss out to name Mohammad Naim who too, played a crucial innings at the top, in his debut match.

Indian captain, Rohit Sharma, does not want to take any credit away from Bangladesh. Praises them for playing well, putting India under pressure with the ball and then with the bat, played smartly by not playing too many risky shots. However, he also admits that India are inexperienced and hopes that his young unit learns from the mistakes committed here and does not repeat them. On the missed LBW reviews of Mushfiqur Rahim, Rohit smiles and says that in the heat of the moment, they forgot to discuss about the review as a run out was also happening in the middle. Bluntly says that fielding was not good at all, neither were the decisions made in the field. Praises Yuzvendra Chahal for coming back strongly into the side, showing his importance in the middle overs. Says further that it does not matter to Chahal whether a batsman is set or not, just focussing on his variations.

One of the stars with the bat, Soumya Sarkar is having a chat with Sanjay Manjrekar. Sarkar says they are all happy with the win. Tells they came here and were positive in their approach. Adds the bowlers are bowling well and that helped them. Tells the previous games did not have any affect on them as they all were cool and calm and did not panic. On being asked how he is feeling winning against a strong Indian side with a few senior players missing, Sarkar tells that Tamim and Shakib are the senior players and they are missing them as they are not here.

Cannot blame India much with the bowling. Had the Krunal catch been taken, things could have been much different. They probably bowled just 2 bad overs in the entire inning but that was enough to change the complexion of the match. Washington Sundar and Yuzvendra Chahal bowled with precision and control.

It was not an easy deck to bat on and Bangladesh certainly struggled. They lost Liton Das early and even though Naim and Sarkar staged a partnership, it was not too quick. The next stand came between Rahim and Sarkar, whose partnership of 60 seemed like it was helping India more but then Rahim was dropped on 38 by Krunal Pandya and the game turned. Rahim then scored four successive boundaries in the next over and that was it.

It has come at last. A win after 8 encounters. They came, they threatened, but could never pull it off. Finally, in November 2019, against a fairly weak Indian bowling line-up, Bangladesh have a win to show now against India in T20Is.

S Dube to Mahmudullah, SIX! Bangladesh creates history! They get into the history books in style. The young Dube cannot produce a miracle on his debut. Maybe it was asking too much from him. Length ball on off, Mahmudullah comes down the track and whacks his pull over the wide long on fence for a maximum. Bangladesh end their T20I rut against India, WIN BY 7 WICKETS!
S Dube to Mahmudullah, WIDE! Dube misses his line and bowls one down the leg side. Mahmudullah looks to flick but misses. Just a run needed now.
S Dube to Mahmudullah, Good length ball on off, Mahmudullah pulls it wide of deep mid-wicket and looks for two. The throw from the fielder is a poor one and they get the second with ease.
S Dube to Mahmudullah, Slower ball on top of middle and leg, Mahmudullah looks to flick but misses. He looks to steal a bye but misses.

Deepak Chahar to bowl the final over. Wait. It is Shivam Dube. Inspirational gamble from Rohit? Just 3 to defend.

K Ahmed to M Rahim, FOUR! Just 4 needed off the last over now. Take a bow, Mushfiqur. The pocket sized dynamo has blasted so hard that it has put the Delhi crowd on the silent mood. Length ball on off, Rahim looks to defend but gets a thick outside edge. It goes wide of backward point and beats him away to the fence. The over has killed the game. 18 from the over.
K Ahmed to M Rahim, FOUR! Hat-trick of boundaries. Bad ball from Khaleel. Pressure seems to be getting the better of him here. He serves a full toss outside off, Rahim drives it through point and has completely changed the tide of the game.
K Ahmed to M Rahim, FOUR! Rahim gets to his fifty in style. Subdued celebration, maybe a lesson he has learnt from the past. The job is near done but not done yet. He gets to his milestone in a brilliant fashion. Full on middle and leg, Rahim manages to ramp it over on the leg side for a boundary.
K Ahmed to M Rahim, FOUR! Rahim picks the slower ball well and manages to fetch himself a boundary. It is on a length, Mushfiqur waits and then picks his pull behind square on the leg side for a boundary. 16 needed now from 9.
K Ahmed to Mahmudullah, Nicely bowled. Slower ball on the pads, Mahmudullah looks to flick but misses. The ball gets stuck on his pad and then falls out. Rahim looks for a quick run and he gets it as Khaleel fails to gather the ball cleanly.
K Ahmed to M Rahim, Length ball around off, Mushfiqur dabs it towards short third man and gets to the other end.
Y Chahal to Mahmudullah, FOUR! Fine way to end the over! Landed outside off, a fraction too short, Mahmudullah backs away and punches it wide of long off. Substitute Manish Pandey gives it a good chase from long off and dives to his left, almost pulling it back in but misses. 13 from the over, one which started brilliantly for Chahal but then ended horribly.
Y Chahal to Mahmudullah, Full and outside off, Mahmudullah looks to go inside out, but slices it wide of long off. Two runs taken.
Y Chahal to M Rahim, Full and outside off, reverse swept through cover for a run. Looks like it hit the toe end of the bat.
Y Chahal to M Rahim, DROPPED, FOUR! Oh dear... Krunal Pandya has made an absolute mess of a sitter here. Full and outside off, Rahim gets down and plays a slog sweep. But there is not much elevation and the ball goes straight to Krunal Pandya at deep mid-wicket. For some reason, Pandya leaps and the ball bursts through his hands. Bounces just in front of the boundary.
Y Chahal to Mahmudullah, The googly, around leg, Mahmudullah goes back to flick but gets a thick inside edge onto his pads. The ball goes to mid-wicket and a single is taken.
Y Chahal to M Rahim, Backs a long way down the leg side, Chahal bowls it on the stumps, tossing it up nicely, Rahim crashes it through the covers for a single.

Chahal is back too. He is going to bowl out. 3-0-11-1, his figures so far.

Mahmudullah is the new man in.

K Ahmed to S Sarkar, OUT! Bowled! The over started against Khaleel but it has ended in Khaleel's favour. A much, much needed wicket for India. The off-cutter does the trick. It is on a length and it comes in off the deck too. Sarkar looks to dab it down to third man. Not an ideal shot considering how close the ball was to the stumps. He misses and the ball goes onto hit off and middle. 35 needed off last 3.
K Ahmed to S Sarkar, In the air but safe! Length ball on middle and off, Sarkar comes down the track and looks to go over cow corner. He does not time it well and it falls away from deep mid-wicket and long on. They look for two and get it as Rohit Sharma sends a wild throw.

Something has gone into Shikhar Dhawan's eyes again. The batsmen take a break as Dhawan gets the dirt removed.

K Ahmed to M Rahim, This time Mushfiqur manages to play it to point for a single.
K Ahmed to M Rahim, Slower ball outside off, Rahim looks to play it on the off side but misses.
K Ahmed to M Rahim, Length ball outside off, Rahim cuts it to the man at point.
K Ahmed to M Rahim, SIX! Mushfiqur plays the pull shot well and he has done exactly the same here. Back of a length ball around off, Rahim gets on his back foot and pulls it with authority over fine leg for a maximum. The man in the deep can just watch it sail over.
K Pandya to S Sarkar, NOT OUT! Sarkar's foot went nowhere. Flighted outside off, Sarkar swings his bat at it but misses. Pant removes the bails in a flash. The square leg umpire goes upstairs to check. Replay rolls and it shows that Sarkar was well in.

Stumping appeal! Referred upstairs. Sarkar looks to be safe to the naked eye. And replays confirm the same.

K Pandya to S Sarkar, Fumble but good recovery from Chahar. Flatter on off, Sarkar drags his sweep wide of deep mid-wicket. Deepak moves to his left and gets to the ball. He though overruns a bit and the ball goes behind off his hand. Two taken. That also brings up the 50-run stand.
K Pandya to M Rahim, Another reverse sweep from Rahim. Around the pads, Mushfiqur brings out the reverse sweep and gets a single towards third man.
K Pandya to M Rahim, WIDE! Tries to do the same thing again but this one is way outside off, on the wrong side of the tramline.
K Pandya to M Rahim, Smart bowling. Krunal sees Rahim make room by moving away from his off stump so he bowls a full toss outside off. Mushfiqur throws his bat at it but misses.
K Pandya to S Sarkar, Excellent stop from the skipper! Flighted on off, Sarkar drives it with power towards cover. Rohit Sharma there dives to his right and saves a certain boundary. Saving three for his side.
K Pandya to M Rahim, Mushfiqur brings out the reverse sweep now. Flatter around the pads, Rahim gets down on one knee and hits the reverse sweep towards short third man for a single.
K Ahmed to M Rahim, Length ball outside off, Mushfiqur cuts it but there is a man at deep point so just a single. End of a very good over from Khaleel. Just 5 off it.
K Ahmed to S Sarkar, On the pads, Sarkar looks to glance it but the ball goes off his thigh pad. They take a leg bye.
K Ahmed to M Rahim, Khaleel bangs another one short. This is around the body, Mushfiqur plays the no-look pull towards fine leg for a single.
K Ahmed to M Rahim, Back of a length ball outside off, Mushfiqur looks to play the upper cut but misses.
K Ahmed to S Sarkar, Appeal but a hopeful one. Good length ball way outside off, Sarkar comes in and looks to ramp it over fine leg. The ball hits him on the pads and rolls over to the off side. The fielder has a shy at the bowler's end but misses. Had he hit Sarkar would have been in trouble.
K Ahmed to M Rahim, Good length ball around off, Mushfiqur dabs it towards third man for a single.

Khaleel Ahmed is back on. 1-0-7-0 so far.

K Pandya to M Rahim, Quicker on off, Mushfiqur squeezes it to point and keeps the strike.