Bangladesh in India, 2 Test Series, 2019

India vs Bangladesh - 1st Test

Venue: Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore

Date: 14 November-16 November, 2019

Bangladesh 213/10

RR: 3.07 | India beat Bangladesh by an innings and 130 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Shadman Islam bowled Ishant Sharmabowled Ishant Sharma62400
Imrul Kayes bowled Umesh Yadavbowled Umesh Yadav61310
Mominul Haque lbw Mohammed Shamilbw Mohammed Shami72010
Mohammad Mithun c Mayank Agarwal & b Mohammed Shamic Mayank Agarwal & b Mohammed Shami182640
Mushfiqur Rahim c Cheteshwar Pujara & b Ravichandran Ashwinc Cheteshwar Pujara & b Ravichandran Ashwin6415070
Mahmudullah c Rohit Sharma & b Mohammed Shamic Rohit Sharma & b Mohammed Shami153520
Liton Das c & & b Ravichandran Ashwinc & & b Ravichandran Ashwin353960
Mehidy Hasan bowled Umesh Yadavbowled Umesh Yadav385551
Taijul Islam c Wriddhiman Saha & b Mohammed Shamic Wriddhiman Saha & b Mohammed Shami64310
Abu Jayed not out not out 4910
Ebadot Hossain c Umesh Yadav & b Ravichandran Ashwinc Umesh Yadav & b Ravichandran Ashwin1300
Extras 13 (b 2, lb 9, w 1, nb 1)
Total 213 (10 Wkts, 69.2 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
10-1 (Imrul Kayes,5.1), 16-2 (Shadman Islam,7), 37-3 (Mominul Haque,12.5), 44-4 (Mohammad Mithun,14.1), 72-5 (Mahmudullah,26.3), 135-6 (Liton Das,39.2), 194-7 (Mehidy Hasan,54.5), 208-8 (Taijul Islam,66.3), 208-9 (Mushfiqur Rahim,67.5), 213-10 (Ebadot Hossain,69.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Ishant Sharma11 3 31 1 2.82
Umesh Yadav14 1 51 2 3.64
Mohammed Shami16 7 31 4 1.94
Ravindra Jadeja14 2 47 0 3.36
Ravichandran Ashwin14.2 6 42 3 2.96
Mayank Agarwal0 0 0 0 0
Rohit Sharma0 0 0 0 0
Cheteshwar Pujara0 0 0 0 0
Virat Kohli 0 0 0 0 0
Ajinkya Rahane0 0 0 0 0
Wriddhiman Saha 0 0 0 0 0

So that is it from this game. India continue their dominance with a demolishing win over Bangladesh. Also, they continue their unbeaten run in the ICC World Test Championship. We are not done with the series however as we now move to Kolkata for the first ever Day-Night Test match to be played by India. Kohli and co. will look to convert their red ball dominance into pink ball as well. Bangladesh, on the other hand, will look to put on a better display and stun the home crowd by drawing the series. The historic pink ball Test will begin on Friday, 22nd November. The match will start at 1300 local (0730 GMT). Join us for that one. Till then, cheers!

For his brilliant innings of 243, Mayank Agarwal has been named the Man of the Match. Mayank smiles and says that he hopes that the smile continues for a longer period. Tells he practices but not much as they play the shorter formats as well. Agarwal feels proud to represent India. Says it is great to have someone who wants you to get more runs than himself as Kohli wanted him to get to a double ton when he reached 150 for the first time in Tests. On being asked whether he has had any practice with the pink ball, Mayank informs they had three sessions of practice with Rahul Dravid.

Indian skipper, Virat Kohli says that it has been a clinical performance. Says that they played with 5 batters and it was a very professional performance. On his pace bowling options, Kohli says they are at the top of their game and feels they bowl excellently on any surface. Says that Bumrah is not here at the moment and when he joins the team, it would be more lethal. On the records, Kohli feels that they have not focused on it and are just looking to get the team as high as possible and inspire the upcoming Indian players. Tells when a young guy comes into the team he knows how important it is to get big runs so he just looks to lay the marker so that the new batters can keep their guard and focus on getting the runs while they are in the zones. On playing pink ball cricket next, Kohli tells he is very excited and proud to be the part of the first Indian side to play a Day-Night Test.

Bangladesh skipper, Mominul Haque says that it was difficult as they won the toss and decided to bat first. On the positives, Mominul says that the bowling of Abu Jayed along with the performance of Rahim and Liton are the positives. He feels that it is a challenge for the top order to score some runs and release the pressure on the middle order batsmen. Further adds that he wants to enjoy the Day-Night Test in Kolkata.

No guesses for who the Man of the Match will be but stay tuned for the presentation as we hear from the captains.

Ishant Sharma jokes and says that the other players don't treat him as a senior. Further adds that there is no difference between a senior and a junior as they try to make each other comfortable. Adds that they all enjoy each other's success. Smiles and says that the body feels weak after a certain age but he is enjoying bowling at the moment. On playing with the pink ball in the next Test, he says that he is excited to play that game as the ball does a bit under the lights.

Umesh Yadav says that his parents have got him here as they made him run and practice hard in his childhood and that is what he tries to use here. Adds that if they keep taking wickets, they get to bowl more overs. Says that they like to contribute with the bat as well. Adds that in the last match against South Africa, skipper Kohli told him to go and hit the ball hard and play freely.

Mohammed Shami admits that they get tired but all the fast bowlers try to enjoy themselves as much as possible. Further adds that they also try to push each other for success. On Umesh's batting, Shami jokes that the boundaries are short in India for Umesh's power. On being asked about his secret to good bowling, Shami goes on to say that he has full freedom from the coach and the captain to bowl however he likes and says that he focuses on lines and lengths.

Harsha Bhogle is down for an interview with the impressive pace bowling trio of Mohammed Shami, Umesh Yadav and Ishant Sharma.

With a massive deficit, Bangladesh needed their openers to fight it out but the opening pair of Kayes and Shadman failed to do that and were unable to hang out there for long. Just like the first innings, the top order did not put up a fight and for a moment it looked like they would struggle to get into the second session with any mainstay batters. However, Mushfiqur Rahim hung around with Mahmudullah. The latter though could not fight for long. Liton and Rahim then counter-attacked the Indian bowlers. Mushfiqur put up a fight with Mehidy Hasan but the task in hand was too much and Rahim's fighting knock was not enough for Bangladesh to avoid an innings defeat.

After deciding to declare with an overnight lead of 343 runs which they gained courtesy of a brilliant 243-run knock from Mayank Agarwal along with vital knocks from Rahane and Jadeja, the hosts started off with the ball in magnificent fashion. The opening bowling pair of Umesh Yadav and Ishant Sharma got rid of the Bangladesh openers. Shami then joined the party and what has become a norm, he was the pick of the bowlers in the second innings. Mohammed Shami ended up with 4 wickets. Ashwin too was once again amongst the wickets as he picked up 3. Umesh and Ishant had 2 and 1 respectively. All-in-all, India were once again superb with the cherry in hand.

Comfortable win for India and they continue their dominance at home in the longest format of the game. They look unbeatable at the moment, especially in their own backyard. A win by an innings and 130 runs. That is a huge margin. No contest this really. It has been a landslide victory.

R Ashwin to Hossain, OUT! CAUGHT! That is the end of that! Umesh Yadav takes a terrific catch at long on to complete the formalities. Ashwin bowls a floated ball on off, Hossain looks for a wild slog over long on but it goes off the splice of the bat. Umesh Yadav runs across from the deep and takes a good catch tumbling to his left. With that, INDIA WIN BY AN INNINGS AN 130 RUNS.
R Ashwin to Hossain, Flighted ball on middle, Hossain defends it out.
M Shami to Jayed, BEATEN! That is a wild slog from Jayed! Shami bowls this full outside off, Abu goes for a heave over long on but fails to make any connection to it.
M Shami to Jayed, Short of a length delivery on middle, Jayed looks to play the upper cut but misses it completely.
M Shami to Jayed, Full delivery on of, Jayed defends it towards cover.
M Shami to Jayed, Good length ball down the leg side, Abu Jayed lets the ball go to the keeper in an uncomfortable manner.
M Shami to Jayed, FOUR! Beautiful shot! Full delivery on middle, Jayed plays a straight drive through mid on and picks up the boundary.
M Shami to Hossain, Good length ball on middle, Hossain flicks it towards the leg side and takes a single.
R Ashwin to Jayed, Full delivery on off, Jayed defends it to the off side.

Ebadot Hossain is the last man in.

R Ashwin to Rahim, OUT! CAUGHT! Rahim after showing a lot of patience perishes in trying to clear the boundary. Ashwin bowls a flighted delivery on off, Mushfiqur looks to play the slog sweep but the bat turns in his hand. The ball goes towards long off and Pujara runs behind from mid off and takes a good running catch. Just one wicket away are the hosts.
R Ashwin to Rahim, Short delivery on middle, Rahim plays it back to the bowler.
R Ashwin to Rahim, Flatter delivery on middle, Rahim works it to the leg side.
R Ashwin to Rahim, Full delivery on middle, Rahim flicks it to deep mid-wicket and refuses the single.
R Ashwin to Rahim, Flatter delivery on off spinning into the batsman, Mushfiqur blocks it out.
M Shami to Jayed, Good length ball outside off, Jayed lets the ball go to the keeper.
M Shami to Jayed, DROPPED! Jadeja drops a tough catch at gully. Full delivery on middle, Jayed makes room for himself towards the leg side and looks to poke at it. It goes off the outside edge towards Ravindra Jadeja at gully. He goes at it with one hand but does not hold onto it.
M Shami to Jayed, Back of a length delivery outside off, Abu Jayed looks to guide it to the off side but fails to put any bat on it.

Abu Jayed walks out at number 10.

M Shami to Islam, OUT! CAUGHT! Shami gets his fourth wicket of the innings and continues his tradition of being amazing in the second innings. The short ball does the trick for the hosts. Shami bowls it aimed at the body, Taijul looks to fend it uncomfortably but it hits the upper half of the bat and goes up in the air. Saha moves a liitle forward and takes a simple catch. India just two wickets away from a massive victory here.
M Shami to Islam, Full delivery on middle, Taijul plays it back to the bowler.
M Shami to Islam, BEATEN! Good length ball outside off, Taijul pokes at it but fails to put any bat on it.
R Ashwin to Rahim, On middle, Rahim blocks it out to the leg side.
R Ashwin to Rahim, The batsman flicks it away with a wristy shot.
R Ashwin to Rahim, Floated ball on middle, Mushfiqur defends it to the leg side.
R Ashwin to Rahim, On middle, Rahim blocks it to the leg side.
R Ashwin to Rahim, Flighted ball on middle, Rahim comes down the track and plays it back to the bowler.
R Ashwin to Rahim, FOUR! Nicely played from Rahim! Flatter delivery outside off, Rahim plays the late cut to third man for a boundary. Ishant runs after it from third man but gives up the chase.
M Shami to Islam, Length ball outside off, Islam looks to defend inside the line and the ball goes to the keeper.
M Shami to Islam, Good length ball on off, Taijul tucks it to mid-wicket.
M Shami to Islam, Bouncer! Islam ducks under it.
M Shami to Islam, The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
M Shami to Rahim, Length ball on off, Mushfiqur strokes it through point for a single.
M Shami to Rahim, Full on off and middle, Mushfiqur defends it off the front foot.
R Ashwin to Islam, On middle, flicked to mid-wicket.
R Ashwin to Islam, BEATEN! Flighted ball outside off, Islam looks for the drive but fails to make any connection to it.
R Ashwin to Islam, Full delivery on middle, Islam defends it out.
R Ashwin to Islam, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.