Australia in West Indies, 5 T20I Series, 2021

West Indies vs Australia - 5th T20I

Venue: Daren Sammy National Cricket Stadium, Gros Islet, St Lucia

Date & Time: 16 July 2021

Australia 183/9

RR: 9.15 | West Indies beat Australia by 16 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Josh Philippe c Lendl Simmons & b Sheldon Cottrellc Lendl Simmons & b Sheldon Cottrell0400
Aaron Finch c Fabian Allen & b Hayden Walshc Fabian Allen & b Hayden Walsh342360
Mitchell Marsh c Andre Russell & b Andre Russellc Andre Russell & b Andre Russell301551
Moises Henriques run out (Nicholas Pooran)run out (Nicholas Pooran)211430
Alex Carey c Lendl Simmons & b Andre Russellc Lendl Simmons & b Andre Russell91410
Matthew Wade bowled Andre Russellbowled Andre Russell261831
Andrew Tye c Nicholas Pooran (C) (W) & b Sheldon Cottrellc Nicholas Pooran (C) (W) & b Sheldon Cottrell15811
Mitchell Swepson not out not out 141201
Jason Behrendorff c Fabian Allen & b Sheldon Cottrellc Fabian Allen & b Sheldon Cottrell5700
Adam Zampa run out (Hayden Walsh / Sheldon Cottrell)run out (Hayden Walsh / Sheldon Cottrell)0000
Josh Hazlewood not out not out 13511
Extras 16 (b 0, lb 3, w 13, nb 0)
Total 183 (9 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
9-1 (Josh Philippe,1), 46-2 (Mitchell Marsh,4.1), 95-3 (Aaron Finch,9.2), 100-4 (Moises Henriques,9.4), 119-5 (Alex Carey,13.1), 137-6 (Matthew Wade,15.3), 149-7 (Andrew Tye,16.2), 165-8 (Jason Behrendorff,18.2), 168-9 (Adam Zampa,18.4),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Sheldon Cottrell4 0 28 3 7.00
Oshane Thomas2 0 28 0 14.00
Fabian Allen3 0 29 0 9.67
Andre Russell4 0 43 3 10.75
Hayden Walsh4 0 43 1 10.75
Chris Gayle3 0 9 0 3.00

Right then. This wraps up the T20I series. The two teams will go head-to-head in a 3 match ODI series. The first one kicks off on 20th July at 1830 GMT. But as you all know, we will be early for the build-up. Till then cheers and goodbye!

So, West Indies win the game by 16 runs and they seal the series 4-1. Nicholas Pooran waits for his players to join him. He lifts the trophy and the celebrations have started in St. Lucia. 

Nicholas Pooran, the winning skipper is up for a chat. He says it's a wonderful achievement for the team. Also adds that it feels even better after we had lost the last series. Also praises the addition of Hayden Walsh to the team and is an important asset to the side. Adds that captaincy is tough but Pollard made it easier for him. Ends by saying he can't single out anyone who has been outstanding, as it's the whole team that performed.

Hayden Walsh, Player of the series. Says that he is happy to be back in the Windies colors Says that he was patient and he grabbed his opportunity as it came. Says that we are happy to win 4-1. Informs that they were a bit low during the South Africa series but the camaraderie was good in the dressing room.

Aaron Finch is up for a chat. He says Marsh has been a stand-out player for us in this series. He has sealed the number three spot. Goes onto say, they always failed to back it with their batting. Also says they executed a little bit better into the last play as they picked up four wicket in the final stage. Also praises Evin Lewis for his knock. Ends by saying, plenty of positive things to take from the game.

Evin Lewis, Player of the match. Says that it is always good to score runs and help the team to victory. Says that he is working hard since 2017. Says that this is his first series against Australia and he is happy to win. Says that we are confident to go against Pakistan next.

... Time for Presentation..

What can we say about West Indies and their effort in the field. They are just brilliant and top-notch. Be it the keeper, having a shy at the stumps or a spinner taking a one-handed diving catch in the deep, they have it all. It's a full package with talented and athletic individuals. If Russell does not perform with the bat, that's not a problem. He shows up with the ball and does the trick. The pacey pair of Sheldon Cottrell and Andre Russell each picked up three wickets. Hayden Walsh also bagged a wicket. There were two run-outs that took place. Chris Gayle and Fabian Allen probed good lines and lengths but were not able to get onto the wicket column. Oshane Thomas was expensive of the lot. But other than that it was a brilliant outing from the host. 

Haven't we already seen this in the series? The Aussies continue to struggle in the middle overs. And yet again they witness a collapse. Josh Philippe was sent back early on a duck. Aaron Finch and Mitchell Marsh were sent back in their 30's. The Aussies failed to maintain a partnership in the middle. Moises Henriques got out to an unnecessary runout. Later, they kept losing wickets in regular intervals. They kept falling like a pack of cards, which was not how they envisioned to end the series with.

The hosts dominated with the ball and in the field. They did not give any breather to the Aussies. They failed to chase down the target of 200 runs. As, West Indies win the series 4 to 1, very convincing and commanding. 

Hayden Walsh to Mitchell Swepson, Short ball on middle. Mitchell Swepson pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs. WEST INDIES WIN BY 16 RUNS AND WIN THE T20I SERIES 4-1.
Hayden Walsh to Josh Hazlewood, On middle. Josh Hazlewood sweeps it to mid-wicket for a single.
Hayden Walsh to Josh Hazlewood, Around off, flatter ball. Josh Hazlewood blocks it out on the off side.
Hayden Walsh to Josh Hazlewood, SIX In the arc, and out of the park! Josh Hazlewood hits this sweetly over long on fence for a clean six. Pitched up just outside off and he pounces on it.
Hayden Walsh to Josh Hazlewood, FOUR! Overpitched outside off stump and Josh Hazlewood lofts it through deep extra cover for a boundary.
Hayden Walsh to Josh Hazlewood, Tossed up on off, Josh Hazlewood slogs sweeps this one towards mid-wicket for a couple. It was not timed well, it went high in the air, but fell safe wide of the deep sqaure leg fielder.
Sheldon Cottrell to Mitchell Swepson, Another good length ball outside off. Mitchell Swepson throws the kitchen sink at it but fails to connect any bat on it. End of a brilliant spell from Sheldon Cottrell.
Sheldon Cottrell to Mitchell Swepson, A length ball outside off. Mitchell Swepson swings and misses.

The last man to walk in is Josh Hazlewood.

Sheldon Cottrell to Mitchell Swepson, OUT! RUN OUT! A good piece of fielder there! Zampa was in but his bat was hanging in the air. On middle. Swepson works it to deep covers. They complete a single and run across for another one. Hayden Walsh in the deep fires in to the bowler's hand. Cottrell does rest of the job and Windies are nearly there.

Umpire review for run out. The replays roll in and confirm the bails are off as the bat is hanging in the air.

Sheldon Cottrell to Mitchell Swepson, Length ball on middle. Mitchell Swepson smacks it straight back to the bowler.
Sheldon Cottrell to Mitchell Swepson, WIDE! Fuller and outside off. Left alone. Wided.
Sheldon Cottrell to Mitchell Swepson, WIDE! Sprays it way down the leg side. Wided.

Adam Zampa comes in at number 10.

Sheldon Cottrell to Jason Behrendorff, OUT! CAUGHT! Sheldon Cottrell gets his third wicket of the night! Full ball, outside off. Jason Behrendorff lofts it towards long off, does not middle it. Hits it straight to Fabian Allen who takes a simple catch. He is everwhere on the pitch today.
Sheldon Cottrell to Jason Behrendorff, A length ball wide outside off. Jason Behrendorff swings and misses.
Hayden Walsh to Mitchell Swepson, SIX! Smoked! A full ball on off. Mitchell Swepson smashes it over long off for a biggie. 35 needed off 12 balls.
Hayden Walsh to Mitchell Swepson, Swepson makes room for himself. Hayden Walsh follows him with a quicker delivery. Swepson lobs it out on the leg side.
Hayden Walsh to Jason Behrendorff, On off, the ball rolls to square leg of the inside edge. The batters take a single.
Hayden Walsh to Mitchell Swepson, On middle. Mitchell Swepson comes down the track and pushes it to covers for a single.
Hayden Walsh to Mitchell Swepson, Loopy ball on middle, flicked to mid-wicket.
Hayden Walsh to Mitchell Swepson, A short ball on middle. Swepson rocks back and tucks it to the leg side for a brace.

Hayden Walsh comes back into the attack.

Sheldon Cottrell to Jason Behrendorff, Outside off, Jason Behrendorff looks to chase it but misses.
Sheldon Cottrell to Jason Behrendorff, On off, Jason Behrendorff lifts it towards long on. The fielder in the deep collects it in time. The batters take a couple.

Umpire review! There is a review for run out at the bowler's end. The replays roll in and shows the batter was well inside the crease. Not out is the final decision.

Sheldon Cottrell to Jason Behrendorff, It was a full and wide ball outside off stump. Jason Behrendorff drives it to long off for a couple of runs.  The non striker has just made it to his end. The decision was sent upstairs, but the non striker has made it in the end.
Sheldon Cottrell to Jason Behrendorff, This time he gets it right. Full and wide outside off, Jason Behrendorff misses the ball as it was out of his reach.
Sheldon Cottrell to Jason Behrendorff, WIDE! Almost a replay of the previous delivery. Full and outside off. Jason Behrendorff leaves it alone. Wide called.
Sheldon Cottrell to Jason Behrendorff, WIDE! Goes for wide outside off, but it is way outside off. Jason Behrendorff looks to chase but misses. Umpire signals it as a wide.

Who will come out at number 9? It is going to be Jason Behrendorff.

Sheldon Cottrell to Andrew Tye, OUT! CAUGHT by Nicholas Pooran! This looks game for the Windies as another one bites the dust! The salute is out as Sheldon Cottrell celebrates his second wicket! A short ball on middle. Tye miscues his pull,  gets a top edge. In the air and just around short fine leg where Nicholas Pooran runs across and takes a simple catch.
Sheldon Cottrell to Mitchell Swepson, Short ball around off stump, cut towards point for a run by Mitchell Swepson 
Andre Russell to Andrew Tye, SIX! This match has not finished yet! A short ball on middle. Tye stands tall and pulls it over square leg for a biggie.
Andre Russell to Andrew Tye, FOUR! The safest place to hit a boundary! A full toss on middle. Tye smashes it over the bowler's head straight down the ground for four.
Andre Russell to Mitchell Swepson, Length ball, outside off. Swepson dabs it to third man for one.

Who will walk in at number 8? It is going to be Mitchell Swepson.

Andre Russell to Matthew Wade, OUT! Cleaned him up! Inside edge and Wade has to walk back. It was a wide ball on a good length, Wade tries to muscle it over mid-wicket, but only gets an inside edge and it cleans him up as the ball drags on the stumps. Australia in real trouble now.
Andre Russell to Matthew Wade, SIX! That is a huge hit!. A full ball outside off. Matthew Wade moves across in the crease, and smacks towards square leg for a maximum.