Australia in West Indies, 3 ODI Series, 2021

West Indies vs Australia - 2nd ODI

Venue: Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados

Date & Time: 22 July 2021

West Indies 191/6

RR: 5.03 | West Indies beat Australia by 4 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Evin Lewis lbw Mitchell Starclbw Mitchell Starc11300
Shai Hope bowled Ashton Turnerbowled Ashton Turner384360
Darren Bravo bowled Mitchell Starcbowled Mitchell Starc0100
Jason Mohammed bowled Adam Zampabowled Adam Zampa111420
Nicholas Pooran not out not out 597522
Kieron Pollard bowled Adam Zampabowled Adam Zampa2500
Jason Holder lbw Mitchell Starclbw Mitchell Starc526951
Alzarri Joseph not out not out 51010
Hayden Walsh
Sheldon Cottrell
Akeal Hosein
Extras 23 (b 0, lb 6, w 15, nb 2)
Total 191 (6 Wkts, 38.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
10-1 (Evin Lewis,2.5), 11-2 (Darren Bravo,3), 47-3 (Jason Mohammed,8.3), 69-4 (Shai Hope,13.2), 72-5 (Kieron Pollard,14.2), 165-6 (Jason Holder,34.3),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mitchell Starc10 1 26 3 2.60
Wes Agar5 0 24 0 4.80
Riley Meredith5 0 36 0 7.20
Adam Zampa9 1 43 2 4.78
Ashton Turner6 0 37 1 6.17
Mitchell Marsh3 0 19 0 6.33
Ben McDermott0 0 0 0 0
Josh Philippe0 0 0 0 0
Moises Henriques0 0 0 0 0
Alex Carey 0 0 0 0 0
Matthew Wade0 0 0 0 0

That's a wrap to the second ODI. The West Indian spinners opened up some old scars of Australia and reminded them about their perennial issue. This win has handed them 10 crucial CWC points and now the hosts will be gunning for another 10 points along with the series win on Monday, 26th July 2021. The first ball will be at 2.30 pm local (6.30 pm GMT) but you can join us in advance for the build-up. Cheers!

Kieron Pollard, the victorious West Indian skipper, says it's pleasing to win but he thinks they have some work to do. Mentions that after having Australia 6 down for 45, they didn't put their foot on the accelerator. States that his batting unit didn't make it easy as well and further says that it seems that they don't like to do things the easy way. Calls the performance of his spinners fantastic. He is satisfied with the way his bowlers started the game but again repeats that to let Australia reach 187 was a bit disappointing. Terms Australia's bowling as world-class. Praises Pooran and Holder for their partnership and feels that the former is looking like his old self again. On the role of Jason Mohammed in the team, Pollard replies that it's a catch-22 situation with him as he is playing a role where if you lose a couple of wickets, you want him to bat long. Also adds that Mohammed gives them that sixth bowling option. Signs off by saying that they would look to come up with their best combination in the last match and wants his team to keep improving in all three facets of the game.

Alex Carey, the captain of Australia, says it was an interesting game of cricket and it doesn’t help when you are 5 down for not a lot of runs. Still, Carey is proud that the bowlers got them to a respectable total. Tells that they took some early wickets again and created opportunities. Mentions that unfortunately they could not close the game and he feels that they were probably 20-30 runs short. Feels that spin is going to be a threat on these type of wickets. The Aussie skipper is impressed with the way Wade and Starc put up a fight with the bat. Further says that with the new ball it might spin and bounce a bit more so they need to survive the initial period against the spinners. Lauds all his bowlers and is pumped up for the last match but at the same time, he is looking for improvement in their batting.

Nicholas Pooran is chosen for the Man of the Match award! He starts by saying that he wants to dedicate this to his wife as this is his first half-century since he got married. Tells us that for him it was just about building a partnership and putting up a fight with Jason Holder. Mentions that he backed his strengths and was looking to find the gaps. On his success, Pooran credits that to his hard work and shares that he has been trying a lot of things in the nets. Praises all the bowlers for their good work and is honest to admit that they allowed Australia to get too many runs. Feels that the body language in the field dropped due to that.

Presentation time...

Earlier in the match, Australia were in all sorts of trouble as they were reduced to 45 for 6 inside 13 overs. It was a steady procession for them but the lower order combined and propped up the total to 187. Wes Agar played a vital knock and his record stand with Adam Zampa appeared enough once Australia also dismissed West Indies' top 5 wickets for 72 runs. But as mentioned earlier, the record 6th wicket stand at this venue for the hosts brought the series back on level terms. A word of praise for Akeal Hosein also who created big impact in his first spell. 

It was all about fighting! Adam Zampa's double blow had the West Indies reeling at 72/5 and Australia appeared to be running away with the show. However, Nicholas Pooran and Jason Holder got together to stitch in a stand. The Aussies created opportunities but the dropped catch of Pooran when he was on 26 and the runs needed were 65 probably cost them the match. In a small chase, all you need is one big partnership and the 93-run stand between Pooran and Holder saw the hosts through.

A hard-fought win for West Indies! They had to sweat for every run as Australia turned up with full force in the defense of 187 runs. Mitchell Starc was bowling with a lot of fire and venom at the start and he got the better of Evin Lewis and Darren Bravo in one over. The partnership that followed between Shai Hope and Jason Mohammed could be pretty underrated but to keep the danger of Mitchell Starc at bay and form a 36-run stand at that time was no mean task. Shai slowly started to get into his groove, hitting a hat-trick of boundaries against Riley Meredith but then lost his concentration and got bowled after charging the spinner.

Ashton Turner to Alzarri Joseph, FOUR! WEST INDIES WIN BY 4 WICKETS! A flatter full ball around off, Alzarri Joseph goes with the turn and heaves it over mid-wicket for the winning runs. The series is levelled now.
Ashton Turner to Alzarri Joseph, FIVE WIDES! Straying down the leg side, spinning past Joseph's pads, missed by the keeper and by leg slip, racing into the boundary. West Indies are almost there.
Ashton Turner to Nicholas Pooran, Flighted delivery on off, Pooran opens his arms and lofts it on the bounce to long off for a single.
Ashton Turner to Nicholas Pooran, Flatter one on middle, keeps low and watchfully defended by Pooran.
Ashton Turner to Nicholas Pooran, Shorter one on middle, staying low, Pooran does well to defensively push it back to the bowler.
Ashton Turner to Nicholas Pooran, A bit flatter on off, Pooran goes back in to block this one.
Ashton Turner to Nicholas Pooran, SIX! WOW! Tossed up on off, Pooran whacks it inside-out with the spin over extra cover for a biggie. Just 7 needed now!
Mitchell Starc to Alzarri Joseph, A yorker in the blockhole, Joseph has his bat down in time as he blocks it to the off side. End of another breathtaking spell by Starc, 10-1-26-3!
Mitchell Starc to Nicholas Pooran, In the air... falls safely! Fuller in length and outside off, 142 kph, Pooran plays a mistimed lofted shot towards cover. It clears the infield and they cross.
Mitchell Starc to Alzarri Joseph, IN THE AIR...AND SAFE! Starc bangs this one short at 141 kph and the ball bounces a bit higher and takes the handle of Joseph's bat who was looking to defend. The ball falls safely in front of square leg as the batsmen take a run.
Mitchell Starc to Alzarri Joseph, Full and straight, well blocked out by Joseph.
Mitchell Starc to Alzarri Joseph, BEAUTY! A reverse swinging yorker at 143 kph, just misses the off pole by a whisker as Joseph fails to dig it out.
Mitchell Starc to Nicholas Pooran, Length ball on middle, angling into the hips, Pooran tucks it away to mid-wicket for a run.
Ashton Turner to Alzarri Joseph, Shorter one on middle, flicked straight to square leg. 16 needed now off 84 balls!
Ashton Turner to Alzarri Joseph, Tossed up on off, driven to covers by Joseph.
Ashton Turner to Nicholas Pooran, DROPPED! A sharp chance for Wade at first slip but he fails to hang on. Flighted delivery on off, spinning away, Pooran tries to cut way too hard and gets the edge. He is lucky as the catch is dropped by Wade. The ball deflects behind and they cross. Fifty for Nicholas Pooran!
Ashton Turner to Nicholas Pooran, Darted in at the stumps, well defended away by Pooran.
Ashton Turner to Nicholas Pooran, SIX! Tossed up on off, Pooran decides to take it on and whacks it behind the bowler's head. It's not a clean connection but has enough to clear the fence as the long off fielder runs across to his left.
Ashton Turner to Nicholas Pooran, A bit of turn and grip for Turner, pitching on off and turning away, Pooran pulls out of the cut shot.
Mitchell Starc to Alzarri Joseph, Length again on off, angling in and nicely blocked. Top over by Starc!
Mitchell Starc to Alzarri Joseph, Very quick and full delivery, drifting down leg. Joseph looks to flick but the ball catches the pads and Carey takes it beautifully. Certainly saved a boundary there.
Mitchell Starc to Alzarri Joseph, Pitched up outside off, looking to swing it in. Joseph shoulders his arms at it.

Alzarri Joseph arrives in the middle. 23 needed off 93 balls with 4 wickets remaining. Is there some life left?

Jason Holder has been given out lbw. Once again he is quick to take the DRS. No bat is involved on this occasion. Ball Tracker shows that it's clipping the stumps. The onfield decision stays.

Mitchell Starc to Jason Holder, OUT! LBW! Length ball around off, angling in at 144 kph, Holder looks to tuck it away on the leg side but misses and the ball crashes into the pads. Starc appeals and the finger goes up. Holder reviews it but it's in vain as the wickets are the umpire's call which means the original decision stands. Can Australia carve an opening now?
Mitchell Starc to Jason Holder, NOT OUT! Length again on off, Holder looks to loft it over mid on but gets it off the inside half. It still manages to clear mid on. The batsmen scamper for two but there's a direct hit at the bowler's end. They appeal and it's referred upstairs. Pooran has made it safely back in as we can see in the replays.

A direct hit at the bowler's end. Is Nicholas Pooran gone? No, easily in.

Mitchell Starc to Jason Holder, Length ball on top of off, Holder tries to block but it's very quick and hits him on the gloves.
Ashton Turner to Nicholas Pooran, Tossed up on off, driven wide of mid off into the deep for a couple.
Ashton Turner to Nicholas Pooran, Short ball on middle and leg, Pooran makes room and looks to pull but misses the ball. He is hit high onto his pads.
Ashton Turner to Jason Holder, FIFTY for Jason Holder, his 10th in ODIs! What an innings this has been from him! He walked in when West Indies was in a spot of bother but along with Pooran, he has managed to put the home team on top. Slightly shorter around off, punched off the back foot to deep cover for a single.
Ashton Turner to Jason Holder, A bit short, hit straight to mid-wicket.
Ashton Turner to Jason Holder, Tossed up on middle, but full, Holder plays it against the spin through covers for a couple and moves to 49!
Ashton Turner to Jason Holder, Full and straight, pushed back to the bowler.
Mitchell Starc to Nicholas Pooran, Beaten! Back of a length delivery outside off, zipping off the surface and holding its line, Pooran pokes at it tamely and is beaten all ends up.
Mitchell Starc to Jason Holder, Great timing! Fullish and outside off, Holder pushes it through the gap at covers for one. 30 needed more.
Mitchell Starc to Jason Holder, Fuller and on middle, defended off the pads to mid-wicket.
Mitchell Starc to Nicholas Pooran, Too full in length on off at 145 kph, Pooran digs it out back towards the bowler who jumps to gather the ball on the bounce. Fails to do so cleanly and palms behind. Pooran spots the chance and calls his partner through for a run.
Mitchell Starc to Nicholas Pooran, Fuller in length and on off, NP is forward as he defends it to covers.
Mitchell Starc to Nicholas Pooran, Play and a miss! Short in length and outside off, Pooran tries to cut but it bounces over his blade.
Ashton Turner to Jason Holder, Flatter delivery outside off, Holder looks for a big shot but then at the last moment he defends it back.
Ashton Turner to Jason Holder, Some turn and bounce outside off, Holder pokes at it and gets beaten. 32 needed more.