Australia in India, 3 ODI Series, 2020

India vs Australia - 1st ODI

Venue: Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

Date & Time: 14 January 2020

Australia 258/0

RR: 6.84 | Australia beat India by 10 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
David Warner not out not out 128112173
Aaron Finch not out not out 110114132
Marnus Labuschagne
Steven Smith
Ashton Turner
Alex Carey
Ashton Agar
Pat Cummins
Mitchell Starc
Kane Richardson
Adam Zampa
Extras 20 (b 4, lb 7, w 9, nb 0)
Total 258 (0 Wkts, 37.4 Ov)
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mohammed Shami7.4 0 58 0 7.84
Jasprit Bumrah7 0 50 0 7.14
Shardul Thakur5 0 43 0 8.60
Kuldeep Yadav10 0 55 0 5.50
Ravindra Jadeja8 0 41 0 5.13

That is it from this game. We expected a tough fight but it was another one-sided game of cricket in India but the twist in the tale was that it was the hosts who were decimated in their own backyard. Australia go 1-0 up in this small series with a dominant display. India will look to bounce back from this loss and will see this as a one-off. We now move to Rajkot for the all important 2nd ODI. That game will be played on Friday, 17th January. The match will begin at 1330 local (0800 GMT). Join us for that one. Till then, cheers!

For his unbeaten knock of 128, David Warner has been adjudged the Man of the Match. Warner says that he has always had hunger and desire to score runs., Credits his fast bowlers and tells knocking India for 255 in their own backyard was incredible. Adds Finch started well and that allowed him to take his time. Says they just try to keep rotating the strike in the middle period and score odd boundaries. Tell they look to take the game deep and knew if they stuck in there till the end they could chase it with ease. Tells he enjoys fielding since childhood and used to get his clothes dirty which his mom did not like but he loves that aspect of the game. Ends by thanking the fans for coming.

Australian skipper, Aaron Finch says they fought back in the middle part with the ball and that played a huge role and he is proud of his bowlers. Finch says they can brush up in fielding but he is happy with the performance overall. On David Warner, Finch says that he has been unstoppable in this format. Tells that it is difficult to bowl to him once he is set. Adds that it is always great to bat with him. On whether he expects India to bounce back, Finch says definitely as he knows they are a quality side.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli says that they were outplayed in all three departments. Adds that there was no intent in the middle overs with the bat and that the side was too respectful of the opposition bowlers. Further says that the Australians are a world class side and they capitalized on the openings that they got. On being asked about looking forward to the T20 format, Virat says International cricket is always priceless and game time matters and not a particular format. Adds that everyone has to step up and hopes that one of the youngsters in the middle order can play a blinder in the next two games. On being asked about his decision to come in at the number 4 position, Virat says that they have had that discussion many times in the past but they will be looking to try different things and not sticking to a single attempt. Adds that they were looking to experiment and they are allowed to do that and fail in that too once in a while. Ends by thanking the crowd and saying they were amazing.

Earlier in the day, the Australian bowlers set up the win for the tourists as they bowled out India for a paltry score of 255 on a batting pitch. No one apart from Dhawan and Rahul got going for India. The Australian bowlers were on top and the pace bowling trio of Starc, Cummins and Richardson grabbed 7 wickets amongst them with the former picking up 3 and the latter two sharing 4 wickets equally between themselves.

It was a day to forget for India. First with the bat and then with the ball. The bowlers had a sub-par total to defend but the way the Australian openers took the attack to them was something that we have not seen for a long, long time. 5 bowlers played the game and none of them had anything to smile about. Only the spinners went for less than 6 runs per over but that was because the Australian openers never had to go after them. Shami, Thakur and Bumrah they all went for over 7 rpo. A nightmare of a day for the Indian bowlers and they will like to forget this as quickly as possible.

Easily done! Australia made a mockery of this chase and have taken the lead in the series without sweating. The openers started, laid the platform and also ended the chase. Unbeaten centuries from David Warner and skipper Aaron Finch has destroyed, humiliated and annihilated the hosts. A day for the Australians to remember as they have broken a ton of records and handed Australia a thumping 10 wicket win!

M Shami to D Warner, FOUR! That will be it! AUSTRALIA WIN BY 10 WICKETS! Unbelievable! Shami bowls a full ball on off, Warner drives this through mid off and the ball has raced away to the fence. Warner and Finch have been brilliant throughout and celebrations all around.
M Shami to D Warner, FOUR! Easy pickings! Back of a length ball on the body, Warner goes back and pulls this one behind square for a boundary. Australia need just 2 runs to win now.
M Shami to D Warner, Wide! Bouncer on middle and off, Warner ducks under it.
M Shami to D Warner, Full ball on off, pushed down to the man at mid off.
M Shami to D Warner, Length ball on off, pulled towards the man at square leg.
R Jadeja to D Warner, On the pads of Warner, he flicks this one towards mid-wicket for a single and he will keep strike.
R Jadeja to D Warner, Flatter delivery outside off, Warner cuts this one towards point and takes a couple.
R Jadeja to A Finch, On the pads, now Finch changes ends by flicking it towards square leg for one.
R Jadeja to A Finch, Darted on off to Finch, played towards the point region.
R Jadeja to D Warner, On the pads, worked towards square leg for a single.
R Jadeja to D Warner, Darted on off, pushed towards the man at cover.
M Shami to D Warner, Another full ball on middle, Warner plays this one towards mid on for a single.
M Shami to D Warner, Yorker on off, Warner digs it out towards cover.
M Shami to D Warner, Bouncer on middle and off, Warner looks to go for the upper cut but misses.
M Shami to A Finch, Another one outside off, played towards point for a single.
M Shami to A Finch, FOUR! Another length ball outside off, Finch opens the face of his bat and guides this one towards third man and the ball races away for a boundary.
M Shami to A Finch, Length ball outside off, Finch plays this one towards point for a couple.

Mohammed Shami is back on.

R Jadeja to A Finch, Flighted on off, Finch defends it with soft hands and gets a single.
R Jadeja to A Finch, FOUR! CENTURY FOR DAVID WARNER! The Australian skipper now joins his partner. Jadeja gives him a chance to score a century by bowling one down the leg side. Finch gets down on one knee and sweeps it fine down the leg side for a boundary. Finch hugs his partner and then removes his bat and helmet as his teammates get on their feet and applaud their skipper's efforts. Captain leading from the front.
R Jadeja to A Finch, Floated on off, Finch blocks it.
R Jadeja to D Warner, Flighted on off, Warner strokes it to long off and eases down the other end.
R Jadeja to D Warner, On the body, Warner brings out the reverse sweep but misses. It hits him on his body but no pain.
R Jadeja to A Finch, Slower through the air on off, Finch runs it down towards backward point for one.

Ravindra Jadeja is back on. 6-0-29-0, his figures so far.

K Yadav to D Warner, Short and turning in, Warner dabs it against the spin towards point.
K Yadav to A Finch, On the pads again, Finch eases it to the leg side and rotates the strike.
K Yadav to D Warner, Floated on middle, Warner comes down the track and milks it to long on for a single.
K Yadav to A Finch, Flighted on off, Finch plays a dominating sweep shot but there is a man at deep mid-wicket so just a single. Moves to 95.
K Yadav to A Finch, On the pads, Finch tuck it to the leg side with the spin.
K Yadav to A Finch, Floated on middle, Finch looks to defend but does so off the inside edge of his bat.

Drinks break!!! We are heading towards the end no prices for guessing who will win this match. Australia will be trying their biggest ODI win over India while India will be trying to take a couple of wickets to boost their morale a bit heading into the next game.

J Bumrah to D Warner, FOUR! Now this is through mid off. Slower delivery outside off, Warner does not care about the pace of it he smashes it through mid off for a boundary. Just 30 runs needed now.
J Bumrah to D Warner, FOUR! Length delivery outside off, Warner punches it with ease through covers for a boundary.
J Bumrah to A Finch, Another good pull but once again only for one. This time it is Aaron Finch.
J Bumrah to D Warner, Back of a length on off, Warner pulls it very nicely but there is protection at deep mid-wicket so just one.
J Bumrah to D Warner, Full again on stumps, Warner clears his front leg and looks to clear mid off but does not hit it well. Luckily for him it goes to the fielder on the bounce.
J Bumrah to A Finch, Full on middle, Finch guides it towards cover and gets a single.
K Yadav to D Warner, The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
K Yadav to A Finch, Tossed up outside off, Finch pushes this down towards mid off for one.
K Yadav to A Finch, Wide! Down the leg side, Finch looks to flick but misses.
K Yadav to A Finch, Outside off, Finch plays this off the back foot towards point for a couple.
K Yadav to A Finch, Floated on middle and off, Finch comes forward and defends.