Australia in England, 3 ODI Series, 2020

England vs Australia - 3rd ODI

Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester

Date & Time: 16 September 2020

Australia 305/7

RR: 6.14 | Australia beat England by 3 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
David Warner bowled Joe Root bowled Joe Root 243230
Aaron Finch lbw Chris Woakes lbw Chris Woakes 12920
Marcus Stoinis c Eoin Morgan (C) & b Chris Woakes c Eoin Morgan (C) & b Chris Woakes 4710
Marnus Labuschagne run out run out 203110
Mitchell Marsh c Jos Buttler (W) & b Joe Root c Jos Buttler (W) & b Joe Root 2800
Alex Carey c Mark Wood & b Jofra Archer c Mark Wood & b Jofra Archer 10611472
Glenn Maxwell c Tom Curran & b Adil Rashid c Tom Curran & b Adil Rashid 1089047
Pat Cummins not out not out 4500
Mitchell Starc not out not out 11311
Josh Hazlewood
Adam Zampa
Extras 14 (b 0, lb 5, w 8, nb 1)
Total 305 (7 Wkts, 49.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
21-1 (Aaron Finch,2.5), 31-2 (Marcus Stoinis,5), 51-3 (David Warner,10.5), 55-4 (Mitchell Marsh,12.4), 73-5 (Marnus Labuschagne,16.5), 285-6 (Glenn Maxwell,47.3), 293-7 (Alex Carey,49),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Chris Woakes10 0 46 2 4.60
Jofra Archer9 0 60 1 6.67
Mark Wood9 1 40 0 4.44
Joe Root8 0 46 2 5.75
Tom Curran6 1 40 0 6.67
Adil Rashid7.4 0 68 1 9.19

End of a very exciting, enthralling, nail-biting series! The T20Is were great to watch and the ODIs were even better! England won the former series and it is the Aussies who took away the 50-over format. They though deserved to win this one. They outplayed England in the first game, should have won the second game, however, they came out of the grave in the last to clinch it. That;s Australia, the current Australia we should say. Too many unpredictable players but many match-winners and we saw two in the form of Maxwell and Carey in the 3rd ODI. We now bid adieu. Till next time, take care and stay safe!

Aaron Finch, the Aussie skipper, says that it was a terrific game of cricket today, as compared to the other two games. He says that Carey played well along with Maxwell. Finch states that Maxy is there in the team to play the way he does. On the batting, Finch says that the partnership between Carey and Maxwell was fantastic, it took the game right down to the wire but ensured that Australia would romp home in the end. Lauds his team for the consistency. He says that it is important to develop a balance between the good days and the bad days and adds that he is happy to win this game. Thanks the ECB for putting together such a wonderful series. Says that it has been tough for everyone, including the organizers but lauds their amazing effort for making this, the Pakistan and the Ireland series happen. Is happy that he could entertain the fans to some cricket in such tough times.

Eoin Morgan, the English captain, says that Adil Rashid did well to bring the game back into England's favour but that the hosts could not hold on to the same momentum. Adds that Curran and Bairstow played well today. Lauds Maxwell and Carey for the way they played. Says that it has been an outstanding series and thanks Australia for coming over. On the white ball summer, Morgan believes that the experiment of growing larger has played off well, with the likes of Sam Billings and Dawid Malan. He says that a lot of guys are traveling to the Indian T20 League and therefore this amount of game time should help, even though, he personally feels it is little.

Glenn Maxwell is the PLAYER OF THE MATCH for his exceptional hundred. He has also been named as the PLAYER OF THE SERIES. Says that the situation demanded much when he walked into the crease. He says that Australia also needed runs even though wickets had fallen and he was also looking to provide that. The plan, Maxwell says, was to target the shorter boundary often. He always had his eye on the same, especially against Rashid. Another key to success, Maxwell states, was to know which bowler to go after and which one to not go after. He says the atmosphere in the camp was chill before the match, even though this was a decider.

Stay tuned as the presentation ceremony is due shortly...

This match was all about comebacks! First it was England who fought back hard after they were 4 down for below 100. Bairstow's ton, Woakes and Billings' half ton took them to a total which was slightly above par. After that, it was Australia's turn who had their backs against the walls but Maxwell and Carey roared back and overshadowed the English batters' performance to take their side home.

How disappointed will England be with this game? They had it in their bag after the first 20 overs. However, that no ball, which got Carey, changed everything. That is the kind of luck Carey, a batter who was struggling for runs needed. He cashed in on the life he got and made the English bowlers pay. The hosts' bowlers had no answers to the clever batting shown by him and Maxwell's counter-attacking knock.

The Aussies were reeling at 73 for 5. Nobody, absolutely NOBODY sitting around me gave them a chance of winning this game but they have pulled a rabbit out of the hat. A partnership of above 200 with both scoring tons took Australia within touching distance before there was another twist. Both of them fell in quick succession with Australia needing 10 from the last over. It was Rashid, a leg spinner, against two bowling all-rounders, Starc and Cummins. One hit was all they needed and Starc nailed it. Sensible batting after that took them over the line, giving them one of their most memorable wins.

Jubilation in the Australian camp! Rightly so, they have won the series and in what way! Wow! If you're watching this game, just a take moment, stand and applaud the effort by Maxwell and Carey! What an innings by the two, what a partnership by the two. They have have won the game together for the Aussies when they were down and out.

A Rashid to M Starc, FOUR! Mitchell Starc, with a straight six and now a sweep for four, sees the visitors home! What a way to cap off the series and the summer! Adil tosses this on middle, Starc sweeps this to deep backward square leg and gets a boundary. A roar of joy as soon as he hit it as he knew it was racing away to the fence. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 3 WICKETS!
A Rashid to Pat Cummins, Flatter ball on the leg pole, Cummins goes back and pushes this to long on for a single.
A Rashid to M Starc, Lofts this but it won't go to the boundary. It goes towards deep mid-wicket and the batsmen take a single.
A Rashid to M Starc, SIX! Superb shot from Mitchell Starc! Flighted on middle, he stands still and launches this high over long on for a biggie. Australia inch closer.

The legspinner Adil Rashid to bowl the final over for England.

Mitchell Starc walks out to bat now.

J Archer to A Carey, OUT! CAUGHT! Carey was taken earlier in that area but off a no ball and hence he survived but not this time! Excellent catch from Mark Wood, not easy under the lights at all. Fullish length delivery outside off, Carey looks for the big one behind point and lofts that high. He though does not get the elevation and Mark Wood, at third man, composes himself and takes an excellent catch, diving forward. The umpire wants to check that and hence goes upstairs. The ball is clear for the front foot and Wood has got his fingers under it as well. Carey departs after a well made innings.
J Archer to A Carey, WIDE! This time it is way outside off and well past the tramline, wide called as Carey does not attempt to play at that.
J Archer to A Carey, Full and well outside off, just inside the tramline though. Carey looked to play at it but misses.
J Archer to Pat Cummins, A quick single here. Cummins dabs this shortish length ball to the off side and takes a quick single as the throw is in at the non-striker's end but it misses the stumps.
J Archer to Pat Cummins, Ouch! Short length delivery, Cummins looked to pull but takes his eyes off at the last minute. Swivels in the crease and ends up getting hit around the helmet. Luckily, he is safe to continue though.
J Archer to A Carey, Full and outside off, Carey strokes it firmly to mid off where Curran stops it well. It was traveling and he did well to stop that. A single is sneaked in though.

Can Carey get a boundary now?

J Archer to Pat Cummins, Fullish and on the pads, Cummins glances that away to square leg for a single. 13 from 11 now.

Jofra Archer to bowl the key over, the penultimate one.

A Rashid to Pat Cummins, A single as this is eased down to long off. 14 needed in 12.
A Rashid to A Carey, Shorter and around off, Carey guides it through point for one.
A Rashid to A Carey, On middle, this is swept through square leg for two.

Pat Cummins walks out to bat now.

A Rashid to G Maxwell, OUT! TAKEN! There had to be another twist right? Maxwell top edges one and it falls to hand! Crazy from Maxwell. That was not needed but that is how he plays. He looks to go for the big slog sweep again but this time it is tossed up wider outside off and it is a lot slower. It goes off the top edge. Towards short third man where the fielder takes a catch diving forward. A standing ovation by his side as he walks back. He has taken Australia to the brink of victory. England though have a sniff.
A Rashid to G Maxwell, Top edge but safe! This is tossed up nicely on off, it is the leggie. Maxwell looks to play against the turn but gets a top edge. It goes towards third man for two.
A Rashid to A Carey, Carey brings out the sweep shot. It is hit through square leg for one.
C Woakes to G Maxwell, A couple to finish as Maxwell flat-bats this away to deep mid-wicket for two. Archer collects and throws it in.
C Woakes to A Carey, On the pads, Carey closes the face of his bat to glance that towards mid-wicket for one.
C Woakes to A Carey, BEATEN! Good length delivery outside off, Carey looks to drive but misses as the ball whizzes past his outside edge.
C Woakes to G Maxwell, On the stumps, Maxwell drives this to long on for a single.
C Woakes to A Carey, And he gets to his 100 as well. A hard fought one, a well fought one. Full and on middle, Carey wrists it on the leg side and crosses over for a single. Well done, Alex!
C Woakes to A Carey, SIX! Carey moves to 99 with that! Full and on off, he launches this over deep square leg for six. Expertly picks the shorter side of the boundary as well.
Tom Curran to A Carey, On middle, Carey closes the face of his bat to flick that to the on side for a single.
Tom Curran to G Maxwell, Maxwell looks to go big on the leg side again. He does not time it well though, it comes off the inside edge and goes to deep square leg for a single.
Tom Curran to A Carey, Fullish and on middle, flicked down to mid-wicket for a single.
Tom Curran to G Maxwell, Glenn works this fuller ball on the off side and gets to the other end.
Tom Curran to G Maxwell, SIX! Goes big over the leg side, has he got it away? Yes he has! What a shot from Maxwell! And what a way to get to your second ODI hundred! He picks the short boundary to perfection! Full and on off and middle, he powers this comfortably over the deep mid-wicket fielder for a biggie.
Tom Curran to A Carey, On middle, Carey dabs it to short third man for a single.
C Woakes to G Maxwell, Around off, Maxwell punches it off his back foot to the off side for a couple. Australia need 43 from 30.
C Woakes to A Carey, On the pads, Carey works it on the leg side for one.
C Woakes to A Carey, NOT OUT! A brilliant bit of fielding from Billings in the deep but the dive saves Carey! Full and on middle, Carey works it towards mid-wicket and scampers back for a quick second as the throw comes in from Billings, just above the stumps. Only the dive could have saved Carey and he puts in the same. The umpire wants to have a look and the third umpire is called in. Replays roll in and the dive ensures that Carey has made it back in.
C Woakes to G Maxwell, Off cutter from Woakes, Maxwell cuts it to backward point and gets to the other end.
C Woakes to A Carey, On middle, it is worked to mid-wicket for one.
C Woakes to G Maxwell, Just the single as Maxwell glances this behind square on the leg side for one. Leg bye called by the umpire as he reckons it came off the pads.

Chris Woakes is back into the attack. 8-0-28-2 are his numbers.

Australia did it again! Once more they successfully snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. They are gaining mastery in throwing away games. It may be sounding dramatic and sarcastic but this is becoming very serious now. Justin Langer would be perplexed with the kind of inconsistencies Australia's batting is showing, that too with great consistency. Just when everyone thought that they cannot go lower than this with their collapses, they raise the bar a notch up. The Aussies should have taken an unassailable lead in the last match but a shocking collapse spoiled all the good work done by their bowlers and the century stand between Finch and Labuschagne. From 144/2 to get all out for 207 was abysmal and they can't blame anyone for it. Steven Smith might be the glue they need to stick the middle order together and would be waiting for his availability for the decider. The bowling of the touring team has been spotless and they would like to deliver yet another clinical performance one last time on this tour. For England, they got out of jail to stay in the hunt for another series win at home. But, just like their rivals, their batting too has been very inconsistent and has flopped on more occasions than not. Carrying two out-of-form batsmen in Jason Roy and Joe Root and ignoring in-form batters like Tom Banton and Dawid Malan isn't proving to be a smart choice but it's unlikely that they will touch the top three. Full marks to their bowlers, especially Jofra Archer and Chris Woakes, for such a hostile and effective display of fast bowling which earned an unlikely win for the home team. Given the bowling form of both the teams, it's come down to the batting departments and it won't be wrong to assume that a better performing unit on Wednesday would take the trophy. Let's hope for another entertainer to close this series and tour.

England Team Squad -Dawid Malan,Eoin Morgan,Jason Roy,Joe Root,Philip Salt,Chris Woakes,Moeen Ali,Sam Curran,Jonny Bairstow,Jos Buttler,Sam Billings,Tom Banton,Adil Rashid,Jofra Archer,Mark Wood,Saqib Mahmood,Tom Curran

Australia Team Squad -Aaron Finch,David Warner,Marnus Labuschagne,Steven Smith,Daniel Sams,Glenn Maxwell,Marcus Stoinis,Mitchell Marsh,Alex Carey,Josh Philippe,Matthew Wade,Adam Zampa,Andrew Tye,Ashton Agar,Josh Hazlewood,Kane Richardson,Mitchell Starc,Nathan Lyon,Pat Cummins,Riley Meredith,Sean Abbott