Australia in Bangladesh, 5 T20I Series, 2021

Bangladesh vs Australia - 5th T20I

Venue: Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur

Date & Time: 09 August 2021

Australia 62/10

RR: 4.54 | Bangladesh beat Australia by 60 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Dan Christian bowled Nasum Ahmedbowled Nasum Ahmed3300
Matthew Wade bowled Shakib Al Hasanbowled Shakib Al Hasan222202
Mitchell Marsh lbw Nasum Ahmedlbw Nasum Ahmed4900
Ben McDermott c Mahmudullah (C) & b Mahmudullah (C)c Mahmudullah (C) & b Mahmudullah (C)171601
Alex Carey bowled Mohammad Saifuddinbowled Mohammad Saifuddin3700
Moises Henriques c Nurul Hasan (W) & b Mohammad Saifuddinc Nurul Hasan (W) & b Mohammad Saifuddin3700
Ashton Turner c Mahmudullah (C) & b Shakib Al Hasanc Mahmudullah (C) & b Shakib Al Hasan1300
Ashton Agar bowled Mohammad Saifuddinbowled Mohammad Saifuddin2400
Nathan Ellis bowled Shakib Al Hasanbowled Shakib Al Hasan1700
Mitchell Swepson not out not out 1100
Adam Zampa c Mahmudullah (C) & b Shakib Al Hasanc Mahmudullah (C) & b Shakib Al Hasan4300
Extras 1 (b 0, lb 1, w 0, nb 0)
Total 62 (10 Wkts, 13.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
3-1 (Dan Christian,1.1), 17-2 (Mitchell Marsh,3.5), 38-3 (Matthew Wade,7.2), 48-4 (Ben McDermott,8.5), 53-5 (Alex Carey,10.3), 54-6 (Moises Henriques,10.5), 54-7 (Ashton Turner,11.2), 56-8 (Ashton Agar,12.3), 58-9 (Nathan Ellis,13.1), 62-10 (Adam Zampa,13.4),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mahedi Hasan3 0 20 0 6.67
Nasum Ahmed2 0 8 2 4.00
Mustafizur Rahman1 0 3 0 3.00
Mohammad Saifuddin3 0 12 3 4.00
Shakib Al Hasan3.4 1 9 4 2.65
Mahmudullah1 0 9 1 9.00

Right then, that concludes the proceedings for this 5-match T20I series. It was not at all a surprise to see Bangladesh win it. Their next assignment is against New Zealand who will be visiting the Asian team in September. Australia, on the other hand, don't have any immediate series to participate in and would take this break to reflect on their performance in West Indies and Bangladesh. It's time for us to bid you farewell. Do join us in future for more action. Cheers!

Mahmudullah, the skipper of Bangladesh, says that he is very happy for the boys as they showed a lot of character and hunger to win a series against a team like Australia. Admits that it was tough for the batters but they found a way to put runs on the board. Credits the spinners and fast bowlers for doing a wonderful job. Adds that the development of the bowlers has been increasing nicely and they have kept their nerves in the crunch moments. Mentions that there will be a time when you have to back yourself under pressure, keep calm and execute your skills. Shares that he had a chat with the bowlers before the series and had asked them to take more responsibility and be more proactive. He is pleased with the way his boys fought in the series. Says that in their backyard they are a very good team and they will challenge whoever comes to Bangladesh. Wants to keep improving in this format and feels that they have the potential to be the very best in T20Is. Signs off by dedicating this series win to the Father of the Nation and his family members.

Shakib Al Hasan is chosen for the Player of the Match and Series award. The star all-rounder says that he is still enjoying the game which is important and thanks his teammates for the support. Mentions that they have played some great cricket in the recent past. Tells that the wicket was tough but they held their nerves. Shares that if you look at the last match, Bangladesh scored 104 and still it went to the last over and they knew they need to score 120-130 and that would be enough. Adds that they started well with the bat in this match and did the job. Praises the bowlers for doing an outstanding job in the series. Says that they are trying to improve in all the areas and feels that the fast bowlers have improved a lot. Concludes by saying that it was a very good combination of spin and fast bowling.

Matthew Wade, the Aussie skipper, says that it's hard to say there are positives, but it was good learning. Tells that these were the toughest conditions they have played and the young boys got some good exposure. Mentions that there is no excuse for not playing enough cricket as they are professionals and recently played matches in West Indies. Credits the Bangladesh team for finding a way to score runs and says that it's unfortunate that Australia didn't. States that most of the positives for them were in the bowling department and praises Mitchell Marsh for his batting. Feels that the biggest takeaway from the series is that they have to find a way to bat in spinning conditions. Adds that to give young players the exposure of these pitches was another takeaway as even the experienced guys like him, Dan Christian and Moises Henriques also found it tough to score runs. Signs off by congratulating the Bangla boys.

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The bowling from Bangladesh, as usual, was right on the money. They knew the conditions so just stuck to excellent lines and lengths. Shakib Al Hasan redeemed himself with the ball after going for 50 runs in his 4 overs in the last match. The star all-rounder picked up 4 wickets and also became the first player to do a double of 100 wickets and 1000 runs in this format. Playing in his first game of the series, Mohammad Saifuddin also left his mark and took three wickets. His variations were too tough to pick for the Aussies and the seamer utilized the conditions to the maximum. Not to forget Nasum Ahmed who provided the first two breakthroughs and finished with 8 wickets in the series, the joint-most with Josh Hazlewood. Overall, a thumping win for Bangladesh and they will be lifting the trophy with a big smile.

The touring team has been floored yet again! For the umpteenth time on this tour, it was a sorry batting show by them. The slow decks are not meant for them and they have plenty to ponder on before the T20 World Cup as the conditions in the UAE will be almost similar. It was a chase of 123 in this match and Australia gambled by opening with Dan Christian. It didn't work out though and the visitors ended up losing two wickets inside the Powerplay. For a change, Matthew Wade fought hard and hit a couple of big shots but that was it. As has been the norm throughout the series, it was a steady procession and the wickets kept falling at regular intervals. There is a saying to save the best for the last, Australia managed the opposite, they saved their worst effort with the bat for the last. The Aussies succumbed to their lowest T20I score and suffered a hefty defeat in their final outing in Bangladesh.

A comprehensive victory for Bangladesh and they take the series 4-1! Joy erupts in the Bangla camp and the Aussies are also seen clapping for the home team. Yet another great bowling show by the hosts and they have made Australia surrender.

Shakib Al Hasan to Adam Zampa, OUT! The final wicket falls and Australia have been bowled out for 62, their lowest score in T20Is! A touch flatter and around off, stopping a bit onto the batsman, Zampa goes back to punch but checks his shot at the last moment. Ends up handing a simple catch to Mahmudullah at short cover. BANGLADESH WIN BY 60 RUNS!
Shakib Al Hasan to Adam Zampa, Missed the stumps by a whisker! Flighted and outside off, Zampa goes down to slog sweep but edges it past the stumps to fine leg for a brace.
Shakib Al Hasan to Adam Zampa, Tossed up ball around off, chipped over covers for a couple of runs.

Adam Zampa is the last man in.

Shakib Al Hasan to Nathan Ellis, OUT! Shakib has one more! What a champion bowler! Shakib smartly lands it on middle and gets it to curve away towards off, Ellis looks to defend but misses. It probably clips his pads and goes on to shatter the stumps.
Mohammad Saifuddin to Nathan Ellis, Short and wide outside off, Ellis throws his bat at it and sends it to sweeper cover for a single.
Mohammad Saifuddin to Nathan Ellis, Good length ball on off, Nathan walks across the stumps and plays it down to mid-wicket.
Mohammad Saifuddin to Mitchell Swepson, Width on offer outside off, steered past the point fielder for a single.

Mitchell Swepson is the new man in.

Mohammad Saifuddin to Ashton Agar, OUT! Another one departs! Saifuddin sticks to the basics and lets the pitch do the work for him. He delivers it around leg, on a length and slower in pace, Ashton Agar steps back to make room but is early into the shot. Again the ball stays low, beats the bat and strikes the leg stump. The arms are spread and Mohammad Saifuddin is delighted after picking his third wicket.
Mohammad Saifuddin to Ashton Agar, Oohhh...that stayed low! Slower one, on a length and outside off, Agar flashes and misses.
Mohammad Saifuddin to Ashton Agar, Slower length ball around leg, Agar taps it down behind square leg and collects a couple of runs.
Shakib Al Hasan to Nathan Ellis, Fullish and around off, Ellis leans forward to defend but the ball beats the outside edge. A wicket maiden for Shakib!
Shakib Al Hasan to Nathan Ellis, Turning away from around off, Ellis sticks back to push inside the line but misses.
Shakib Al Hasan to Nathan Ellis, Tossed up ball around off, defended with the spin to the off side.
Shakib Al Hasan to Nathan Ellis, Tossed up ball around off, pushed defensively to covers.

Nathan Ellis walks out to bat.

Shakib Al Hasan to Ashton Turner, OUT! Shakib has 100 T20I wickets and there is a big smile on his face. First cricketer to score 1000 runs and also pick 100 wickets in this format! Take a bow, Superstar Shakib. Coming to the wicket delivery, Shakib keeps his length short and hurls it across off, Turner goes back to cut but does that aerially. It flies straight into the hands of Mahmudullah at short cover. Australia are imploding here.
Shakib Al Hasan to Ashton Turner, Floated and full outside off, Turner slices his attempted drive towards point.
Mohammad Saifuddin to Ashton Agar, The batsman has just blocked that from his crease. End of a fabulous over, 3 runs and two wickets off it.

Ashton Agar is the new man in.

Mohammad Saifuddin to Moises Henriques, OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! Moises Henriques is also done and dusted. A knuckle ball from Mohammad Saifuddin, he smartly serves it close to off and gets some extra bounce going for him as well. Moises Henriques possibly picked it and hence tries to play it late towards third man. However, the extra bounce has brought his downfall. It clips the shoulder of his bat and settles into the safe gloves of Nurul Hasan. Two wickets in the over for Bangladesh and they are all over Australia like a rash.  
Mohammad Saifuddin to Ashton Turner, On the pads, tucked to square leg for a single.

Who will come out to bat next? Ashton Turner walks out to bat at No.7.

Mohammad Saifuddin to Alex Carey, OUT! You miss, I hit! Slower one from Saifuddin, on a length around middle, at 115 kph, Carey steps back to make room and cut it through the line but is way too early into his shot. The ball arrives to say hello to the stumps. Mohammad Saifuddin raises his arms in celebration, his first wicket in the series. Australia are in deep, deep trouble and this is not the first time we are typing it in this series. 70 needed off 57 balls, 5 wickets left in the bank.
Mohammad Saifuddin to Moises Henriques, Shortish and on off, angling in, Moises Henriques hits it across the line through mid-wicket for a single.
Mohammad Saifuddin to Alex Carey, Back of a length ball on middle and off, angling away, Carey tries to force it through the line but edges it to short third man. Nasum makes a diving stop inside the ring and the batsmen cross.

Mohammad Saifuddin comes to bowl. 1-0-5-0 are his figures so far.

Shakib Al Hasan to Alex Carey, Short and wide outside off, cut through point for a single. 72 needed more at the halfway mark.
Shakib Al Hasan to Alex Carey, Fullish and around leg, Carey goes down to sweep but finds short fine leg.
Shakib Al Hasan to Moises Henriques, Leans forward and drives it to extra cover. The fielder there dives to make a partial stop. The batsmen cross.
Shakib Al Hasan to Moises Henriques, Goes on the back foot and punches it to covers.
Shakib Al Hasan to Moises Henriques, Arm ball around off, the batsman tries to drive but gets an inside edge to square leg.
Shakib Al Hasan to Moises Henriques, Walks down the track and drives it back to the bowler.
Mahmudullah to Moises Henriques, Flighted ball, on off. Moises Henriques gets down on one knee and sweeps it towards the deep square leg fielder for a single. He gets off the mark.

Moises Henriques is in next.

Mahmudullah to Ben McDermott, OUT! CAUGHT! Another soft dismissal! It was bowled flatter and slower around middle. Ben McDermott looks to flick it towards the leg side but gets a leading edge and the ball goes straight back to the bowler who takes an easy catch.
Mahmudullah to Ben McDermott, Flatter ball, around off. Ben McDermott pushes it off the back foot back towards the bowler.
Mahmudullah to Ben McDermott, SIX! WHACKED! Short ball, outside off. Ben McDermott smacks it over the long on fielder for a maximum.
Mahmudullah to Ben McDermott, Quicker ball, on off. Ben McDermott pulls it towards deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs.
Mahmudullah to Ben McDermott, Flatter ball, on middle. Ben McDermott defends it solidly.
Shakib Al Hasan to Alex Carey, Flatter ball, outside off. Alex Carey gets down to reverse sweep but fails to connect. It goes closely past the stumps to the keeper who fails to gather the ball.