Oct 22,2014
PAK vs AUS -1st Test
Location: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai
Toss: Pakistan (Elected to bat)
PAK 38/0
13 Overs
Run Rate: 2.92
AUS 303/10
103.1 Overs
Run Rate: 2.94
Status: Pakistan lead by 189 runs
Last 5 Ovs: 18/0
RR: 3.6 4s: 2 6s: 0
PAK 2 Inn: 38/0

AUS 1 Inn: 303/10

PAK 1 Inn: 454/10
Pakistan 38/0 (13 ov)
Pakistan Innings
It's going to be a fascinating day tomorrow as Pakistan will look to push on from here. For Australia, they will have to rethink a plan that allows them to save the game at least. It will be a crucial day for both teams tomorrow and maybe a day, where the result of the match is decided. Do join us tomorrow for another great day of Test cricket. Till then, take care. See you.
Stumps, Day 3: Another entertaining day comes to an end. Pakistan will be very happy with how things are at the present moment. They have extended their lead to 189 as they made 38/0 in the 13 overs they batted. Australia are on the back foot now. They really don't know how to go about things at the present moment. Clarke's decision to hand out the ball to Lyon after Siddle bowled a maiden shows the indecision in the camp. Pakistan are truly on top here but don't count Australia out. The Australians have a tendency to bounce back when everyone rules them out. On the other hand, don't be too sure about Pakistan's fortunes as well. They tend to collapse when everything is going right for them.
The light meters are out and the umpires are taking a reading. They have decided that it's time to go back in the hut as it is pretty dark out on the ground. Players walk off the field. That's Stumps on Day 3.
12.6 O'Keefe to Ahmed Shehzad, no run, lunges forward in defence
12.5 O'Keefe to Ahmed Shehzad, no run, goes on the front foot to a flighted delivery and blocks
12.4 O'Keefe to Ahmed Shehzad, no run, comes down the track and blocks this delivery to silly point, Shehzad has to rush back into the crease after silly point was about to throw the ball
12.3 O'Keefe to Ahmed Shehzad, no run, tossed up on off and middle, Shehzad gently defends it into the off-side