Oct 22,2014
PAK vs AUS -1st Test
Location: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai
Toss: Pakistan (Elected to bat)
PAK 440/6
138 Overs
Run Rate: 3.19
Status: Day 2: Post Lunch Session
Last 5 Ovs: 31/1
RR: 6.2 4s: 3 6s: 1
PAK 1 Inn: 440/6
Pakistan 440/6 (138 ov)
In progress
Pakistan Innings
137.6 O'Keefe to Yasir Shah, no run, tossed up around off, Yasir taps it towards point
137.5 O'Keefe to Yasir Shah, no run, defends it towards the on-side
137.4 O'Keefe to Yasir Shah, 2 runs, flighted on off, Yasir gets forward and mistimes the loft to long-off to get his first runs in Test cricket
137.3 O'Keefe to Yasir Shah, no run, presses on the front foot and pushes it back to the bowler
137.2 O'Keefe to Sarfraz Ahmed, 1 run, leans forward and works it to mid-on
137.1 O'Keefe to Sarfraz Ahmed, no run, drifted in on middle and leg, Sarfraz whips it towards mid-wicket
136.6 M Marsh to Yasir Shah, no run, length delivery moving in on middle, Yasir works it to mid-wicket