Sep 2,2014
ENG vs IND -4th ODI
Location: Edgbaston, Birmingham
Toss: India (Elected to field)
IND 57/0
10 Overs
Run Rate: 5.7
ENG 206/10
49.3 Overs
Run Rate: 4.18
Status: India need 150 runs
Last 5 Ovs: 37/0
RR: 7.4 4s: 7 6s: 0
India 57/0 (10 ov)
In progress
India Innings
9.6 Woakes to Dhawan, no run, short of length around off, Dhawan stays back and mistimes the punch to cover
9.5 Woakes to Dhawan, FOUR, third boundary of the over and Dhawan is slowly getting back into form. Overpitched on middle and leg, Dhawan gets under it and clips over mid-wicket, the ball teases Stokes before reaching the fence
9.4 Woakes to Dhawan, no run, hint of inward movement, Dhawan gets an inside edge and the ball rolls back to Buttler
9.3 Woakes to Dhawan, no run, good length just outside off, Dhawan mistimes the drive to mid-on
9.2 Woakes to Dhawan, FOUR, this is the Dhawan of old, slightly short and just outside off, he stands tall and punches it square of the wicket, beats the two fielders at point and cover, the timing also was excellent
9.1 Woakes to Dhawan, FOUR, crunched! "Catch" were the shouts from some of the English fielders, but that was hit very hard, full and on leg-stump, Dhawan flicks it in the air, the ball went past Stokes in a flash, it went over before he could leap up
Chris Woakes, right-arm medium, comes into the attack