30 Mar 2017,23:30 IST
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 Apr 0109:30Sri Lanka Vs Bangladesh, 3rd ODI, Colombo 
 Apr 0122:00West Indies Vs Pakistan, 3rd T20I, Port of Spain, Trinidad 
 Apr 0211:30United Arab Emirates Vs Papua New Guinea, 35th Match, Abu Dhabi 
 Apr 0222:00West Indies Vs Pakistan, 4th T20I, Port of Spain, Trinidad 
 Apr 0411:30United Arab Emirates Vs Papua New Guinea, 36th Match, Abu Dhabi 
 Apr 0419:00Sri Lanka Vs Bangladesh, 1st T20I, Colombo 
 Apr 0520:00Hyderabad Vs Bangalore, 1st Match, Hyderabad 
 Apr 0619:00Sri Lanka Vs Bangladesh, 2nd T20I, Colombo 
 Apr 0620:00Pune Vs Mumbai, 2nd Match, Pune 
 Apr 0711:30United Arab Emirates Vs Papua New Guinea, 19th Match, Abu Dhabi 
 Apr 0719:00West Indies Vs Pakistan, 1st ODI, Guyana 
 Apr 0720:00Gujarat Vs Kolkata, 3rd Match, Rajkot 
 Apr 0816:00Punjab Vs Pune, 4th Match, Indore 
 Apr 0820:00Bangalore Vs Delhi, 5th Match, Bengaluru 
 Apr 0916:00Hyderabad Vs Gujarat, 6th Match, Hyderabad 
 Apr 0919:00West Indies Vs Pakistan, 2nd ODI, Guyana 
 Apr 0920:00Mumbai Vs Kolkata, 7th Match, Mumbai 
 Apr 1020:00Punjab Vs Bangalore, 8th Match, Indore 
 Apr 1119:00West Indies Vs Pakistan, 3rd ODI, Guyana 
 Apr 1120:00Pune Vs Delhi, 9th Match, Pune 
 Apr 1220:00Mumbai Vs Hyderabad, 10th Match, Mumbai 
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