ICC World Cup 2011
India vs Pakistan, Second semi-final
India 1st Innings | Pakistan 2nd Innings
India 1st Innings
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  Gul to Sehwag, FOUR!!, Sehwag gets off the mark with yet another boundary four in this WC, in all the games that he has played so far, he has done that, fabulous shot, driven on the up past cover, moved across to off and then a caressed drive, all along the carpet, the ball screams away, looks a very fast outfield this
  Gul to Sehwag, FOUR!!, too easy for Sehwag, Raina and Co. in the dressing room are chuffed, all the fielders are on the off side and Gul errs by bowling it fuller on the pads, flicked away with disdain over square leg
  Gul to Sehwag, FOUR!!, again, Gul knows it, Afridi is pointing out to Gul to swing the ball away from Sehwag after that ball went to the fence, he is telling Gul not to bring it in, a good delivery, but Sehwag is so good that he goes on the backfoot and whips the short of length delivery on middle past the vacant square leg region, consecutive boundaries and a little kid in the crowd are smiles
  Gul to Sehwag, FOUR!!, Sehwag will hit you all day, so will Tendulkar if anyone bowls there, drifting in all the time into the pads, Sehwag closes the face of the bat and then gently wrists it to the right of the square leg ump, deep fine had no chance, Sehwag is away and so are India, Gul and Pak under pressure
  Gul to Sehwag, FOUR!!, Sehwag says ok, 3 on the on side, I will have one on the off as well, the crowd are dancing in the isles, back of the hand slower delivery, too short and too wide outside off, Sehwag arches back and carves it past point, 4 boundaries in the over, Gul is under massive pressure, Afridi though keeps egging him on
  Gul to Sehwag, no ball, FOUR!!, Carnage has started at Mohali, what's worse for Gul and Pakistan is the fact that it is a no-ball and a free hit will be coming up, a regulation half volley has been emphatically thrashed off the front-foot, planted his foot forward and cracked it hard, Gul walks back with a disconsolate look on his face
  Razzaq to Sehwag, FOUR!!, no swing nor there is any seam, Gary Kirsten and Eric Simons watch the ball fly to the fence, Sehwag got forward, it was on a good length on off, just belted it straight back over the head of Razzaq, one bounce over the ropes, almost went all the way, looks like Sehwag has decided to hit the leather of the ball
  Razzaq to Tendulkar, FOUR!!, Gorgeous!, What a master-ful stroke that is, my colleague, Sid V says it is already bringing back the memories of Centurion 03, beautiful extra cover drive, pierced the gap between cover and Afridi didn't dive to his left at mid off, Tendulkar will get his first boundary
  Gul to Sehwag, FOUR!!, Sehwag looks unstoppable today, middle stump half volley, Sehwag goes deep back into his crease and flicks it past mid wicket, there are 3 men on the on side, but none had a chance as the ball screamed to the fence
  Gul to Sehwag, FOUR!!, Sehwag is jumping, hopping and wants to hit every ball to the fence, short and wide outside off, poor delivery by Gul, Sehwag had to reach out a little, did and hit it over point's head, the razor fast outfield does the rest
  Gul to Tendulkar, FOUR!!, Gul is not happy with himself for drifting down leg, Tendulkar closes the face of the bat and glances it down to fine leg, beating the man who was very square, Gul admonishes himself for bowling ther
  Riaz to Tendulkar, FOUR!!, Razzaq is running so slowly, in a slow motion shot - you will see that, not on a cricket field, tucked to his right at mid on, his old weary legs don't have the pace on it to cut it off, the ball kept eluding him and runing away to the fence
  Riaz to Tendulkar, FOUR!!, magnificent square drive, half volley outside off, Tendulkar on a bent knee, laced it past the point men, treat to watch
  Riaz to Tendulkar, leg byes, FOUR!!, first real bad ball that Riaz has bowled, down leg, Tendulkar had to get something on it, he did, not bat, but a thick thigh pad, Gul gave up the chase pretty early at fine leg
  Ajmal to Gambhir, FOUR!!, that shows how quick the outfield is, it was nothing more than a deft dab past Razzaq at short third, Razzaq went after the ball, but though he slid, he could not pull it back
  Ajmal to Tendulkar, FOUR!!, nice paddle sweep, Tendulkar on a bent knee, took that from middle and leg, swept it wide of short fine, it kept on racing away to the fence
  Ajmal to Tendulkar, FOUR!!, was that an edge? or did it miss everything, magnificent doosra from Ajmal, it spun away viciously, Tendulkar got forward to defend, the ball took the edge and ran away past the vacant slip position, Ajmal wears a disappointed look on his face, Ian Gould changes his original decision which was leg-byes
  Hafeez to Gambhir, FOUR!!, top shot, use of the feet first, then forces Hafeez to bowl short, now Gambhir rocks back and cuts it past the very narrow gap between the two men on the off side, point dived to his right, but could not stop it
  Afridi to Tendulkar, FOUR!!, a mistimed chip and Wahab Riaz has made a hash of that stop at long on, dived to his left and though he could get his body behind it, the ball rolled into the ropes, Afridi has a worried look on his face, not very happy with that effort of his fast bowler
  Afridi to Tendulkar, FOUR!!, talk about deft touches and this one stands right up there! It was slightly quicker in the channel outside the off stump, Tendulkar opened the face and just dabbed it wide of the keeper, short third man gave a chase, dives but in vain, top shot!
  Riaz to Dhoni, FOUR!!, a genuine edge and it runs away past the slip, all along the ground, Dhoni was squared up, the thick edge beats third man too
  Hafeez to Dhoni, FOUR!!, nervous prod, produces an edge and it runs away past the vacant slip, Hafeez isn't happy, lovely drifter, Dhoni got the edge, but there was none to catch it, runs away beating short third
  Riaz to Tendulkar, FOUR!!, Gul's day just got worse, a regulation stop and he slid to his right, before booting it away, glanced off the hips and Gul made a right royal mess of it at fine leg, Afridi won't like that one bit, the pressure has been suddenly released
  Afridi to Tendulkar, FOUR!!, lovely inside out over cover, Afridi bowled that slower and gave it flight, Tendulkar was up to it, reached out and lifted it over cover
  Ajmal to Harbhajan, FOUR!!, first boundary in 15 overs for India! Harbhajan sweeps and sweeps well, gets it wide of the man at short fine, he gets a boundary, much needed!
  Gul to Raina, FOUR!!, beaut! Raina is starting to flex his muscles says Sanjay Manjrekar on air, gets underneath the fuller delivery and targets the safest region in the ground, straight over the bowler's head, a couple of bounces and into the sight-screen
  Gul to Raina, FOUR!!, the little man is showing his class out here in front of all the Punjabi girls in the crowd, they love him! A low full toss outside off, Raina drives it through extra cover, excellent placement, good timing and that was all he needed
  Gul to Harbhajan, FOUR!!, a full toss down the leg stump, Gul wanted to bowl a yorker but it goes horribly wrong, Harbhajan goes across and just uses the pace of the ball and tickles it to the fine leg boundary, gook the inside half of the bat but a piece of willow was all that the ball asked for, it got it and the scorecard says the rest
  Riaz to Zaheer, FOUR!!, It doesn't matter how they come! Runs are all that matters, Zaheer was looking to go big over mid wicket, swings his bat and gets a leading edge over point, gets it over the infield and the ball runs away to the point boundary
  Gul to Raina, FOUR!!, Raina at his attractive best! Too full and on the pads, flicked away wide of the man at short fine leg, there was only one way the ball was heading, this innings of Raina is worth its weight in gold
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  Riaz to Sehwag, out Lbw!! Monstrous wicket that for Pakistan and the bowling change has worked. Sehwag was hopping on the backfoot to whip that away, it pitched on middle and went past his waft, would've taken out middle. Good decision that from Taufel. The Pakistani contigent in the crowd go ballistic. India lose a review. Sehwag did not even ask Tendulkar and went for the review, he thought that it might have pitched outside leg, it didn't. The nippy pace of Riaz has got Sehwag out. Sehwag lbw b Riaz 38(25) [4s-9]
  Hafeez to Gambhir, out Stumped!! Kamran is razor sharp today. He has stumped Gambhir within the blink of an eye. What a beautiful ball from Hafeez too, drew Gambhir down the wicket, Gambhir was not to the pitch of it, as he always does, he tried to angle it down to short third, but the ball ripped away from the bat, leaving him stranded. A lovely wicket for Hafeez and he pumps his fist. Gambhir st Kamran Akmal b Hafeez 27(32) [4s-2]
  Riaz to Kohli, out Caught by Umar Akmal at point!! Riaz and Ajmal have been the two bowlers who have bowled well for Pakistan. This game continues to pulsate. The late swing in the air deceived Kohli who was shaping to flick it to leg, pitched on off and moved just away off the seam too after it had swung in the air, Kohli couldn't arrest his attempted flick, the leading edge goes to Umar, who takes an easy catch. Kohli c Umar Akmal b Riaz 9(21)
  Riaz to Yuvraj, out Bowled!! That's a magnificent delivery. Superb stuff from Riaz. He has taken out the local boy with a dipping full toss. Yuvraj was ages late on it and Riaz takes off. He is running like Usain Bolt and is now on a hat-trick. The attempted yorker from Riaz I guess, it turned out to be a low full toss, Yuvraj was beaten by the late dip on the ball and tried to bring his bat down late on it, by then it had crashed into the middle stump. Yuvraj looks back at the carnage. Big, huge wicket for Pak. They are on fire. Yuvraj b Riaz 0(1)
  Ajmal to Tendulkar, out Caught by Afridi at cover!! Mark Nicholas and Co. were talking about SRT's 100th international ton and he has gotten out. Is this true? Yes it is. And who else but the charismatic Afridi who takes the catch. A very strange Tendulkar innings has finally come to an end. Driven hard, but straight to Boom Boom at cover, he failed to keep it down and Afridi takes a low catch well. He celebrates with both his arms raised - trade-mark Afridi! All the Pakistanis come and hug him. The crowd have gone completely silent. Well deserved wicket for Ajmal. Tendulkar c Afridi b Ajmal 85(115) [4s-11]
  Riaz to Dhoni, out Lbw!! Simon Taufel has got it spot on yet again, It was a wonderful delivery from Riaz, short of a good length, pitches on leg, raps Dhoni in front of middle and off as he misses the backfoot whip, his feet was in the air as he played at that delivery, but he was well behind the crease, the ball was going onto hit off, GONE! Dhoni lbw b Riaz 25(42) [4s-2]
  Ajmal to Harbhajan, out Stumped!! That's worked, the mocking in the previous delivery has lured Harbhajan to come down the track and going for a big one, it was well flighted, Harbhajan was a long way down looking to go full monty, does not make any contact, the ball goes the other way, it was a doosra, Harbhajan just meets thin air and turns back only to find the ball in Kamran's gloves. Bails whipped, end of Harbhajan. Harbhajan st Kamran Akmal b Ajmal 12(15) [4s-2]
 Riaz to Zaheer, out Caught by Kamran Akmal!! A wonderful spell from Riaz this, gets his fifer! Zaheer chases a wide delivery, it was angling away from Zaheer who reached out with minimum footwork, just a faint edge through to the keeper, Kamran Akmal has the widest of smiles on his faces, Riaz bends down to kiss the sand, fantastic bowling display from the Pakistani speedster. Zaheer c Kamran Akmal b Riaz 9(10) [4s-1]
  Riaz to Nehra, out Nehra Run Out!! Nehraaaaaaaaaaaaa! Goes after a wide delivery and misses, Raina wants to sneak in a bye, Nehra is late to respond, Kamran throws the ball to the bowler and he removes the middle stump, Nehra was well short of the crease, that's the end. Nehra run out (Kamran Akmal/Riaz) 1(2)
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 Afridi to Tendulkar, 1 run, dropped by Misbah at mid wicket, it was an easy catch, and Misbah who is one of the best fielders in the Pakistani side shells it, it was pulled to his right, he was not in a good position and dropped it, Afridi isn't happy initially, then in a lovely moment, has a smile at Tendulkar and pats him on the back.
 Afridi to Tendulkar, no run, Tendulkar has gotten another life and would you believe it? Well tossed up delivery outside off, Tendulkar cracked that hard, YK at cover, got both hands to it, it went to his right, then had a second chance as well, but could not recover in time, he can't believe it, so are Akhtar and Co. Afridi will be tearing his beautiful hair apart strand by strand if this keeps happening
 Afridi to Tendulkar, no run, dropped by Kamran, this is unbelievable stuff, loopy delivery outside off, drew Tendulkar into the cover drive, the ball spun away, took the edge, Kamran Akmal couldn't get the gloves in the right position to catch it, tough chance it must be said, Kamran mentions that it moved away quickly to Afridi, three times off the bowling of Afridi that Tendulkar has been let-off, today is SRT's day, that's for sure
 Hafeez to Tendulkar, 1 run, Dropped by Umar now, it can't get any worse for Pakistan, another dolly, Afridi is close to tearing his hair out, Tendulkar clipped it after coming down the wicket, Umar at mid wicket, palmed it over the bar, both the brothers have now let-off Tendulkar
 Riaz to Dhoni, 1 run, edged and dropped! That was wonderfully bowled by Riaz, angling away from Dhoni who played away from the body tentatively, a thickish outside edge went flying to the right of Kamran, he dives but butter fingers, he can't catch it, not surprising to me, after what we have seen all day from the Pakistani fielders
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  Afridi to Tendulkar, FOUR!!, wonderful shot! it was tossed up nicely, Tendulkar leans to get close to the pitch of the delivery and drives it over extra cover, gets to his 95th ODI FIFTY!!, 15th in World Cups, 15th against Pakistan as well, he is living a charmed life
Pakistan 2nd Innings
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  Zaheer to Kamran Akmal, FOUR!!, What a way to get off the mark! It was a length ball angled across Kamran Akmal, he gets forward and square drives it between point and cover point, the outfield is quick and the ball will beat the fielder who was giving the chase
  Zaheer to Kamran Akmal, FOUR!!, gorgeous! Zaheer made it easy for Kamran Akmal by bowling an overpitched delivery and it was straight driven to perfection by Kamran Akmal, mid off didn't move an inch, and mid on was nowhere in question, races away towards the sight-screen, two boundaries for Kamran, quick start for Pak
  Zaheer to Hafeez, FOUR!!, wristy! It was a length ball angled in, Hafeez closes the face of the bat and works it using his wrists between mid wicket and mid on, Bhajji gives up the chase
  Nehra to Hafeez, FOUR!!, we'll it's been easy going so far for the openers, width on offer, Hafeez leans nicely into the drive and creams it through extra cover, all too easy, this is forcing Dhoni to make a lot of changes to the field
  Munaf Patel to Hafeez, FOUR!!, Short enough for Hafeez to dispatch that one! Opens the face slightly and slices it over cover point, he needed no second invitation, went after it and it paid dividends in the end
  Munaf Patel to Kamran Akmal, FOUR!!, in the air but also in the gap! Kamran Akmal drives it on the up, but does extremely well to place it between extra cover and mid off, it goes all the way to the extra cover boundary, Sachin was just an escorter at that time
  Nehra to Hafeez, FOUR!!, fab! Superb use of the wrists, it was slightly back of a length, Hafeez goes back and wristily whips it in the air wide of mid on, the Indians have the disappointed look on their faces, another boundary, they are dealing that way right from the start
  Munaf Patel to Hafeez, FOUR!!, top shot! lands in front of a length, around the off stump, driven between mid off and extra cover, Hafeez shifted the weight onto the frontfoot and just eased it perfectly, Harbhajan at mid off can't put in a dive, four runs!
  Munaf Patel to Hafeez, FOUR!!, Catch? Nope! It was a short ball, Hafeez went for the pull over mid wicket, there was Zaheer in the deep, it was hit wide of him though, he went for the catch and didn't get his body behind as he slides, the ball bounces in front of him and goes to the boundary
  Munaf Patel to Hafeez, FOUR!!, that's too easy for Hafeez, on the pads, he walks across and goes hard at the ball, gets it down to the fine leg boundary, Munaf Patel needs to bowl according to the field
  Harbhajan to Shafiq, FOUR!!, thwack! Too short from Harbhajan, Shafiq gets enough time to rock back and slap it through cover, gets it wide of Tendulkar and it goes racing to the fence
  Harbhajan to Shafiq, FOUR!!, that is very poor fielding from the Indians, full and flatter outside off, Shafiq dances down the track, drills it hard into the ground, the ball bounces over Bhajji, he leaps but can't get there, Zak at mid off also runs to his right but can't stop it, good boundary for Shafiq
  Yuvraj to Umar Akmal, FOUR!!, that will ease the pressure here, slow, loopy delivery on the stumps, Umar Akmal dances down the track, backs away to the leg side, thumps it inside out over extra cover for a much-needed boundary, first boundary in 13 overs
  Yuvraj to Afridi, FOUR!!, well it's Boom Boom for now! it was well tossed up, driven on the up powerfully wide of extra cover, beats the man at long off
  Yuvraj to Misbah-ul-Haq, FOUR!!, first boundary for Misbah-ul-Haq, the reverse sweep goes past a diving Kohli at backward point, he got some hand to it but the ball races away
  Nehra to Riaz, FOUR!!, Where did that come from? It was flayed between mid wicket and long on, tremendous pace off the bat and the backing away aided him get more power into the shot, beats long on and goes into the boundary
  Harbhajan to Misbah-ul-Haq, FOUR!!, Misbah-ul-Haq reverse sweeps it to perfection, he knew that third man was in, he waits for the ball to come on and gets it between the keeper and Nehra, he hasn't been able to get the big hits, but he needs to do so before it gets too late for his team
  Zaheer to Misbah-ul-Haq, FOUR!!, full and on the pads, flicked away, elegantly done by Misbah-ul-Haq, he's the set batsman and Pakistan's last hope as well, in the gap and past the ropes
  Zaheer to Misbah-ul-Haq, FOUR!!, width on offer, Misbah-ul-Haq creates more by backing away, leaning onto it and he crashes it through point and cover, Can he do a Michael Hussey here?
  Zaheer to Misbah-ul-Haq, FOUR!!, Well, Misbah is not giving up! Clears his front leg and lofts it over mid on, powerfully struck, one bounce over the ropes, 13 runs so far from this over!
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  Zaheer to Kamran Akmal, out Caught by Yuvraj at point!! The first breakthrough arrives, it was full and wide outside the off stump, Kamran Akmal leant nicely onto it and drove it in the air but found the safe hands of Yuvraj at backward point, went quickly off the middle of the bat, Yuvi bends down and takes a good one. Was this the jump in confidence that the Indians were looking for? And yet again, it is their strike bowler Zaheer who has done the job. Kamran Akmal c Yuvraj b Zaheer 19(21) [4s-3]
  Munaf Patel to Hafeez, out Caught by Dhoni!! Well, that was totally unnecessary from Hafeez, it was full and well outside the off stump, Hafeez was looking to lean across and paddle scoop it, only gets a top edge and Dhoni snaffles up an easy one, wicket No. 2 goes down, set man is out and India are back into it. Or are they? Hafeez c Dhoni b Munaf Patel 43(59) [4s-7]
  Yuvraj to Shafiq, out Bowled!! That is the wicket India needed! Yuvraj stays round the wicket, floats an arm ball that skids through after pitching, Shafiq makes room and looks to cut it late, he is a bit late in getting the bat down, the ball knocks the middle stump out of the ground, Yuvraj is pumped up. Shafiq b Yuvraj 30(39) [4s-2]
  Yuvraj to Younis Khan, out Caught by Raina!! Pakistan are in real trouble here! Yuvraj floats a flighted delivery from round the wicket, it spins away a bit and bounces a bit more, Younis Khan gets forward and drives, but he cannot keep it down, goes to Raina at short cover who leaps and takes the catch, India are ecstatic here. Younis Khan c Raina b Yuvraj 13(32)
 Harbhajan to Umar Akmal, out Bowled!! Bhajji boy does it!! The danger man departs, as the turbanator strikes first ball by coming round the wicket. It was a quicker one, didn't turn, pitches on leg and middle and skids on, Umar Akmal was going on the backfoot looking to defend, but was too late by the time he got the bat forward, the ball hits the top of the off stump, a much needed wicket this for India. Umar Akmal b Harbhajan 29(24) [4s-1 6s-2]
  Munaf Patel to Razzaq, out Bowled!! Another mighty leg cutter from Munna and the off stump is knocked back! That one stopped big time before coming onto the bat, it turned away after pitching on middle, Razzaq was way early into the shot and he played inside the line of the delivery, the ball whistles past the outside edge and finds timber. Wicket No. 6 for India and Boy! Isn't Munaf delighted? Razzaq b Munaf Patel 3(9)
  Harbhajan to Afridi, out Caught by Sehwag!! Has Afridi handed the game over to the Indians here? Afridi can't get the big hit, and his poor form continues! It wasn't a wicket ball by any means, but the Indians know that it will perhaps be the game changer. A full toss outside the off stump, Afridi made room looking to go over extra cover, the bottom hand comes off as he swings hard, ends up slicing it straight to cover, Sehwag is as safe as houses. Bhajji is going ballistic, he knows how important that wicket was. Afridi c Sehwag b Harbhajan 19(17) [4s-1]
  Nehra to Riaz, out Caught by Tendulkar!! Credit to Nehra, he set it up with four dot balls in a row, Riaz had to go for the big one, he cleared his front leg looking to go big, ends up slicing the fuller one straight to Sachin Tendulkar at cover point, the safest of hands you can find, the Indians are two good balls away from booking a place in the final. Riaz c Tendulkar b Nehra 8(14) [4s-1]
  Nehra to Gul, out Lbw!! Nehra does it! He tries to bowl a yorker, a full toss on the leg stump, Gul misses the flick and he's rapped on the front pad, it was going onto hit the middle stump for sure, another review that goes in favor of Simon Taufel, he's been spot on today. The review was just a formality, India are one wicket away now. Gul lbw b Nehra 2(3)
  Zaheer to Misbah-ul-Haq, out Caught by Kohli!! India have reached the final of the 2011 World Cup, they will now face Sri Lanka at Mumbai on the 2nd of April. Misbah-ul-Haq goes for the big hit, a length ball, he decided to send it out of the park, gets more elevation than distance, lands in the safe hands of Virat Kohli at long on, Pakistan have lost by 29 runs, Afridi has a sorry look on his face. Can't help but feel for him. Misbah-ul-Haq c Kohli b Zaheer 56(76) [4s-5 6s-1]
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 Yuvraj to Umar Akmal, SIX!!, Umar Akmal is looking to take his chances here, the quicker one from Yuvraj, drags it short outside off, Umar Akmal hangs back, gets underneath the delivery, crunches the pull wayyyy back into the stands at deep mid wicket
  Yuvraj to Umar Akmal, SIX!!, this is awesome hitting, tossed up on the stumps, Umar Akmal advances down the pitch, does not entirely get to the pitch, he still goes through with the shot, one hand comes off the bat handle, blasts it straight down the ground over the sightscreen, what power from Umar
  Munaf Patel to Misbah-ul-Haq, SIX!!, that's the 14th ODI fifty for Misbah-ul-Haq, he is keeping the hopes of all the Pakistanis alive, lofted hit over long on, does it nice and clean, Misbah style!
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 Munaf Patel to Misbah-ul-Haq, no run, back of a length and on the off stump, pushed wide of the bowler to long on, but denies the single