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Indian Premier League, 2009
Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals, T20
Rajasthan Royals Innings | Chennai Super Kings Innings
Rajasthan Royals Innings
Out | Six
Over Event
0.30.3 Albie Morkel to Naman Ojha, out Bowled!! Thats the second duck this season for Ojha! Full, fast and straight delivery, he clears the left leg and tries to carve it away through the off side but is beaten by pace as his off stump gets uprooted! Naman Ojha b Albie Morkel 0(2)
8.58.5 Muralitharan to Asnodkar, out Lbw!! That looked plumb! Full delivery from round the wicket, Asnodkar tries to sweep but misses and is struck low on the front pad in front of middle stump! Asnodkar lbw b Muralitharan 26(25) <4s-3 6s-1>
12.212.2 Muralitharan to Smith, out Stumped!! Gone this time! Smith gets a step out and goes for the big slog sweep, gets beaten by the big turn with Dhoni doing the rest! Smith st Dhoni b Muralitharan 30(33) <4s-2>
14.114.1 Balaji to Jadeja, out Caught by Raina!! round the wicket, full delivery outside off, Jadeja slices it to point where Raina lunges forward and snaffles it up inches from the ground! Jadeja c Raina b Balaji 27(19) <4s-3 6s-1>
15.515.5 Jakati to Yusuf, out Caught by Oram!! That's a fine catch! Yusuf went for another slog sweep, not middling this one, Oram at long on runs back, takes the catch and stops inches before the boundary rope, reminds me of the catch he took in the recently concluded Ind-NZ series! Yusuf c Oram b Jakati 7(11) <6s-1>
16.416.4 Raina to Raut, out Carseldine Run Out!! Sensible bit of fielding from Balaji! Raut taps it to cover, calls yes then yells No but Carseldine was too far down the pitch by then, Balaji took his time before hitting the base of middle stump! Carseldine run out (Balaji) 9(8) <4s-1>
17.217.2 Jakati to Raut, out Stumped!! Another one bites the dust! Raut charges down and gives it all he's got but fails to put bat on ball, Dhoni collects the ball calmly and taps the bails softly! Raut st Dhoni b Jakati 7(5) <6s-1>
Over Event
5.45.4 Oram to Asnodkar, SIX!! Bread and butter! Short and wide at the right pace, he stands his ground and slashes it hard over backward point, shot!
13.213.2 Jakati to Jadeja, SIX!! Nicely done! He stepped out and Jadeja fired it wider but he adjusted well to reach that with a well-timed slog sweep over wide mid wicket
13.613.6 Jakati to Yusuf, SIX!! And he finally middles one, skipping down the track and launching the ball way over long on, brilliant!
16.516.5 Raina to Raut, SIX!!, in the slot and slog swept miles over wide mid wicket, top shot
17.517.5 Jakati to Warne, SIX!! He comes down the track and fetches the flighted delivery from outside off before depositing it over the straight boundary
Chennai Super Kings Innings
Six | Out | Four
Over Event
2.22.2 Trivedi to Vijay, SIX!!, Length ball outside the off stump, Vijay gets forward and gets under it nicely, hoists it over long on for a meaty blow, that went a long way, got a lot of wood on that one
5.15.1 Amit Singh to Raina, SIX!!, In Raina's slot and he goes through with one of his favourite shots, goes down on one knee to get that elevation, sent packing over long on for a biggie, cleanly struck, 300 IPL runs this season!
15.115.1 Harwood to Badrinath, SIX!! Clever shot from Badrinath as shuffles across and ramps the short delivery over fine leg, this is slipping away from Rajasthan
Over Event
2.62.6 Trivedi to Vijay, out Lbw!! Walking too far across and Vijay pays the price for it, Trivedi slips in the fuller ball on the stumps, rapped on the pads while on the move, that was a dead duck, no doubts about that, Vijay had a look at his bat on that occasion, did he get some edge on that one? Vijay lbw b Trivedi 10(12) <6s-1>
5.65.6 Amit Singh to Raina, out Caught by Carseldine at point!! Rash shot! Banged in short and Raina tries to pull it out of the park, manages only a top edge which stays up there for quite sometime, Carseldine has enough time to position himself under it, takes it safely, big wicket, needless shot after having hit the bowler for 10 off the first 2 balls! Raina c Carseldine b Amit Singh 13(11) <4s-1 6s-1>
16.616.6 Warne to Hayden, wide,, out Stumped!! Clever stuff! Hayden walked down the track, Warne saw him coming and slipped it down the leg side, Ojha had to dive to collect and did well to break the stumps before Hayden could get back! Too little, too late I suppose! Hayden st Naman Ojha b Warne 48(44) <4s-7>
Over Event
17.417.4 Amit Singh to Badrinath, FOUR!!, full and straight, Badrinath makes room and gets under it as he lofts it over the bowler's head to bring up his 3rd IPL FIFTY!!
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