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Indian Premier League, 2010
Chennai Super Kings vs Bangalore Royal Challengers, T20
Bangalore Royal Challengers Innings | Chennai Super Kings Innings
Bangalore Royal Challengers Innings
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2.32.3 Thushara to Pandey, out Caught by Dhoni!! Poor shot from Pandey, that was trifle short, he gets on the frontfoot and looks to smack that past mid wicket, the frontfoot pull does not connect this time, top edges it and Dhoni runs to his left and a simple catch at the end. Pandey c Dhoni b Thushara 5(7) <4s-1>
6.36.3 Jakati to Uthappa, out Caught by Gony!! Gony has made up for the catch that he dropped a couple of overs ago, this delivery was nicely looped up, turns away a wee bit, Uthappa goes for the slog sweep, does not time it that well, straight into the hands of the fielder at deep mid wicket, Gony it was and he's delighted!! Jakati gives Uthappa a send off. Uthappa c Gony b Jakati 21(13) <4s-1 6s-2>
15.115.1 Jakati to Kohli, out Caught by Vijay!! It is surprising that Jakati gets so many wickets with bad balls and also for the fact that so many batters hole out off his bowling! a harmless full toss and Kohli whacks it straight to the fielder at long on, easy catch, Kohli should have sent it way back in to the stands, but he perished! Kohli c Vijay b Jakati 34(24) <4s-3 6s-1>
15.315.3 Jakati to Kallis, out Kallis Run Out!! Kallis run out (Raina/Jakati) 52(49) <4s-7>, KP has struck here Kallis pushed it to short cover, there was never a single there, Kallis wanted it, Raina under-armed the flick to Jakati and he did the rest, Kallis was never in the pic, it was Kallis' call, but Pietersen should have sent him back, end of a responsible knock from Kallis
Over Event
3.33.3 Morkel to Uthappa, 1 run, catch dropped!!, How can someone drop such a sitter?! banged in short on off, Uthappa looks to pull, miscues it straight up in the air towards mid off, Gony is right underneath that, Ganapathy comes close to him and that may have distracted him, they sneak a single
Over Event
5.15.1 Gony to Uthappa, SIX!!, poor bowling this! short just outside off and Uthappa goes for the frontfoot pull/swat over mid wicket, sails into the stands, that was a top shot!!
5.25.2 Gony to Uthappa, SIX!!, pitches it up outside the off stump, Uthappa lofts it over long off, connects well and connects big, another maximum for Uthappa
9.69.6 Ganapathy to Kohli, SIX!!, That is another Kohli special! one of his greatest strengths, walks down, makes that in to a high full toss, a wristy, whippy flick over deep mid wicket, just about cleared the fence, a maximum to Kohli, a beautiful shot!
18.318.3 Thushara to White, SIX!! Efforltess! A full toss on the pads, White merely flicks it away but he timed that so well that it sailed over the square leg fence
18.618.6 Thushara to Pietersen, SIX!! Big hit! Just the right length and Pietersen frees his arms as he tees off, hitting this high and handsome over long off to bring up the 150
Over Event
13.313.3 Gony to Kallis, 1 run, drives it to sweeper cover, a slight fumble on the way at cover, 8th IPL FIFTY!! for Kallis, he is in some kind of form, he has the Orange Cap as well
Chennai Super Kings Innings
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2.22.2 Praveen Kumar to Vijay, SIX!!, banged in short and Vijay looks to pull, that got the top edge and to his good fortune, it went over the ropes at fine leg, frustrating for the bowler and something to think about for the batsman
2.42.4 Praveen Kumar to Vijay, SIX!!, he's smacked that all the way into the stands at long on, effortless!! There was nothing wrong with the delivery and he's made the most of it
2.62.6 Praveen Kumar to Vijay, SIX!!, What a way to end the over!!! That was just a flick off his pads and it has carried all the way to the stands at deep mid wicket, that may be the over that'll put them on top!!
5.35.3 Kallis to Hayden, SIX!!, That's a mighty blow from Matthew Hayden!! picks up the fuller delivery and deposits it into the stands over long on, he was sidelined by Vijay until now, but not anymore he says
8.58.5 Pietersen to Vijay, SIX!!, Vijay comes down the track, makes the most of the flighted delivery and heaves it over deep mid wicket, just manages to clear the ropes
10.210.2 Pietersen to Vijay, SIX!!, Dazzling hit! came down the wicket, got to the pitch of the ball, quick feet and smoked it flat over long on, tremendous hit from Vijay, long on had no chance
10.310.3 Pietersen to Vijay, SIX!!, And there I come again he says, skips down in a flash, goes with the swing, drags it way over deep mid wicket, this one was hit beautifully and went a long long way, 1400th SIX in all IPL
18.618.6 Vinay Kumar to Raina, no ball, SIX!! What have you done Vinay Kumar! He oversteps as Raina backs away to slap the full delivery inside out over extra cover, super shot!
Over Event
6.56.5 Kumble to Hayden, out Stumped!! Hayden thinks he's smarter than Kumble, but he's not! He misread the googly as he came down the track to heave it over mid wicket, misses it completely and Robbie does the rest, he did well for a make-shift keeper to get rid of the bails in a flash. Hayden st Uthappa b Kumble 13(14) <6s-1>
10.510.5 Pietersen to Vijay, out Caught by Pandey!! The Chennai crowd stand up and applaud a fine knock from a gem of a talent! Vijay got greedy, tried for one too many maximums and holed out, it was slower and tossed up, Vijay ended up miscuing it to Pandey at long on, who had no trouble to catch that, a sea of Yellow in the crowd gives Vijay a standing ovation, end of a magnificent knock! Vijay c Pandey b Pietersen 78(39) <4s-4 6s-6>
16.316.3 Steyn to Dhoni, out Caught by Dravid!! Short, rising delivery, Dhoni swivels to pull but only manages a top edge to mid wicket, Dravid takes a few steps back and pouches it safely, thankfully LSRK didn't call that a Kamaal catch! Dhoni c Dravid b Steyn 14(19) <4s-1>
17.317.3 Kallis to Morkel, out Bowled!! What a delivery! Good slower off-cutter, Morkel was pushing at it, way too early and down the wrong line, it beat his defenses and crashed into middle and off! Morkel b Kallis 1(3)
18.518.5 Vinay Kumar to Badrinath, out Caught by Uthappa!! Badri's gone now! Banged in short by the bowler, Badrinath looks to pull but just doesn't middle it, the top edge skews towards the on side and Uthappa does well to run a long way to his left to take that! Badrinath c Uthappa b Vinay Kumar 7(6) <4s-1>
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