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ICC Champions Trophy 2009
Australia vs New Zealand, ODI
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New Zealand Innings
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3.23.2 Siddle to McCullum, out Caught by Paine!! Aus strike early! It is Sid Vicious who sends back Baz! bowled it with a little bit of bounce, and a little bit of Oomph as Ian Bishop would say, McCullum slashes, gets a top edge, flies to Paine, who takes it above his head, McCullum goes for a duck, big wicket for Aus! NZ in trouble already! McCullum c Paine b Siddle 0(14)
18.318.3 Hauritz to Redmond, out Stumped!! Terrible thinking from the batsman. Redmond looks to give himself some room and loft it over cover, the bowler fires it in from wide of the crease, Redmond tries to reach out for it, misses it and an easy stumping for the keeper. Rush of blood from Redmond has cost the Kiwis an unnecessary wicket here! Redmond st Paine b Hauritz 26(45) <4s-3>
22.222.2 Hauritz to Guptill, out Caught&Bowled!!That is such a soft, soft dismissal! more flight from Hauritz, Guptill just thumped it back to Hauritz, who hangs on to a firm drive, big wicket for Aus as Guptill was looking dangerous, Guptill once again fails to capitalise on a good start! Guptill c and b Hauritz 40(64) <4s-3>
23.123.1 Johnson to Taylor, out Caught by Mike Hussey!! That is a brilliant catch! round the wicket! width outside off, full and Taylor unleashes a full blooded square drive, the ball flies to Hussey at point, he times his jump to perfection and hangs on, that is the wkt the Aussie wanted, the Samoan Rossco has to go! The Kiwis are in strife now! Taylor c Mike Hussey b Johnson 6(13)
26.426.4 Lee to Elliott, out Lbw!! That would have got anyone out in the world! Seriously quick, fast reverse swinging yorker, zooms in on it's target, Elliott is late on that, it crashes into his boot, strikes him plumb in front of off and middle, Ian Gould - not known to give LBW's so easily has to give this one, magnificent bowling from Lee, he set up the batsmen and nailed him finally, the Kiwis are in serious trouble now! Elliott lbw b Lee 9(9)
40.540.5 Watson to Broom, out Broom Run Out!! That was a shocker from Watson, looks for a slower delivery, slips out of his hand, Broom takes it on the full outside off towards Hussey at point, Franklin sets off for a run, and Broom left high and dry by his partner, had nowhere to go! End of a worthy partnership for the Kiwis, Australians have struck just at the right moment! This could be a crucial moment in the match Broom run out (Mike Hussey/Watson) 37(62) <4s-5>
41.641.6 Lee to Franklin, out Bowled!! This is bowling of the highest quality! Full and straight on the stumps from wide of the crease, Franklin late to get his bat down on time, and the furniture is disturbed! Lee's golden run continues! Franklin b Lee 33(43) <4s-4>
43.443.4 Hauritz to Butler, out Lbw!! Pushed through quicker on middle, Butler looks to whip it past square on the leg side, plays all around it, the ball strikes him plumb in front on middle and an easy straightforward decision for the Umpire Butler lbw b Hauritz 6(7) <4s-1>
46.446.4 Johnson to Patel, out Mills Run Out!! Ponting finally hits one! Patel makes room and drops it on the off, sets off, Mills is a little slow, Ponting takes aim and shoots down the stumps, he has missed twice or thrice today, but he did not miss here, surely he is the best in the world when it comes to hitting the stumps direct! Bye Bye Mills and NZ slide further! Mills run out (Ponting) 12(15) <4s-1>
Australia Innings
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1.21.2 Bond to Paine, out Caught by Taylor!! And the spearhead does what he is expected to do. Full delivery on the off and seaming away ever so slightly, Paine is drawn into the drive, he goes for it, gets the edge and Taylor takes a superb low catch at 1st slip. Paine c Taylor b Bond 1(6)
2.22.2 Mills to Ponting, out Lbw!! Game on now! That is the big one. The duo that murdered England the other night will not be able to hunt in pair. That one nips back in from outside off on a fullish length, Ponting stays back and looks to defend, misses and is caught plumb in front. Ponting lbw b Mills 1(4)
34.534.5 Mills to White, out Bowled!! Length delivery just outside off, White goes on the backfoot and looks to defend, changes his mind and shoulders arms, inside edge onto the stumps, that is the wicket that New Zealand wanted but it has come a bit too late. White b Mills 62(102) <4s-7 6s-1>
38.338.3 Mills to Mike Hussey, out Caught by Patel at cover point!! Full delivery outside the off stump, Mike Hussey goes for the drive through the off side, fails to keep it down and hits it straight to the fielder at cover point. Mike Hussey c Patel b Mills 11(9) <4s-1>
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17.317.3 Butler to White, 1 run, catch dropped!! back of a length delivery on the stumps, White goes for the pull, top edge goes straight up, McCullum gets underneath it, but somehow gets just a finger tip to it
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21.321.3 Butler to Watson, SIX!!, that was just fractionally short, Watson rocks back to get on top of it and pulls it away over deep mid wicket, he loves the short ball as much as Sir Geoffrey loves his 'mum'!
22.422.4 Patel to Watson, SIX!!, Patel gives it a bit of air on the middle and leg, Watson kneels down and slog sweeps it over mid wicket, that is out of here!
29.229.2 Butler to White, SIX!!, fuller length delivery on the stumps, White gets right under it and hits right over the bowler's head for a six, that is his 3rd ODI FIFTY!! and that raises the hundred of the partnership too!
45.145.1 Patel to Watson, SIX!!, flighted delivery on the middle and leg, Watson kneels down and slog sweeps it over deep mid wicket, SCORES LEVEL! and Watson is on 99!
45.245.2 Patel to Watson, SIX!!, Patel tosses it up on the stumps, Watson goes again, slog swept over mid wicket for a six, consecutive sixes to finish things off and back to back hundreds for Watson, unbeaten ones at that, that is his 4th ODI CENTURY!!
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25.225.2 Bond to Watson, 1 run, outside the off stump, Watson goes on the backfoot and pushes it to sweeper cover, that is his 10th ODI FIFTY!!