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England in Australia ODI Series, 2010-11
Australia vs England, T20
Australia 1st Innings | England 2nd Innings
Australia 1st Innings
Four | Six | Other | Out
Over Event
Woakes to Warner, FOUR!!, finally Warner has put one way, full and wide outside off, Warner reaches out and slaps a hard square drive on the up, found the gap and raced away square of the wicket
Woakes to Warner, FOUR!!, this time to the left of cover, exceptional shot, again hit on the up, punched and what timing as it scooted away, Swann had to move an inch to his left, could not as the ball bulleted past him
Woakes to Watson, FOUR!!, bad bowling and a gift for Watson, a full toss on leg stump, Watson flicked it away to deep square leg, no one in the deep there and an easy boundary for the taking, Australia are up and away
BresnanBresnan to Watson, FOUR!!, a clunky sound as it hit and as I suspected, the bat's handle has gone, toe ended cover drive on the up as Watson reached out to drive, the handle broke as soon as Watson played that, he is calling for a new bat, the bat has been sent away
Bresnan to Watson, FOUR!!, good shot, not a bad ball, just on a good length on off stump, Watson swings it away across the line to backward square leg, there was a man, but he beat him quite easily, one bounce over the ropes
Shahzad to Watson, FOUR!!, KP has misjudged that completely and it kept going, full on the stumps, Watson lofted it well, KP was a few paces in on the long on fence and the ball sailed over his head, if he had been right back, Watson would have been gone
Yardy to Warner, FOUR!!, swept away with the angle, beating a diving Luke on the deep backward square leg, fence
Yardy to Warner, FOUR!!, an ugly swipe to a full ball on leg stump, Warner is lucky that he got an inside edge that raced past his leg stump and beat short fine too, the 50 is up too
Yardy to Watson, FOUR!!, top shot, deft late cut beating backward point and also short third, beautiful cricketing shot after all the monstrous agricultural hoicks last over
Yardy to Warner, FOUR!!, beautiful timing, but the fielder is too wide at long on, Warner took a few steps forward and drilled it hard, beating the man
Woakes to David Hussey, FOUR!!, the old French cut costs Woakes the four, a mighty chunk of a bottom edge as David Hussey heaved across the line, the edge ran past short fine, that's the nature of the beast
Bresnan to Finch, FOUR!!, fine shot, this time he comes down the track and back away to cut it hard to deep backward point, that should release the pressure a bit
Shahzad to Steven Smith, FOUR!!, Shades of Morgan in that, inventiveness at his best, changes the bat grip and reverse paddle flicks it down to third man, almost a hockey stroke that
Over Event
Swann to Watson, SIX!!, There she goes, nicely tossed up on off stump, Watson plants his front foot forward and swings across the line, slog swept with ferocious power over wide long on, went a long way back
Swann to Watson, SIX!!, Not quite off the middle, but just cleared long on, reached out to a tossed up delivery outside off, swept with immense power again, such is the power of Watson that it just went over the man
Swann to Watson, SIX!!, Swann is getting a pasting, generously flighted outside off, this time, Watson goes over with the spin, hit a long way back, that is the biggest of the three sixes, slogged across the line
Bresnan to David Hussey, SIX!!, Solid! Thump! David Hussey went back, stayed in his crease and 'baseballed' it into the Chappell stand, flat batted it ferociously and went a long way back
Over Event
Swann to Watson, FOUR!!, That has been crashed past and over Swann, he put up a hand to collect, but the ball whizzed past his fingers and Watson has got to a FIFTY!!, beat long off quite easily, awesome batting
Over Event
Yardy to Watson, out Bowled!! That's the end of that! Fired in faster and flatter, Watson made room to cut, was beaten by the pace and the ball clattered into middle. End of a super knock. Watson b Yardy 59(31) [4s-6 6s-3]
Yardy to Warner, out Caught by Shahzad!! Well caught at deep mid wicket, a flat slog sweep, Shahzad timed his jump to perfection and took it with both hands, end of Warner too. Good tidy bowling from Yardy gets him his 2nd wicket. Warner c Shahzad b Yardy 30(28) [4s-5]
Woakes to White, out Caught by Pietersen at long on!! First international wicket for Woakes! straight and full on the stumps, White was aiming to clear long on, completely miscued it and KP had an easy catch, mind you the straight boundaries are the longest here in the world. It is not that easy to clear them. A big wicket that as White could be so destructive at the death. White c Pietersen b Woakes 6(9)
Bresnan to David Hussey, out Bowled!! They set the field and Bresnan executed the plan to perfection. Full, fast and straight yorker, David Hussey was advancing down, made a bit of room, could not reach it and the ball found the stumps. Terrific death bowling. David Hussey b Bresnan 28(27) [4s-1 6s-1]
England 2nd Innings
Four | Out | Six
Over Event
Tait to Bell, FOUR!!, the pace of Tait has proved to be his undoing, short and wide outside off, Bell threw his bat and got enough on it to go over the infield, Bell is the man in form and he is showing why
Tait to Bell, FOUR!!, Crack! What a fine player Bell is, rocked back, swivelled and pulled it hard, to deep mid wicket, Tait is under pressure already, that made a fine sound as it left the bat
Tait to Bell, FOUR!!, Perfect backfoot punch, standing tall and punching it through the gap, past cover, 3 in a rowas Bell counter-attacks in style
Lee to Davies, FOUR!!, What a welcome to the bowling crease for Lee, wide half volley, Davies just caressed it through the infield, lovely timing and it just purred across the turf, Davies can bat says Mark Nicholas on air and certainly he can
Lee to Pietersen, FOUR!!, big cry of 'catchhhhhhh', but it was well placed, thumped on the up, past a host of infielders on the off side, Pietersen is away
Lee to Pietersen, FOUR!!, now Pietersen is giving the charge, comes down the track and lofts it over mid on, three bounces and into the ropes
Lee to Bell, FOUR!!, O'Keefe is having a hard time on the field, pulled disdainfully to him, he dived over the ball and allowed to go under him at deep mid wicket, Bell is hitting them superbly today
Johnson to Collingwood, FOUR!!, poor bowling, there are 5 saving the single on the off side and Johnson slings one down the leg side, Collingwood swivels and helps a pull past short fine
O'Keefe to Pietersen, FOUR!!, Pietersen won't die wondering, comes down the track and though he did not get to the pitch, he cleared mid off comfortably and dribbled away
O'Keefe to Morgan, FOUR!!, Morgan at his best, he knew that this was a tidy over, so he backed away and thrashed it wide of long off, got it in the gap and that is a terrific cricketing shot, shows the nous of Morgan too
Johnson to Collingwood, FOUR!!, this time he has connected well, full and on the stumps, Collingwood lofted it up and over mid on, the shackles have been broken, albeit temporarily
Lee to Morgan, FOUR!!, now Lee is under pressure, bowls it full and Morgan unveils a bottom handed lofted hit over mid off, a couple of bounces and over the ropes, 10 in 2 balls after 3 dots
Tait to Morgan, FOUR!!, short ball down the leg side, and Morgan pulls fiercely, beating fine leg to his right, Morgan is very good with those horizontal bat shots
Tait to Bresnan, FOUR!!, beautiful straight drive past Tait and Johnson slid well to pull it back, but his knee was touching the ropes as the ball was pushed back
David Hussey to Morgan, FOUR!!, Exceptional batting, tossed up outside off, Morgan gets forward and just uses the bottom hand to lift it inside out over sweeper cover, one bounce over the ropes, terrific placement
David Hussey to Morgan, FOUR!!, now shows us that he can play the horizontal bat shots, rocks back and pulls, beating deep mid with ease, hit extremely hard
Lee to Woakes, FOUR!!, Superb! 8 from 8 after that, full toss, high one too, Woakes backed away, slapped it hard into the ground, past the diving backward point, sweeper cover had no chance, hit very hard
Over Event
Lee to Davies, out Caught by White at cover!! Binga is back with a bang! It was not there for the encore as Davies went a little too hard at it, the ball was hit on the up, easy catch to cover. Aus strike early and Lee flashes his trade-mark smile. Davies c White b Lee 4(2) [4s-1]
Johnson to Bell, out Caught by Steven Smith at cover!! Three strikes and out! Bell came down and smashed it well, but it went straight to Smith, who took a sharp catch. End of a fine cameo from Bell, he played some delightful strokes. Bell c Steven Smith b Johnson 27(17) [4s-4 6s-1]
O'Keefe to Pietersen, out Caught by David Hussey!! A left arm spinner has got him again. A shot a ball and Pietersen has perished, advanced down, lifted it, it was clearing mid off, but David Hussey timed his jump to perfection and grabbed it both hands, a big wicket. Aus are right back. Pietersen c David Hussey b O'Keefe 25(11) [4s-3 6s-1]
David Hussey to Collingwood, out Caught by Paine!! Collingwood is not happy, but he has to go, an attempted reverse sweep, it hit the glove and Paine did the rest. Clearly took the glove. Collingwood c Paine b David Hussey 16(20) [4s-2]
Tait to Wright, out Lbw!! Plumb! Wright walked way too across and missed a full ball on middle and leg, an easy decision as that would have crashed into middle of middle. Tait strikes and this game takes another turn. Wright lbw b Tait 0(2)
Watson to Morgan, out Caught by David Hussey at cover!! Massive wicket that! Morgan chipped down and got too much under that slower one, clunked that to the man at cover. To the naked eye, it looked like it was a bump ball, but it was not. Will this be the turning point? Morgan c David Hussey b Watson 43(33) [4s-5 6s-1]
Watson to Yardy, out Caught by Paine!! What is happening out there? Watson is now on a hat-trick. A good short ball and Yardy could not drop his bat down in time, it kissed the shoulder and went to Paine. Watson roars and the Aussies are the favorites now. Yardy c Paine b Watson 0(1)
Watson to Bresnan, out Caught by Lee at sweeper cover!! Lee is running like Usain Bolt after taking that, a thick outer edge as Bresnan swiped across the line, it was hanging in the air, Lee ran in a long way and just about managed to hang on. With Bresnan gone, Aus are the favorites now. Bresnan c Lee b Watson 11(11) [4s-1]
Watson to Swann, out Bowled!! A brain explosion from Swann! pitches outside off and a hint of in-ward movement, Swann missed his swipe, but the ball did not. Enter Shahzad. Watson gets another. Swann b Watson 6(5)
Over Event
Tait to Bell, SIX!!, That is some upper cut! Using the pace of Tait and deliberately upper cutting it up and over third man, the ball kept sailing over the man, Mark Nicholas on air: 'You would not believe it, would you'?
O'Keefe to Pietersen, SIX!!, this one has gone way over deep backward square, down the leg side, Pietersen unfurled a fine sweep, hit powerfully and went some 10 rows back
Lee to Morgan, SIX!!, Monster! Morgan picks the fast bouncer and sends it many a mile over deep, hits the first tier and bounces back, pulled with awesome power, Morgan really nailed that, looks like he was ready for that and made full use
Tait to Woakes, SIX!!, What a response!, David Hussey was saying that this guy has got a couple of tons back home for Warwickshire and he shows us why, short ball and he pulled it magnificently way back into the stands at deep mid wicket, another huge hit, looks like the verbal that Tait gave him has woken up Woakes and he hammered it many a mile
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