Result: Match drawn Last 5 Ovs : 15/2, RR : 3, 4s : 3, 6s : 0

NZ: 241/6 in 57.2 ovrs &

443/10 in 152.3 ovrs

ENG: 204/10 in 89.2 ovrs&

315/9 in 143 ovrs

M Prior 110(182)T Boult 29-13-55-1
Run Rate : 2.20
Last Wicket : James Anderson c Ross Taylor & b K Williamson 0(2) - 304/9, 139.5 Ovs
Previous Overs : 4 . W . W .   |  . . N . 4 . 4   |  1 . . . . .   |  . . 1 . . .
That brings us to the end of the New Zealand summer. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience once again. The international summer winds up with an ODI and a T20I between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh at Pallekele. See you then!
Both Alastair Cook and Brendon McCullum pose with the shared trophy. The England players are heading towards the section of the stadium to applaud the Barmy Army.
Brendon McCullum: "The hamstring is alright. Mixed emotions at the moment. I am incredibly proud of the boys. We have been put under immense pressure and we responded well. We never gave up and we gave a tough fight. We tried everything but we came up against some best players who were hell-bent on not losing this match. We gave it everything but we came short. The performances indicate that we are heading in the right direction. We have a big series coming up in a couple of months time in England. Fulton was outstanding and it was just rewards for his hard work. The New Zealand fans turned up and supported us well."
Alastair Cook: "It is a big relief. We had to fight really hard. New Zealand outplayed us. Prior and Bell were outstanding. The 'Never-say-die' attitude, which is so important in Tests, was out in show today. We never underestimated New Zealand. They were on top in the first Test and we were on top in the second Test. We kept losing wickets at crucial times and we seemed to be behind the game. The partnership between Broad and Prior was outstanding. Panesar is a calm guy and I would love to have him at the No.11 position. To have the support of the Barmy Army is fantastic."
New Zealand will be gutted with this. It is not often that they win Test matches against the big teams and today, it was a golden chance. If one has to pin-point some defining moments in this match, then New Zealand will be ruing the two dropped chances of Bell and Bairstow before lunch. That would have really put England under pressure. Prior was then dropped by Wagner after the lunch break and wicket-taking opportunities became hard on a wicket which was benign.
Prior: Don't feel happy to draw a match, but feels good to go over the line. The wicket is still very good, we knew that we just had to back ourselves to bat 90 overs. Broad has been working very hard in the nets on his batting, this kind of innings showed the results of that. I was backing Monty all the time, just needed to give him a wake up call.
Southee: We are gutted, because the guys battled hard for 5 days and could not win. We created chances all day, would have been nice to have some luck. Prior's knock was brilliant. Guys have stepped up at different points of time.
Williamson: The boys tried really hard, but it was a real shame that we couldn't win. There was nothing more that we could have done. It went right down to the last ball. Without a doubt we are proud of the way we played.
Hugs all around. Prior is the centre of attraction. He is being congratulated by all his team-mates. Andy Flower is all smiles. He knows the importance of Prior's knock. What a Test match this has been. Credit must be given to New Zealand. They have dominated a strong England side. Who would have thought that the number 2 ranked side would have to battle so hard on the last day to save the series.
142.6 Boult to Prior, no run, full outside off, defended back to the bowler. Prior has done it. He raises his arms after defending that one. What an innings. Will go down as one of the great Test knocks.
142.5 Boult to Prior, no run, back of a length delivery outside off, Prior gets behind the line of the ball and blocks easily.
142.4 Boult to Prior, no run, full and on the pads, flicked to the fine leg region, the ball stops inside the fence. Prior doesn't run.
Three balls to go. Can Boult dismiss Prior? Boult is coming around the wicket. Three slips and a gully.
142.3 Boult to Panesar, 1 run, low full toss outside off, Panesar punches it down the ground to the vacant mid off region, job accomplished, single taken.
Prior is talking to Panesar after every ball.
142.2 Boult to Panesar, no run, back of a length delivery outside off, too wide outside off, nips in, easily left alone by Panesar
Five slips in place
142.1 Boult to Panesar, no run, fuller length delivery outside off, Panesar reaches out to defend and tries to block, is beaten.
This is the last over. Monty Panesar to face. Trent Boult to bowl. Mid pitch conversation between Monty and Prior
141.6 Williamson to Prior, no run, they have saved the single, short outside off, cut to backward point
141.5 Williamson to Prior, no run, flat and turning into the pads, flicked to square leg, could have taken the single, did not
McCullum having a long chat with Williamson. Does Prior take a single to expose Panesar for one ball?
141.4 Williamson to Prior, no run, slow and short outside off, Prior gets back and blocks
141.3 Williamson to Prior, no run, once again solidly defended off the front foot
141.2 Williamson to Prior, no run, flat and outside off, Prior goes back and defends
141.1 Williamson to Panesar, 1 run, the Kiwis cannot believe it, flat and outside off, Panesar plays it to backward point, runs for his life and dives to make his ground. Throw came in, but Monty was in before the ball reached Williamson
140.6 Boult to Prior, FOUR, it's a four, but New Zealand are happy. The crowd is celebrating. Good length delivery outside off, Prior opens the face and guides it to backward point, don't know why the fielder was diving to stop it, anyway he missed and it ran to the boundary rope.
140.5 Boult to Prior, no run, good length delivery pitched outside off, left alone by Prior
Two balls. NZ will try to cut the single. Mid off coming in closer
140.4 Boult to Prior, FOUR, good length delivery outside off, Prior defend, gets an inside edge which bounces just in front of leg stump, goes past it to the fine leg fence. Another close shave.
140.3 Boult to Prior, no run, good length delivery pitched well outside off, left alone by Prior
140.3 Boult to Prior, no ball, high full toss outside off, Prior opens the face and guides to backward point
140.2 Boult to Prior, no run, slow and on a good length on middle, Prior defends cleanly
Seven minutes to go. Can Prior be England's hero?
140.1 Boult to Prior, no run, fuller length delivery outside off, Prior defends off the front foot
139.6 Williamson to Panesar, no run, almost another wicket, floated up, shorter, Panesar tries to defend and gets an inside edge which almost rolls back onto the stumps.
Monty Panesar, left handed bat, comes to the crease
139.5 Williamson to Anderson, out Caught by Ross Taylor!! WILLIAMSON IS THE MAN!!! Two wickets in the over now. Floated up outside off, Anderson gets forward and blocks, thick outside edge, goes down to the left of Taylor at first slip. Good low catch taken. What an over this is turning out to be. Anderson c Ross Taylor b Williamson 0(2)
Slip and 2 short gullys
139.4 Williamson to Anderson, no run, too wide outside off, left alone
James Anderson, left handed bat, comes to the crease
139.3 Williamson to Broad, out Caught by Ross Taylor!! Finally the break-through. Tossed up outside off, Broad presses forward to defend, gets a thick outside edge which is taken by Taylor at first slip. They have waited for this wicket for sometime now. Is there a final twist in the tale? Broad c Ross Taylor b Williamson 6(77) [4s-1]
139.2 Williamson to Broad, no run, flighted up on middle, Broad gets forward and defends
139.1 Williamson to Broad, FOUR, ok now even Broad is hitting boundaries, short outside off, Broad gets on the backfoot and punches through the covers for a boundary.