Result: India won by 7 wkts Last 5 Ovs : 64/0, RR : 12.8, 4s : 7, 6s : 2

SL: 320/4 in 50 ovrs

Ind: 321/3 in 36.4 ovrs

V Kohli* 133(86)L Malinga* 7.4-0-96-1
S Raina 40(24)A Mathews 7-0-44-0
Run Rate : 8.75
Last Wicket : Gautam Gambhir runout (A Mathews) 63(64) - 201/3, 27.3 Ovs
Previous Overs : 2 Wd . 1 3 1 6   |  2 6 4 4 4 4   |  2 3 1 1 1 .   |  1 1 4 4
That is all from us here. The semi-finals of the Bangladesh Premier League is going on. New Zealand take on South Africa in a do-or-die encounter for them at Napier. Join us for all the action that takes place. This is Sid V here, saying good bye along with Srivathsa, Shashreek, Sriram and Pradeep. Adios, Amigos!
Just one more snippet for you all. This stat cropped up at the start of 2011. Whenever Dhoni has tied the initial league game of any competition, he has gone onto win the tournament. Can he achieve this again? I leave that all upto you to decide. Mind you, this time it is not in his hands and Australia will play a crucial role (only for the next league game) if it has to happen.
Presentation Ceremony:
Kohli: To be able to chase down 320 in 40 overs and to win with the bonus point was simply wonderful. I committed a few mistakes in the last game. I just played myself in and I wanted to hang in there. I put everything into that cover drive that I hit off Malinga's bowling. We did not execute our plans well in the tour but we remained positive. We have to rely on other teams to ensure that we go into the finals. We will be rooting for Australia in the final league match. This was my best knock in ODIs and I am very happy.
Virat Kohli is the MoM for his unbeaten 133 off 86 balls.
Dhoni: I have been part of some good games but this has been the best. The start was crucial, with Sachin and Sehwag batting well. Virat was superb and the youngsters finished the job. I was thinking about a target close to 260-270 but I knew that we had the firepower to chase down any target. We will be busy shopping for the next five days since we have nothing in our hands. We are travelling and we will practice. We still have a mathematical chance to qualify.
Mahela Jayawardene: You cannot do much when they bat like that. The wicket was true and we did not pick up wickets. Virat Kohli batted out of his skin. We did not put pressure on them. It was not just Virat who nailed us. The rest of the batsmen batted well and they kept hitting boundaries. We need to win at Melbourne and I am glad that it is in our hands.
Mohandas Menon tweets: India becomes the only 2nd team after SL (324/2 in 37.3 ov v Eng Leeds 2006) to win an ODI while chasing over 300 in less than 40 overs!
Kohli brought up his 9th ODI century and this is probably his best knock ever. The unbeaten 120 run stand with Raina off just 55 balls was simply marvellous. One has to feel for Dilshan though. Both times he has scored 160 against India and on both times, Sri Lanka have lost the match. In the 9.4 overs of the powerplays combined, India blasted 112 runs for the loss of one wicket. Simply stunning indeed.
Gambhir scored a wonderful fifty but it was Kohli who stole the show. He was especially severe on Malinga whom he carted all over the ground. Malinga's reputation as the best death bowler has taken a severe beating and one wonders what frame of mind he will be in for the crunch game against Australia.
India have finally shown their true potential in this match. Sachin and Sehwag batted with aggression and got the team off to a blazing start. The run-rate maintained at that time was close to 9 per over and that laid the platform for Kohli and Gambhir to guide the run-chase.
So, the last match of the CB series on March 2nd is not a dead rubber. The equation is simple now for Sri Lanka. They have to win against Australia at Melbourne if they have to reach the finals. For India, they have to wait and hope that Australia defeat Sri Lanka. A tie or a washout will mean that Sri Lanka go to the finals.
36.4 Malinga to Virat Kohli, FOUR, India have demolished Sri Lanka here, they win with the bonus point, fuller length ball just outside off, Kohli smokes it to long off for another boundary, he raises the arm in triumph and roars in delight, this has been a stunning run-chase and India are deserved winners
36.3 Malinga to Virat Kohli, FOUR, full ball outside off, Kohli gets underneath that delivery and carves it over extra cover and the ball blazes away to the boundary
36.2 Malinga to Raina, 1 run, fuller length ball curling away outside off, Raina caresses it to sweeper cover
36.1 Malinga to Virat Kohli, 1 run, another yorker length ball on the stumps, Kohli hangs back and whips it to deep mid wicket
35.6 Mathews to Raina, no run, fullish ball just outside off, Raina drives it to cover
35.5 Mathews to Virat Kohli, 1 run, fuller in length just outside off, Kohli pushes it to long off
Ian Chappell is asking: 'Where was the form of this Indian team at the start of this tour?'. Well, I can only say, 'Better late than never'.
35.4 Mathews to Raina, 1 run, fuller length ball and on the pads, Raina whips it to deep square leg
35.3 Mathews to Virat Kohli, 1 run, length ball angling in on the stumps, Kohli plants his front foot across and eases it to long on
35.2 Mathews to Raina, 3 runs, Sri Lanka are shell-shocked here, the fielding is just falling apart here, good length ball outside off, Raina punches it to cover and the fielder misfields, it rolls to deep extra cover for three runs
35.1 Mathews to Raina, 2 runs, full and slower delivery just outside off, Raina dances down the track and makes room, wallops it to wide long off for a couple, that brings up the 100 partnership off just 45 balls, mind-numbing stuff
Angelo Mathews [6.0-0-36-0] is back into the attack
18 runs off 30 balls. India are favorites to wrap it up now. This is absolute carnage. Ravi Shastri, on air, says that this is full 'paisa vasool' entertainment. I agree.
34.6 Malinga to Virat Kohli, FOUR, 24 runs in that over from Malinga and his reputation as the best death bowler has taken a pounding, full but for the third ball on the trot, Kohli flicks it to the deep square leg fence
34.5 Malinga to Virat Kohli, FOUR, another low full toss on the pads, Kohli once again flicks it to the fine leg fence
This chase is almost similar to the 434 chase between Australia and South Africa in Johannesburg in 2006. Mick Lewis gave away 0-113 in 10 overs. Malinga is almost giving the same quantity of runs in this match. He is still not done yet.
34.4 Malinga to Virat Kohli, FOUR, Malinga has been annihilated here, another low full toss that curves back into the pads, Kohli flicks it past the short fine fielder and to the long leg boundary
34.3 Malinga to Virat Kohli, FOUR, Kohli is getting India home here, fuller length ball outside off, Kohli latches onto it and blasts it through wide long off for another boundary, that ball screamed for mercy across the track
34.2 Malinga to Virat Kohli, SIX, this is awesome batting, full ball on the pads, Kohli gets underneath it and lifts it non-chalantly, the timing is brilliant and it sails into the stands at deep mid wicket
34.1 Malinga to Virat Kohli, 2 runs, another yorker on the stumps, Kohli whips it to deep mid wicket and it goes into the gap for a couple, gets to his 9th ODI century, it has been a wonderful knock by this lad from Delhi, it is his 2nd century against SL and his first in Australia
42 runs needed off 36 balls to win with the bonus point. It is getting easier for India.
33.6 Thissara Perera to Raina, SIX, awesome way to end the over, full ball but he slants this on the pads, Raina moves a bit to the off side and flicks it over deep backward square leg, it lands in the grass banks and India are motoring along here
33.5 Thissara Perera to Virat Kohli, 1 run, another slower delivery, it is on the middle and leg stump line and Kohli nudges it to short fine leg
33.4 Thissara Perera to Raina, 3 runs, even the yorkers are going for runs, this one is slightly wide outside off, Raina tries to jam it out and the ball squirts off the outside edge to third man, Herath slides to his right and does not pick it up cleanly, they take three runs
33.3 Thissara Perera to Virat Kohli, 1 run, Thissara keeps it full and straight outside off, Kohli pushes it to cover and this time he takes the single
33.2 Thissara Perera to Virat Kohli, no run, finally a dot ball after some time, full and straight ball just outside off, Kohli thumps it to extra cover but he refuses the single
33.2 Thissara Perera to Virat Kohli, wide, the back of the hand slower delivery, but he floats it down the leg side, Kohli misses the leg glance and umpire Taufel signals a wide
33.1 Thissara Perera to Virat Kohli, 2 runs, fuller length ball outside off, Kohli belts it to wide long off, Mathews slides across to his left and keeps it down to a couple
56 runs needed off 42 balls. The required rate is 8. India should do it from here but you never know in cricket.
32.6 Malinga to Raina, no run, another yorker outside off, Raina tries to squeeze it out but he is unable to do so, Malinga appeals but there was no edge involved
32.5 Malinga to Virat Kohli, 1 run, Malinga finally gets the yorker right on the stumps, Kohli whips it to deep square leg
32.4 Malinga to Raina, 1 run, another attempted yorker but he bowls a low full toss and wide outside off, Raina angles the bat and steers it to third man
32.3 Malinga to Raina, FOUR, more runs and Malinga continues to bleed, full ball and on the pads, Raina flicks it uppishly to deep backward square leg, one bounce over the ropes
32.2 Malinga to Virat Kohli, 1 run, yorker length ball outside off, Kohli digs it out to cover where Chandimal dives to his right but does not stop it completely, they take a single