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South Africa vs Zimbabwe - 3rd ODI

Series: Zimbabwe tour of South Africa, 2018
Venue: Boland Park, Paarl
Date & Time: 06 October 2018

South Africa 231/6 (45.5 Ovs) RR: 5.04 | South Africa won by 4 wkts


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Aiden Markram lbw Sean Williamslbw Sean Williams424070
Reeza Hendricks lbw Tiripanolbw Tiripano668251
Faf du Plessis c Craig Ervine & b Brandon Mavutac Craig Ervine & b Brandon Mavuta262520
Jean-Paul Duminy c Brandon Mavuta & b Tiripanoc Brandon Mavuta & b Tiripano11100
Heinrich Klaasen c Masakadza & b K Jarvisc Masakadza & b K Jarvis596761
Khaya Zondo Not OutNot Out253910
Andile Phehlukwayo c Brendan Taylor & b Chatarac Brendan Taylor & b Chatara0900
Dale Steyn Not OutNot Out4310
Kagiso Rabada dnbdnb0000
Imran Tahir dnbdnb0000
Tabraiz Shamsi dnbdnb0000
Extras 8 (b 0, lb 0, w 7, nb 1)
Total 231 (6 Wkts, 45.5 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
75-1 (Aiden Markram,12.3), 117-2 (Faf du Plessis,19.6), 122-3 (Jean-Paul Duminy,22.4), 156-4 (Reeza Hendricks,30.5), 222-5 (Heinrich Klaasen,42.5), 227-6 (Andile Phehlukwayo,45.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Kyle Jarvis9 0 40 1 4.44
Tendai Chatara7.5 0 58 1 7.73
Donald Tiripano9 0 35 2 3.89
Brandon Mavuta10 0 44 1 4.40
Sean Williams10 1 54 1 5.40
Solomon Mire0 0 0 0 0
Hamilton Masakadza0 0 0 0 0
Craig Ervine0 0 0 0 0
Brendan Taylor0 0 0 0 0
Peter Moor0 0 0 0 0
Elton Chigumbura0 0 0 0 0


The trophy has been presented to Faf du Plessis, who collects it and poses with the team for the group photograph. Zimbabwe can hold their heads high, they have fought bravely in all three games. If only their batting had clicked, the scoreline would've been different. Another trophy added to the cabinet for South Africa. They still need to fix their batting problems, especially their top-order. I am sure they will ponder about it. Anyway, time to pull the curtains for today. The T20I series between both these two teams begin in a three days' time from now. Join us back for that. It's time to bid adieu for now from here. See ya all and goodnight!

Faf, South African captain: Our bowling was good in all three games. First two games, the conditions were tough to bat on. The guys played well today. Should've been more sensible not to throw wickets at the end. We try to keep looking ahead and making sure we give a longer run to the new guys. Australia is the next ODI tour for us and which will probably be the 15-16 guys that we will be looking at towards the WC. Exciting times ahead, I haven't played T20s for a while. So, looking forward to unleash.

Tahir, Man of the Series: Pleased the way it's coming out. I am trying to improve my game. I am happy with the way I bowled in this series. I want to play as long as I can and I am enjoying the game. I think it's an opportunity for youngsters to play more games. I don't take things for granted. I think the six-wicket haul was the highlight because I wasn't aware about the hat-trick. Want to thank my team-mates for the support.

Klaasen, Man of the Match: I think the team played fantastically well. I am starting to enjoy my cricket. Fantastic wicket, I enjoyed it and hopefully, we can get more wickets like these. I need to put more effort, but I can't complain (laughs).

Masakadza, Zimbabwe captain: We just weren't good enough across all three games, lot of work to be done. It was a beautiful batting wicket, lot of starts but none could convert them. Needed to put more runs on the board, around 50 or 60 more. I think we are a bit stronger in the T20Is and we are looking forward to it.

20:46 Local Time: In the end, South Africa huff and puff their way to victory. Handshakes and smiles in the dressing room. Zimbabwe can been proud of their effort today with the bat after the failure in the first two matches. Although it wasn't enough in the end, but they have fought tooth and nail. South Africa stuttered a bit in the middle, but Klaasen showed good composure and with the help of Zondo, the Proteas have knocked down the target with 25 balls to spare. Markram and Hendricks provided a fine start with a 75-run opening stand. However, after the former's exit, skipper Faf du Plessis - who was looking so good threw his wicket away to Mavuta and that allowed Zimbabwe to claw back into the contest. The Proteas lost Klaasen and Phehlukwayo towards the end, but Steyn and Khaya Zondo made sure there were no more hiccups. Wait for the presentations..

Chatara to Steyn, FOUR, it's all over. Steyn hits the winning runs and does in some fashion. South Africa have wrapped up the series 3-0. It was pitched up in the arc for Steyn to free his arms. Lifts it over the bowler's head and yells out a loud roar
Chatara to Steyn, no run, squares Steyn slightly with this away-drifter, takes the outer half and bobbles to point. There was a slight hesitation between both batsmen in a bid to take the single. They wisely decide against it
Chatara to Steyn, no run, oh dear. What is Steyn doing? Comes out first ball and has a wild slog at this length delivery outside off. Misses it by a long way

Dale Steyn, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Chatara to Phehlukwayo, out Caught by Brendan Taylor!! Edged and gone. Zimbabwe are not going down without a fight here. Cutter angled across outside off, Phehlukwayo wanted to break the shackles as he drove loosely without any feet movement. Feathers a nick and Taylor grabs it. Phehlukwayo fails to make the most of his repreive. Phehlukwayo c Brendan Taylor b Chatara 0(9)

Chatara to Phehlukwayo, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Chatara to Zondo, 1 run, fuller length delivery outside off, Zondo steers it to third man
Tiripano to Phehlukwayo, no run, pitched up, Phehlukwayo pokes it to point
Tiripano to Phehlukwayo, no run, pitched up outside off, Phehlukwayo flashes it to point. The wait continues..
Tiripano to Phehlukwayo, no run, stands tall and waits for the ball to arrive to drive it to extra cover
Tiripano to Phehlukwayo, no run, forces it gently to cover
Tiripano to Phehlukwayo, no run, dropped. Williams has grassed an absolute dolly. Lacklustre stuff, really should've held onto it. Change of pace from Tiripano, Phehlukwayo was early into the shot. Checks his shot and spoons it to cover. Williams sprawls forward, gets both hands and shells it
Tiripano to Zondo, 1 run, creamed to cover and they will take the single

Donald Tiripano [8.0-0-34-2] is back into the attack

Chatara to Phehlukwayo, no run, slowish delivery outside off, Phehlukwayo checks his push to extra cover
Chatara to Phehlukwayo, no run, short outside off, Phehlukwayo flails his hands and slaps it firmly, finds extra cover. All fielders are inside the ring on the off-side in front of the wicket

The Proteas are one hit away now..

Chatara to Zondo, 1 run, cutter outside off, Zondo open-bats the dab to third man
Chatara to Zondo, no run, tapped in front of point
Chatara to Zondo, 2 runs, tickled away very fine and they hare across for the second. Phehlukwayo was lazily jogging and the fielder fires the throw to the bowler's end, Phehlukwayo gets in the way and takes a blow on his left shoulder. He's down on the ground and grimaces in pain. Takes a breather and looks alright
Chatara to Zondo, no run, short of length outside off, Zondo drops it with soft hands near the stumps

Tendai Chatara [6.0-0-50-0] is back into the attack

South Africa are just 7 runs away from sweeping this series

Jarvis to Phehlukwayo, no run, angles it across Phehlukwayo, who decides to let it pass

Andile Phehlukwayo, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Jarvis to Klaasen, out Caught by Masakadza!! And he's thrown it away. Tries for the glamour/glory shot, gets it off the toe-end and hits it to mid-wicket - who didn't have to move an inch. Klaasen has fallen at the doorstep of victory but he should've stayed there till the end. It's been a fighting knock by Klaasen and he's done his job, must say. Shortish, Klaasen was eager to smash it across the line. Off the toe-end and offers a dolly. No celebrations in the Zimbabwean camp. A consolation wicket for them. Klaasen c Masakadza b Jarvis 59(67) [4s-6 6s-1]

Jarvis to Klaasen, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Jarvis to Klaasen, FOUR, start the bus, South Africa inch closer to victory. Fullish outside off, Klaasen has the license to free his arms and lifts it effortlessly over extra cover
Jarvis to Klaasen, FOUR, swatted away ferociously. Short, Klaasen gets into a fabulous position and smacks it past mid-wicket. There's no stopping those
Jarvis to Klaasen, no run, cutting in with the angle, Klaasen goes deep and slices it to point
Jarvis to Klaasen, no run, walks down the pitch, creating his own room and sought for the cross-batted heave, gets an inside-edge and the ball drops dead in front of him
Brandon Mavuta to Klaasen, 1 run, patted away to long-off
Brandon Mavuta to Klaasen, no run, oh, this stays low and Klaasen accounts for the low bounce by getting his bat down in time to negotiate it
Brandon Mavuta to Klaasen, 2 runs, flatter outside off, Klaasen smears the cut and I reckon the backward point fielder gets a bit of hand on it.. two taken and it will be fifty for Klaasen, his first in ODIs. The dressing room are on their feet and it's been a vital knock by the keeper-batsman. Klaasen waves his bat around to soak in the applause and Zondo walks up to him to congratulate
Brandon Mavuta to Klaasen, no run, arrowing in, Klaasen pushes it to extra cover
Brandon Mavuta to Klaasen, no run, wrong 'un, Klaasen backs away and mistimes it down the pitch
Brandon Mavuta to Zondo, 1 run, lures Zondo forward with plenty of flight. Feet close to the pitch and flawless drive to long-off

Brandon Mavuta [9.0-0-40-1] is back into the attack

Both these batsmen are biding their time. They are in no hurry; 19 runs in 54 balls.

Jarvis to Zondo, 1 run, pacy short ball, muscled away to deep mid-wicket
Jarvis to Zondo, no run, slower short ball, grips on the deck and takes ages to reach Zondo - who was early into the shot. Beaten all ends up; it was the leg-cutter from Jarvis
Jarvis to Zondo, no run, trims his pace, keeps it around off and Zondo carefully employs his back foot defence
Jarvis to Zondo, no run, too full, pushed solidly back to the bowler
Jarvis to Zondo, no run, full and at the stumps, coaxes Zondo into a block


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