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Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe - 2nd Test

Series: Zimbabwe in Bangladesh, 2 Test Series, 2018
Venue: Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur
Date & Time: 11 November 2018

Zimbabwe 224/9 (83.1 Ovs) RR: 2.69 | Bangladesh beat Zimbabwe by 218 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Hamilton Masakadza c Mominul Haque & b Mehidy Hasanc Mominul Haque & b Mehidy Hasan256810
Brian Chari lbw Taijul Islamlbw Taijul Islam438231
Brendan Taylor not out not out 106167100
Sean Williams bowled Mustafizur Rahmanbowled Mustafizur Rahman133310
Sikandar Raza c & & b Taijul Islamc & & b Taijul Islam123310
Peter Moor c Imrul Kayes & b Mehidy Hasanc Imrul Kayes & b Mehidy Hasan137910
Regis Chakabva run out run out 2800
Donald Tiripano c Liton Das & b Mehidy Hasanc Liton Das & b Mehidy Hasan0900
Brandon Mavuta c Taijul Islam & b Mehidy Hasanc Taijul Islam & b Mehidy Hasan01100
Kyle Jarvis c Khaled Ahmed & b Mehidy Hasanc Khaled Ahmed & b Mehidy Hasan1900
Tendai Chatara absent hurt absent hurt
Extras 9 (b 1, lb 3, w 5, nb 0)
Total 224,9 (undefined Wkts, 83.1 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
68-1 (Hamilton Masakadza,23), 70-2 (Brian Chari,25.4), 99-3 (Sean Williams,38.2), 120-4 (Sikandar Raza,48), 186-5 (Peter Moor,71.5), 199-6 (Regis Chakabva,75.2), 201-7 (Donald Tiripano,77.3), 213-8 (Brandon Mavuta,81.2), 224-9 (Kyle Jarvis,83.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mustafizur Rahman10 2 19 1 1.90
Taijul Islam37 5 93 2 2.51
Khaled Ahmed12 4 45 0 3.75
Mehidy Hasan18.1 5 38 5 2.10
Ariful Haque3 1 7 0 2.33
Mahmudullah1 0 1 0 1.00
Mominul Haque2 0 17 0 8.50
Liton Das0 0 0 0 0
Imrul Kayes0 0 0 0 0
Mohammad Mithun0 0 0 0 0
Mushfiqur Rahim 0 0 0 0 0

Right, then! That's it from us. This brings an end to Zimbabwe's tour to this part of the subcontinent. The Chevrons might not have won the series, but it's one they will remember for a while. The draw was important to Bangladesh as well, as it doesn't taint their distinguished record at home in recent times. We bid you farewell. In the meantime, you can switch tabs and catch all the action from the ongoing second Test between Sri Lanka and England. Cheers!

Bangladesh skipper, Mahmudullah, reckons his players showed a lot of character in this Test and they stuck to their plans which worked. Adds that everyone is working really hard, even though sometimes it's not visible on the field. Credits Mushfiqur Rahim and Mominul Haque for their superb stand in the first innings and then goes on to praise Mehidy Hasan and Taijul Islam as well for their contributions. On his own resurgent form, he mentions that it was important for him to get that hundred as he feels more confident now. Ends by saying that this win will be a big boost for them before their series against Windies and thanks the crowd for their amazing support.

Man of the Series, Taijul Islam, says he didn't get as much support from the track as he expected, so he had to really fight for all his wickets. On the surface on the final day, he says getting some support from the other end was crucial and he got that from Mehidy Hasan, which really helped.

Man of the Match, Mushfiqur Rahim, says this win was badly needed after the loss in the first Test. Credits Zimbabwe for playing good cricket throughout this series. Praises all his players for playing their part and getting the job done when required. States that they have a good record at home in the last few years and wants to keep that up going forward. Applauds Taijul Islam and Mehidy Hasan for bowling well and adds that they are quality bowlers.

Zimbabwe skipper, Hamilton Masakadza, says he's pretty proud of how his team has played. Adds that his players have shown a lot of character which is quite pleasing to see. Praises Brendan Taylor for his outstanding knocks and also applauds Sean Williams and the seamers for bowling well on spin-friendly conditions. Reckons there are always things to learn and areas to improve, and feels that the batting in their first innings put them back, which cost them the game.

Zimbabwe will be rather disappointed with how they've fared with the bat, more than the ball. The toss did play a big factor, but maybe they could have done a bit more. Kyle Jarvis was the sole warrior with the ball in the first innings as he took a 5-fer, but none of the others could do much else. The away side lost by a huge margin, but if it weren't for Brendan Taylor's twin centuries, it would have been much worse. His stand with Moor in their first innings was the only kind of resistance provided then. The duo stitched another partnership in the final innings, but obviously it wasn't enough. You could very well say that if the others had given more support to Taylor, maybe a draw could have been salvaged.

The hosts then backed it up with a good performance with the ball. Taijul bagged another 5-wicket haul with Mehidy scalping three of his own, to restrict Zimbabwe to 304. After that, skipper Mahmudullah's finely-crafted ton and his partnership of 118 with Mithun (who scored a fifty of his own) took the hosts in a commanding position as Bangladesh set a target of 443. Their spinners once again rose to the occasion with Mehidy getting a 5-fer to his name on this occasion.

A thoroughly dominating performance from Bangladesh to level the series. It's been all them from the moment they won the toss and put themselves to bat. They posted 522 on the board in the first innings, courtesy some big knocks and even bigger stands. Haque's superb ton, with Rahim's double ton (which was the first of 2018) followed by their 266-run stand. Then Rahim joined hands with Mehidy and the duo added 144 runs between them to get to that massive score.

M Hasan to Jarvis, OUT! That's it. BANGLADESH WIN BY 218 RUNS! This is their second-largest victory in Tests in terms of runs. Mehidy Hasan wraps things up with his 5th Test 5-fer. He nicely tosses it up around off, it turns in and Jarvis gets low to play the big slog sweep. He ends up mistiming the lofted shot towards mid on. Ahmed backpedals and takes a safe catch.
K Ahmed to Taylor, FOUR! Right in the slot and that nearly goes all the way! Full ball on the stumps, Taylor throws his front leg out of the way and bangs it over mid on.
K Ahmed to Jarvis, Fraction straight in line, tucked behind square on the leg side for one.
K Ahmed to Jarvis, FIVE WIDES! Banged in short but it's too short, goes over Jarvis and a leaping Rahim as well. Races away to the boundary line behind.
K Ahmed to Jarvis, Another one outside off, Jarvis plays and misses again.
K Ahmed to Jarvis, Landed on off and it moves away ever so slightly, Jarvis is beaten all ends up as he looks to push inside the line.
K Ahmed to Jarvis, Bumper from Ahmed, ducked and evaded by the batsman.
K Ahmed to Taylor, Fullish in length, tailing back in on middle and leg, Taylor moves inside the line and works it through mid-wicket for one.

Khaled Ahmed returns to the attack.

M Hasan to Jarvis, Full and quicker this time, Jarvis comes ahead and blocks it.
M Hasan to Jarvis, Full and flighted on off again, Jarvis drives towards the mid on region.
M Hasan to Jarvis, Looped up outside off well wide. Jarvis goes for a wild swipe and misses it completely.
M Hasan to K Jarvis, Full and tossed up on off, driven to mid on. No run.

Kyle Jarvis is the last man in. The reason for that is, Tendai Chatara will not come out to bat due to injury. So this is the last one for Zimbabwe.

M Hasan to Mavuta, OUT! Caught by Taijul at square leg ! Tossed up on middle, Mavuta can't resist and goes for a slog. It hits the top edge and goes a mile in the air. Taijul has enough time to come under and position himself well before taking an easy catch. No intention to block at all.
M Hasan to Taylor, Full and tossed up on leg stump, driven down to long on for a single.
T Islam to B Mavuta, Coming in with the angle on off, takes the inside edge and thuds into Mavuta's pads.
T Islam to Taylor, 6th Test ton for Brendan Taylor! His second of this game. Equals Andy Flower for the most hundreds in international cricket for Zimbabwe. Superb batting from the maestro. He flicks this in front of square leg and the moment he realizes there's a run on, he lets out a big scream and celebrates as he jogs across. Zimbabwe might be losing this game, but this is a well-deserved consolation for him and the visiting side. Twin hundreds, first time a Zimbabwean has done it away from home. Phenomenal batting display from Brendan Taylor.
T Islam to Taylor, Good batting, this. Finds the gap in the mid-wicket region with a nice flick. Two more runs taken and he moves to 99 with that.
T Islam to Taylor, The batsman has flicked the ball off his pads. Two runs added to the total.
T Islam to Taylor, Full on the stumps, blocked.
T Islam to Taylor, FOUR! Goes with the spin on this occasion. Takes the aerial route and gets the desired result. Taylor lofts it cleanly over covers for a boundary.

The new ball is taken as soon as it becomes available.

M Hasan to Mavuta, Waits for the ball to come to him before backing away and patting it away to point with an open face.
M Hasan to Mavuta, Full outside off, pushed away in front of covers.
M Hasan to Mavuta, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.
M Hasan to Mavuta, Plays for the turn when there is none. Outside off, Mavuta is beaten past the outside edge.
M Hasan to Mavuta, Almost went right through. Tossed up outside off, turns it off the rough, Mavuta comes forward to defend but the ball takes the inside edge back onto his pads and rolls inches wide of the leg stump.
M Hasan to Mavuta, Turning in from around off, kept out from within the crease.
T Islam to Taylor, Fires it up there, Brendan Taylor stays right behind the line and blocks it out. No single taken, surprisingly.
T Islam to Taylor, Full on the stumps, defended right under his nose.
T Islam to Taylor, Sliding down the leg side, an attempted flick shot fails to connect.
T Islam to Taylor, Slower through the air, on off stump, kept out without much trouble.
T Islam to Taylor, Spinning away from around off, pushed off the back foot on the off side.
T Islam to Taylor, Moves into the 90s with this. Taylor gets forward and across before paddling it fine down the leg side for a couple of runs.
M Hasan to Mavuta, The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery.
M Hasan to Mavuta, Goes with the spin as he turns it away on the leg side for no run.
M Hasan to Mavuta, Straighter one and full outside off, Mavuta is well forward in defense.

Drinks are on the field. Zimbabwe are on the verge of a loss. Taylor is holding up one end, but is running out of partners. The Bangladesh spinners have once again done the trick for their side. Only a matter of time now. Anyway, Brandon Mavuta is the next batsman in.

M Hasan to D Tiripano, OUT! There's the unpredictable nature of the surface. This one just bites off the surface, comes in with extra bounce. Tiripano goes deep inside the crease but is caught by surprise due to the bounce. It goes off his glove and into Liton Das' hands at short leg. Brendan Taylor must be regretting his decision to take a single on the very first ball.
M Hasan to Tiripano, Landed around leg and it spin in, Donald offers no shot. It goes off his pad into the hands of leg slip.
M Hasan to Taylor, Spinning on middle and leg, turned behind square leg. Taylor takes a single off the very first ball.