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Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe - 1st Test

Series: Zimbabwe in Bangladesh, 2 Test Series, 2018
Venue: Sylhet International Cricket Stadium, Sylhet
Date & Time: 03 November 2018

Bangladesh 169/10 (63.1 Ovs) RR: 2.67 | Zimbabwe beat Bangladesh by 151 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Liton Das lbw Sikandar Razalbw Sikandar Raza237530
Imrul Kayes bowled Sikandar Razabowled Sikandar Raza4310360
Mominul Haque bowled Kyle Jarvisbowled Kyle Jarvis91320
Mahmudullah c & b Sikandar Razac & b Sikandar Raza164500
Nazmul Hossain Shanto c Sikandar Raza & b Brandon Mavutac Sikandar Raza & b Brandon Mavuta133210
Mushfiqur Rahim c Hamilton Masakadza & b Brandon Mavutac Hamilton Masakadza & b Brandon Mavuta134400
Ariful Haque c Regis Chakabva & b Wellington Masakadzac Regis Chakabva & b Wellington Masakadza383742
Mehidy Hasan c Regis Chakabva & b Brandon Mavutac Regis Chakabva & b Brandon Mavuta71500
Taijul Islam c Brendan Taylor & b Wellington Masakadzac Brendan Taylor & b Wellington Masakadza0300
Nazmul Islam lbw Brandon Mavutalbw Brandon Mavuta0100
Abu Jayed not out not out 01100
Extras 7 (b 5, lb 2, w 0, nb 0)
Total 169,10 (undefined Wkts, 63.1 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
56-1 (Liton Das,23), 67-2 (Mominul Haque,27.3), 83-3 (Imrul Kayes,36.5), 102-4 (Mahmudullah,42.3), 111-5 (Nazmul Hossain Shanto,46.5), 132-6 (Mushfiqur Rahim,54.3), 150-7 (Mehidy Hasan,59), 151-8 (Taijul Islam,59.5), 155-9 (Nazmul Islam,60.1), 169-10 (Ariful Haque,63.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Kyle Jarvis14 5 29 1 2.07
Tendai Chatara9 2 25 0 2.78
Sikandar Raza17 1 41 3 2.41
Sean Williams8 2 13 0 1.63
Brandon Mavuta10 2 21 4 2.10
Wellington Masakadza5.1 0 33 2 6.47
Hamilton Masakadza 0 0 0 0 0
Brian Chari0 0 0 0 0
Brendan Taylor0 0 0 0 0
Regis Chakabva 0 0 0 0 0
Peter Moor0 0 0 0 0

Right then. First Test ends in 3.5 days. Expected. But Zimbabwe winning and that too, by a handsome margin. Not expected at all. Will the home side bounce back in the next game? Join us for the second Test which begins in Dhaka from Sunday, November 11, 2018 at 9.30 am local (0330 GMT). ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

SEAN WILLIAMS HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. He too, says that he is ecstatic with this win and will be looking to celebrate in the dressing room. Says that it took him a long time to adjust to the pitches here in Bangladesh and he took all the learnings from the ODIs and luckily for him, they came off. Is proud of the way his team's bowlers bowled, especially the leggie Mavuta and in the first innings, Tendai Chatara. Admits that the first innings score, albeit a good one, could have been even better had the batsmen not thrown it away but is confident of a good showing in the second game.

Victorious Zimbabwean captain, Hamilton Masakadza, says that he is ecstatic (though his face seems pretty calm, not even a smile). Feels that his team's batsmen applied themselves better and is even happier that they managed to bat better in the second innings. Agrees that the batting in the first innings set up the win. Feels that the bowling has been brilliant right from the time they landed in Bangladesh and in his game, they really executed their skills well. Agrees that it is not usual that one team's spinners get more purchase than Bangladesh's, in their own backyard and feels that they bowled really well.

Bangladesh captain, Mahmudullah, feels that there was no application from his batsmen and the first innings lead was the key. Adds that his side was not disciplined enough in curtailing its strokes but feels that there were plenty of things to learn which will be seen, come the second Test. On the bowling, he praises the entire unit, with a special mention about Taijul. On Ariful Haque, Mahmudullah tells that he has been batting really well, scoring plenty of runs in domestic cricket and hopes that he carries his good form into the second Test.

Now, a word about the bowling from both sides. For Bangladesh, it was a one-man show. Of the 11 Zimbabwean wickets, Taijul Islam alone took 11. He received no support from the other end, save aside a 3-fer from Mehidy in the second innings. For Zimbabwe, it was a team effort with the ball too. Sikandar Raza took 3-fers in both innings while he got good support from Tendai Chatara in the first innings while Mavuta was exceptional in the second. Please stay tuned for the presentation...

A lead of 139 is usually enough in any game and this one saw it as a bonus. Zimbabwe batted cautiously and put 181 on the board, meaning that Bangladesh had to chase down 321 for a win.

It seemed like 282 will not be enough, but when Bangladesh came out to bat, it turned out to be more than enough. Seemed like they were aiming to get those runs in 50 overs because every batsman just came out and threw his bat at wide balls. Ariful, Rahim and Mehidy batted for a while and managed to take the score to 143, which only had 4 batsmen in double figures.

If we do a review of the entire match, we might have to go to the toss. In Asian conditions, normally the spin of the coin decides who will win because the team batting first usually gets a massive advantage. Unless of course, you are India because for Virat Kohli, toss does not matter. Zimbabwe made use of that advantage and got 282, which was probably 70 runs short of what they were looking at. Skipper Masakadza led from the front with a half century while Sean Williams and Peter Moor ensured that there was no collapse.

Sikandar Raza was the tormentor-in-chief, running through the top order and then, Brandon Mavuta took over. The duo shared 7 wickets between themselves, not letting any Bangladesh batsman settle in the middle. Mavuta was impressive against South Africa as well and here, he has taken his opportunity with both hands.

Superb bowling performance. Defending 320, they have picked up 10 wickets in 3.5 hours of cricket. They did not start off well this morning, dropping catches and missing run outs but once they broke the 56-run opening stand, a procession ensued.

Crazy scenes in Sylhet. The crowd is stunned but there are probably 11 or even more from the opposition camp, who are celebrating wildly. After suffering losses after losses, they have managed to get a win at last, that too, in a Test and - AWAY FROM HOME. Their first Test win since beating Pakistan in Harare in 2013 and their first victory away from home in this format, after beating Bangladesh in Chittagong, wayyyyy back in 2001.

W Masakadza to Haque, OUT! Brilliant catch by Regis Chakabva and Zimbabwe have won a match! Stop the press. I repeat, stop the press. By how many runs, does not matter. They have won, which is a rare thing in itself. That too, a Test match. Full and outside off, Ariful gets down on a knee and looks to play the slog sweep but hits this high in the air. It is actually a caught-and-bowled chance but the keeper calls for it, runs all the way towards the bowler and takes it in front of Wellington! Then he uproots two stumps and takes them for himself. ZIMBABWE WIN BY 151 RUNS!
B Mavuta to Jayed, NOT OUT! The ball is going over the stumps! Zimbabwe lose both their reviews but brilliant bowling from Mavuta. He floats this wrong 'un outside off, Abu comes forward to defend but misses and is hit on the pads. The LBW appeal is turned down and Zimbabwe take the review. Luckily for the batsman, Hawk Eye projects it to be going over the top!

Is that the end of the game? There has been an LBW appeal made against Jayed. He has been given not out but Zimbabwe take a review.

B Mavuta to Jayed, The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery.
B Mavuta to Jayed, Full and around off, watchfully defended towards silly point.
B Mavuta to Jayed, Did not pick this one. The googly, pitched around leg, Jayed looked to defend but got his bat down very late. An inside edge resulted, hitting him on the pads.
B Mavuta to Jayed, Around off, watchfully defended.
B Mavuta to Jayed, Outside off, spinning away, pushed towards point.
W Masakadza to Haque, FOUR! Another boundary but Zimbabwe will not mind. They have got the number 11 batsman on strike for the first ball of the next over. Very full, outside off, Ariful drives this through the covers!
W Masakadza to A Haque, FOUR! Probably Sikandar Raza got a hand to it. Full and outside off, Ariful reaches out and blasts it through the covers. Raza over there dives to his left but the ball bursts through his fingers and races to the fence.
W Masakadza to Haque, Defended off the back foot by the batsman.
W Masakadza to Haque, SIX! SMASH! Might as well enjoy himself with 9 wickets down. Full and outside off, Ariful gets down and lofts it over long off for a biggie!
W Masakadza to Haque, Full and outside off, Ariful comes forward and blocks.
W Masakadza to Haque, Goes back in his crease and blocks.
B Mavuta to Jayed, The batsman defends it from within the crease.
B Mavuta to Jayed, Defended off the back foot by the batsman.
B Mavuta to Jayed, Full and around off, Abu looks to push but misses.
B Mavuta to Jayed, The batsman was beaten and missed the line of the delivery.
B Mavuta to Jayed, Outside off, left alone.

Abu Jayed is the last man in.

B Mavuta to Islam, OUT! LBW! Zimbabwe are just a wicket away from a memorable win. Full and outside off, Nazmul came forward to defend but missed it and was hit on the pads. There was a loud appeal and umpire Kettleborough raised his finger. Nazmul immediately signalled for the review and the first check was for the overstepping which was fine. Then the next check was for the inside edge. This was a bit close. There seemed to be a spike on the Snickometer when the ball passed the bat but umpire Dharmasena, who is the third umpire, was convinced there was no inside edge. Now for Ball Tracking. Impact was umpire's call and the ball was clipping the stumps, meaning umpire's call again!

Nazmul Islam has been adjudged LBW! He has taken the review though...

W Masakadza to Haque, FOUR! SMASH! Tossed up, outside off, Ariful gets down on a knee and slog sweeps it through mid-wicket for a boundary!

Nazmul Islam is the new batsman in at number 10, replacing Taijul.

W Masakadza to Islam, OUT! Number 8 falls! Wellington gets a wicket now, HIS FIRST IN TESTS. Full and outside off, Taijul looks to swing across the line, aiming to clear the leg side boundary. However, the ball spins in and goes off the inner half of the bat. Hence, he does not get the distance and Brendan Taylor takes a good running catch running backwards.
W Masakadza to Islam, The batsman has flicked the ball off his pads.
W Masakadza to Islam, On middle and leg, played to the leg side.
W Masakadza to Haque, Short and outside off, cut through the covers for a single.
W Masakadza to Haque, Full and around off, Ariful lunges and pushes it back to the bowler.

Taijul Islam is the new man in at number 9, replacing Mehidy.

Mavuta to Hasan, OUT! Caught behind! Third one for the leggie! He is running through this line-up now. Beautifully bowled. Full and outside off, Mehidy lunges to defend but the ball spins away, takes the outside edge and then goes to the keeper. The visiting side appeals and up goes the umpire's finger! Hasan does not even bother to review.
B Mavuta to Hasan, Full and around off, Mehidy lofts this over mid off for a couple.
B Mavuta to Hasan, Looks to flick this away but misses and the ball goes off his pads to short leg. The keeper appeals loudly but the umpire remains calm. That was pitched outside leg while there was no wood involved.
B Mavuta to Haque, Goes back and works it past short leg for a single.
B Mavuta to Haque, Outside off, blocked towards point.
B Mavuta to Haque, Down the leg side, Ariful misses his flick.
W Masakadza to Hasan, Full and around off, Haque looks to defend but gets it off the inner half of the bat to the leg side.
W Masakadza to Haque, Drives it towards long off for a run.
W Masakadza to Haque, SIX! STUPENDOUS! This is the Ariful Haque we all know. Full and around off, Ariful gets down and mows it over long on for a biggie!