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India vs Windies - 2nd Test

Series: Windies tour of India, 2018
Venue: Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad
Date: 12-16 October 2018

India 75/0 (16.1 Ovs) RR: 4.64 | India won by 10 wkts


The floodlights have taken full effect as we wrap up speeches late into the evening. This is the closest India could get to pink ball cricket. Kohli finally gets his hands on yet another piece of silverware. The BCCI would soon need a new office to be storing these trophies India keep lapping up at home. It may not have been the best of sides, or hard fought in any sense, but they'll happily bask in the glory of their 2-0. For now, this is Vineet Anantharaman signing off on behalf of Pradeep Krishnamurthy, Sriram AS, Abhinand Raghavendran, Nikhil Jadhav "@IamNicck" and our scorer Nagaraju. Until the ODIs, ta ta!!


Last three home series for India against WI, a debutant went on to win Man of the series:
R Ashwin in 2011
Rohit Sharma in 2013
Prithvi Shaw in 2018

Man of the series on debut series:
S Ganguly vs Eng, 1996
J Rudolph vs Ban, 2003
S Clark vs SA, 2006
A Mendis vs Ind, 2008
R Ashwin vs WI, 2011
V Philander vs Aus, 2011
J Pattinson vs NZ, 2011
Rohit Sharma vs WI, 2013
Mehedi Hasan vs Eng, 2016
Prithvi Shaw v WI, 2018


Kohli (2/2): Bowling was never the question overseas and I have always maintained that if we could bat better we could win overseas. I am pleased to see these guys taking twenty wickets. I am sure we've learnt from the last series, we applied ourselves better in India with the bat much better and we'd like to take that ahead as well. This game was tougher, because to be honest the bowlers didn't get very favourable conditions to bowl in the last game, the batters got runs and the wicket was very flat. Obviously Jason coming in with more experience knows how to get wickets and he was very consistent. Jinks batted beautifully here, he got a great innings in Nottingham and he was a big positive for us. Rishabh batted well with him and it is something we want to see a lot more of when the team is in trouble. I want to thank the crowd as well, they were outstanding and they supported us really well.

Virat Kohli | Winning skipper (1/2): We didn't expect it to finish in three days in the morning to be honest. WI played really well to put us in a tough situation and getting 56 runs was a bonus after the situation we got ourselves into. We would have liked a much bigger lead, but again with the ball we were clinical and we needed to step up. At home where we understand the conditions very well, we know how to put the opposition under pressure and how to create that pressure. We thought the game could go onto the fifth day if the teams kept playing the way they did. We were really good today and deserved to win. If you look at the three guys who've come in they've grabbed their opportunities really well - Vihari in England, Rishabh has been doing the job wonderfully for us in the middle and Prithvi getting the MoS in his first series was outstanding. But I would like to single out Umesh. Shardul broke down in the first spell and Umesh deserves what he's achieved in this game. I am pleased to see how he's stepped up for us in the absence of Shami and after Shardul got injured. He keeps giving more than 100 percent every time in the field. We all are happy for him, he's worked really hard and has waited for his chance to step up for us. He is the standout performer for me in this game as far as I am concerned. It is a great luxury to have; we have a problem of plenty now, Umesh taking ten wickets here, the three bowlers who played in England and it is a headache we have. But that is a better situation to be in rather than having to find bowlers who would do the job for you.

Prithvi Shaw | Man of the Series: It was a happy moment for me and finishing the game for India means a lot for me. It is my first series, winning 2-0 and winning the Man of the Series makes it all the more special. Everyone is like a family; there is no senior or junior. It is a great journey and I am looking forward to a lot of it. I don't know what is happening next, I just want to enjoy this moment.

Umesh Yadav | Man of the Match: First of all I would like to thank my teammates for their support. I knew that I was the only fast bowler playing and felt that I had a good chance. I just kept going for wickets and kept trying my best. We are enjoying each other's company; it is very healthy competition and keep helping each other, playing for each other and for the team.

Jason Holder | Losing skipper: A little disappointed with the way we batted in the second innings. I thought we fought our way back in the game after the fightback yesterday we tried to push forward today. But credit to India, they played commendably and did the basics better than us. In hindsight a lot of seamers got wicket, Umesh got ten wickets, I got a fifer and maybe Shannon got a few wickets as well and an extra seamer would have helped. It didn't spin as much as we'd expected it to. We need to apply ourselves more, need to give ourselves a better chance with the bat - bat deep after getting set in. Personally I am in a good head space at the moment; I am playing good cricket and try working hard on my game while playing through aches and pains. I love playing Test cricket and it is my favourite format. I enjoy coming here and putting up a good performance.


STAT-ATTACK - courtesy Deepu Narayanan

Most consecutive Tests vs an opposition without a loss:
47 Eng v NZ (1930-75)
30 Eng v Pak (1961-82)
29 WI vs Eng (1976-88)
24 Aus v SA (1911-52)
24 WI v Ind (1948-71)
22 Pak v Ind (1980-99)
22 Aus v NZ (1993-11)
21 Ind v WI (2002-18)*

Winning most home series in succession:
10 Aus (1994/95-2000/01)
10 Aus (2004-2008/09)
10 Ind (2012/13-present)

India's last ten home series:
Beat Aus 4-0, 2012/13
Beat WI 2-0, 2013/14
Beat SA 3-0, 2015/16
Beat NZ 3-0, 2016/17
Beat Eng 4-0, 2016/17
Beat Ban 1-0, 2016/17
Beat Aus 2-1, 2016/17
Beat SL 1-0, 2017/18
Beat Afg 1-0, 2018
Beat WI 2-0, 2018/19

Ten wicket wins for India:
vs Pak, Mumbai BS, 1952
vs Pak, Chennai, 1980
vs NZ, Hyderabad LBS, 1988
vs Eng, Mohali, 2001
vs Zim, Harare, 2005
vs NZ, Hamilton, 2009
vs Ban, Mirpur, 2010
vs WI, Hyderabad RGS, 2018


Ravi Shastri: Lot of positives for us. When we are playing at home it's easy to get complacent and get carried away. We wanted to develop on all the good habits by being professional and closing out the sessions. When you lose one fast bowler, you have another one who stands up and takes 10 wickets. He (Umesh) sat on the bench for four Tests in England. But he grabbed the opportunity presented to him, so really happy for Umesh. It's been done only four times (10-wicket haul by Indian pacers at home). Kapil did it, remember Javagal did it once. Umesh has given us a selection headache and I like this headache. He (Shaw) is born to play cricket. He's been playing since the age of 8 in the maidans of Mumbai, you can see all that hard work showing. He's a spectator's delight. There's a bit of Sachin there, a bit of Viru in him and when he walks - there's a bit of Lara as well. I think Rahul will be fine. Probably he's thinking too hard about his game. He just needs to relax, he's a world class player. When he gets in, it's difficult to stop him. Pant is another such youngster. He's such a good batsman and is good with the gloves as well. We have to go on according to the present form for team selection (when asked about Pant or Saha) in Australia.

Pant - It has been a good experience for me playing Test cricket. The team is very helpful, everyone is helping me to grow in terms of batting and keeping. I think about that only a little (on missing out of his ton), I need to convert these into hundreds in the future. My goal is to keep playing for a long time for the country.

Rahane - It was good fun (on the partnership with Pant), I was trying to control him yesterday, but it was hard. We knew one good partnership would put them (West Indies) down. It was good that he played within himself. I wanted to bat long, this innings helped me a lot. I wanted to create some good habits, just wanted to spend some time. Throughout the series, we played well, everyone batted well. Credit to Umesh, he bowled really well, 6 wickets in the first innings, four in the second, he bowled wonderfully well.

It is often believed that this West Indian batting starts at number five, but that wasn't the case either in the second innings. And to be fair, apart from Holder's bowling, it would be very difficult even to find a positive in consolation. Probably, them looking a shade better than the side that came here in 2013 could be it. They've been on the rise over the last few years, but today was a bad dampener. Yet, Holder would have his crisp wise words and Kohli would have his long sermon as Sanjay Manjrekar lines up the presentations ..

17:16 Local Time: Shaw takes a stump, walking off to applause as Hyderabad find a newer decibel level in their voice. These third days are meant to be moving days, not finishing days. A day that started with only one-and-a-half innings done, with India still in the trail. But the Windies first opened it up with the ball, skittling the set batsmen, denying them centuries to ensure they restrict the lead to under 60. And just when things looked to be getting close, hoping for some sort of a Headingly, or probably a Barbados, or even a Sharjah, they collapsed very dramatically. After all, Umesh Yadav found his fiery self - with all the luck by his side too - finishing with four wickets today, most of them breaching defences of not-so-good defences.

PRITHVI SHAW (18y 339d) is the second youngest to hit the winning runs in a Test after Pat Cummins (18y 198d) against SA in Joburg in 2011

Bishoo to Prithvi Shaw, FOUR, no wasting time here. Shaw spots the wide flighter, leans forward and drills it with a lot of anger through the covers. As comprehensive as wins get -- 10 wickets, two days and leaving eleven scarred souls
Roston Chase to Rahul, no run, a nudging block off the front leg, mid-wicket
Roston Chase to Rahul, no run, full, making Rahul stretch in defence. Looks like Rahul is doing a Dhoni here by letting Shaw have the winning hit
Roston Chase to Rahul, no run, sliced away, but again, without the intent to get the gap
Roston Chase to Rahul, no run, very tight on off. Rahul wants to make room, but realizes there's no point doing it. Ends up punching it back

The field comes in as expected. Surely Rahul has to look to go over

Roston Chase to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, an on-punch, using the depth of his crease to ride the bounce as he knocks it to long-on. Scores level
Roston Chase to Rahul, 1 run, skewed away off the outside half, running away through point when Rahul had intended it for mid-off

Okay, this time, final over?

Bishoo to Rahul, 1 run, full, drifting in on leg. Flicked away to the right of mid-on
Bishoo to Rahul, no run, quick skidder again. Rahul just doesn't have the room to do anything with it but defend
Bishoo to Rahul, no run, 83kph, skidding quicker, with Rahul staying on the back foot and punching it to mid-on
Bishoo to Rahul, no run, a calm stroke through the line helping the spin to cover
Bishoo to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, 78kph, defends for the turn, but it isn't really there, taking the inside-edge into an empty mid-wicket
Bishoo to Rahul, 1 run, down the pitch, whipping against the spin to deep square leg

Final over?

Roston Chase to Rahul, 1 run, a soft-handed dab into the covers
Roston Chase to Rahul, no run, looped up generously outside off. Rahul can't get under though, drilling it straight to cover
Roston Chase to Rahul, no run, a checked defence getting forward and low
Roston Chase to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, a wristy drive against the turn to long-on
Roston Chase to Prithvi Shaw, byes, 2 runs, turn, bounce, but all of it is down leg. Shaw can't lay bat on, the keeper can't get across in time either and the fielder nearly escorts it into the fence. The umpire tests Shaw's honesty - asking him whether he got any bat on it, nah. India into single digits
Roston Chase to Prithvi Shaw, no run, a tall-stanced knock back to the bowler
Bishoo to Rahul, no run, 85kph, around off, Rahul walks across, cramping out the room for himself
Bishoo to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, to the pitch, digging it against the turn to deep mid-wicket
Bishoo to Rahul, 1 run, 83kph, short again, pitching on middle, turning away slowly and giving Rahul that extra bit of time to pick his gap for his back foot punch. It's mid-wicket
Bishoo to Rahul, no run, on the back foot, beside the line to punch it on the up to cover
Bishoo to Rahul, 2 runs, fine sweep, deftly dabbing the drifting line on leg-stump very fine behind square
Bishoo to Rahul, no run, charges out, looking for the big heave over mid-wicket. But ends up getting too close for comfort and jams it away to mid-wicket

Umpire Gould points to his watch -- we have an extension by 30 minutes.

Roston Chase to Rahul, 1 run, stretches well ahead, with the bat opening up off the very last minute to steer it through point
Roston Chase to Rahul, no run, a block, getting half-forward
Roston Chase to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, flat response. Clipped away behind square
Roston Chase to Prithvi Shaw, FOUR, oh so damn beautiful. Shaw hops back, gives himself room and quickly realizes the length isn't short enough to cut and ends up punching it through the line through the covers
Roston Chase to Prithvi Shaw, no run, turns his bat as he punches, but straight to short mid-wicket
Roston Chase to Rahul, 1 run, a full-faced knock, long-on .. and almost a collision in the running, with both batsmen watching the ball
Bishoo to Rahul, 1 run, fired in quicker on the legs. Works it away in front of square to keep his strike to himself
Bishoo to Rahul, no run, closer on off, doesn't spin away to get the middle on the cut, ends up in a sort of a tap to cover
Bishoo to Rahul, no run, back, across. Cut. Cover

Two 50+ opening stands in a home Test for India since 2012 vs Eng in Ahmedabad, 2012

Bishoo to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, waits for the width to spin and get big to slap it away in front of point, brings up India's 50
Bishoo to Prithvi Shaw, no run, steps down, covers the line, but settles down to defend. In the end off the inside-edge, popping onto the pad
Bishoo to Prithvi Shaw, no run, the slider from a good length, Shaw doesn't get the width and finds cover with a pretty defensive punch

The equation: 23 runs in two days and thirty seven minutes today

Roston Chase to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, fuller, Shaw leans across and whips it through mid-wicket
Roston Chase to Prithvi Shaw, no run, fired in on the stumps. A high-elbowed punch

From round the wicket now.

Roston Chase to Rahul, 1 run, quite short, spinning in from outside off and Rahul has all the time to get across, get deep in the crease and glance it through square leg
Roston Chase to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, on the pads, wristed away round the corner
Roston Chase to Prithvi Shaw, no run, on middle. A more watchful block down the pitch
Roston Chase to Prithvi Shaw, no run, gets closed up early on a sort of flick, ends up with a leading-edge back down the pitch

Roston Chase, right-arm off break, comes into the attack

Bishoo to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, driven away on the up. Extra cover
Bishoo to Prithvi Shaw, FOUR, and now goes back to cut it right. Short again, wider, and Shaw transfers his weight behind to whack it to point's right
Bishoo to Prithvi Shaw, no run, oh my my. Hamilton, behind the stumps, is doing himself no favours here. Shaw looks to go on the aggressive with a gallop down the pitch, misses the line completely with the ball dipping under his bat swing as he gets stranded. Alas, the keeper just doesn't collect it, even in the second attempt - ending up breaking the stumps with his gloves
Bishoo to Prithvi Shaw, no run, more intent in the cut, ends up becoming a chop instead. Flashed hard, but once again finds point to perfection
Bishoo to Prithvi Shaw, no run, 83kph, pulls his length back a touch. Shaw goes back deep, cutting, but finds point
Bishoo to Rahul, 1 run, pitching full on off. Rahul gets his front leg to the pitch of it, driving it through the covers

Devendra Bishoo, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

Warrican to Rahul, 1 run, full, off-lined. Keeps the strike with an on-drive. Long-on
Warrican to Rahul, no run, just doesn't bounce from a good length as it skids on middle. Rahul, in an adjustment manages to get it wide of mid-wicket
Warrican to Rahul, no run, settles well outside off to sweep. Misses though, but to his credit, he's doing well in getting himself outside the LBW danger area
Warrican to Rahul, no run, wide full floating tease. Rahul gets drawn out to stab it to point eventually
Warrican to Rahul, no run, 78kph, backs away, giving himself room to punch it to mid-off
Warrican to Rahul, FOUR, full toss, Rahul spots it early, premeditates a paddle but his lack of form doesn't allow him the middle of the bat here - getting the backside of his bat down to fine leg
Holder to Rahul, 1 run, first lines up for a forehanded smash, but ends up freezing in the way to guide it to fine leg from the same pose. Very strange-looking
Holder to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, keeps it short on the body. Swatted away behind square
Holder to Prithvi Shaw, no run, falls over as he inside-halves an on-drive to mid-on - where the fielder has another unnecessary throw at the stumps, nearly running away for overthrows. Thank God for an alert first slip
Holder to Prithvi Shaw, 2 runs, 130kph, hopping up to ride the bounce as he unleashes a decent looking punch through the covers
Holder to Rahul, 1 run, 120kph, back of a length rib-angler. Pulled away after getting inside the line, one-legged, and one bounced to fine leg
Holder to Rahul, no run, a walking press outside his crease, settling into a dab to point
Holder to Rahul, no ball, big overstep. But nothing wrong apart from that in the delivery - good length, on off and sternly blocked back

One slip.

Warrican to Prithvi Shaw, no run, rocks behind, getting cramped up for room with Warrican's arm ball following him. Ends up jabbing it back to the bowler
Warrican to Prithvi Shaw, no run, a hint of air thrown up on the stumps. Squeezed back
Warrican to Rahul, 1 run, goes with the turn now, through sweeper
Warrican to Rahul, no run, third umpire time again. On a stumping though, after Rahul gets completely beaten by one that spins sharply past his closed bat face as he looks to work it against the spin. But the back leg never really went past the crease, but is dragged back well before the keeper whips the bails off
Warrican to Rahul, no run, reaches away from his body, with an opened up bat face in steering it to point. He wants the single, which is never there
Warrican to Rahul, no run, a couple of steps on the move down to drive it to short cover
Holder to Prithvi Shaw, no run, and the full sucker ball on middle. Shaw seemed ready, wristing it down to mid-on
Holder to Prithvi Shaw, no run, bumper, prediactably. Decent height on this occasion though, making Shaw's duck truer
Holder to Rahul, 1 run, another low scoot, getting Rahul to crouch awkwardly as he just about manages some bat in tickling it in front of square
Holder to Rahul, 2 runs, too full. Rahul stays up tall, drilling a full hammer down the ground
Holder to Rahul, no run, leaning closer, bat-pad stuck in defence after the shuffle to knock it to mid-on
Holder to Prithvi Shaw, leg byes, 1 run, Shaw nearly does a Tendulkar. Looks to duck under an attempted bouncer, but the ball just doesn't rise, and with him looking elsewhere gets struck on his left bicep. Umpire Gould isn't doing a Harper though by giving that out. So Holder reviews. And it's umpire's call with the ball clipping the top of the bails. Meanwhile, they sneak the leg bye
Warrican to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, another one of his cheeky shuffling nudges with quickly pinched singles in front of square on the on-side
Warrican to Rahul, 1 run, opens up his forward drive, going through point
Warrican to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, a shuffle across, softly nudging it with the angle to square leg. And a quick single
Warrican to Prithvi Shaw, no run, a through the line lean, getting close to the pitch of it to drive it straight to cover
Warrican to Rahul, 1 run, 92kph, pitching outside off, gripping, turning away as Rahul sticks his bat out to dab it past slip
Warrican to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, presses forward, covering the spin to push it to cover
Holder to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, just a tap to cover, the customary couple of steps down too, but the fielder out there can't stop a customary chuck at the striker'e end either, breaks the stumps and leaks an unnecessary overthrow on the ricochet
Holder to Rahul, 1 run, a delicately opened bat face, defelcting it from off behind point
Holder to Prithvi Shaw, 1 run, rib-lined. Coming in with the angle and Shaw not gets his bat up in time, helping it behind point with a glance
Holder to Prithvi Shaw, no run, bouncer, climbing in, ducked under
Holder to Rahul, 1 run, a soft forward defence, and mid-on is way too deep to cut off the single, despite Rahul's initial reluctance

Call the physio and his spray. Also, the floodlights are taking effect slowly.

Holder to Prithvi Shaw, leg byes, 1 run, 130kph, extra bounce, kicking up onto Shaw's ribs. Fends it away awkwardly just next to the pitch. No, it's not off the bat, it's flush off his right forearm in front of his elbow. He manages the single in pain, but can't hide it any further
Warrican to Rahul, SIX, lofts it through the line. For a change his dances down the pitch take him to the pitch of the ball and his arms flow to drill it over mid-off. Flat
Warrican to Rahul, no run, shorter. Rahul goes back deep, punching it to mid-off
Warrican to Rahul, no run, and he's back to charging down .. settling to knock it back
Warrican to Rahul, no run, low leaning stoop in defence - this time from the crease
Warrican to Rahul, no run, 93kph of some drift into middle. Rahul once again charges down and adjusts eventually to nudge it to mid-wicket
Warrican to Rahul, no run, down the pitch, yorks himself and drills it back to the bowler

Jomel Warrican, left-arm orthodox, comes into the attack

Holder looked to be struggling quite badly as he went through his over. Also Gabriel is not on the field to bowl. Just the chance for KL Rahul to free up his mental demons.

Holder to Prithvi Shaw, no run, 126kph, draws him forward, but a lot more solid from Shaw, holding his defensive pose
Holder to Prithvi Shaw, no run, a tad wide, off a back of a length. Shoulder of arms
Holder to Prithvi Shaw, FOUR, does him in comprehensively. Inswinger, wide of the crease and angles back in as Shaw looks to defend away from his body. Almost finds it going through his defence, but just about gets an inside edge flying past the stumps
Holder to Prithvi Shaw, no run, 124kph, corrects it off. Shaw with the nice high eblows in defending it down the pitch
Holder to Prithvi Shaw, byes, FOUR, so damn wayward. Well down leg, swinging further down as Shaw watches it fly by, and the keeper dives to watch it fly by
Holder to Prithvi Shaw, no run, 124kph, a good length nipping back in off the turf as Shaw shuffles behind it with a full straight bat in defence

Prithvi Shaw and Rahul are at the crease. Prithvi Shaw is on strike. Holder will open the attack