West Indies in Bangladesh, 3 ODI Series, 2018

Bangladesh vs West Indies - 2nd ODI

Venue: Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur

Date & Time: 11 December 2018

West Indies 256/6

RR: 5.15 | West Indies beat Bangladesh by 4 wickets


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Chandrapaul Hemraj lbw Mehidy Hasan lbw Mehidy Hasan 3600
Shai Hope not out not out 146144123
Darren Bravo bowled Rubel Hossain bowled Rubel Hossain 274311
Marlon Samuels c Mushfiqur Rahim (W) & b Mustafizur Rahman c Mushfiqur Rahim (W) & b Mustafizur Rahman 264521
Shimron Hetmyer c & b Rubel Hossain c & b Rubel Hossain 141001
Rovman Powell c Soumya Sarkar & b Mashrafe Mortaza (C) c Soumya Sarkar & b Mashrafe Mortaza (C) 1200
Roston Chase c Tamim Iqbal & b Mustafizur Rahman c Tamim Iqbal & b Mustafizur Rahman 91800
Keemo Paul not out not out 183100
Kemar Roach
Devendra Bishoo
Oshane Thomas
Extras 12 (b 0, lb 5, w 6, nb 1)
Total 256 (6 Wkts, 49.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
5-1 (Chandrapaul Hemraj,1.2), 70-2 (Darren Bravo,16.4), 132-3 (Marlon Samuels,30), 155-4 (Shimron Hetmyer,33), 157-5 (Rovman Powell,33.4), 185-6 (Roston Chase,39),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Shakib Al Hasan10 0 28 0 2.80
Mehidy Hasan9 0 39 1 4.33
Mustafizur Rahman10 1 63 2 6.30
Mashrafe Mortaza10 1 52 1 5.20
Mahmudullah1.4 0 12 0 8.57
Rubel Hossain9 0 57 2 6.33

Okay. We have a decider. Not many would have expected that. Will toss play a crucial role? Bangladesh would be wary of that come the decider. Join us on Friday, November 14, 2018 at noon local (0600 GMT) for the third ODI at a different venue - Sylhet. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Aha. Victorious Windies captain Rovman Powell manages a smile. Praises his team for responding well under pressure and is happy that Bangladesh were restricted to 255. Hopes that the bowling continues to be consistent. Admits that there is a worry in the fact that the bowling seems to be excellent only in the last 10 overs, after conceding too many in the first few. On the way the chase was planned, Powell says that the team management knows that there is plenty of batting depth and in further games, the strategy needs to be the way it was tonight - one of the top 3 needs to bat deep.

SHAI HOPE HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH FOR HIS UNBEATEN 146 FROM 144 BALLS. Is happy but wants to reserve his celebrations with one more game to go. Says that he just kept backing himself throughout the chase and in the last 2 overs, cut loose. On the advice given to Keemo Paul, Shai says that he just asked Keemo to bat as straight as possible and is glad that he stayed unbeaten along with him.

Bangladesh captain, Mashrafe Mortaza comes up first for a chat. Admits that he is disappointed and puts it down to not performing under pressure. Hopes to now come back well in the final ODI. Agrees that the choke at the death with the bat was the main setup to this defeat, as they could have scored more runs with so many wickets in hand. But also adds that dropped catches did not help later on in the field. Praises Shai Hope for staying till the end but stresses that with 24 (actually 22) needed from 2 overs, it was a 50-50 game. On Bangladesh's performance overall, Mash is happy with both departments and reckons that they fought hard.

Dew factor? Perhaps. That could be the only reason for Bangladesh's average performance with the ball. Shakib and Mehidy were the only bowlers doing well while the others struggled. Windies played smart cricket, not looking to attack the two spinners and the ploy worked. Consider this - Shakib and Mehidy combined - 19-0-67-1 while Mustafizur, Mortaza and Rubel went for 172 runs in 29 overs combined, for 5 wickets. Dropped catches did not help them either. Expect plenty of criticism from Mortaza. Please stay tuned for the presentation...

And now, finally, Shai Hope. They say that he has got loads of talent and potential. He has shown that here again. Did not allow the pressure to soak in and played confident, risk-free shots for majority of the innings. Now, only for him to be more consistent and become one of the best Windies batsmen in a long time.

Bowlers, you say? Make no mistake, Keemo Paul can bat. He batted responsibly and ensured that Hope was not starved off strike. Indeed - that unbeaten 7th wicket stand worth 71 in 64 balls was the biggest for the Windies and the best of the match.

In any game, partnerships are the key. But more so, in a run chase. The Windies strung decent stands - lost Hemraj early but then got 65 for the second wicket between Hope and Bravo, then another 62 between Hope and Samuels before a bit of a collapse stemmed their progress. It was at this time that Bangladesh thought they had a chance. The visitors slipped from 132/2 to 185/6 and with 71 needed from 66 balls and the bowlers exposed, it looked like the game was over.

A well-scripted run chase. In pursuit of a big target, one of your top three needs to score big. Shai Hope was that man tonight. His unbeaten 146 from just 144 balls provided a wonderful calmness to the others as they kept batting around him. His previous two ODI centuries had resulted in ties - third time, it has been lucky.

Pin-drop silence in the stadium. Now, someone starts to clap. Oh hang on, it is the Windies dugout. What a chase. There were talks of probably toss being the factor in the previous game. It has been proved right here.

Mahmudullah to K Paul, WINDIES WIN BY 4 WICKETS! Fourth straight short ball, around middle and leg, Paul goes back and pulls it through square leg. Keemo Paul runs hard, slips while taking the second but makes it through! WE HAVE A DECIDER IN SYLHET!
Mahmudullah to S Hope, Third short ball on the trot. Pulled behind square leg this time. Just a run again.
Mahmudullah to K Paul, Another long hop, pulled brutally but straight to deep mid-wicket again. A single this time.
Mahmudullah to K Paul, Dropped short, Paul heaves it towards deep mid-wicket. Calls for the second and a wild throw aids him.

Interesting! Mahmudullah to bowl the final over. 1-0-6-0 so far and Windies need 6.

M Rahman to S Hope, FOUR! It is all over for Bangladesh. Length delivery on off, Hope plays a paddle sweep but the ball hits the glove. However it is good enough as it lobs over the keeper and races away for a boundary! 16 runs from the over. 250 up for Windies, just 6 needed now!
M Rahman to S Hope, Bowls wide outside off, Hope looks to chase at it but misses it.
M Rahman to S Hope, FOUR! Consecutive boundaries from Hope. Is that the game for the visitors? Short of length delivery, Hope lofts over covers for a boundary. Bangladesh completely losing their way.
M Rahman to S Hope, FOUR! Clean batting! Full and wide outside off, Hope reaches out and drives it behind point. Third man starts to run but very quickly comes second! 14 needed from 9 balls now!
M Rahman to S Hope, WIDE! Pressure on the bowler! Bowls this full and miles outside off, Hope lets it go!
M Rahman to S Hope, Outside off, punched through the covers for a couple.
M Rahman to K Paul, On middle and leg, Paul gets across and works it through mid-wicket for a single.
R Hossain to K Paul, DROPPED! Is that going to cost Bangladesh? Bowls again short of length delivery, Keemo pulls it over mid-wicket but does not get enough on it. Nazmul drops a sitter at deep mid-wicket. He does not see the ball under lights and in the end has to dive and puts it down. The batsmen take a single. 50-run stand between Shai Hope and Keemo Paul.
R Hossain to K Paul, Bowls short of length delivery, Keemo looks to pull but misses it and gets beaten on this one.
R Hossain to S Hope, Outside off, eased through the covers for a single.
R Hossain to S Hope, A bouncer now, Shai ducks.
R Hossain to S Hope, OVERTHROW! Unnecessary from Mehidy and Rahim lets him know about it. Outside off, Hope slices it towards point and sets off for a single. Hasan sees that the batsmen are crossing over and there is no backup for Mustafizur but still throws it at the bowler's end. A wide throw does not help his cause and the batsmen take the second after the ball goes all the way to deep mid-wicket.
R Hossain to S Hope, SIX! Terrific shot from Shai Hope! Full on middle, Hope hits it straight down the ground for a biggie. Bangladesh feeling the tension. This is now his highest score in ODIs. Windies need 26 runs in 17 balls. It is a good start to the over.

Rubel Hossain to bowl the 48th. 8-0-47-2 so far.

M Rahman to K Paul, Bowls wide outside off, Keemo looks to chase but misses it.
M Rahman to K Paul, BEATEN! Bowls a yorker on off, Keemo looks to dig it but misses it.
M Rahman to K Paul, Length delivery on off, Keemo cuts it to point.
M Rahman to S Hope, Length delivery on middle, Hope plays it towards mid on. The batsmen take a quick single. The fielder goes for the direct hit but misses it.
M Rahman to K Paul, Full on off, Keemo pushes it towards covers where it goes past the fielder. The batsmen take a run.
M Rahman to S Hope, Short outside off, Hope smashes it towards covers for a single. Windies need 34 runs of 23 balls.
Al Hasan to S Hope, Floated on off, Hope cuts it towards point for a single.
Al Hasan to S Hope, Tossed up on middle, the batsman defends off the front foot.
Al Hasan to S Hope, Flighted delivery outside off, Hope plays it to covers.
Al Hasan to K Paul, Tossed up on leg, Paul hits it towards mid on for a single.
Al Hasan to K Paul, Almost chops this on. Backs away, looks to cut but is cramped for room and gets a bottom edge.
Al Hasan to S Hope, On middle and leg, flicked away for a single. 37 needed from 29 balls.

Shakib Al Hasan gets a change of ends. 9-0-25-0 so far. Can he strike?

M Rahman to K Paul, Wide outside off, the batsman looks to chase it but gets beaten on this one.
M Rahman to K Paul, Length delivery on off, Keemo cuts it to point.
M Rahman to S Hope, Length delivery on off, Hope plays it towards covers for a single.
M Rahman to S Hope, FOUR! Intelligent shot from Shai Hope. Length delivery on middle, Hope gets across and plays a paddle scoop over short fine leg for a boundary. Very good cricket from Hope. He was aware that fine leg was inside the circle.
M Rahman to K Paul, Bowls slower delivery on off, Keemo defends and takes a quick single.
M Rahman to K Paul, Good length delivery outside off, Keemo looks to slice but gets beaten on this one.

A mini-conference going on. Shakib and Rahim are the primary talkers while Mehidy is quietly listening on to what is being said and discussed. Shakib was about to bowl but after that big chat, MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN has been called back on. 7-1-38-2 so far.

M Hasan to S Hope, Full and outside off, reverse swept through the covers for a couple.