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Windies vs Scotland - Super Sixes Match 7

Series: WC Qualifiers, 2018
Venue: Harare Sports Club, Harare
Date & Time: 21 March 2018

Scotland 125/5 (35.2 Ovs) RR: 3.54 | Windies won by 5 runs (DLS method - due to rain)


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Matthew Cross bowled Holderbowled Holder41000
Kyle Coetzer c Lewis & b Roachc Lewis & b Roach2700
Michael Jones c Rovman Powell & b Roachc Rovman Powell & b Roach141410
Calum MacLeod c A Nurse & b A Nursec A Nurse & b A Nurse215110
Richie Berrington lbw A Nurselbw A Nurse336840
George Munsey Not OutNot Out325250
Michael Leask Not OutNot Out141020
Safyaan Sharif dnbdnb0000
Tom Sole dnbdnb0000
Alasdair Evans dnbdnb0000
Bradley Wheal dnbdnb0000
Extras 5 (b 0, lb 0, w 5, nb 0)
Total 125 (5 Wkts, 35.2 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
6-1 (Kyle Coetzer,2.2), 12-2 (Matthew Cross,3.4), 25-3 (Michael Jones,6.1), 67-4 (Calum MacLeod,21.6), 105-5 (Richie Berrington,31.4),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Kemar Roach7 2 20 2 2.86
Jason Holder7 0 31 1 4.43
Keemo Paul5 0 12 0 2.40
Carlos Brathwaite7 2 27 0 3.86
Ashley Nurse9.2 0 35 2 3.80
Chris Gayle0 0 0 0 0
Evin Lewis0 0 0 0 0
Shai Hope0 0 0 0 0
Marlon Samuels0 0 0 0 0
Shimron Hetmyer0 0 0 0 0
Rovman Powell0 0 0 0 0


That brings an end to our coverage from this virtual semifinal - which turned out be an emotional one. Windies are through and Scotland will take some time to recover from this defeat. There's one more spot available and that could be sealed if Zimbabwe beat UAE tomorrow. Ireland and Afghanistan will hope for an opposite result. We'll be back tomorrow for that contest. Do join us. Until then, it's goodbye from Abhinand Raghavendran on behalf of Hariprasad Sadanandan and our scorer Naga. Goodbye!

Holder: Extremely pleased. We've been a through a lot in the last couple of years - hasn't been easy. I think the guys really put up their hands in every single game. The pressure was there in all games. Really pleased to get over the line. Scotland played really good cricket this tournament. Must feel for them. We really want to win this tournament. I thank the Caribbean people for the support throughout. Our true fans stuck with us. We have one more game to play here. We should be thinking about that.

Coetzer: This is emotional. Extremely proud of the effort put in by the boys. We have shown what we are capable of. There were a couple of moments within the last two games that really hurt us. Couple of decisions that didn't go our way. It proved to be costly. Our seam bowling throughout the tournament has been exceptional. Top quality in the competition. WI bowling attack has been brutal. Credit to Jason and his team for getting through. Well done and thanks to our boys. It's been exceptional.

Safyaan Sharif, Man of the Match: (As a bowling group)They were outstanding. They were consistent throughout the tournament. I did a decent job last qualifier as well. The way I've been doing stuff with the ball this year - it's been an improvement. (When asked why the pacers where given short spells) It's just tactical. Everyone's a bit disappointed. That's cricket for you. We'll take the positives.

So, what happened today! Windies were jolted early in the match by Safyaan Sharif, who scalped Gayle and Hope for naught in two overs. A slow-but-steady partnership between Lewis and Samuels stabilized the innings, but they collapsed like a pack of cards losing their last eight wickets for just 75 runs. With 199 to be hunted down for a place in the WC, Scotland lost both their openers inside four overs. That was a major setback for them as captain Koetzer was their best batsman in the tournament. When Michael Jones was removed by Roach, Scotland resorted to a cautious approach. Perhaps, that resulted in them going into a shell as the fourth wicket stand scored 42 runs off 95 balls. Munsey was playing high-risk shots and that was paying off, but the combination of Berrington's wicket and rain derailed their hopes of making it to the WC.

16:38 Local Time, 14:38 GMT, 20:08 IST: "Umpires have called it. Scotland are out," is the latest tweet from Cricket Scotland. No one could have written a more tragic story than this. On the contrary, this result means that Windies are through to the 2019 WC. The two-time World Champions, who couldn't take part in the Champions Trophy, were made to toil hard. After a pretty smooth passage in the group stages, they were beaten by Afghanistan in their opening Super Six encounter. They defeated the hosts in a well-fought encounter and today's match was a must-win game for the Caribbean side. Berrington's decision will be argued for a long time, but it's done and dusted. That's how this harsh tournament has been framed. Scotland should hold their head high the way they have played.

16:34 Local Time, 14:34 GMT, 20:04 IST: "Puddles stretching from the covers to the boundary now. I would be astonished if we get back on. Scotland will miss out on a deserved place at the WC thanks to rain and two atrocious pieces of umpiring. This is, in my opinion, an unmitigated travesty," tweets Bertus de Jong, our correspondent from Harare.

16:19 Local Time, 14:19 GMT, 19:49 IST: tweets: "The rain has got very heavy at Harare Sports Club." We could be in for a long delay. You got to feel for Scotland surely. In the previous game against Ireland, an lbw decision on Andrew Balbirnie went against them and he went onto score a match-winning ton. And today, Berrington was adjudged lbw, which looked like missing leg. There'll be plenty of debates regarding the non-availability of DRS in such a tournament.

16:04 Local Time, 14:04 GMT, 19:34 IST: Well, the umpires have signalled the groundstaff to bring in the covers. My goodness, doesn't look a passing shower. Rain stops play! Windies will be the happier side as Scotland are still 5 runs behind the DLS par score - which is 130 after 35.2 overs. We'll keep you updated.

Nurse to Munsey, 1 run, shortish ball just outside off, steered past the slip fielder. A single towards third man
Nurse to Leask, 1 run, shortish flat ball, mistimed cut to covers

The rain seems to have gotten heavier. Scotland are currently 7 runs behind the DLS par score.

Holder to Leask, 1 run, slower ball at 117kph, driven firmly through covers
Holder to Leask, 2 runs, mistimes the pull shot and luckily for him, falls in a safe region. Hit-the-deck-hard short ball, pulled off the top part of the bat over mid-wicket
Holder to Leask, no run, short and aimed at the body, Leask moves across and tries to go for another heave through the leg-side. Fails to make contact
Holder to Leask, FOUR, Scotland will take this gleefully. You can't set a field for that. Short ball from Holder and Leask went for the swipe across the line. The top-edge flies over the keeper's head. Trickles away over the boundary rope

The DLS par score is 128

Holder to Leask, no run, throws his bat hard at this back of a length delivery, finds backward point. A dot
Holder to Munsey, 1 run, extra bounce on this back of a length delivery, guided to third man off the splice

Slight drizzle!

Nurse to Leask, no run, Leask is half-forward to block the off-break to short mid-on
Nurse to Munsey, 1 run, bit of width outside off and Munsey guides it behind square on the off-side. Third man is quick to cut it off and deny the second run
Nurse to Munsey, no run, fires one on leg, Munsey closes his bat-face and defends it towards mid-wicket
Nurse to Munsey, no run, flatter and quicker on this occasion, another defensive push into the off-side
Nurse to Munsey, no run, slower through the air, Munsey bends and taps it to cover
Nurse to Munsey, 2 runs, yorker length ball darted in on off, squeezed through backward point for a couple

Drinks! The equation: Scotland need 87 runs in 102 balls.

Holder to Leask, FOUR, shot! Not much feet movement there from Leask, but you don't require that when you can make contact like that. On a good length and around off, Leask stays in his crease and caresses the drive. Beats mid-off to his left and the ball reaches the fence in a jiffy
Holder to Munsey, 1 run, slanting away from the lefty, who pushes at it with hard hands. Takes the outside edge and runs past the slip fielder to third man
Holder to Munsey, no run, back of a length delivery, Munsey defends it to backward point with an open face of the bat
Holder to Munsey, no run, good looking shot for nothing as Munsey's off drive goes straight to man stationed at mid-off
Holder to Munsey, no run, angling away outside off from a length, Munsey lifts his bat and lets it go

A slip in place

Holder to Leask, 1 run, back of a length delivery outside off, Leask rides the bounce and pats it wide of mid-off for a single

Jason Holder [5.0-0-17-1] is back into the attack

Nurse to Munsey, no run, 97kph darter on off, blocked from the crease
Nurse to Leask, 1 run, shortish offie, pushed to long-on

Michael Leask, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Nurse to Berrington, out Lbw!! Huge shout for lbw and up goes the dreaded finger. That could be a harsh one on the Scots. Quick off-break from Nurse that pitched around off and turned in sharply and struck Berrington's back leg. The impact was adjacent to the leg-stump as Berrington missed the flick off the back foot. I reckon that would have missed leg, but the man who matters doesn't think so. Berrington has to take the long walk back. Berrington lbw b Nurse 33(68) [4s-4]

Nurse to Berrington, THAT'S OUT!! Lbw!!

Nurse to Munsey, 1 run, allows the ball to come to him and softly drops it towards point by opening his bat-face
Nurse to Munsey, no run, zooming in on the pads, Munsey misses the tickle and gets hit on the thigh
Nurse to Munsey, no run, drifting in on leg, Munsey stays leg-side of the ball and pushes it towards mid-off

The required rate is now 5

Roach to Berrington, no run, good stop by the tall fellow. Berrington drilled this pitched up delivery to the left of Holder, who slid across to save a boundary. Just two runs off the over
Roach to Berrington, no run, angles in a good length ball at 131kph, Berrington presses forward in defence
Roach to Berrington, no run, 130kph back of a length around the fifth stump line, dropped in front of cover with soft hands
Roach to Berrington, no run, back of a length delivery with a bit of extra bounce at 132kph, meekly dabbed towards cover-point
Roach to Berrington, wide, wayward from Roach. Bumper down the leg-side and Berrington watches it go into the mitts of the keeper
Roach to Munsey, 1 run, too short, pulled to deep mid-wicket


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