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Windies vs Sri Lanka - 1st Test

Series: Sri Lanka tour of West Indies, 2018
Venue: Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Date: 06-10 June 2018

Sri Lanka 226/10 (83.2 Ovs) RR: 2.71 | Windies won by 226 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Kusal Mendis c Dowrich & b Gabrielc Dowrich & b Gabriel102210102
Kusal Perera c Devon Smith & b Gabrielc Devon Smith & b Gabriel121020
Dinesh Chandimal c K Brathwaite & b Roston Chasec K Brathwaite & b Roston Chase278320
Angelo Mathews c Dowrich & b Holderc Dowrich & b Holder318030
Roshen Silva c Bishoo & b Bishooc Bishoo & b Bishoo142300
Lahiru Gamage lbw Bishoolbw Bishoo34900
Niroshan Dickwella lbw Roston Chaselbw Roston Chase193240
Dilruwan Perera Not OutNot Out3800
Rangana Herath c Shai Hope & b Bishooc Shai Hope & b Bishoo0700
Suranga Lakmal c Dowrich & b Roston Chasec Dowrich & b Roston Chase1400
Lahiru Kumara c Dowrich & b Roston Chasec Dowrich & b Roston Chase0100
Extras 14 (b 3, lb 4, w 0, nb 7)
Total 226 (10 Wkts, 83.2 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
21-1 (Kusal Perera,3.3), 123-2 (Angelo Mathews,43.5), 175-3 (Roshen Silva,52.5), 189-4 (Kusal Mendis,59.6), 195-5 (Lahiru Gamage,68.6), 218-6 (Dinesh Chandimal,79.2), 222-7 (Niroshan Dickwella,79.6), 225-8 (Rangana Herath,82.3), 226-9 (Suranga Lakmal,83.1), 226-10 (Lahiru Kumara,83.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Kemar Roach15 3 57 0 3.80
Shannon Gabriel15 2 52 2 3.47
Jason Holder14 6 24 1 1.71
Miguel Cummins12 4 23 0 1.92
Devendra Bishoo19 2 48 3 2.53
Roston Chase8.2 1 15 4 1.83
Devon Smith0 0 0 0 0
Kraigg Brathwaite0 0 0 0 0
Kieran Powell0 0 0 0 0
Shai Hope0 0 0 0 0
Shane Dowrich0 0 0 0 0


That's all we have from this game. To me, it was the opening spell from Gabriel and Roach in the last hour of the second day which played a major role in the match. Sri Lanka fought hard in the second innings, but it was always a herculean task. The wickets off (non)no-balls will be debated for a while. There were plenty of those which weren't called too. Let's rant about it on some other day. For the Islanders, Kumara and Lakmal were superb with the ball, but it was their batting and fielding which let them down. They have a 3-day gap before locking horns against this rejuvenated Caribbean side at St Lucia. We'll be back for that. Until then, it's goodbye from Abhinand Raghavendran, Kumar Abhisekh Das, Varun Dixit and Mukesh.

Windies take a 1-0 lead in the 3-match series. This is how the Test unfolded. Dowrich's ton helped the hosts post an above-par score. The fiery 10-over spell from the pace quartet led the platform in skittling the Lankans for 185. Windies batted again and set a target above 450. Mendis recorded a ton, but it was the spinners' show on the final day.

Jason Holder: Extremely happy with the way we have started the series. It wasn't easy - the pitch; Pretty tough upfront for the bowlers. Each bloke came in and put up his hand. Credit to the batters as well. The partnership I had with Shane was really good. The way Bishoo batted was outstanding. He eased the pressure off Shane. We just felt it was a brilliant contribution from the lower order and we backed it up in the field in the first innings. I was not worried. The wicket was deteriorating and I told the boys that we need to keep coming at it. We just need to put the pressure on the Sri Lankans and when we got wickets, we got it in clusters towards the end. Extremely pleased with the way Shane played; was disappointed when Kieran got out yesterday. It happens in the game. It's a matter for him to be consistent, he's been given a new role at No. 3 and hopefully he can solidify the position. We are going to be very hard on ourselves - hopefully we can pick ourselves on the field. One or two chances with the run-outs and a bit of sloppy work from time to time. That's the main area we'd like to improve. This is the first time after long that we went in with a combination of five bowlers and it paid off,. It showed on a surface like this where we had to work hard for the wickets. The extra bowler came up trumps and did a big job. Credit to Roston, he came in and did an excellent job. Devendra was outstanding. Not only he built pressure, but also picked wickets. I am really proud of the guys.

Shane Dowrich, Man of the Match: We played well throughout the five days. We had to work hard to score runs on this pitch, it always had something in it for the bowlers. My thought process was to stick to the basics and It worked out for me. For me, consistency is what I am working on and I will try to be positive and continue to score runs. I would like to thank my batting coach Floyd Reifer, he has done a lot of work for me behind the scenes and it worked out well for me in the match.

Dinesh Chandimal: Our fielding was below par on day 1, we dropped some crucial chances. That's part of the game. We need to learn from the mistakes. We need to re-group as a team. We can take positives from the game, specially Kusal Mendis. It was a special knock and Lahiru Kumara also bowled really well in the first and second innings. Credit to West Indies, they played outstanding cricket. He (Dhananjaya) batted at No.3 in the last 4-5 series and he played some outstanding knocks. I feel we just want to play him. Let's see how it goes.

12:55 Local Time, 16:55 GMT, 22:25 IST: A jubilant Windies team walk off the field. It took just 20 balls to remove the last three wickets after lunch. Ian Bishop on air, says that this is Windies' biggest win (in terms of runs) at Queen's Park Oval. When Windies declared yesterday after lunch, the most probable result was a Windies win. However, Kusal Mendis kept the visitors in the hunt. He registered his fifth Test ton today morning, but his wicket opened the floodgates. The nightwatchman was removed quickly and Chase picked two wickets in five balls just before lunch. He added two more to his tally to finish off the formalities. Varun informs me that the Sri Lankans lost their last five wickets in 26 balls.

Roston Chase to Lahiru Kumara, out Caught by Dowrich!! Gone! Windies win by 226 runs! The slider from round the wicket, Kumara was half-forward to block. It was the straighter one, might have kissed the inside edge and Dowrich makes no mistake behind the sticks. Richard Kettleborough took his time before raising the dreaded finger. Oh, well! Replays show that the ball brushed the front pad. Not sure if there was any bat. Lahiru Kumara c Dowrich b Roston Chase 0(1)

Roston Chase to Lahiru Kumara, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Lahiru Kumara, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Roston Chase to Lakmal, out Caught by Dowrich!! An appeal, Richard Kettleborough raises his finger and there's no review left for Sri Lanka. Lakmal is not happy with the decision. A floater outside off, from a length and turns in a tad. Lakmal sticks his bat out and is too late to withdraw it from the line of the ball. Was there an edge? Replays show that there was daylight. Lakmal has to walk back. Lakmal c Dowrich b Roston Chase 1(4)

Roston Chase to Lakmal, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Devendra Bishoo to Lakmal, 1 run, whipped off the back foot to mid-wicket
Devendra Bishoo to Lakmal, no run, comedy of errors! Lakmal saw the width outside off and wafted his bat at it. Goes to backward point and there's a miscommunication between the batters. Lakmal wasn't interested, while Dilruwan Perera was halfway down. The throw comes to the right end - bowler's end. Bishoo makes a mess of it - doesn't hold onto the ball and Perera returns to his crease
Devendra Bishoo to Lakmal, no run, in-drifter, blocked

Suranga Lakmal, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Devendra Bishoo to Herath, out Caught by Shai Hope!! Windies didn't take the second new ball and that's the reason. Loopy leg-break from round the wicket, pitches on the rough and turns in. Herath comes half-forward to block, the extra bounce catches his glove and balloons up to forward short leg. Straightforward catch for Hope there. Windies are two wickets away from a win. Herath c Shai Hope b Devendra Bishoo 0(7)

Devendra Bishoo to Herath, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Devendra Bishoo to Herath, no run, turns in from the rough outside off and keeps low, Herath is well equipped to blunt it towards short leg
Devendra Bishoo to Dilruwan Perera, 1 run, flighted delivery, drifting into the pads, gently patted to mid-wicket
Roston Chase to Dilruwan Perera, 1 run, pushed through on middle and leg, Perera uses the angle to nurdle it to square leg. Keeps the strike
Roston Chase to Dilruwan Perera, no run, airy off-break around off, Perera defends off the inside half
Roston Chase to Dilruwan Perera, no run, allows the ball to turn and nudges it to FSL's left
Roston Chase to Dilruwan Perera, no run, flatter trajectory, poked towards point
Roston Chase to Dilruwan Perera, no run, slightly too full, Perera prods and defends
Roston Chase to Dilruwan Perera, no run, floater outside off, doesn't turn, Perera presses forward to defend and gets beaten on the outside edge

Spin from both ends. ICYMUM, second new ball is available.

Devendra Bishoo to Herath, no run, too full, smothered into the 22-yard strip
Devendra Bishoo to Herath, no run, gets behind the line to blunt it into the leg-side
Devendra Bishoo to Herath, no run, non-turner outside off, Herath pokes and gets beaten
Devendra Bishoo to Herath, no run, forward and blocked
Devendra Bishoo to Herath, no run, leg-break pitched outside off and turned in a tad. Herath plays inside the line expecting the ball to turn a lot. Doesn't and missed the outside edge by a few inches
Devendra Bishoo to Dilruwan Perera, 1 run, shortish leg-break, worked through mid-wicket

Welcome back for the post-lunch session. 3 wickets versus 231 runs! How long will this Test last? Here's Bishoo with a slip, gully, forward short leg and silly point in place.

Lunch, day 5: Windies started the day slightly ahead and they have ended it almost a whisker away from the victory. They are just three wickets away from clinching this match and taking 1-0 lead in this series. Mathews in his interview before the start of the day said Sri Lankans will play some attacking cricket but on-field the cricket they portrayed was almost in contrast to his words. Mendis after making the ton got out to a brute of a ball from Gabriel, who has been sensational in this match and Chandimal had a brainfade moment. On the stroke of lunch, Dickwella was rapped in front of wickets by Chase and that ensured that hosts not only won the session but owned it.

Roston Chase to Dickwella, out Lbw!! He is plumb in front, what an end to the session for Windies. Dickwella was sweeping everything against the spinners but this time he decided to play a defensive shot to the off-side. Ball pitches on the fuller length and held its line, Dickwella played for the turn and ended up playing down the wrong line and ball rapped him on the pads. Dickwella went for a review, it was a desperate one and ball tracking proved his call of taking a review wrong within a minute. Dickwella lbw b Roston Chase 19(32) [4s-4]

Roston Chase to Dickwella, THAT'S OUT!! Lbw!!

Review time: Dickwella has been given OUT on-field. There is no inside edge and ball tracker shows three reds

Roston Chase to Dickwella, no run, fuller length ball, driven to cover
Roston Chase to Dickwella, no run, another sweep, got an edge and ball falls short of second slip
Roston Chase to Dickwella, FOUR, flighted and outside off, he went outside the line and sweeps it to fine leg for a four

Dilruwan Perera, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Roston Chase to Chandimal, out Caught by Kraigg Brathwaite!! Brainfade moment for Chandimal, what has he done. He will be kicking himself. This is a massive moment in the match. It was a flighted ball at the stumps, Chandimal wasn't entirely sure of playing a lofted shot, in the end he went through with the shot and got more of a top-edge. Ball scoops up in the air and Braithwaite runs back and makes no mistake at little wide of mid-on. Chandimal c Kraigg Brathwaite b Roston Chase 27(83) [4s-2]

Roston Chase to Chandimal, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Roston Chase to Chandimal, no run, comes on the front foot and defends to cover
Devendra Bishoo to Dickwella, no run, fuller length ball outside off, outside half of the bat to the off-side
Devendra Bishoo to Dickwella, FOUR, flighted and at the stumps, takes out the sweep shot and connects it exceedingly well through square leg for a four
Devendra Bishoo to Dickwella, no run, playing with danger by staying on the back foot on that fuller length ball. It kept low but he adjusted well to defend it to the off-side

Silly point, FSL and a slip in place.

Devendra Bishoo to Dickwella, no run, gets a good stride forward to keep it down
Devendra Bishoo to Dickwella, no run, blocks that fuller length ball right under his eyes


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