Sri Lanka in New Zealand, Only T20 International, 2019

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka - One-off T20I

Venue: Eden Park, Auckland

Date & Time: 11 January 2019

Sri Lanka 144/10

RR: 8.55 | New Zealand beat Sri Lanka by 35 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Niroshan Dickwella c Tim Seifert (W) & b Doug Bracewell c Tim Seifert (W) & b Doug Bracewell 181021
Sadeera Samarawickrama bowled Lockie Ferguson bowled Lockie Ferguson 0100
Kusal Perera c Doug Bracewell & b Scott Kuggeleijn c Doug Bracewell & b Scott Kuggeleijn 231231
Kusal Mendis c Scott Kuggeleijn & b Tim Southee (C) c Scott Kuggeleijn & b Tim Southee (C) 171900
Thisara Perera c Doug Bracewell & b Lockie Ferguson c Doug Bracewell & b Lockie Ferguson 432423
Dhananjaya de Silva bowled Lockie Ferguson bowled Lockie Ferguson 101210
Dasun Shanaka lbw Ish Sodhi lbw Ish Sodhi 7510
Kasun Rajitha c Tim Seifert (W) & b Ish Sodhi c Tim Seifert (W) & b Ish Sodhi 5900
Lasith Malinga c Martin Guptill & b Mitchell Santner c Martin Guptill & b Mitchell Santner 6510
Lahiru Kumara c Scott Kuggeleijn & b Ish Sodhi c Scott Kuggeleijn & b Ish Sodhi 4210
Lakshan Sandakan not out not out 1200
Extras 10 (b 0, lb 0, w 10, nb 0)
Total 144 (10 Wkts, 16.5 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
11-1 (Sadeera Samarawickrama,0.5), 41-2 (Kusal Perera,3.3), 45-3 (Niroshan Dickwella,4.1), 94-4 (Kusal Mendis,9.5), 118-5 (Thisara Perera,12.3), 119-6 (Dhananjaya de Silva,13), 128-7 (Dasun Shanaka,14.1), 138-8 (Lasith Malinga,15.5), 142-9 (Lahiru Kumara,16.2), 144-10 (Kasun Rajitha,16.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Lockie Ferguson3 0 21 3 7.00
Tim Southee2 0 21 1 10.50
Scott Kuggeleijn3 0 26 1 8.67
Doug Bracewell2 0 19 1 9.50
Mitchell Santner3 0 27 1 9.00
Ish Sodhi3.5 0 30 3 8.57

So that't that, folks! 1-0 in the Tests, 3-0 in the ODIs, 1-0 in the only T20I! Sri Lanka have finished the tour without a win. They did play well in patches but patches aren't enough to win games or series'. Looking forward though, New Zealand welcome the mighty Indians for a limited overs tour and Sri Lanka travel to the island of Australia for another tough tour. It has been lovely bringing you the coverage of this tour. Join us for the upcoming games as well. As of now, lots of cricket is going on! Switch tabs to follow the final Test between South Africa and Pakistan, where the hosts are batting first at Jo'burg or if you want more exciting and faster T20 action, switch tabs to the BBL where the Melbourne Stars have been set a target of 179 by the Adelaide Strikers. Adios from here! Take care!

Tim Southee the winning skipper of New Zealand says that it is always nice to lead the country even if it was for a one-off game and finish off on the right side of the result. Says that is a great team performance to come back from the position they were in after the first half of their batting innings. Assigns special praise for Lockie Ferguson and Mitchell Santner for coming back from injury and performing well. Applauds all the performers in this game as well, saying that the players are comfortable and whenever they are given an opportunity, they are ready to come out and perform their best. Thanks Sri Lanka for being a lovely touring side and feels they played good, competitive cricket even though they did not win a game on the tour. Signs off by saying there is lots of cricket coming up. Reckons it will be a tough series against the Indians. Looks forward to it.

Lasith Malinga the Sri Lankan skipper, feels that they did really well that with the ball early on in the innings and gave away too many towards the end. He still reckons that the score of 180 was still achieveable on this ground. Says that the batsmen did not frame the chase well and did not understand how to cross the line. Feels that going ahead, they must do better in that aspect. Signs off by saying that there are a busy couple of months of cricket coming up where they have to step up and learn to win games.

Doug Bracewell is the Man of the match. He says it is a good result and feels it was a nice way to come back in the side and help in the win after working on his technique in the time he spent outside. Applauds his mate Kuggeleijn for a great debut. Feels that he was doing well at the nets and just came and kept things simple as he came to middle and played his shots. Ends by saying he backs himself to do well whenever he plays.

With 180 to chase and a small ground, despite losing an early wicket, Dickwella and Kusal Perera blasted their side off to a fast start. Both departed shortly, but Thisara continued the fight like he did in the ODIs earlier. The task was too much for him to do alone, so he succumbed and post that, it was just a mere formality as the rest to come were cleaned up within no time. Everyone had a share in the wickets column, with Ferguson and Sodhi taking 3 apiece. A fine performance from the home side.

A clinical victory for the Black Caps in the end. They had some hiccups on the way, but eventually they stood tall and got the job done. First, they stumbled with the bat when they were reduced to 33/4 inside the Powerplay courtesy Malinga and Rajitha, but some calm sense from Taylor combined with fireworks from the returning Bracewell and debutant Kuggeleijn saw them end up with a massive total on the board.

Ish Sodhi to K Rajitha, OUT! It's all over! Sri Lanka have been bowled out for 144 inside 17 overs. NEW ZEALAND WIN THE ONE-OFF T20I BY 35 RUNS. This one is flighted on middle and Rajitha goes for a huge one over mid-wicket but the ball takes the top edge and is straight up in the air. The keeper, Seifert makes a loud call for it, comes under the ball and takes it comfortably with his big gloves. Sodhi ends with three wickets and there is jubilation amongst all the Kiwi players.
Ish Sodhi to K Rajitha, Well outside off, Rajitha goes after it but can't connect. Wide signalled by the umpire.
Ish Sodhi to L Sandakan, Another flighted one outside off, slogged away to mid-wicket on one bounce by Sandakan. A single is taken.
Ish Sodhi to L Sandakan, Flatter one on middle, defended back down the ground towards the bowler.

Lakshan Sandakan is the last man in for Sri Lanka.

Ish Sodhi to L Kumara, OUT! Gone off the second ball! Kuggeleijn takes a simple catch coming in from short third man. Nine down now! Looks like SL might not last the quota of 20 overs even. Slower one this time well outside off, Kumara looks to smash it down the ground but gets a thick outside edge that goes straight to Scott. What an evening for the debutant as well.
Ish Sodhi to L Kumara, FOUR! Kumara uses his feet and smashes this flatter one on leg right back over the bowler's head for a boundary off the first ball he faces. Lovely shot.
M Santner to K Rajitha, Flighted delivery outside off, Rajitha fails to connect it with his defensive bat.

Lahiru Kumara is out next.

M Santner to L Malinga, OUT! Lasith Malinga is back to the pavilion and New Zealand inching closer to the victory line. Santner bowls it wide outside off after seeing Malinga make room for himself for a slog. Malinga tries to go for it but all he manages is to find a top edge and Guptill takes a dolly at long on. The small hope that Sri Lanka had has just went down the drain here.
M Santner to K Rajitha, Flighted delivery on middle and leg, Rajitha plays it to the fielder at long on for a single.
M Santner to L Malinga, Tossed up on middle, the Sri Lanka skipper pushes it through mid on for a single.
M Santner to L Malinga, FOUR! Lucky boundary for Malinga. Tossed up on middle, it finds the inside edge of the bat and moves to the fine leg fence for a boundary.
M Santner to L Malinga, Santner bowls it way outside off this time. Malinga has a go at it but misses. The umpire signals it as wide.
M Santner to K Rajitha, Tossed up on off, Rajitha pushes it away through cover for a single.
Ish Sodhi to K Rajitha, Fuller one on off, pushed back to long off for a single to end the over. Brilliant stuff from Sodhi, just two off it in the end and a wicket to boot!
Ish Sodhi to K Rajitha, Beaten! A flighted one outside off, turns away late to beat the willow of Kasun as he was trying to defend it.
Ish Sodhi to K Rajitha, Flatter ball on off, pushed back to the bowler by Rajitha.
Ish Sodhi to L Malinga, Flighted one on middle and off, Malinga hits it in the air towards long on. Goes on one bounce to Bracewell. Single taken.
Ish Sodhi to L Malinga, Flatter one outside off, pushed away to cover by Malinga.

Lasith Malinga walks out to the middle next.

Ish Sodhi to D Shanaka, OUT! What a brilliant review! Three reds flash and the original decision will have to be overturned and it is curtains for Shanaka and for his team, most probably. A flatter one landing on leg and the ball turns a bit. Dasun who was looking to flick misses the ball and gets rapped on the pads. Loud appeal follows but it is turned down by the umpire. Southee goes upstairs almost immediately. The Snicko is clear, and Ball Tracking shows us that the ball was pitched on line, hit in line and would have gone on to hit the top of leg. The decision is overturned, Shanaka departs! Sri Lanka in troubled waters now. Seven down, need 52 off 35 balls now.

And immediately a review is taken. It is for an lbw decision against Dasun Shanaka. Looks close.

Ish Sodhi returns.

M Santner to D Shanaka, On the pads this time and Shanaka flicks it away on the leg side for single.
M Santner to K Rajitha, Flighted delivery on middle this time Rajitha pushes it towards long on for a single.
M Santner to D Shanaka, Tossed up on middle, driven away through mid on for a single.
M Santner to D Shanaka, FOUR! Loopy delivery by Mitchell, Shanaka opens the face of the bat and helps it towards the vacant third man region for a boundary. Important boundary here for Sri Lanka.
M Santner to K Rajitha, A very slower and shorter ball on middle by Santner, Rajitha flicks it away on the leg side for a single.
M Santner to D Shanaka, Tossed up on off by Santner, Shanaka comes down the track and hits it towards mid-wicket for a single.

Kasun Rajitha is out next. Also, Mitchell Santner is back into the attack.

L Ferguson to de Silva, OUT! Cleaned him up! A fiery 147.4 kph yorker and the stumps have been disturbed! Ferguson is on fire here! Runs in hard and bowls this on the base of off stump. It is too good for Dhananjaya as he fails to keep it out. Sri Lanka are losing their way here! 61 now needed off 42 balls and the main batsmen are all back in the dugout.
L Ferguson to de Silva, Well down the leg side, de Silva cannot connect his shot. Called a wide!
L Ferguson to de Silva, Would have been a gonner had Guptill hit the stumps there! Length ball outside off, guided to backward point. The batsmen go for a single but Shanaka sends de Silva back after he is halfway down. Guptill picks it up and has a shy but throws it too high. A good chance wasted. Had more time there to take aim one would feel!
L Ferguson to de Silva, On a length and defended back down the ground by Dhananjaya.

Dasun Shanaka is next to the crease.

L Ferguson to T Perera, OUT! Lockie Ferguson with the breakthrough and it's the huge wicket of Thisara Perera. He tries to clear long on but he cannot. All he does is find Bracewell who has had a brilliant game and he takes an easy catch. Thisara Perera was looking dangerous out in the middle and was Sri Lanka's biggest hope to ensure they won this one, but he is unable to make them see the light at the end of the tunnel.
L Ferguson to de Silva, Fuller length delivery, de Silva flicks it away for a single through the mid-wicket.
L Ferguson to de Silva, Starts off with a length delivery on middle and leg, de Silva moves on the leg side. He tries to flick it but the ball hits him on his pad.

Lockie Ferguson is back for another burst.

S Kuggeleijn to T Perera, Play and a miss! Kuggeleijn angles it across on a good length, Thisara Perera looks to smash this through the covers but fails to make connection. 63 needed to win in 48.
S Kuggeleijn to de Silva, In the channel outside off, on a length, run down to third man. Another run taken.
S Kuggeleijn to T Perera, Short of a good length on the stumps, pulled through square leg for a single.
S Kuggeleijn to T Perera, Good running. Thisara works it through mid-wicket gently. Runs the first one hard and manages to come back for the second.