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Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe - 5th Match

Series: Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe in Bangladesh Tri-Series, 2018
Venue: Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka
Date & Time: 23 January 2018

Zimbabwe 125/10 (36.3 Ovs) CRR: 3.42 | Bangladesh won by 91 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Hamilton Masakadza c Sabbir & b Mortazac Sabbir & b Mortaza51500
Solomon Mire bowled Shakibbowled Shakib72200
Craig Ervine c Sabbir & b Mortazac Sabbir & b Mortaza111520
Brendan Taylor lbw Shakiblbw Shakib0100
Sikandar Raza bowled Mustafizurbowled Mustafizur395941
Peter Moor lbw Sunzamul Islamlbw Sunzamul Islam144210
Malcolm Waller lbw Sunzamul Islamlbw Sunzamul Islam0100
Graeme Cremer lbw Rubellbw Rubel233130
Kyle Jarvis c Mahmudullah & b Mustafizurc Mahmudullah & b Mustafizur101910
Tendai Chatara c Sabbir & b Shakibc Sabbir & b Shakib81320
Blessing Muzarabani Not OutNot Out0100
Extras 8 (b 0, lb 0, w 8, nb 0)
Total 125 (10 Wkts, 36.3 Ov)
BowlingO M R WEcon
Shakib Al Hasan9 2 34 3 3.78
Mashrafe Mortaza6 0 29 2 4.83
Sunzamul Islam10 0 28 2 2.8
Mustafizur Rahman6.3 3 16 2 2.67
Rubel Hossain5 1 18 1 3.6
Tamim Iqbal0 0 0 0 0
Anamul Haque0 0 0 0 0
Mushfiqur Rahim0 0 0 0 0
Mahmudullah0 0 0 0 0
Sabbir Rahman0 0 0 0 0
Nasir Hossain0 0 0 0 0


Three wins and all of them with bonus points, Bangladesh are flying at the moment and it is going to be difficult to stop them. Zimbabwe now need to wait for the result of the next game, which will be played between the hosts and Sri Lanka on Thursday (January 25). Tune in for that encounter. That's it from us. Goodbye!

Tamim, Man of the Match: It wasn't the easiest wicket. On this kind of wicket, you need to be patient and cash in on the bad balls. Me and Shakib were going well, but my wicket was the key. I should have batted through and helped get that 240-250 score. It was tough at the start and they were also bowling well. To achieve something like that is always a proud moment (highest run-scorer at a single venue - Shere Bangla National Stadium). I will not leave him (Shakib) alone (chuckles) (referring to the MoM competition).

Mortaza: With the way the wicket played, we thought we could get more. The way Tamim and Shakib batted, it was good. But we lost too many wickets in the middle. He (Mustafizur) has been practising his batting. The confidence was there in the dressing room at the halfway mark. It is very important to keep the momentum and hopefully we can keep going.

Cremer: It was a difficult wicket. All the wickets look similar but play differently. The toss was not crucial. We went about nicely with the ball and in the field. We should have done better with the bat. It was nice to get him (Tamim) out like that. When Shakib and Tamim were going, they could have got more, but we pulled it back. I thought the wicket didn't get us out, we gave Bangladesh a few soft wickets. We can't blame the wicket. It is tough when you lose wickets in the first 10 overs. We enjoyed the tour. Hopefully we will make the final and for that Bangladesh will have to play really well against Sri Lanka.

18:50 Local Time, 12:50 GMT, 18:20 IST: It was never going to be easy, but Zimbabwe made it even more difficult by playing some reckless shots. Masakadza and Mire threw it away, so did Craig Ervine. Sikandar Raza and Peter Moor arrested the slide with a steady partnership, but once that was broken it was one-way traffic. All the Bangladeshi bowlers were among the wickets, Mortaza and Shakib gave them the perfect start - picking four wickets in the first powerplay. The rest then contributed to wrap Zimbabwe for a paltry 125. This is the fourth lowest total that Bangladesh have successfully defended.

Mustafizur to Jarvis, out Caught by Mahmudullah!! Bangladesh win by 91 runs. Jarvis could not resist further. After having hit a boundary off the previous ball, he gets greedy and tries to repeat the shot, the off-cutter takes the splice of the bat and balloons to mid-off, where Mahmudullah claims the dolly. Jarvis c Mahmudullah b Mustafizur 10(19) [4s-1]

Mustafizur to Jarvis, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Mustafizur to Jarvis, FOUR, clean strike! Full and on off, Jarvis plants his front leg forward and smashes it straight back past the bowler. Nice clean swing of the bat and he pockets a boundary
Mustafizur to Jarvis, no run, run-out chance missed. Jarvis drives the full delivery to mid-on and called for the single, he sends Muzarabani back once he was halfway down. The fielder fires a wild throw at the bowler's end and allows Muzarabani to survive
Shakib to Muzarabani, no run, bit too full and on off, Muzarabani pushes it to cover. Plenty of smiles from the Bangladeshi fielders
Shakib to Jarvis, 1 run, tossed up outside off, Jarvis slices the drive off the outer half of the bat square on the off-side
Shakib to Jarvis, 2 runs, flattish and on the pads, clipped to deep square leg and Jarvis wanted two, pushed for it and got it with ease

Blessing Muzarabani, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Shakib to Chatara, out Caught by Sabbir Rahman!! That ends Chatara's fun. He did almost everything right but picked out the best fielder in the Bangladeshi side. Shimmies down the wicket and gets close to the flighted delivery, goes through the line with the loft and places it wide of long-on. Sabbir runs around the circumference and takes it calmly. Chatara c Sabbir Rahman b Shakib 8(13) [4s-2]

Shakib to Chatara, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Shakib to Chatara, no run, slower around off, Chatara does not counter for the turn, he prods forward to defend and is beaten on the outside edge. Appeal for caught behind but the umpire is not convinced
Shakib to Jarvis, 1 run, punched to long-on
Mustafizur to Chatara, no run, dropped? Goes back over the wicket and angles it across off, Chatara goes searching for the ball and gloves it behind. Rahim standing up to the stumps, dives across to his right and spills it. He went with one hand and the ball landed an inch in front of him
Mustafizur to Chatara, no run, back of a length on off, Chatara shuffles around in the crease before getting in line and blocking
Mustafizur to Chatara, no run, nearly! Runs down the wicket and targets cow corner, off-cutter breaks away to beat the outside edge. Not far away from the off-stump
Mustafizur to Jarvis, 1 run, short of length and Jarvis directs it to the left of backward point with an open bat face
Mustafizur to Jarvis, no run, on a length and outside off, Jarvis pushes it gently to cover
Mustafizur to Jarvis, no run, back of a length on off, Jarvis defends it into the on-side

Time for drinks.. The writing is on the wall. Just needs the final bit to be completed. Who will pick the last two wickets? My bet is on Mustafizur..

Shakib to Chatara, no run, much slower and Chatara goes back in the crease and keeps it out
Shakib to Chatara, no run, tossed up around off, dabbed into the off-side
Shakib to Chatara, FOUR, flighted up outside off and Chatara takes the invitation, does not bother to get behind the line as he swings blindly, just about manages to clear the mid-on fielder
Shakib to Chatara, no run, sliding down leg and no signal from the umpire, did Chatara get something on it? Not sure he did
Shakib to Chatara, no run, slower through the air and on off, Chatara plunges forward and blocks
Shakib to Jarvis, 1 run, flatter and on off, Jarvis punches it down to long-on
Mustafizur to Chatara, no run, better. Watches the good length ball till the last second and defends it with an angled bat to backward point
Mustafizur to Chatara, no run, Chatara is not going to hang around. Steps out of the wicket and heaves across the line, the off-cutter beats him comprehensively
Mustafizur to Chatara, FOUR, edged and four. Mustafizur goes round the wicket and spears in the off-cutter, Chatara had no clue about that, prods forward to defend and the ball catches the outside edge, lands in front of Anamul at first slip and runs away

Tendai Chatara, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Mustafizur to Raza, out Bowled!! The Fizz has his man. There go Zimbabwe's hopes. Short of length and angled across off, Raza hops to counter the bounce, but closes the bat face aiming to nudge it into the on-side, that causes his undoing, the ball deflects onto the stumps off the inside edge, just enough for the leg-bail to fall of the groove. First wicket for Mustafizur and he's deserved that. Raza b Mustafizur 39(59) [4s-4 6s-1]

Mustafizur to Raza, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Mustafizur to Raza, 2 runs, this back of a length keeps low and almost makes Raza chop it back on, it was the cut shot that he attempted and the inside edge goes past the stumps, two added
Mustafizur to Raza, FOUR, welcome, mate! Puts on the dancing shoes and gives himself room as well, freed his arms and extended the off-drive over mid-off, one bounce and into the fence. Raza has certainly shifted gears

Mustafizur Rahman [4.0-3-1-0] is back into the attack

Shakib to Jarvis, no run, very very slow and that gives Jarvis the time to sum up the length and knock it to point
Shakib to Jarvis, no run, drifter outside off, Jarvis plunges forward and defends it to cover

Slip in

Shakib to Raza, 1 run, flattish and on the stumps, clipped through mid-wicket, just a single
Shakib to Raza, no run, arm-ball that skids on, Raza cuts it off the stumps to backward point. He was a goner had he missed out
Shakib to Raza, FOUR, Shakib is outsmarted. He thought the charge was on and dropped the length short, Raza hangs back in the crease and slaps it over extra cover, no chance for the man sweeping
Shakib to Raza, no run, seems like Raza has decided to take on the bowling with not much batting left. Races down the wicket and heaves across the line, squirted off the inside edge to backward square leg

Shakib Al Hasan [6.0-2-20-2] is back into the attack

Sunzamul Islam to Jarvis, no run, shortens the length and Jarvis hangs back to knock it to mid-wicket. Sunzamul ends his spell and his patted by his mates for a good one, finishes with: 10-0-28-2
Sunzamul Islam to Jarvis, no run, nice loopy delivery, Jarvis is drawn into the forward block, the ball turns away to beate the outside edge


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