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Sri Lanka vs South Africa - 4th ODI

Series: South Africa tour of Sri Lanka, 2018
Venue: Pallekele International Cricket Stadium, Pallekele
Date & Time: 08 August 2018

South Africa 187/9 (21 Ovs) RR: 8.90 | Sri Lanka won by 3 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Quinton de Kock bowled Lakmalbowled Lakmal231331
Hashim Amla c Lahiru Kumara & b Dananjayac Lahiru Kumara & b Dananjaya402360
Reeza Hendricks c Dhananjaya de Silva & b Shanakac Dhananjaya de Silva & b Shanaka2300
Jean-Paul Duminy runout runout 382332
Heinrich Klaasen c Mathews & b Dhananjaya de Silvac Mathews & b Dhananjaya de Silva171320
David Miller bowled Lakmalbowled Lakmal211701
Andile Phehlukwayo bowled Thisara Pererabowled Thisara Perera91020
Willem Mulder c Dhananjaya de Silva & b Lakmalc Dhananjaya de Silva & b Lakmal4710
Keshav Maharaj bowled Thisara Pererabowled Thisara Perera171430
Junior Dala Not OutNot Out3300
Lungi Ngidi Not OutNot Out1100
Extras 12 (b 0, lb 5, w 6, nb 1)
Total 187 (9 Wkts, 21 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
34-1 (Quinton de Kock,2.6), 51-2 (Reeza Hendricks,4.4), 108-3 (Hashim Amla,9.3), 129-4 (Heinrich Klaasen,12.2), 130-5 (Jean-Paul Duminy,13), 149-6 (Andile Phehlukwayo,15.2), 155-7 (Willem Mulder,16.4), 183-8 (Keshav Maharaj,19.6), 183-9 (David Miller,20.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Suranga Lakmal5 0 46 3 9.20
Akila Dananjaya3 0 30 1 10.00
Thisara Perera4 0 32 2 8.00
Dasun Shanaka2 0 20 1 10.00
Lahiru Kumara3 0 28 0 9.33
Dhananjaya de Silva4 0 26 1 6.50
Upul Tharanga0 0 0 0 0
Niroshan Dickwella0 0 0 0 0
Kusal Perera0 0 0 0 0
Kusal Mendis0 0 0 0 0
Angelo Mathews0 0 0 0 0


"We'll have a drink tonight," is what an elated Mathews said in that post-match interview. It's a happy Sri Lankan outfit out there, while South Africa too aren't really disturbed much by this loss because they have already sealed the series with a game to go. Quite an experience for de Kock on his captaincy debut. To be honest, he was a bit nervous in that presentation ceremony. He is looking forward to enjoying this new responsibility. We'll see how it all pans out. These two teams will meet again for the final ODI in Colombo on Sunday. Join us for all the action from 14:30 local time. Until then, goodbye!

Mathews: "It was very important to win today, extremely proud of the way we fought. The batters put up a decent score on a good pitch to bat on, it was a fantastic effort by the bowlers as well. The batters are starting to score runs on good wickets, credit to the groundstaff for working hard for getting the ground ready in time with the rain breaks."

De Kock: "Disappointing to lose a game like that, but it was a good game. Not too sure what went wrong, but credit to Sri Lanka for putting pressure on us. I love the responsibility of captaincy."

Shanaka: "I am happy that I performed well when I got the opportunity in the playing XI. I was not nervous and I enjoyed my batting."

Dasun Shanaka is the Man of the Match

The target was 191 in 21 overs and the Proteas were cruising at one stage with Duminy going great guns, but he attempted a suicidal run three balls after Klaasen was dismissed and opened the door for Sri Lanka. Thisara bowled exceptionally well at the death, sticking to bowling only back of a length and not trying the fancy yorkers or slower balls. Two overs, 13 runs and a wicket was what he managed and then Lakmal learnt from what Thisara was doing succesfully - bowl the hard length with the pitch helping the ball to skid. His slower ball to Miller with 8 needed off 5 in the final over was great execution and from there on, Sri Lanka had it in their hands.

Before the start of the series, Angelo Mathews spoke about how Sri Lanka needed to improve their poor ODI record in recent times. Going 3-0 down didn't help matters and look at those emotions from him. Tells you how much it means to him. When he took Klaasen's catch, he threw the ball away in anger and now he celebrates with a wild roar like a youngster. He badly wanted this win! How did South Africa let this slip? Well they have their own story to tell, don't they?

Lakmal to Junior Dala, 1 run, this is superb comeback victory for Sri Lanka, one that has saved them from a whitewash! Back of a length delivery on the stumps, Dala mistimes the slap and hits it only as far as cover

Final ball, 5 runs needed!

Lakmal to Junior Dala, 2 runs, this time he swings and gets a thick inside edge that rolls to deep square leg, the man protecting the deep mid-wicket boundary runs to his right and cuts it off
Lakmal to Junior Dala, no run, beaten and almost bowled! The crowd is overjoyed with the dot ball. Back of a length zipping off the surface and just missing the top of leg stump, Dala tried to play to long-on. Swing hard sir!
Lakmal to Lungi Ngidi, 1 run, short of length delivery on the off stump, Ngidi taps it to long-on

Lungi Ngidi, right handed bat, comes to the crease

8 off 4 balls now. Sri Lanka sense a win here. What's the field? Mid-off, cover, backward point and third man on the off-side

Lakmal to Miller, out Bowled!! This is unbeliveable thought process from Lakmal if this was a deliberate slower ball. He packed the off-side field and everyone thought it was going to be a wide yorker or back of a length outside off stump, and then he cleverly slips out a slower ball on target and Miller didn't read that from the hand. Reacted with a slog but only managed an inside edge before the ball crashed into the off stump. Oh South Africa, not yet again! Miller b Lakmal 21(17) [6s-1]

Lakmal to Miller, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Mathews and Thisara talk to Lakmal again. Should there be one more fielder on the off-side? Now they have a short third man and backward point is stationed deep.

Lakmal to Miller, no run, back of a length and wide outside off stump, smashed to sweeper cover, Miller isn't running, he wants to finish this alone

Junior Dala, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Final over, Lakmal to bowl with South Africa needed 8 runs. Mathews, Thisara and Lakmal have a chat. Fine leg and backward square leg inside. Long-on, long-off, sweeper on the off-side, third man is there as well. Two men at extra-cover

Perera to Maharaj, out Bowled!! He's hit the top of off stump. Lovely delivery and it's a precious dot for Sri Lanka. Maharaj anyway has played a decent hand. Back of a length and on the off stump, Maharaj swipes across and finds the stumps disturbed. Two great overs under pressure at the death from Perera - 13 runs and a wicket. Maharaj b Perera 17(14) [4s-3]

Perera to Maharaj, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Perera to Miller, 1 run, oh confusion but Sri Lanka miss the stumps when it mattered most! Two direct-hits that didn't result in a wicket. Miller stopped for a moment after defending this length ball to cover, Akila Dananjaya doesn't fire an accurate throw at the bowler's end, Miller dives and escapes
Perera to Maharaj, 1 run, short of length delivery just outside off stump, Maharaj taps it to point
Perera to Maharaj, FOUR, that's a top shot under pressure. Silence at the ground. Length ball but gave just a bit of room outside off stump and Maharaj was already staying leg-side to give himself room, smacked off the back foot and past the diving cover fielder
Perera to Miller, 1 run, good length delivery outside off stump, Miller guides it to backward point, just a run
Perera to Maharaj, 1 run, direct-hit again, ball deflects away, second run on but Miller sends Maharaj back as he wants strike. Maharaj steps out and mistimes the drive to mid-off, in fact the bat was plugged inside the crease and not dragged in, dangerous ploy
Lakmal to Maharaj, 1 run, interesting, he's taken a single last ball and well keep strike. Short of a length delivery on the off stump, Maharaj taps it to point and sets off
Lakmal to Maharaj, no run, slower delivery outside off stump, Maharaj swings again and misses, got to stay balanced while trying to make contact with the ball
Lakmal to Maharaj, no run, short of length and beaten. Maharaj walks down the pitch and tries to slog through mid-wicket, the ball sneaks under the bat
Lakmal to Maharaj, FOUR, that's the kind of luck you need under pressure. Maharaj swings hard at this good length delivery and gets a thick inside edge that escapes past the stumps and beats the keeper's dive
Lakmal to Miller, 1 run, sensible play by Miller runs this down to third man, allowing the short of length delivery to come to him
Lakmal to Miller, 2 runs, good length delivery on the leg stump, Miller works it through square leg and returns for the second run

24 off 18 now

Perera to Maharaj, no run, beaten! Good over from Perera. Note the length this over. Everything has been close to back of a length, a length that is almost forgotten by bowlers at the death nowadays. Didn't try the fancy yorker and bowl freebies, kept it simple and it was effective. Perera bowls this with pacy and the ball skids off the pitch
Perera to Maharaj, no run, inside edge misses the stumps and rolls to the keeper
Perera to Miller, 3 runs, this is brilliant running from Maharaj and he's also managed to steal an overthrow run. Good length delivery just outside off stump, Miller softly pushes to long-off, Shanaka fires a direct-hit at the bowler's end and the ball deflects away in the gap to give them the third

Direct-hit, but Maharaj seems to be home. Yes, he's in!

Perera to Maharaj, 1 run, tap-and-run single to cover, a direct-hit could be tight, but Mathews fumbles while trying to pick up the ball in a hurry to effect a run-out
Perera to Maharaj, no run, past the outside edge, Perera hits the seam with this length ball and gets it to move away, Maharaj pokes in his defence and almost nicks off
Perera to Miller, 1 run, good length delivery, tapped to extra-cover
Lakmal to Maharaj, FOUR, that silly mistake by Sri Lanka has cost them five runs now. Mathews isn't happy. Pressure built has been released. Maharaj is another one that can bat, Lakmal bowls this length ball wide outside off stump and Maharaj crashes it wide of cover with no fielders in the deep
Lakmal to Miller, no ball, 1 run, with all that's happening at the other end, Miller calmly pushes one to long-off and keeps strike. Hang on, there's some confusion, Mathews is talking to umpire Paul Reiffel and it's called a no ball because Mathews didn't have enough fielders inside the ring. Free-hit now
Lakmal to Maharaj, 1 run, short of length delivery outside off stump, Maharaj taps it to cover

Keshav Maharaj, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Lakmal to Willem Mulder, out Caught by de Silva!! Wow!!! Just Wow! What a catch! We saw QdK fly and take one off Mathews, now Dhananjaya de Silva is air-borne and almost horizontal to the ground as he grabs this screamer. Short of a length delivery from Lakmal, Mulder wants to break free after those dots, goes for a boundary and doesn't bother to keep the pull shot down, mid-wicket jumps and flies to his left and grabs it with both hands. Crowd right behind the home team. Miller needs support! Willem Mulder c de Silva b Lakmal 4(7) [4s-1]

Lakmal to Willem Mulder, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Lakmal to Willem Mulder, no run, oh inside onto pad and almost onto the stumps! It's all happening out there, pressure on Mulder, has played five dots since that first ball boundary. Good length delivery just outside off stump, Mulder tries to push it into the off-side
Lakmal to Willem Mulder, wide, that's the bowler giving a freebie, Lakmal expects Mulder to back away, but the batsman stays put and this one goes down the leg-side
Lakmal to Willem Mulder, no run, jumps down the pitch, bowler follows him and cramps him with a short of length delivery, Mulder misses the flick, hit on the thigh pad, dot added


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