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Australia vs South Africa - One-off T20I

Series: South Africa in Australia, Only T20 International, 2018
Venue: Carrara Oval, Carrara
Date & Time: 17 November 2018

Australia 87/7 (10.0 Ovs) RR: 8.7 | South Africa beat Australia by 21 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Aaron Finch bowled Lungi Ngidi bowled Lungi Ngidi 7610
Chris Lynn bowled Chris Morris bowled Chris Morris 141030
D'Arcy Short c Andile Phehlukwayo & b Chris Morris c Andile Phehlukwayo & b Chris Morris 0100
Glenn Maxwell c Farhaan Behardien & b Lungi Ngidi c Farhaan Behardien & b Lungi Ngidi 382322
Marcus Stoinis c & b Andile Phehlukwayo c & b Andile Phehlukwayo 5310
Ben McDermott c Quinton de Kock (W) & b Andile Phehlukwayo c Quinton de Kock (W) & b Andile Phehlukwayo 4600
Alex Carey c Heinrich Klaasen & b Tabraiz Shamsi c Heinrich Klaasen & b Tabraiz Shamsi 8700
Nathan Coulter-Nile not out not out 2400
Andrew Tye
Jason Behrendorff
Billy Stanlake
Extras 9 (b 0, lb 5, w 4, nb 0)
Total 87 (7 Wkts, 10.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
21-1 (Aaron Finch,2), 26-2 (D'Arcy Short,2.4), 27-3 (Chris Lynn,3), 37-4 (Marcus Stoinis,3.5), 43-5 (Ben McDermott,5.2), 60-6 (Alex Carey,7), 87-7 (Glenn Maxwell,10),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Kagiso Rabada2 0 21 0 10.50
Lungi Ngidi2 0 16 2 8.00
Chris Morris2 0 12 2 6.00
Andile Phehlukwayo2 0 21 2 10.50
Tabraiz Shamsi2 0 12 1 6.00
Quinton de Kock 0 0 0 0 0
Reeza Hendricks 0 0 0 0 0
Faf du Plessis 0 0 0 0 0
David Miller 0 0 0 0 0
Heinrich Klaasen 0 0 0 0 0
Farhaan Behardien 0 0 0 0 0

That is it from this game. Australia endure another forgetful series, losing the ODI series 1-2 and not able to win the one-off T20I either. Their next opponent is an even fiercer one, with India confidently set to test themselves, rather than the Kangaroos. Do join us for that series which begins from Wednesday, November 21, 2018 at the 'Gabba, at 5.50 pm local (0750 GMT). ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

TABRAIZ SHAMSI HAS BEEN NAMED THE PLAYER OF THE MATCH. He praises the new-ball bowlers for setting up the win. Adds that their work made the job easier for him, as with the required run-rate mounting, the batsmen were always going to go after him and on a large ground, it helped him. Is very happy with the win, citing that South Africa had planned a lot for this tour of Australia and it has worked out well.

Victorious South African skipper, Faf du Plessis, is now up for a chat. He starts by crediting the bowlers for the way they bowled in this game. Mentions they assessed the conditions during their batting and had a plan which they executed well. Further adds Australia was always going to be a tough challenge and he is pleased they have won both the white-ball formats. Ends by saying, they will head to South Africa with their heads held high.

Australian captain Aaron Finch says that South Africa got off to a good start but praises his team for coming back well towards the end. Laments the top order not getting starts as the key to the loss. Says that in a 10-over game, everything needs to be right and in the end, he feels that South Africa's Powerplay with the bat was the instrumental rod in their win. Is not too fussed with this loss and says that the team is still positive and is geared up for the series against India. Requests all the Aussie fans not to give up hope and there is plenty of talent in this team, stressing further that even though the results are not going their way, the change of fortunes is not far.

South Africa were clinical once again. Apart from Rabada, every bowler got a wicket, with Ngidi, Morris and Phehlukwayo taking 2 each. The Proteas will be happy with the latter 2, filling out the fifth bowler options heading into the 2019 World Cup. Please stay tuned for the presentation...

Glenn Maxwell says they were left with a lot to do after they lost a few wickets in the Powerplay. Admits they started poorly and then could not recover. Mentions that there are not many positives that can be taken out of this game and hopes to improve against India. On the catch he took to dismiss Faf du Plessis, he says he does practice it a lot of times and he is happy to have pulled it off. Further adds that they are prepared for India and despite this loss they are looking forward for that game. Ends by saying the conditions did not change a lot, the wicket got a little slow in the second half but it was still a good surface.

Glenn Maxwell was the only Aussie to fight it out in the middle. He swung and missed a lot but ended up playing till the last ball. He was one of only two batsmen who could muster double digits in this Aussie side. Here he is, for a chat.

To chase down a total of 109, Australia needed their top order to fire but it got doused out inside the Powerplay itself. The choice of shots was extremely poor and though one might argue that a 10-over shootout does not vouch for techniques, better choice might have given them some gain. The loss is just by 21 runs, in spite of batting poorly. So if the top order had played just a bit sensibly, might have even won this.

A comfortable win for South Africa. Their second victory over the Aussies in T20Is Down Under. Thoroughly deserved.

L Ngidi to G Maxwell, OUT! A wicket from the final ball! A high full toss, Maxwell tries to go big but does not get it off the middle. It lobs towards Behardien who comes running in from long on and takes it. Customary handshakes going on now as SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 21 RUNS!
L Ngidi to N Coulter-Nile, Full and on the pads, NCN flicks it through mid-wicket for a run. So Maxwell will face the last ball.
L Ngidi to N Coulter-Nile, Swing but the batsman connects with thin air.Slower ball outside off, Nathan is way too early into the shot and he misses.
L Ngidi to N Coulter-Nile, Dot ball. Unless Ngidi bowls a really poor over, consisting of no balls and wides, South Africa have won this. Follows the batsman down the leg side, Coulter-Nile desperately swings hard but misses.
L Ngidi to N Coulter-Nile, WIDE. A slower one but it is well outside off, Coulter-Nile is early into his pull and misses.
L Ngidi to G Maxwell, Excellently bowled. Full and just around off, Maxi can only get it towards mid off. Just a single.
L Ngidi to G Maxwell, SIX! Full and straight, Maxwell backs away and finally connects. Swings it down the ground and clears long on. 25 needed from 5 balls. Still a chance?

Lungi Ngidi to bowl the final over.

K Rabada to G Maxwell, Almost a yorker, Maxwell jams it out towards mid-wicket for a run. 31 from the last 6. 5 maximums and one single. Only sounds easy though.
K Rabada to G Maxwell, FOUR! TOP EDGE! Short and quick on the middle pole, Maxwell goes for the pull but gets a top edge over the keeper and into the fine leg fence.
K Rabada to G Maxwell, FOUR! Boundaries on every delivery also won't do. Maxwell once again walks right across and then helps the bouncer on its way to the fine leg fence.
K Rabada to G Maxwell, WIDE! A little too harsh on the bowler. It is a bumper on the body. Maxwell shuffles across and goes for the pull but misses. The umpire has signaled a wide. Rabada is not happy.
K Rabada to G Maxwell, Backs a long way down the leg side, Maxi swings hard, only to miss again.

Huh? What happened there? Rabada has delivered the ball but it has gone to the man at point! Kagiso complains, saying that it should not be a no ball because it barely reached the batsman! The umpires confer and then agree. Dead ball signalled.

K Rabada to N Coulter-Nile, Follows the batsman again, outside leg, Coulter-Nile is cramped for room and jams his bat down. Gets it off the inner half towards square leg. A run taken.
K Rabada to G Maxwell, A slower ball, short in length, following the batsman, Maxwell swings hard, only to miss. The ball runs down to third man and a single is taken. Must have been an inside edge then.

Kagiso Rabada to bowl the 9th over.

C Morris to G Maxwell, NOT OUT! No, Nathan's dive has saved him. A full toss around off, Maxwell smashes it towards extra cover where Faf collects it on the bounce with a dive forward. The batsmen go for a run, du Plessis gets on his feet and then throws it to the keeper who collects it and whips the bails off. The players appeal and the umpire takes it upstairs. Replays roll in and it shows Nathan is safe. His dive and the throw being just a touch wide save him. The good thing for Australia is, Maxwell will be on strike.

Is that a run out? Coulter-Nile is the man in question... Maxwell wanted the single while Nathan was caught napping. He has put in the dive... but South Africa rarely miss run outs. Is this wicket number 7?

C Morris to G Maxwell, Down the leg side, Maxwell tries to flick but misses. Wide signaled!
C Morris to G Maxwell, A bumper outside off, Maxwell tries to upper cut it but misses.
C Morris to G Maxwell, Another swing and a miss! This is slightly short and on middle, Maxwell heaves across the line but misses.
C Morris to G Maxwell, No hat-trick. Once more, the Big Show backs away to the leg side, ready to flash hard. But this time, Morris smartly slips in a slow one and Maxwell is already through with his shot by the time the ball arrives. Another play and a miss.
C Morris to G Maxwell, Backs away again, does Maxi, this time the length is short, he flays it over backward point now and gets another brace.
C Morris to G Maxwell, Full and straight, Maxwell backs away and guides it towards backward point. Andile Phehlukwayo doves over the ball and only gets a hand to it. Tabraiz Shamsi tracks it down from short third man and the batsmen get a couple.

Nathan Coulter-Nile, Australia's highest scorer during their T20I series against Pakistan in the Middle East, comes out to the middle. Do Australia still have a sniff? Chris Morris returns as well.

T Shamsi to A Carey, OUT! Carey holes out! He just had to go for it and falls in the attempt of doing so. Uses his feet to this tossed up delivery. It was bowled nice and slow. Carey tries to clear long off but does not get the distance he would have liked. Klaasen there takes it above his head. 49 more needed in 18. Maxwell will need to do this all by himself.
T Shamsi to G Maxwell, Tosses this up around middle, Maxwell swings but it goes off the inner half through mid-wicket for a run.
T Shamsi to A Carey, Flatter and on the shorter side this time, Carey slaps it down towards long off for just a run this time.
T Shamsi to A Carey, Full and around middle, slogged straight back this time. Down the ground, for two more. Hat-trick!
T Shamsi to A Carey, Another slog sweep, this one goes a bit further, away from the man in the deep. Two more to the total.
T Shamsi to A Carey, Full and outside off, Carey looks to play the slog sweep but miscues it. However, the large ground keeps the ball safe and David Miller charging in from deep mid-wicket cannot get to it. A couple taken.
A Phehlukwayo to G Maxwell, SIX! Going, going and gone! Much-needed for Australia and they need to continue. 57 from 24 is the equation. Full and on the leg pole. Maxwell clears his front leg and thwacks it over the mid-wicket fence.
A Phehlukwayo to G Maxwell, Maxwell comes down the track and hits it towards extra cover for a couple.
A Phehlukwayo to A Carey, Another length ball on off, Carey guides it to point for a run. Singles won't bother Faf at this stage.
A Phehlukwayo to A Carey, Full on middle, pushed towards mid on.

Alex Carey walks in at number 7, replacing McDermott.

A Phehlukwayo to Ben McDermott, OUT! Caught behind! 5th wicket down for Australia and a different mode of dismissal for McDermott this time. A length ball, around middle, Ben gets across a long way and tries to lap-pull. However, he barely makes any contact. In fact, the ball takes the feather of the bat and goes behind. De Kock celebrates and Phehlukwayo appeals. Up goes the umpire's finger!
A Phehlukwayo to G Maxwell, A slower ball outside off, Maxwell is early into his slog, backing away to the leg side but somehow manages to club it towards Farhaan Behardien at long on for a single.
T Shamsi to Ben McDermott, Fires it wide outside off, Ben tries to go downtown but once again misses. The ball stayed a touch low there. Just 4 from the over, excellent start by Shamsi.
T Shamsi to Ben McDermott, Brings the reverse sweep out but fails to connect.