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New Zealand vs Pakistan - 2nd T20I

Series: Pakistan tour of New Zealand, 2018
Venue: Eden Park, Auckland
Date & Time: 25 January 2018

New Zealand 153/10 (18.3 Ovs) CRR: 8.27 | Pakistan won by 48 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Martin Guptill c Umar Amin & b Shadab Khanc Umar Amin & b Shadab Khan262711
Colin Munro lbw Amirlbw Amir1200
Kane Williamson c Haris Sohail & b Raeesc Haris Sohail & b Raees0100
Tom Bruce runout runout 11811
Glenn Phillips c Haris Sohail & b Faheem Ashrafc Haris Sohail & b Faheem Ashraf5900
Colin de Grandhomme stumped Shadab Khanstumped Shadab Khan10311
Mitchell Santner c Sarfraz & b Amirc Sarfraz & b Amir372840
Ben Wheeler bowled Hasan Alibowled Hasan Ali302022
Ish Sodhi c Babar Azam & b Faheem Ashrafc Babar Azam & b Faheem Ashraf151211
Seth Rance c Fakhar Zaman & b Faheem Ashrafc Fakhar Zaman & b Faheem Ashraf1200
Trent Boult Not OutNot Out0000
Extras 17 (b 4, lb 8, w 4, nb 1)
Total 153 (10 Wkts, 18.3 Ov)
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mohammad Amir4 0 28 2 7
Rumman Raees3 0 27 1 9
Faheem Ashraf3.3 0 22 3 7.33
Hasan Ali4 0 27 1 6.75
Shadab Khan4 0 37 2 9.25
Fakhar Zaman0 0 0 0 0
Ahmed Shehzad0 0 0 0 0
Babar Azam0 0 0 0 0
Sarfraz Ahmed0 0 0 0 0
Umar Amin0 0 0 0 0
Haris Sohail0 0 0 0 0


So, Pakistan have kept up to their inconsistency tag - brilliant in one and clueless in another. What do they have for us in the third T20I? That is on Sunday (January 28) and it promises to be an entertainter with the series on the line. Do tune in for that. For now, goodbye and take care!

Sarfraz: Very pleased today. Credit to the openers for setting it up and giving us the platform to finish. We had nothing to lose and that's why I elected to bat. All the top three batsmen played very well. All the bowlers bowled very well, especially bowling in this small ground. It is difficult to captain a side on such small grounds, you do not know what a good score is and what kind of field to set. So, I am happy with the win.

Williamson: Pakistan were excellent tonight in all departments. We were not good in any department. There is a lot of belief in the camp. Short format cricket, you are always under pressure. The seamers having being bowling really well. Today was just an off day. Pakistan were brilliant. We were not good with the bat. If we had wickets in the hand, we could have chased down 200 on these small grounds. There is always positive. Today gives us a chance to sit down and reflect on our performances.

Fakhar Zaman, Man of the Match: It was a first win after a long time, so very happy. The wicket was much better in our innings. We just took our time and then played our shots. We were talking about surving the powerplay and then take our chances. I enjoyed batting today.

21:15 Local Time, 09:15 GMT, 14:45 IST: How did Pakistan not win a game so far? They were simply outstanding today. Bossed all three departments and have kept the series alive. Having equalled their second highest T20I total, the Pakistani bowlers came all guns blazing. They had a plan to bowl at the body and they executed it to perfection, claiming three wickets inside the powerplay. Guptill battled his way through to 26 and was the highest contributor in the top-order, while 30s from Santner and Wheeler just delayed the inevitable. All the Pakistani bowlers were among the wickets, Ashraf being the pick with three. The visitors have finally arrived on tour and they have in style. Stick around for the presentations..

Faheem Ashraf to Ish Sodhi, out Caught by Babar Azam!! Pakistan win by 48 runs. Ashraf ends with three wickets. Smiles all round in the Pakistan camp. The short delivery rushes onto Sodhi, who is beaten for pace and late on the pull shot, the top-edge skies up and goes over Sarfraz, Azam from short fine leg, calls for the catch and takes it neatly. Ish Sodhi c Babar Azam b Faheem Ashraf 15(12) [4s-1 6s-1]

Faheem Ashraf to Ish Sodhi, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Faheem Ashraf to Ish Sodhi, no run, short delivery outside off, Sodhi makes room and swings, the ball flies over the top-edge

Trent Boult, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Faheem Ashraf to Rance, out Caught by Fakhar Zaman!! Another one bites the dirt. A tame loft from Rance and he finds the fielder. Good length ball on middle and leg, Rance stays leg-side and lofts it with a straight bat, nowhere close to the middle and Zaman clings on to the sitter at long-on. Rance c Fakhar Zaman b Faheem Ashraf 1(2)

Faheem Ashraf to Rance, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Faheem Ashraf [3.0-0-22-1] is back into the attack

Amir to Rance, 1 run, on a length and outside off, Rance slices a thickish outside edge to third man. Amir ends a fine spell, finishes with impressive figures: 4-0-28-2 and he walks off the field

Seth Rance, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Amir to Santner, out Caught by Sarfraz!! Second for Amir and Pakistan are almost there. The short of length delivery was causing a few problems to Santner, he backed away to leg and tried to pull it, thick outside edge flies to Sarfraz, who collects it over his head. A handy knock from Santner ends. Santner c Sarfraz b Amir 37(28) [4s-4]

Amir to Santner, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Amir to Santner, no run, sharp bouncer around leg, Santner makes room and swings blindly, the ball flies over the top-edge
Amir to Santner, 2 runs, back of a length angled into the body, Santner tucks it in front of deep mid-wicket and called for two. Good throw from Shehzad, right on top of the stumps, but Santner made it in with a full length dive. Sarfraz knew it and aborted from the appeal quickly, the square leg umpire thought didn't want to take any chance and sent it upstairs
Amir to Ish Sodhi, 1 run, fuller and outside off, Sodhi drives to extra cover and scampers across to the other end
Amir to Ish Sodhi, FOUR, Sodhi keeps swinging and gets another boundary. Short delivery tucked for room and still somehow Sodhi manages to get the pull away, got it in the gap and beat long-on comfortably

Mohammad Amir [3.0-0-20-1] is back into the attack

Hasan Ali to Ish Sodhi, 1 run, shortens the length and Sodhi slaps it to sweeper cover
Hasan Ali to Ish Sodhi, no run, full and around leg, Sodhi tried to repeat the previous shot, but beaten for pace this time. Whizzes past the leg-stump. Might have missed it by an inch or so
Hasan Ali to Ish Sodhi, SIX, misses the yorker and is dispatched into the crowd. A low full toss that was dipping, Sodhi clears his front leg to free his arms and smashes it flat over long-on. He enjoyed that
Hasan Ali to Santner, 1 run, slower short of length delivery and Santner is early into the pull, off the under edge to backward square
Hasan Ali to Ish Sodhi, 1 run, full toss just outside off, Sodhi makes room and slashes it down to third man
Hasan Ali to Santner, 1 run, round the wicket and follows a backing away Santner, drilled down to long-on
Raees to Santner, 1 run, off-speed delivery outside off, punched towards extra cover and Santner retains strike
Raees to Santner, FOUR, streaky! But Santner won't mind. Sharp back of a length delivery cramps Santner for room, he goes for the pull and an inside edge runs away past a diving Sarfraz, no chance for fine leg
Raees to Ish Sodhi, 1 run, low dipping full toss that Sodhi somehow manages to swat to deep backward square
Raees to Ish Sodhi, no run, good length ball around off, Sodhi brings his bat down at an angle and is cut into half. The ball held its line and beat the inside edge, not far from the off-stump
Raees to Santner, 1 run, back of a length around off, Santner eases it wide of extra cover
Raees to Santner, FOUR, Santner keeps going. Slower short of length delivery that sat up nicely, Santner waits and waits before slapping it in front of square on the off-side, bisecting extra cover and mid-off

Rumman Raees [2.0-0-16-1] is back into the attack

Hasan Ali to Santner, 1 run, round the wicket and angled into the batsman, Santner knocks it to long-on
Hasan Ali to Ish Sodhi, 1 run, too straight, on middle and leg, flicked to fine leg
Hasan Ali to Ish Sodhi, leg byes, FOUR, huge shout for LBW. They don't take the review. Fired in full on middle and leg, Sodhi is late on the flick and is struck on the pad, the ball runs away fine. HawkEye shows it to be missing leg-stump. Good call from Sarfraz to not take the review

Ish Sodhi, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Hasan Ali to Ben Wheeler, out Bowled!! That's the riposte from Hasan Ali. Out come the celebration. He is delighted for having his man. A typical Hasan Ali wicket. Good length delivery that skids through the surface, Wheeler is late on the shot, drives after the ball had gone past the bat. Leg-stump uprooted. Ben Wheeler b Hasan Ali 30(20) [4s-2 6s-2]

Hasan Ali to Ben Wheeler, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Hasan Ali to Ben Wheeler, FOUR, missed the yorker by a couple of inches and is put away. Full and around off, Wheeler goes up and over extra cover, couple of bounces and into the fence. Hit that powerfully
Hasan Ali to Ben Wheeler, no run, bouncer outside off, Wheeler can't connect with the ramp. Looks at the square leg umpire for a wide, but gets nothing in return. Boos ring across Eden Park

Hasan Ali [2.0-0-11-0] is back into the attack

Amir to Ben Wheeler, 1 run, 50-run stand comes up. New Zealand have not given up, yet. Low full toss fired around off, Wheeler brings his bat down late and squirts it past the stumps, Sarfraz runs back and keeps it to a single
Amir to Ben Wheeler, no run, slower delivery slanted across the right-hander, Wheeler is deceived for pace and is early into the shot, the ball sneaks past the under edge and goes on the bounce to Sarfraz
Amir to Ben Wheeler, no run, full and speared outside off, Wheeler drives it straight to backward point, where Shadab fields
Amir to Ben Wheeler, 2 runs, shortens the length outside off, Wheeler cuts it past the diving backward point fielder, some work to do for the sweeper and the pair sprint back for the second. Pressure on Amir
Amir to Ben Wheeler, SIX, shot! That for me is the shot of the day. Yes, there have been some fabulous cricket shots played today, but this top drawer. Full and on the stumps, Wheeler gets a small stride forward and lofts it gun-barrel straight, into the second tier. The balance and head position were in sync
Amir to Santner, 1 run, follows a backing away Santner and gets clipped through backward square leg, Santner slips while turning for the second and has to be content with a single


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