Pakistan in South Africa, 3 Test Series, 2018/19

South Africa vs Pakistan - 1st Test

Venue: SuperSport Park, Centurion

Date & Time: 26 December 2018

South Africa 151/4

RR: 2.98 |


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Dean Elgar c Sarfraz Ahmed & b Shan Masoodc Sarfraz Ahmed & b Shan Masood50123100
Aiden Markram lbw Hasan Alilbw Hasan Ali0200
Hashim Amla not out not out 63148110
Theunis de Bruyn stumped Yasir Shahstumped Yasir Shah101520
Faf du Plessis c Hasan Ali & b Shaheen Afridic Hasan Ali & b Shaheen Afridi0600
Temba Bavuma not out not out 131020
Quinton de Kock
Keshav Maharaj
Dale Steyn
Kagiso Rabada
Duanne Olivier
Extras 15 (b 4, lb 5, w 6, nb 0)
Total 151 (4 Wkts, 50.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
0-1 (Aiden Markram,1.2), 119-2 (Dean Elgar,41.3), 136-3 (Theunis de Bruyn,46.1), 137-4 (Faf du Plessis,47.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mohammad Amir12 5 24 0 2.00
Hasan Ali13 6 39 1 3.00
Shaheen Afridi15 1 53 1 3.53
Yasir Shah7.4 1 20 1 2.70
Shan Masood3 1 6 1 2.00
Imam-ul-Haq0 0 0 0 0
Fakhar Zaman0 0 0 0 0
Azhar Ali0 0 0 0 0
Asad Shafiq0 0 0 0 0
Babar Azam0 0 0 0 0
Sarfraz Ahmed 0 0 0 0 0

That is all we have then from this first SA-Pak Test at Centurion, which had no centurions. It lasted just 8 sessions but totally enthralled us. Pakistan have been defeated but they have shown that they can fight hard. The Proteas will want a more clinical approach with the bat, come the second Test, which begins on Thursday, January 3, 2019 at 10.30 am local (0830 GMT). 1-1, 2-0 or 1-0? Join us on that day to find out! Wishing you all a happy new 2019 in advance! ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

DUANNE OLIVIER IS NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH for his match figures of 11/96.

Now, the bowling. With the team taking 20 wickets, Duanne Olivier's 11 stole the headlines. He was the out-and-out hero in the first innings but in the second, Rabada's 3/15 in that last spell turned the game completely with the ball reversing. For Pakistan, Afridi and Amir produced decent returns with the ball in the first innings, taking 4 wickets each.

For South Africa with the bat, heroes stepped up when mattered. In the first, it was Temba Bavuma and Quinton de Kock. Do not forget the cameo by Dale Steyn. That lead of 42 did prove to be very crucial.

Now, a flashback of the previous three innings. Where did Pakistan lose the game? After electing to bat on a green deck? Or allowing South Africa to get a decent lead after tottering at 43/4 at one stage? Or not managing even 200 after being 101/1 in the second innings? Hard to say. The first innings score read 181, but 107 of those came from the willows of Babar Azam and Azhar Ali. Shan Masood and Imam-ul-Haq were the heroes in the second innings but it did not prove to be enough.

Pakistan would be a bit disappointed with the way the match ended. They came out firing this morning but simply could not sustain the pressure after the first Drinks break. Everyone bowled well but the wickets did not come as they did in the first innings. And, they gave it their all. Bouncers, yorkers, inswingers, outswingers, fuller lengths, back of a length, corridor of uncertainty - but were unable to dislodge either of Elgar or Amla.

It was a stand worth 119 from 241 balls. But what would be worth checking is how many fishes, plays and misses, edges, hits on arm, hits on body, etc... were seen. Elgar, as always, was prepared to do the dirty work, taking hits all over his body but digging in there. Amla needed this innings. He was badly out of form and this half century is a welcome return for him. His first 50-plus score after 10 innings.

Pakistan got the perfect start to the day with Hasan Ali nipping out Aiden Markram for a duck and then created more chances but the fielders could not grab them. Hashim Amla was dropped on 8 while a controversial catch of Dean Elgar was not given. This was during the first hour on Friday where Pakistan gave it their all. But once that period passed, Amla and Elgar used all their experience to get the runs.

Let us start from Day 3. South Africa needed 149 to win. Easy peasy? Might have been at the start of the innings. Might look so with the scorecard reading 151/4. But only Hashim Amla and Dean Elgar know what they battled.

A bit of a tame end to what has been a magnificent Test match. South Africa were expected to win and they did win but given the drama that has enfolded in the first two days, one would have expected more wickets to fall. But on the given day, the Proteas came out well on top.

Y Shah to Bavuma, FOUR! SOUTH AFRICA GO 1-0 UP! Full and around middle, Bavuma gets down and sweeps it behind square leg for a boundary! Victory by 6 wickets.
Y Shah to Bavuma, Landed outside off, stays low, TB stays back to defend but the ball stays low and takes the bottom edge, back to the bowler.
Y Shah to Bavuma, Full and around off, Temba comes forward and defends.
Y Shah to Bavuma, A short ball outside off, Bavuma goes back and punches it towards point.
S Afridi to Amla, Around off, coming in, Hashim misses his tuck and is hit on the pads.
S Afridi to Amla, Outside off, left alone.
S Afridi to Bavuma, A bit too straight, full as well, worked through mid-wicket. Mohammad Amir runs all the way from mid on but before he can get to the ball, Hasan Ali gets there from fine leg. Three runs taken. 2 more to win now.
S Afridi to Bavuma, On a length outside off, watchfully defended.
S Afridi to Bavuma, A bouncer now, Temba ducks. Didn't have to, actually.
S Afridi to T Bavuma, FOUR! 'Oh yes!' exclaims Pommie Mbangwa on air. Full and outside off, Bavuma leans into the shot and drives it through the covers. Does not even bother to run. South Africa just a hit away from a 1-0 lead.
Y Shah to Amla, Full and outside off, Hashim dead-bats it.
Y Shah to Amla, Full again, around off, pushed towards cover.
Y Shah to Amla, A full toss, around off, blocked out carefully.
Y Shah to Amla, Around off, watchfully pushed towards the off side.
Y Shah to Amla, Around off, watchfully defended.
Y Shah to Bavuma, Full and down the leg side, flicked through square leg for a single. Just 9 more to win now.
S Afridi to Amla, Around off, on a length, extra bounce, Amla hops and blocks.
S Afridi to T Bavuma, Comes forward and works it wide of mid on for a run.
S Afridi to Amla, Full on middle, played through mid-wicket for a single.
S Afridi to Amla, Outside off, left alone.

Temba Bavuma walks out at number 6. Just 12 more to get.

S Afridi to Plessis, OUT! Top edge and taken! A pair for Faf du Plessis! Neither captain has managed to trouble the scorers with the bat in this Test. And it is Afridi who gets his man for the second time in this game. In the first innings, it was a brute of a short ball which had Faf hopping and edging one to gully. Here, it is the short delivery again which Faf looks to pull. With his eyes closed. Gets a top edge, due to the extra bounce and Hasan Ali takes a decent catch at the long leg fence. Decent because the ropes were just behind him. Afridi gets to raise his arms like Shahid Afridi and then smile.
S Afridi to H Amla, Full and outside off, pushed towards cover for a single.
Y Shah to du Plessis, Nicely floated outside off, Faf leans into it and drives it towards cover. If it matters, he is still on a PAIR. Got a first-baller in the first innings.
Y Shah to Plessis, A bit of flight outside off, watchfully pushed back.
Y Shah to Plessis, The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.
Y Shah to Plessis, Around off, pushed towards cover.
Y Shah to Plessis, Full and outside off, pushed to the off side.

Skipper Faf du Plessis eventually has to come out now. Just 13 runs needed.

Y Shah to Bruyn, OUT! Wild swing and stumped! Flighted outside off, de Bruyn jumps down the track but is nowhere near the pitch of the ball. He swings wildly, is nowhere near the pitch of the ball and misses. Easy stumping for Sarfraz. Theunis looks to get back but is late.
S Afridi to Amla, Around off, solidly defended.
S Afridi to de Bruyn, A short ball, pulled through square leg for a single.
S Afridi to Bruyn, The batsman defends it from within the crease.
S Afridi to Bruyn, A bouncer now, Theunis ducks.
S Afridi to Bruyn, Typical fast bowler's response. A bouncer, around middle, de Bruyn sways away from the line.
S Afridi to Bruyn, FOUR! CARESSED! Full and wide outside off, de Bruyn reaches out and drives it through the covers!
Y Shah to Amla, Full and around off, watchfully defended.
Y Shah to Bruyn, Punched off the back foot by the batsman. They pick up a single.
Y Shah to Bruyn, FOUR! That is a fine shot. Comes down the track, takes it on the full and drives it wide of mid on for a boundary! 19 more needed now.
Y Shah to Amla, Full and wide outside off, Amla reaches out and drives it behind point and gets a single.