Pakistan in South Africa, 3 T20I Series, 2019

South Africa vs Pakistan - 1st T20I

Venue: Newlands, Cape Town

Date & Time: 01 February 2019

Pakistan 186/9

RR: 9.3 | South Africa beat Pakistan by 6 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Fakhar Zaman c Reeza Hendricks & b Beuran Hendricks c Reeza Hendricks & b Beuran Hendricks 4310
Babar Azam run out run out 382731
Hussain Talat c Beuran Hendricks & b Tabraiz Shamsi c Beuran Hendricks & b Tabraiz Shamsi 403250
Shoaib Malik c David Miller & b Chris Morris c David Miller & b Chris Morris 493151
Asif Ali c David Miller & b Chris Morris c David Miller & b Chris Morris 13711
Imad Wasim c David Miller & b Tabraiz Shamsi c David Miller & b Tabraiz Shamsi 4210
Faheem Ashraf c Heinrich Klaasen & b Andile Phehlukwayo c Heinrich Klaasen & b Andile Phehlukwayo 8701
Mohammad Rizwan run out run out 2200
Hasan Ali c David Miller & b Beuran Hendricks c David Miller & b Beuran Hendricks 11501
Shadab Khan not out not out 7410
Usman Khan not out not out 0000
Extras 10 (b 1, lb 2, w 7, nb 0)
Total 186 (9 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
4-1 (Fakhar Zaman,0.3), 85-2 (Hussain Talat,10), 93-3 (Babar Azam,11), 113-4 (Asif Ali,13), 118-5 (Imad Wasim,13.3), 144-6 (Faheem Ashraf,16.1), 152-7 (Mohammad Rizwan,17), 164-8 (Hasan Ali,18), 179-9 (Shoaib Malik,19.3),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Beuran Hendricks4 0 40 2 10.00
Junior Dala4 0 44 0 11.00
Chris Morris4 0 39 2 9.75
Andile Phehlukwayo4 0 27 1 6.75
Tabraiz Shamsi4 0 33 2 8.25

We have had an amazing game to start off this T20I series. Hopefully, it is a prequel for the ones to follow. We are signing off now but we will hope to see you for the next game at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg. That one will begin at 1430 local (1230 GMT). Till then, take care and cheers!

Man of the Match - David Miller for his spectacular game-changing efforts on the field. 4 catches and 2 run outs, a record for South Africa.

Earlier in the evening, the visitors won the toss and elected to bowl first. South Africa, on the back of two big innings from Faf du Plessis and Reeza Hendricks reached 192. They could have had a lot more if not for the splendid death-over bowling from Pakistan. 193 was still going to be a stiff target and even though the away team tried their best, they fell short by six. Their 9-game winning streak in T20Is is snapped thus. David Miller had an exceptional night on the field as he effected 6 dismissals - 2 run outs and 4 catches which is the most by any South African outfielder in T20Is. Andile Phehlukwayo picked up only one wicket but bowled an economical spell in a game where the run rate was well above 9. A small difference in the end between these two sides and one will hope for such games in the next two matches as well.

That is that! It was an amazing game of cricket in the end. What entertainment here at Newlands, Cape Town. Pakistan usually implode but tonight they never gave up. They lost a lot of wickets but they kept coming back and they kept trying hard. In the end though, the total was just too far away from them. South Africa just about held their nerve and a brilliant last over from Morris sealed the deal for them. The run chase began poorly for Pakistan but then came a good 81-run stand for the second wicket between Hussain Talat and Babar Azam. The latter was especially in good touch as he made 38. They both fell in quick succession though and the hosts were back on top. Shoaib Malik then walked in and kept the away team in the hunt even as wickets fell around him. When he fell for 49 in the final over, that was when Pakistan's hope really got broken. A really good game of T20 cricket thus, but a fair result in the end, the hosts just about deserved to win this.

C Morris to S Khan, Dropped but that won't matter much. SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 6 RUNS! A short of a length ball on middle, Shadab stands back to pull it across the line but it catches the top edge and balloons in the air behind square leg. The keeper sprints across to his left, gets underneath it with a dive but fails to hold on to the catch as he crashes down on the ground. They take a run. Excellent over under pressure by Morris. He is back. The South African players are shaking hands in the middle.
C Morris to S Khan, Just two off the over! All over now for Pakistan, the bowler just needs to stay behind the line on the next ball. Fullish in line, Khan drills it down to long on where Miller makes the stop. Two taken.
C Morris to S Khan, FOUR! Out of nowhere! Fullish and on middle, Shadab gives it the full face of his bat and lifts it over the bowler's head for a boundary.

Usman Khan is the last man in.

C Morris to S Malik, OUT! Malik holes out! Morris delivers it fullish and in the line of the stumps, Shoaib clears his front leg and tries to clear long on. But he gets more height than distance on this one and David Miller takes the skier safely. His fourth catch tonight along with two run outs. He has been in the thick of things.
C Morris to S Khan, A cracking yorker, Shadab fails to dig it out and they steal a bye. 14 off 4 balls.
C Morris to S Malik, A low full toss dipping in on middle, Malik swings and sends it to deep mid-wicket. Just a run, the best possible result for South Africa.

16 needed from the final over. Chris Morris has the ball in his hand. His last over went for 14. So, pressure is on him as well. Shoaib Malik is on strike.

J Dala to S Malik, He attempts for the boundary but gets only a single. A length ball with some slowness, Malik fails to connect his shot and gets rapped on his body. The ball rolls to the off side and a leg bye is taken. He will be on strike for the last over, that is the positive for Pakistan.
J Dala to S Malik, FOUR! Junior feeling the heat! Bowls a half-tracker outside off and it is cut away hard through point for an easy boundary. 17 runs now required in 7. Will he go for a boundary or go for a single on the last ball?
J Dala to S Malik, Mistimes the slog now but it is a blessing in disguise as he is able to pick up two runs till mid-wicket can come in and return the ball.
J Dala to S Malik, FOUR! This game is not over yet folks! Not as long as this guy is out there. A quick delivery outside off and Malik swipes through the line but a thick outside edge takes the ball over the keeper's head and to the third man boundary.
J Dala to S Malik, Lovely bowling this! Sees Malik making room and bowls this well outside off on a length and slower in pace. Malik just lets it go as he knows he wouldn't reach the ball. A dot ball.
J Dala to S Malik, Short of a length and coming into the batsman, Shoaib Malik makes room and cuts it to backward point for a couple of runs.

Shadab Khan walks out at number 10. Junior Dala to bowl the 19th over.

B Hendricks to H Ali, OUT! Yet another wicket off the final ball of the over, fifth to be precise. A full length ball around off, slower in pace again, Hasan tries to go straight but fails to middle his aerial shot properly. It loops in the air and Miller takes the simplest of catches at long off. 29 off 12 balls. All up to skipper Shoaib Malik now.
B Hendricks to H Ali, Fullish and around off, Hasan swings his bat across the line and it goes off the inside edge through wide mid on. Two taken.
B Hendricks to H Ali, Tries a yorker but it ends up being a full toss around off. Ali swings it over mid-wicket and returns for the second run.
B Hendricks to H Ali, SIX! That is some strike! Back of a length delivery outside off, at 116 kph, Hasan rocks back, brings his bottom hand into play and dispatches it over long off for a biggie. He can hit long, we all know that.
B Hendricks to S Malik, Misfield but just a run! Short and outside off, Malik slaps it to point where the fielder fumbles and deflects it behind. The sweeper sweeps it off and only a run is possible.
B Hendricks to H Ali, A length ball angling away from the batsman, Hasan pushes at it tamely and it runs down to third man off the outside edge. A single is taken.

Hasan Ali comes in next. Beuran Hendricks is back on.

A Phehlukwayo to S Malik, OUT! Run out! Yes, indeed! Greed has got the better of Rizwan and Pakistan here. A length ball on a slower pace outside off and Malik looks to heave it over long on but only manages to get a top edge. That goes high in the air and to short third man. Beuran Hendricks was settling down under it to take it but loses it in the lights and drops it. He then picks it up and goes for a throw at the striker's end as the batsmen were completing a single. Misses the stumps which would have been out if he had hit. Rizwan runs a long way in his followthrough. But, he has greed in his mind as he looked for an overthrow. Meanwhile, David Miller from deep mid-wicket is charging in to back up and throws the ball at the bowler's end. Scores a direct hit and finds the Pakistani wicket-keeper batsman short of his crease. No third time lucky for Pakistan. Lose their seventh and another one on the last ball of the over. The only positive here is that they have not lost Malik, their last hope. The away team now needs 41 runs off 18 balls.

What has happened here? Confusion, confusion but we are going upstairs for a run out after a direct hit at the non-striker's end. Has greed caused a loss here for Pakistan?

A Phehlukwayo to S Malik, FOUR! This was a nothing ball and deservedly punished. A slower ball, a half-tracker outside off and Malik had all the time in the world to cut it away to the boundary. Pakistan need more of these though.
A Phehlukwayo to M Rizwan, Shorter this time but slower in pace once more. Rizwan pulls it away to deep backward square leg for a single.
A Phehlukwayo to S Malik, A slower one outside off once more, Malik cuts with a horizontal bat to deep point for a single.
A Phehlukwayo to M Rizwan, Off the mark straightaway with a driven shot to deep cover. A single.

Mohammad Rizwan is next to bat.

A Phehlukwayo to F Ashraf, OUT! Caught in the deep by Klaasen and Faheem's stay in the middle is over. Andile comes back on, bowls this one on a length outside off and rolls his fingers on this one. Ashraf pulls it away but does not get enough power and can only find Heinrich at the wide long on boundary. Caught easily and Pakistan are going into a hole here, losing wickets.

Andile Phehlukwayo comes back on now.

T Shamsi to F Ashraf, Quicker and shorter on off, Faheem goes back and cuts it through the line. Finds cover-point. 12 from the over, 49 needed off 24 balls.
T Shamsi to S Malik, Flatter and a bit shorter around leg, Malik moves back and works it to the left of short fine leg for a run.
T Shamsi to S Malik, Very smart, skipper. Hits a biggie last ball and steals a couple now. Plays it with soft hands towards mid-wicket and scampers back.
T Shamsi to S Malik, SIX! Out of here! This was always going into the crowd once it left the bat. Too full and around off, turning back in, Shoaib picks it up and muscles it with the turn over mid-wicket.
T Shamsi to S Malik, Short this time, wide outside off, Malik goes on the back foot and cuts it through point for a couple of runs.
T Shamsi to S Malik, Advances down the track, gets deceived in flight and only manages to push it back to the bowler.

Last five overs coming up. This is the stage when the Pakistani bowlers pulled things back. Can their batters do the same? 61 needed off 30 balls.

C Morris to F Ashraf, SIX! Where has this come from??? From the middle of the bat! A half-volley on middle and Faheem presents the straight bat and times it beautifully over the head of the bowler. It goes all the way, high and handsome. Pakistan needed that badly.
C Morris to S Malik, A fuller one outside off, jammed away to deep cover for a single.
C Morris to F Ashraf, Wide! Way outside off and Ashraf cannot make contact with the ball. The keeper misses his take and allows for an extra run to be taken as well.
C Morris to S Malik, Good yorker from Morris! Malik blocks it out though and sets off for the quick single. The bowler on his followthrough picks it up and has an aim at his end. Misses. Would have been a wicket had he hit.
C Morris to F Ashraf, On the middle stump to the left-hander, Faheem pulls it away to fine leg for a single.
C Morris to S Malik, On the middle stump, flicked away to deep mid-wicket for a single by the skipper.
C Morris to S Malik, Outside edge, thick one and the ball runs away fine towards the fence. Hendricks, Beuran at third man comes around and beautifully keeps the ball inside. Two runs saved for his team.
T Shamsi to F Ashraf, Third play and a miss in a row. Short and wide outside off, Faheem tries cutting but misses. Fine over by Shamsi, 5 runs and a wicket from it. 75 needed off 6 overs.