Pakistan and New Zealand in UAE, 3 Test Series, 2018

Pakistan vs New Zealand - 2nd Test

Venue: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

Date & Time: 24 November 2018

New Zealand 312/10

RR: 2.76 | Pakistan beat New Zealand by an innings and 16 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Jeet Raval stumped Yasir Shahstumped Yasir Shah22300
Tom Latham c Sarfraz Ahmed & b Hasan Alic Sarfraz Ahmed & b Hasan Ali5015840
Kane Williamson c Sarfraz Ahmed & b Yasir Shahc Sarfraz Ahmed & b Yasir Shah304130
Ross Taylor c Yasir Shah & b Bilal Asifc Yasir Shah & b Bilal Asif8212871
Henry Nicholls bowled Hasan Alibowled Hasan Ali7718771
BJ Watling lbw Yasir Shahlbw Yasir Shah276520
Colin de Grandhomme bowled Hasan Alibowled Hasan Ali141320
Ish Sodhi bowled Yasir Shahbowled Yasir Shah41700
Neil Wagner c Hasan Ali & b Yasir Shahc Hasan Ali & b Yasir Shah103400
Ajaz Patel not out not out 5910
Trent Boult c Sarfraz Ahmed & b Yasir Shahc Sarfraz Ahmed & b Yasir Shah0200
Extras 11 (b 9, lb 2, w 0, nb 0)
Total 312,10 (undefined Wkts, 112.5 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
10-1 (Jeet Raval,8.1), 66-2 (Kane Williamson,26.2), 146-3 (Tom Latham,49.3), 198-4 (Ross Taylor,68.3), 255-5 (BJ Watling,92.4), 270-6 (Colin de Grandhomme,95.4), 285-7 (Ish Sodhi,100.5), 301-8 (Henry Nicholls,109.3), 311-9 (Neil Wagner,112.2), 312-10 (Trent Boult,112.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mohammad Abbas15 7 29 0 1.93
Hasan Ali19 7 46 3 2.42
Yasir Shah44.5 9 143 6 3.21
Mohammad Hafeez3 1 6 0 2.00
Bilal Asif27 5 61 1 2.26
Haris Sohail4 0 16 0 4.00
Imam-ul-Haq0 0 0 0 0
Azhar Ali0 0 0 0 0
Babar Azam0 0 0 0 0
Asad Shafiq0 0 0 0 0
Sarfraz Ahmed 0 0 0 0 0

A thumping victory for Pakistan in the end, after snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in the first. Will they be able to take the momentum back to Abu Dhabi and win the series? Or will the Kiwis display another terrific effort to keep the series in their grasp? Join us on Monday, December 3, 2018 at 10 am local (0600 GMT) for the third and final Test. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Victorious Pakistan captain, Sarfraz Ahmed, says that the team made a solid comeback from the previous Test. Praises Sohail, Azhar and Azam for taking their time out in the middle and scoring runs, especially on these pitches in Dubai, which are no longer flat-tracks. Feels that Yasir's spell was the best he has ever seen as a player in his Test career. On the team discussion after the first Test, Ahmed says that the talk was that poor cricket played in Abu Dhabi will be left over there itself and over here, good cricket needs to be played. On the declaration, Sarfraz says that the score was not in mind, just to keep New Zealand for as long as possible on the field was the plan. Praises his fast bowlers especially, for bowling well in this heat. On the upcoming tour of South Africa, Ahmed reckons that Pakistan need more fast bowlers. On the pressure of must-win home games, Sarfraz admits that there is a whole lot of pressure. Adds further that batting first is not always that easy as people feel, stating that the early morning moisture makes it very difficult to bat. Says that all these factors (which he said above - batsmen, fast bowlers) will be taken into consideration while picking the squad for the third Test (Pakistan had announced a squad only for the first 2 Tests).

New Zealand skipper, Kane Williamson, admits that there were a few improvements in the second innings but that session on Day 3 was the one which cost the game. Says that Yasir bowled well and in demanding areas but feels his own batsmen could have done better in playing spin. On the second innings display, he is happy that the batters learnt from their mistakes. Praises Pakistan batsmen for setting up this win after scoring more than 400 runs. Smiles on being told that the ball to dismiss him in the first innings was Yasir's best but says that Shah bowled a lot of good deliveries and the Kiwis will have to face him again in the next match. Wants his batsmen to be prepared. Is happy about the fact that the batters ensured that it did not turn out to be a one-sided game after that first innings implosion.

YASIR SHAH HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH FOR HIS 14/184. Smiles on being asked about Imran Khan's record of most wickets by a Pakistan bowler in a Test match. On his own performance, Yasir says that this was a big display for him as he had not done much after coming back from injury. Aids the wicket for giving him spin and bounce, which he lacked in the previous games. On the momentum loss after the previous match, Shah states that the team had put that behind and was more focussed in this game. Adds that even though they bowled the Kiwis out for 90 in the first innings, they did not take them for granted. Hopes to do even better going forward.

As a team, Pakistan will focus on their batting effort. Their run rate might have been slower than a snail but they did the dirty work and got the runs on the board. And they proved to be more than enough. Azhar Ali and Haris Sohail got the runs while Babar Azam enjoyed his outing too. With the ball though, they would have enjoyed Yasir's 14 but would have loved to see other bowlers contributing. But either ways, they will take this win. Please stay tuned for the presentation...

One good thing from New Zealand's point of view is that even though they have suffered an innings defeat, their second innings fightback is something that they can take as a positive. There were no cheap dismissals in the top 7 barring Raval and every batsman put a price tag on his wicket. Will serve them a world of good going into the third Test.

The writing was always on the wall once New Zealand folded for 90. But fightbacks from Latham, Taylor and Nicholls ensured that Pakistan had to fight hard to earn this win. They picked up 10 wickets inside 36 overs in the first innings, but in the second, they had to bowl 112.5 overs. Yasir Shah was again at the forefront, taking 6 wickets in the second dig, but this time around, he got good support from Hasan Ali.

We have a series decider. Pakistan have bounced back. What a big win for them. But it is an even bigger victory for Yasir Shah. He had been having a rough outing for the past few games but this one has seen him be simply the best.

Shah to Boult, OUT! Caught behind! 14 wickets for Yasir in the match and PAKISTAN HAVE WON BY AN INNINGS AND 16 RUNS! The series is level 1-1. Shah runs across to his left and dives as if in a swimming pool. It has been HIS Test match, taking 70 percent of the opposition wickets to have fallen. Coming to the ball, it is full and outside off, Boult looks to defend but the ball spins away, takes the outside edge and Sarfraz does the rest. Pakistan appeal and the umpire raises his finger!
Y Shah to Boult, Around middle, watchfully played towards mid-wicket.
Y Shah to Patel, Works it through mid-wicket for a single.

Trent Boult is the last man in.

Y Shah to Wagner, WICKET! Top edge and taken! 5-for for Yasir again, 13 in the match now! Special performance from a special player. He gets down and does the sajda. This was the googly, outside off, Wagner went for the slog sweep but due to the away turn, got a top edge. The ball swirled a lot in the air but Hasan Ali came running in from deep mid-wicket, kept his cool and took it nicely, diving forward in the end. New Zealand still 17 away from making Pakistan bat again.
Y Shah to Wagner, The straighter ball, around middle, watchfully defended.
H Ali to A Patel, Full and outside off, pushed towards mid off.
H Ali to Patel, Excellent yorker now, around off, well dug out.
H Ali to Patel, Excellent channel, full and just outside off, tailing in late, watchfully pushed towards mid off.
H Ali to A Patel, EDGED, FOUR! That has somehow gone through. Full and around off, Patel looks to defend but the ball goes off the outside edge past the slip cordon towards third man. The deficit is now down to 17. The stand is worth 10.
H Ali to Patel, Just around off, defended from the crease.
H Ali to Wagner, On middle and leg, flicked away for three runs. Moves to 10.
Y Shah to Wagner, IN THE AIR... SAFE! Full on middle, NW looks to sweep but gets it off the glove, over the keeper and leg slip! A run taken.
Y Shah to Wagner, Full and outside off, Neil gets out the reverse sweep this time, past slip to third man. Two runs taken.
Y Shah to Wagner, Full and around middle, Neil looks to defend but gets a thick inside edge onto his pads. The ball goes to point.
Y Shah to Wagner, Another LBW shout. Not out. Was that doing too much? Pakistan do not have any review left. Full and outside off, Wagner looks to sweep but misses. He is hit on the pads and Yasir reckons that he is out. Ball Tracker shows the ball to be MISSING leg stump.
Y Shah to Wagner, NOT OUT. Massive inside edge. Full and outside off, Wagner stays back to defend but the ball spins in a mile and hits him on the pads. There is a massive shout, umpire Oxenford thinks for a while and then raises his finger. Wagner immediately asks for a review and Snickometer detects wood's presence.

Neil Wagner has been adjudged LBW! He has taken the review though. Was there bat involved?

Y Shah to Wagner, Around off, solidly defended.
Ali to Patel, Huge, huge appeal for LBW! Not out, says the umpire! Pakistan are not impressed. This one came back off the seam sharply and hit Ajaz on the back pad. Looked close but the umpire said no. Probably too high?
H Ali to Patel, Another fish and a miss outside off.
H Ali to Patel, Outside off, another one jagging back in, Ajaz feels for it but misses.

Ajaz Patel is the new man in at number 10, replacing Nicholls.

Ali to H Nicholls, OUT! Bowled! 'That's game for me' says an elated Waqar Younis on air. What a delivery. It is bowled at 140 kph, outside off and Nicholls looks to defend. But the ball jags back in a long way, goes past the bat and hits the off stump! Henry stands there, looking at the ground in disappointment. Perhaps, missing the the century will not be that bad a feeling for him as not taking New Zealand past the innings defeat mark. 27 more needed to make Pakistan bat again.
H Ali to Nicholls, A short ball down the leg side, Nicholls looks to pull but misses.
H Ali to Nicholls, Around off, watchfully defended.
Y Shah to Wagner, Fired on leg stump, Wagner stays back and blocks.
Y Shah to Wagner, Landed around off, watchfully defended.
Y Shah to Wagner, The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery.
Y Shah to Wagner, Full and outside off, driven straight to mid off.
Y Shah to Nicholls, On middle and leg, flicked through mid-wicket for a run.
Y Shah to Wagner, Poor cricket from Pakistan. Full and around off, Wagner pushes it through point and takes an easy single. 300 UP FOR NEW ZEALAND. Monumental effort.
H Ali to Nicholls, Stays back in his crease and blocks again.
H Ali to Nicholls, The batsman has punched the ball off the back foot.
H Ali to Nicholls, A short ball down the leg side, HN looks to pull but misses. The ball does not carry to the keeper.
H Ali to Nicholls, On a length outside off, Henry looks to defend but gets a bottom edge which bounces and hits him on the grille.
H Ali to Nicholls, Outside off, played behind point for a couple. The trail is down to 29.
H Ali to Nicholls, Full and around off, pushed to the off side.

Hasan Ali to bowl from the other end.

Y Shah to Wagner, Outside off, a play and a miss.
Y Shah to Wagner, The batsman failed to make contact and was hit low on the pads.
Y Shah to Wagner, Around off, defended from the crease.