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Pakistan vs New Zealand - 3rd T20I

Series: Pakistan and New Zealand in UAE, 3 T20I Series, 2018
Venue: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai
Date: 04 November 2018

New Zealand 119/10 (16.5 Ovs) RR: 7.06 | Pakistan beat New Zealand by 47 runs


Ish Sodhi to M Hafeez, 1 run.
Ish Sodhi to B Azam, 1 run.
de Grandhomme to B Azam, Yes, he can! Just a single to finish. This is stroked through covers for a run.
de Grandhomme to M Hafeez, Slower ball on middle, Hafeez flicks it through mid-wicket for a run. So just 4 from the 5 balls. Can he end it well?
de Grandhomme to M Hafeez, Makes room but the bowler follows him. Hafeez finds the fielder at covers with a drive.
de Grandhomme to B Azam, Works it with the angle through square leg for a run.
de Grandhomme to M Hafeez, On the pads again and it is flicked through square leg for another single.
de Grandhomme to M Hafeez, On middle, it is clipped through mid-wicket for a run.

Colin de Grandhomme is into the attack.

L Ferguson to M Hafeez, FOUR! A good end to the Powerplay for Pakistan but New Zealand will be the happier of the two after the first six. Goes for the variation, slower ball on the pads, MH flicks it fine through short fine leg for a boundary. Pakistan are 33 for 1 after it.
L Ferguson to M Hafeez, A yorker on middle, Hafeez does well to get his bat down in time and jam it out.
L Ferguson to M Hafeez, Good length and around off, it has been defended to point.

Mohammad Hafeez is next.

L Ferguson to F Zaman, OUT! In the air... taken! Zaman's struggle comes to an end. The extra pace of Ferguson does the trick. Short and on middle, Zaman goes for the pull but is late onto the shot. It takes the top edge and lobs towards Chapman at covers. He accepts an easy catch. The dangerous Zaman walks back without making an impact.
L Ferguson to F Zaman, Zaman again makes room but Ferguson follows him. Not letting him hit through his favoured off side. Fakhar hits it to mid on.
L Ferguson to B Azam, Fuller in length on off, the batsman pushes it towards mid off for a run. The fielder does has a shy but misses.

Lockie Ferguson is on.

S Rance to B Azam, Lovely use of the wrists once again but the fielder at deep square leg is found and only a run.
S Rance to F Zaman, Zaman once again makes room to try and hit it over the off side but Rance bowls a low full toss on the pads, Zaman hits it towards mid on for another single.
S Rance to B Azam, Shuffles across but Rance cramps Azam for room by bowling it on his body. Babar works it through mid-wicket and a run is taken.
S Rance to F Zaman, Slower ball now, FZ works it around the corner and takes a single.
S Rance to B Azam, Back of a length on off, Azam guides it towards point and takes anotehr run.
S Rance to B Azam, FOUR! A gift and it has been put away! A full toss and this time there is a lot of room. Babar Azam just places it in the gap through the point region and a boundary results.
Tim Southee to B Azam, A long on was in place on this delivery and Southee bowls a straighter line. It is worked through square leg for another run. 10 from this over, a good one for Pakistan.
Tim Southee to B Azam, Slightly short and outside off, bowling to his field is Southee. Azam cuts it through point and the batsmen take two as there is a man in the deep.
Tim Southee to B Azam, Azam clears his front leg but mistimes his heave towards mid on. The fielder there misfields and a couple taken.
Tim Southee to F Zaman, Another low full toss, it is driven towards mid off for a run.
Tim Southee to F Zaman, FOUR! Fortunate boundary! Pakistan won't mind though as they needed this. A low full toss outside off, Zaman tries to drive but gets an inside edge past the leg pole and into the fine leg fence.
Tim Southee to F Zaman, Driven towards the mid on region.
S Rance to B Azam, Good shot but no runs! This is frutrating for Pakistan. A short ball on middle, Azam pulls it hard towards mid-wicket. Another tight over by Rance comes to an end.
S Rance to F Zaman, Zaman makes room and Rance bowls a full toss but on his body. Zaman may have been surprised there as he pushes it towards covers for a run.
S Rance to B Azam, Full and outside off, Azam tries to jam it out in the gap between short third man and backward point. The fielder in the former position though makes a good stop. A single taken.
S Rance to B Azam, Angles it into the batsman Azam strokes it towrads mid on.
S Rance to F Zaman, Slower ball and it is dipping on the batsman. He flicks it to square leg for a single. This is good bowling from Rance, he is looking to bowl the fuller length.
S Rance to F Zaman, On the pads, Zaman fails to flick it and the ball hits his pads and goes towards point.
Tim Southee to B Azam, A dot to end! Full and on middle, Azam hits it back to the bowler, he collects it and throws the stumps down the striker's end. Azam is well in though.
Tim Southee to B Azam, FOUR! First boundary of the innings! Slightly full and there is width on off. Azam pounces on the width and strokes it through covers. Boundary.
Tim Southee to B Azam, Back of a length around off, Azam pushes it to covers. This is watchful from the two Pakistan batters.
Tim Southee to B Azam, Again on the pads but once again the batter fails to put it away. It brushes his pads and goes towards the keeper who dives to his left and makes a good stop.
Tim Southee to F Zaman, That ball has taken the inside edge of the batsman and thudded into his pads. The batsmen have run through for a single.
Tim Southee to F Zaman, On the pads to begin with. Zaman fails to put that away and is hit on the pads.

Tim Southee to bowl from the other end.

S Rance to B Azam, Just a single from the first! Full ball around off, Azam finds cover with his drive.
S Rance to B Azam, Shortish and around off, Babar pushes it towards covers. The fielder there dives and saves a couple of runs for his side.
S Rance to F Zaman, A low full toss outside off, Zaman tries to hit it through covers but gets an outside edge down to third man for a run. Pakistan are underway.
S rance to F Zaman, Shortens his length this time and bowls it on off, Zaman defends it.
S Rance to F Zaman, Another yorker around off, the batsman jams it out.
S Rance to F Zaman, Has that been dropped? Tough to say. The bowler's reaction does look like a chance has gone abegging. This is full and outside off, swinging away. Zaman tries to hit it through the off side. There is a noise as the ball passes the bat but the keeper fails to collect it. Replays show, the bat had also hit the ground at the same time. The replays are inconclusive.

We are all set for the action to begin. Fakhar Zaman and Babar Azam are the openers for Pakistan. Seth Rance has the new ball in hand. Here we go...

Team news - A few changes for the hosts as they have got in Waqas Maqsood and Usman Khan for Hasan Ali and Shaheen Afridi. New Zealand have also made three changes as Mark Chapman, Rance and Lockie Ferguson come in for Corey Anderson, Patel and Adam Milne.

Toss - Pakistan have won the toss and they will be batting first.

Hello and welcome to the third and the final T20I between Pakistan and New Zealand. The hosts already have the series in the bag but they would eager to clean sweep the visitors. The tourists on the other hand, will want to win their first game of the series and head into the ODI series with some momentum on their side. The first two games were quite exciting and we can expect another cracking game here tonight.

New Zealand Team Squad -Kane Williamson,Ross Taylor,Colin de Grandhomme,Colin Munro,Corey Anderson,Mark Chapman,Glenn Phillips,Tim Seifert,Adam Milne,Ajaz Patel,Ish Sodhi,Lockie Ferguson,Seth Rance,Tim Southee

Pakistan Team Squad -Asif Ali,Babar Azam,Fakhar Zaman,Sahibzada Farhan,Faheem Ashraf,Hussain Talat,Imad Wasim,Mohammad Hafeez,Shadab Khan,Shoaib Malik,Sarfraz Ahmed,Hasan Ali,Shaheen Afridi,Usman Khan,Waqas Maqsood

11 successive series wins. 8th T20I victory. Not tasted defeat in the UAE since November 2015. Boy, Sarfraz would be loving to be in the Middle of the East at the moment. After sealing the series in the second T20I, Pakistan have shown the capability of ruthlessness that they can possess. The way of winning was also tremendous, going against the predictions to pull off their highest successful run chase in the desert. But all things do not look rosy. If there is any thing which is consistently good about this team, it is their bowling. Not long ago, Imad Wasim was their best bowler. Before that, Hasan Ali was their go-to bowler. But both have underperformed and yet the team has won convincingly. The batting continues to have its issues. Save aside that one planned run chase, they have struggled to get partnerships going and Sarfraz will be mindful of that. Batsmen are getting starts but not making them count, which is a crime in this age. The Black Caps, on the other hand, have actually done well. They have fought hard, been more competitive than Australia earlier but yet, find themselves on the wrong side of the line. Reason? Losing out on small but key moments. Take for example - in the first T20I, the last over in the first innings. In the second, it was their inconsistent fielding. Like Pakistan, the Kiwis too have batsmen guilty of throwing away their starts. Colin Munro has been consistent but he needs more support from the likes of Phillips, Williamson, Taylor and Anderson. In this dead rubber, perhaps they might expect or hope things to change, come the final T20I, so that they can take the momentum into the ODIs. It will be played in the Ring Of Fire once more.