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Pakistan vs New Zealand - 1st T20I

Series: Pakistan and New Zealand in UAE, 3 T20I Series, 2018
Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
Date & Time: 31 October 2018

New Zealand 146/6 (20.0 Ovs) RR: 7.3 | Pakistan beat New Zealand by 2 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Colin Munro c Asif Ali & b Shadab Khan c Asif Ali & b Shadab Khan 584263
Glenn Phillips bowled Hasan Ali bowled Hasan Ali 121520
Kane Williamson c Imad Wasim & b Imad Wasim c Imad Wasim & b Imad Wasim 111600
Colin de Grandhomme run out run out 6600
Ross Taylor not out not out 422630
Corey Anderson c Shoaib Malik & b Hasan Ali c Shoaib Malik & b Hasan Ali 91200
Tim Seifert bowled Hasan Ali bowled Hasan Ali 0100
Tim Southee not out not out 5210
Adam Milne
Ish Sodhi
Ajaz Patel
Extras 3 (b 0, lb 2, w 1, nb 0)
Total 146 (6 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
50-1 (Glenn Phillips,6), 79-2 (Colin Munro,11.3), 84-3 (Kane Williamson,12.4), 89-4 (Colin de Grandhomme,13.4), 123-5 (Corey Anderson,18.1), 132-6 (Tim Seifert,19),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Imad Wasim4 0 26 1 6.50
Faheem Ashraf2 0 15 0 7.50
Hasan Ali4 0 35 3 8.75
Mohammad Hafeez3 0 13 0 4.33
Shadab Khan4 0 26 1 6.50
Shaheen Afridi3 0 29 0 9.67

So that is it from this game. Pakistan continue to impress in the shorter format and have now taken the lead in the series. New Zealand on the other hand, played really well and their performance here will surely give them confidence heading into the next game. It will be played on the 2nd of November at 2000 local (1400 GMT). Till then, take care and goodbye.

Pakistan skipper, Sarfraz Ahmed credits the way their bowlers bowled. Mentions 150 was the score they wanted on board. States he wanted Asif Ali to spend more time in the middle and hence he was promoted. He feels good about himself scoring runs tonight. Reckons they played well in the middle overs and appreciates the way Afridi and Hasan Ali bowled. Ends by saying, there was dew tonight and it may play a part in the games further.

New Zealand skipper, Kane Williamson, says there are a lot of positives to take out of this game. Mentions he knows how clinical Pakistan are here. Credits the way they played. He reckons the wicket got slower as the game progressed. Adds further, they could not capitalize despite getting off to a good start. Ends by saying the fielding effort was exceptional and that is very important in a T20I games.

Man of the Match, Mohammad Hafeez, says he is happy with his contribution in the win. Admits he does have problems with his modified action but he keeps working on it. Mentions he tries to play according to the situation. Ends by saying is happy with how the team is playing.

Earlier in the day, Pakistan set a decent target, courtesy Hafeez's excellent knock and cameos from the lower-order batsman. A strong finish saw them reach close to 150 which in the end proved to be enough.

The Pakistan bowlers were once again at their best. Their record of never losing a game after setting a target of above 130 continues. Yes, they did take a pounding in the first six but came back strongly after that. Hasan Ali was the star for them as he picked up 3. Shadab once again impressed as he was economical and got the big wicket of Munro. He was supported well by all the spinners. Shaheen Afridi, the youngster, also showed nerves of steel and ensured the home side take a 1-0 lead.

Taylor and Anderson then built a partnership but not at the rate they would have wanted. They maybe planned to take it deep but when the time to go big arrived, the southpaw held out. Taylor then had a lot to do and with minimum support from the other end, he failed to take the away side over the line.

Once the spinners were brought on, the runs started to dry up. The older ball was tough to score on and the run rate needed kept on creeping up. Munro then decided to cut lose. He hit a few boundaries and got to his fifty but then perished. That wicket began the downfall of the Kiwis as they then lost two quick wickets of Colin and Williamson.

Pakistan have once again managed to defend a total here. How good are they at doing this? New Zealand got off to a terrific start in the Powerplay, courtesy Munro. He was hitting the new ball really well and the visitors were 50 for 1 after the first 6. However, they failed to capitalize on the start they got and then began to lose their way.

S Afridi to R Taylor, Shaheen has done it. Taylor does not hit it over the ropes. A high full toss but the timing is not there. Taylor hits it over mid off for a boundary. All smiles in the Pakistan camp as THEY WIN BY 2 RUNS!

Super Over? Nooooo. Ask again. Think again. Super Over? Probably yes!!! A biggie???? Go for it Rosco! Or will Shaheen pull it off?

S Afridi to R Taylor, No boundary but New Zealand can still take this game to Super Over. Taylor flicks it through mid-wicket and takes two. 7 needed from the last ball.
S Afridi to R Taylor, A couple now! A yorker on middle, Taylor jams it out towards deep mid-wicket for a brace. A boundary needed on the next ball.
S Afridi to Tim Southee, Southee misses out! Another high full toss by Afridi. Southee swings, he gets an outside edge down to third man for a run. 11 from 3.
S Afridi to Tim Southee, FOUR! He has but a brilliant effort from him. Southee shuffles across and tries to flick. He gets it off the inner half through backward square leg. Hasan Ali from short fine leg hares after it. Faheem in the deep makes good ground to his right, dives and tries to push it back in. Hasan Ali does the mopping up job. The umpire though wants to have a check and replays show that, the ball has touched the marked line as the boundary cushion was pushed behind. A boundary is signalled. 12 needed from 4.

Has Ashraf touched the ropes? It will be an outstanding effort if he has not. They have gone upstairs to check.

S Afridi to R Taylor, Excellent delivery to begin the last! Full and on off, Taylor hits it down to long off for just a run.

Tim Southee strides out to the middle.

H Ali to Tim Seifert, OUT! Clean bowled! Hasan is pumped up. Cannot really fault the batsman. He had to go for the big hit and he swung hard. But unluckily for him, the 147 kph ball was too quick for him. Timber. Hasan finishes with a 3-fer - 4-0-35-3.
H Ali to R Taylor, Low full toss outside off, bunted towards cover for a run.
H Ali to R Taylor, Two more. Works it wide of long on and charges back for the second. Could have had Seifert with a better throw.
H Ali to R Taylor, Short and outside off, Rosco pulls it through mid-wicket where Hafeez does a wonderful job near the boundary. Two runs taken.
H Ali to R Taylor, TOP EDGE, FOUR! That will help New Zealand! A short ball, around middle, Taylor looks to pull but is hurried by the pace. Gets a top edge which flies over the leaping keeper to the fine leg fence.

Tim Seifert walks in at number 7, replacing Anderson.

H Ali to C Anderson, OUT! Hasan gets Corey! This wicket will do a world of good for Pakistan. A fuller length ball, around middle, Anderson goes deep in his crease and tries to heave it over long on, aiming to get underneath the ball. However, he is not quite able to generate enough power. Skies it miles in the air only to see it taken by Shoaib Malik at the ropes after it completes its parabolic path. Now... that equation changes big time. 26 needed from 11.
S Afridi to C Anderson, A high full toss, Anderson misses out as he only hits down to long off for a run. However, a good over for New Zealand as 11 came from it.
S Afridi to R Taylor, A huge appeal but not given! A yorker on off, Taylor tries to flick but gets an inside edge onto his pads. The ball goes down to third man for a run.
S Afridi to R Taylor, FOUR! Much-needed boundary! This has been crunched! Short and it sits up to be hit. Taylor pulls it with a lot of force through square leg. It is in the gap and a boundary results. 28 more needed.
S Afridi to R Taylor, SAFE! And that is why Corey was relaxed. Also, Shaheen had dislodged the stumps with his hands. A low full toss outside off, Taylor hits it towards sweeper cover. They take the first one and go for the second. Asif Ali there collects the ball and throws it to the bowler. Afridi whips the bails off and appeals. The umpire goes upstairs. Replays show that CA is in.

A run out appeal at the bowler's end is taken upstairs. Anderson once again is the man in question but he seems relaxed.

S Afridi to C Anderson, NOT OUT! Umpire's call and Pakistan do not lose a review. A slower ball on middle, Anderson goes for the swing but misses as the ball does not bounce as much as he expected it to. It hits him high on the thigh pad. Rolls towards short third man. The batters run a leg bye as the bowler appeals. The umpire shakes his head and Sarfraz wants it to be reviewed. Replays roll in and they show the ball to be clipping the bails.

Review time! A huge appeal for an LBW has not been given. Sarfraz signals the 'T' straightaway. Anderson is the man in question. Height can be an issue here.

S Afridi to R Taylor, On the bounce to the fielder! Full and on the pads, Taylor hits it uppishly but on the bounce to the man at deep square leg for a run.
S Afridi to R Taylor, Starts off with a wide down the leg side, Taylor lets it be. Wide called.

Shaheen Afridi is back on.

H Ali to R Taylor, A single to end! 9 from the over but a good one for Pakistan according to the situation. It is a length ball, Taylor flat-bats it towards mid off and sets off for a run. A wild throw by the fielder means, they complete it easily.
H Ali to C Anderson, Another low full toss, not a lot you can do with that. Anderson hits it down to long on for a run.
H Ali to R Taylor, Good bowling! Full and outside off, Taylor hits it to mid off for a run.
H Ali to R Taylor, Another couple! 6 from the first three. Short and outside off, Taylor cuts it through backward point. Farhan at third man, runs to his right, collects the ball, then realizes he is too close to the ropes to throw it back in. The onfield umpire quickly got it checked upstairs.
H Ali to R Taylor, Well fielded! Full and outside off, Taylor jams it out towards point. Shadab there dives to his right, gets a hand to it. It goes to the fielder in the deep, two taken.
H Ali to R Taylor, Length ball around off, Taylor swats it down towards long off. The fielder from long on runs to his left and keeps it down to two.
S Khan to C Anderson, Another sweep but still no boundary. The fielder at deep square leg runs to his left and makes a diving stop. Two taken. 46 in 24 needed.
S Khan to R Taylor, Flatter outside off, Taylor cuts it through point for a run.
S Khan to C Anderson, The googly and it is shorter in length, Anderson flicks it through mid-wicket for a run. 100 up, 49 more needed.
S Khan to C Anderson, Plays the sweep again but it goes off the inner half through square leg for a couple.
S Khan to C Anderson, The googly and it is bowled full and wide outside off. Anderson goes for the sweep but misses.
S Khan to R Taylor, A single to start as Taylor works it down to long on. Time to go big now.

Shadab Khan is back on.

H Ali to R Taylor, Slower ball around off, Taylor guides it towards the keeper for a quick run. Required run rate now is above 10.
H Ali to C Anderson, Now a single! Pakistan won't mind this at all. On middle, worked towards mid-wicket for a run.