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Pakistan vs New Zealand - 1st ODI

Series: Pakistan and New Zealand in UAE, 3 ODI Series, 2018
Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
Date & Time: 07 November 2018

Pakistan 219/10 (47.2 Ovs) RR: 4.62 | New Zealand beat Pakistan by 47 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Imam-ul-Haq c Colin de Grandhomme & b Lockie Ferguson c Colin de Grandhomme & b Lockie Ferguson 344630
Fakhar Zaman bowled Trent Boult bowled Trent Boult 1500
Babar Azam c Ross Taylor & b Trent Boult c Ross Taylor & b Trent Boult 0100
Mohammad Hafeez lbw Trent Boult lbw Trent Boult 0100
Shoaib Malik c Kane Williamson (C) & b Colin de Grandhomme c Kane Williamson (C) & b Colin de Grandhomme 305030
Sarfraz Ahmed bowled Colin de Grandhomme bowled Colin de Grandhomme 646970
Shadab Khan c Tom Latham (W) & b Ish Sodhi c Tom Latham (W) & b Ish Sodhi 71800
Imad Wasim c Colin de Grandhomme & b Tim Southee c Colin de Grandhomme & b Tim Southee 507202
Hasan Ali c Trent Boult & b Lockie Ferguson c Trent Boult & b Lockie Ferguson 162110
Shaheen Afridi bowled Lockie Ferguson bowled Lockie Ferguson 0200
Junaid Khan not out not out 0000
Extras 17 (b 0, lb 4, w 12, nb 1)
Total 219 (10 Wkts, 47.2 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
8-1 (Fakhar Zaman,2.2), 8-2 (Babar Azam,2.3), 8-3 (Mohammad Hafeez,2.4), 71-4 (Imam-ul-Haq,16.3), 73-5 (Shoaib Malik,17.3), 85-6 (Shadab Khan,22.1), 188-7 (Sarfraz Ahmed,41), 219-8 (Imad Wasim,46.5), 219-9 (Hasan Ali,47.1), 219-10 (Shaheen Afridi,47.2),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Trent Boult10 1 54 3 5.40
Tim Southee9 1 31 1 3.44
Lockie Ferguson9.2 0 36 3 3.91
Colin de Grandhomme10 0 40 2 4.00
Ish Sodhi9 0 54 1 6.00
George Worker 0 0 0 0 0
Colin Munro 0 0 0 0 0
Kane Williamson 0 0 0 0 0
Ross Taylor 0 0 0 0 0
Tom Latham 0 0 0 0 0
Henry Nicholls 0 0 0 0 0

Right, then! After suffering a defeat in the T20I series, New Zealand bounce back and start off on a winning note in the 50-over format. Pakistan's unfavourable record against the Kiwis continue, but they would like to change that soon, preferably in the next game itself. The 2nd ODI takes place at this same venue, on 9th November, at 1500 local (1100 GMT). Do join in for that. Take care!

New Zealand captain, Kane Williamson says all the games they have played so far have been difficult but they adapted to the conditions better this time which did the trick. States that they had some really good partnerships going and obviously Trent Boult's hat-trick played a big part. Reckons that the tail did well otherwise they were looking at a total below 230. Is happy with the overall performance and wants to take the momentum forward into the next game.

Pakistan captain, Sarfraz Ahmed says they started well with the ball and kept the Kiwis to 210/7, but then they couldn't capitalize and that hurt them. Adds that he brought Hasan Ali into the attack because of the reverse swing but the plans weren't executed properly in the death overs. When asked about their poor record against the Black Caps in ODIs, he feels that New Zealand's new ball bowlers are too good and they do a lot of damage. Stresses that they have to work on not losing wickets otherwise that will be a real problem going forward. Further adds that it's difficult to come back after losing three early wickets, but they will try to do their best in the next game.

Man of the Match, Trent Boult says it's nice to be back out on the field and play with his teammates again. Reckons that the new ball was key and he knew if he could get it to move around, he could do some damage. On his hat-trick ball, mentions he just wanted to make the batsman play and take it from there. States that their summer pretty much starts here and wants to do well as there's a lot of cricket to be bowled. On his last ball six, he chuckles and says he was hoping someone would ask him about that as he was quite pleased he middled it so well.

All in all, a good outing for the Kiwis. Earlier in the day, Taylor and Latham contributed with a century partnership of their own and with some assistance from the tail, catapulted their side past 260, more or less nullifying Shadab's and Afridi's 4-fer. Then, their bowling later came to the fore and got the job done. The presentation will be coming up shortly...

The Black Caps will be happy with their display in the field. Yes, it might have dragged on longer than they'd have liked to, but they got the win eventually. Boult got things going early in the 3rd over with a hat-trick and pegged the home side back. After that, there was some resistance, but the task was too big. Everybody else played their part, but Ferguson and de Grandhomme stood out as they got crucial wickets at the right moment to break whatever momentum Pakistan had gathered.

A rather comfortable victory for New Zealand in the end as they lead the 3-match series 1-0. The only time they were ever in trouble, or at least seemed like they were, was when Sarfraz and Imad (who scored fifties each) were going along without any trouble. But once their century stand was brought to an end, the writing was more or less on the wall. Malik and Imam before them provided some resistance, but that ended a bit prematurely as well. They were in real trouble when their top order was rocked early, so the task was always going to be a big difficult to be honest.

L Ferguson to S Afridi, OUT! Bowled! Ferguson wraps things up as he ends with a 3-fer. Comes from around the wicket and spears in a yorker on the stumps, Shaheen Afridi backs away and looks to smash it, but misses and the stumps are shattered. NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 47 RUNS!

Junaid Khan is the last man in for Pakistan.

L Ferguson to H Ali, OUT! Second of the night for Lockie Ferguson. Cleverly disguises the slower delivery as he bowls it full and wide outside off, Hasan Ali tries to go big downtown. Can only manage to loft it high towards long on where Trent Boult takes it well by settling under it.
Tim Southee to S Afridi, Afridi drives this full length delivery to the cover region.

Shaheen Afridi comes out to bat.

Tim Southee to I Wasim, OUT! Southee strikes. Imad departs after scoring a fifty. Full toss from around the wicket, on the stumps, Imad brings out the reverse paddle. Connects well, but there are two fielders stationed there. Colin de Grandhomme at backward point moves to his right and takes a one-handed catch diving to his right. Superb stuff. The end is nigh for Pakistan now.
Tim Southee to H Ali, Hits this down towards mid off and jogs across to the other end.
Tim Southee to I Wasim, 4th ODI fifty for Imad Wasim! A good knock from him, despite the situation. High full toss on the body, Imad lofts it over the bowler's head and gets to the other end.
Tim Southee to I Wasim, Too full in length, driven hard straight back down the ground for a single.
Tim Southee to H Ali, On the fuller side of the length, drilled through mid off. A run is taken.

Tim Southee returns.

T Boult to I Wasim, Wasim slogs it through the mid-wicket for a brace.
T Boult to H Ali, Once again, it's in the air but fallen safely. Hasan Ali mistimes the loft which falls short of Williamson at mid off. Single to the total.
T Boult to H Ali, The ball is way wide on the leg side but the batsman still goes after it.
T Boult to H Ali, Low full toss on off, driven square through point. The man in the deep moves to his left and stops the ball with a slide. Two more result.
T Boult to H Ali, Trent goes full again, Ali makes a little room and lofts it over covers. It falls safely and the batsmen take two.
T Boult to I Wasim, Full delivery swinging back in on middle and leg, Imad slogs it off the inner half through mid-wicket for a single.
L Ferguson to H Ali, Full toss outside off, Hasan gets an edge which goes behind to Latham on the bounce.
L Ferguson to I Wasim, Shaping into Wasim, it goes off his thigh pad and rolls away on the leg side. A leg bye is taken.
L Ferguson to I Wasim, Wide! Hits the deck hard and pounds it short, Imad backs away and evades the bumper. Wide called though.
L Ferguson to I Wasim, Tries the scoop shot but fails to connect. Fuller and outside off, Wasim moves a long way across, in vain though.
L Ferguson to H Ali, In the air but safe! Lockie takes the pace off this and bowls it full outside off, Ali doesn't pick it up and goes into the loft shot too early. Luckily for him, it falls well short of long on. Single taken.
L Ferguson to H Ali, Full in length this time, around off, pushed back down towards mid off.
L Ferguson to H Ali, Length delivery in the channel outside off, Ali looks to put bat on ball but fails.

Lockie Ferguson is back.

T Boult to H Ali, Flicked away into the leg side and a single is collected.
T Boult to H Ali, FOUR! Edged and away! Low full outside off, Hasan Ali gets a thick outside edge which runs down to third man. Munro in the deep moves to his left but can't stop it.
T Boult to I Wasim, Worked away in front of square on the leg side. One run to the total.
T Boult to H Ali, Boult takes the pace off this as he pitches this full around off, Hasan gets an inside edge onto his pads. The batsmen cross over as the ball falls on the off side.
T Boult to I Wasim, Played to the mid-wicket region by the batsman. The batsmen have run through for a single.
T Boult to I Wasim, Wide! Hurled well outside off, too far out. It goes across the tramline and a wide is signalled.
T Boult to I Wasim, Arrows a full delivery on the stumps, Imad backs a long way away and hits it straight to mid off.
de Grandhomme to I Wasim, Slogged from within the crease to deep mid-wicket for a single.
de Grandhomme to I Wasim, Low full toss on the stumps, it goes off the inner half to short mid-wicket.
de Grandhomme to H Ali, Over the wicket now, it's a full ball on off, Ali drives it through mid off and changes ends.
de Grandhomme to I Wasim, Switches to around the wicket, full on off, hit down to long off for a run.
de Grandhomme to H Ali, Full and angling in, goes off the batsman's pads on the leg side. A leg bye taken.
de Grandhomme to H Ali, Not out! Clipping leg. Colin de Grandhomme fires it full on leg stump, Hasan Ali looks to put bat on ball but is rapped on the front pad instead. Loud shout goes up but the umpire remains unmoved. The Kiwis opt for the review immediately and it's taken upstairs. Replays show the ball to be clipping leg stump. Ali survives, but New Zealand don't lose the review.

Review time. New Zealand have opted for the DRS for an lbw decision against Hasan Ali.

T Boult to I Wasim, Goes for the yorker but ends up dishing out a low full toss, Imad plays it off the inner half in front of square leg. 77 required in 48 balls.
T Boult to H Ali, Goes full, aims the base of the off stick, Ali taps it in front of cover and completes the run quickly.
T Boult to H Ali, Good length ball on off stump, Ali gets an inside edge back onto his pads.
T Boult to H Ali, Touch fuller in length, outside off, blocked from inside the crease.