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Pakistan vs Australia - 3rd T20I

Series: Pakistan and Australia in UAE, 3 T20I Series, 2018
Venue: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai
Date & Time: 28 October 2018

Australia 117/10 (19.1 Ovs) RR: 6.10 | Pakistan beat Australia by 33 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Alex Carey c Faheem Ashraf & b Mohammad Hafeez c Faheem Ashraf & b Mohammad Hafeez 20922
Aaron Finch c Mohammad Hafeez & b Faheem Ashraf c Mohammad Hafeez & b Faheem Ashraf 1300
Chris Lynn c Faheem Ashraf & b Shadab Khan c Faheem Ashraf & b Shadab Khan 151320
Ben McDermott run out run out 212021
Glenn Maxwell c Shoaib Malik & b Shadab Khan c Shoaib Malik & b Shadab Khan 4800
Mitchell Marsh c Shoaib Malik & b Shadab Khan c Shoaib Malik & b Shadab Khan 212401
D'Arcy Short c Shoaib Malik & b Usman Khan c Shoaib Malik & b Usman Khan 101510
Nathan Coulter-Nile run out run out 0100
Andrew Tye c Sarfraz Ahmed (C) (W) & b Hasan Ali c Sarfraz Ahmed (C) (W) & b Hasan Ali 5900
Adam Zampa c Imad Wasim & b Hasan Ali c Imad Wasim & b Hasan Ali 91010
Nathan Lyon not out not out 4400
Extras 7 (b 0, lb 5, w 1, nb 1)
Total 117 (10 Wkts, 19.1 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
24-1 (Aaron Finch,1.5), 24-2 (Alex Carey,2.1), 60-3 (Chris Lynn,7.1), 62-4 (Ben McDermott,7.4), 75-5 (Glenn Maxwell,10.1), 94-6 (Mitchell Marsh,14.3), 99-7 (D'Arcy Short,15.1), 99-8 (Nathan Coulter-Nile,15.2), 108-9 (Andrew Tye,18), 117-10 (Adam Zampa,19.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Imad Wasim4 0 33 0 8.25
Faheem Ashraf2 0 8 1 4.00
Mohammad Hafeez2 0 16 1 8.00
Hasan Ali3.1 0 14 2 4.52
Shadab Khan4 0 19 3 4.75
Usman Khan4 0 22 1 5.50

That is all we have for you from this match and tour. Australia go home empty handed while Pakistan continue to be consistent. They however, welcome New Zealand in a couple of days in another series while Australia prepare for South Africa. For now, Sarfraz and co. smile and pose for the cameras as they are handed the 'biscuit-trophy'. We hope you enjoyed all the coverage that was brought to you throughout. Continue being with us for other games. Till then, be safe and do good.

Pakistan skipper, Sarfraz Ahmed, starts by crediting the whole team and reckons they outplayed Australia in the whole series. Mentions T20 is not a format where they can relax and they take every game seriously. Appreciates the bowlers for the way they bowled in this series. They would want to carry forward the momentum into the series against New Zealand. Ends by acknowledging Shoaib Malik and Mohammad Hafeez for the way they have played.

Australia skipper, Aaron Finch, says they had a chance in all three games as any target below 160 is chaseable. Admits they lacked partnerships. Credits Pakistan for their fielding. Mentions the bowling was a positive but their batting in the middle overs against spin is where they have to improve. Ends by saying, the series against Sri Lanka and South Africa is not going to be easy.

Man of the Series, Babar Azam says this was his best innings amongst the three as he had to change his game a little today. Adds further he would want to carry forward the form he is in, into the matches coming ahead. Ends by saying the role given to him which is to play throughout suits him and he paces his innings according to the situation.

Man of the Match, Shadab Khan, says he bowled good lines and lengths today. Reckons the ball was skidding more tonight and it was griping more in the last game. Adds further he has a gaemplan for every batsman and it came off well today. Ends by saying he is not angry on his teammates for dropping the catches as he himself dropped one, on his own bowling.

Australia for once did well at the start but was just not good enough. They kept losing wickets but maintained pace with the scoring rate. They were level with Pakistan after 10 overs but lost 5 more wickets. None of the their batsmen held one end and they were no where in the game. Earlier on, after a good opening partnership Pakistan managed to put on 150 on the board. Stay tuned for the presentation.

Another dominant performance from the hosts. This is the first time Pakistan have ever whitewashed Australia in any format in a 3-match series. What a display by the Men in Green and they continue showing-off why they are the no.1 T20I side. Once again, apart from the few dropped catches they were clinical in the field. Shadab Khan was the pick of the bowlers picking up three wickets. Baring Imad, everyone chipped in with the wickets. They didn't allow any partnership to build and kept getting regular breakthroughs.

H Ali to A Zampa, OUT! No miracle as Zampa is the last man to be dismissed. The slower ball on off, Zampa makes room and tries to go over covers. He only manage to lob it towards the fielder in that position. Imad Wasim tracks back and takes it. Customary handshakes going on as PAKISTAN WIN BY 33 RUNS!
U Khan to N Lyon, A full ball on middle, Lyon hits it down to long on. They run the first one and go for the second. Malik throws it towards the keeper but it hits Lyon. 34 needed in 6 balls. So Australia are still mathematically in it but they need a miracle.
U Khan to N Lyon, Lovely change of length. The last ball was a yorker and this one was a bumper. Lyon is late on the pull.
U Khan to N Lyon, Yorker outside off, Lyon swings but misses.
U Khan to N Lyon, Slower ball on off, Lyon swings but mistimes it towards deep mid-wicket for a run.
U Khan to A Zampa, It's been driven superbly through the covers. They pick up a single.
U Khan to A Zampa, FOUR! They need a lot more! Length ball on off, Zampa lofts it over covers. A sloppy effort in the deep by Ashraf who runs to his right but fails to collect it.

Nathan Lyon is the last man in.

H Ali to A Tye, OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! Another lovely catch by Sarfraz this time. Full and outside off, Tye swings but he gets an inside edge which goes quickly to the left of Sarfraz. He dives and takes it.
H Ali to A Zampa, Another slower bumper outside off, Zampa tries to pull but it goes off the toe-end towards mid-wicket for a run.
H Ali to A Zampa, A yorker on middle, Zampa jams it out.
H Ali to A Zampa, A slower bouncer outside off, Zampa goes for the pull but missed it.
H Ali to A Tye, The batsman gets an inside edge on that which goes fine down the leg side. One run added to the total.
H Ali to A Tye, On a length and it comes back in late. Tye tries to flick but is beaten by pace. The ball hits him on the pads. A muted appeal but not given.

Hasan Ali is back on.

S Khan to A Tye, Short ball on middle, pulled through square leg for a run.
S Khan to A Zampa, Short ball on off, hit towards long off for one. Australia need more than just singles.
S Khan to A Tye, Just a single. Pushed once again to that region.
S Khan to A Zampa, Leg spinner outside off, punched through cover-point for one.
S Khan to A Zampa, Pushed to the cover region by the batsman.
S Khan to A Tye, DROPPED! Faheem Ashraf the culprit. Should have taken that. Leg spinner outside off, Tye swings and chip it to deep point. Ashraf gets under it but fails to hold on to it. They cross.
U Khan to A Tye, The batsman gets an inside edge and the ball hits him on the pads. The batsmen have run through for a single.
U Khan to A Tye, A swing and a miss! Outside off, Tye swings but connects with thin air.
U Khan to A Tye, A yorker on off, Zampa jams it out towards covers for a run.
U Khan to A Zampa, Back of a length on off, guided to point.

Adam Zampa walks out next.

U Khan to N Coulter-Nile, OUT! Second run out! The highest scorer for Australia in this series is walking back. A big mix-up. A yorker outside off, Nathan jams it out towards point. He sets off for a run. His partner obliges but then sends him back from the point of no return. Shadab does the smart thing as he runs to the stumps at the striker's end and then breaks it.

Andrew Tye strides out to the middle.

U Khan to D Short, OUT! What a catch by Shoaib Malik. Catch no. 45 in T20Is and it is one he won't forget soon. He is one of the best fielders in the Pakistan team and he is living up to that reputation. A short ball on the body of Short. He flat-bats it towards wide long on. Malik from long on runs to his left and takes a tumbling catch. The last recognized batsman is walking back and now once can surely say, GAME. SET AND MATCH.

Usman Khan into another spell.

S Khan to D Short, A single to end as Short works it through square leg. 52 in 30.
S Khan to D Short, FOUR! Much, much-needed boundary. The sweep shot comes out. It is hit in the gap in the mid-wicket region. The fielder in the deep dives but his effort goes in vain.
S Khan to D Short, The googly on off, Short keeps it out.

Nathan Coulter-Nile is the new man in.

S Khan to M Marsh, OUT! Marsh walks back and probably he takes back with him Australia's hopes of chasing this down. Shadab Khan gets his third. Excellent bowling. He knew Marsh would use his feet so he bowls it short and also on his body, cramping him for room. Marsh chips it down towards long on. The shot has enough power that it carries towards the fielder at long on. Malik there runs in and takes a decent catch.
S Khan to M Marsh, Shadab tosses it above the eye line but the length is very full, Marsh tries to get under it but fails to do so but gets an inside edge onto his pads.
S Khan to D Short, Tosses it up outside off, Short hits it down to long off for a run.
S Khan to D Short, A false start for him as he fires it full outside off, wided.

Shadab Khan is back on.

H Ali to M Marsh, A dot to end! 2 runs from the over! Short and outside off, Marsh guides it to point. 59 from the last 6. The run rate is now almost touching 10.
H Ali to M Marsh, Another dot! Short and outside off, it is the slower one. Marsh tries to drag his pull but he gets a bottom edge onto the ground.
H Ali to D Short, Goes short this time, Short pulls it to deep square leg for a run. Singles won't hurt Pakistan at the moment, especially after two dots.
H Ali to D Short, Another off cutter, it grips and turns away after pitching. Short tries to flick it but gets a leading edge to point.