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Pakistan vs Australia - 2nd T20I

Series: Pakistan and Australia in UAE, 3 T20I Series, 2018
Venue: Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai
Date & Time: 26 October 2018

Australia 136/8 (20.0 Ovs) RR: 6.8 | Pakistan beat Australia by 11 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
D'Arcy Short run out run out 21200
Aaron Finch c Fakhar Zaman & b Shadab Khan c Fakhar Zaman & b Shadab Khan 31000
Chris Lynn c Shadab Khan & b Imad Wasim c Shadab Khan & b Imad Wasim 71201
Mitchell Marsh c Sarfraz Ahmed (C) (W) & b Shadab Khan c Sarfraz Ahmed (C) (W) & b Shadab Khan 212310
Glenn Maxwell c Shoaib Malik & b Shaheen Afridi c Shoaib Malik & b Shaheen Afridi 523742
Alex Carey c Fakhar Zaman & b Mohammad Hafeez c Fakhar Zaman & b Mohammad Hafeez 1400
Ben McDermott run out run out 3400
Nathan Coulter-Nile c Asif Ali & b Shaheen Afridi c Asif Ali & b Shaheen Afridi 271703
Andrew Tye not out not out 2100
Adam Zampa not out not out 0000
Billy Stanlake
Extras 18 (b 0, lb 13, w 5, nb 0)
Total 136 (8 Wkts, 20.0 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
11-1 (D'Arcy Short,3), 19-2 (Chris Lynn,5), 31-3 (Aaron Finch,6.3), 61-4 (Mitchell Marsh,11.4), 62-5 (Alex Carey,12.3), 73-6 (Ben McDermott,13.5), 132-7 (Glenn Maxwell,19.3), 134-8 (Nathan Coulter-Nile,19.5),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Imad Wasim4 1 8 1 2.00
Faheem Ashraf3 0 14 0 4.67
Shadab Khan4 0 30 2 7.50
Shaheen Afridi4 0 35 2 8.75
Hasan Ali4 0 32 0 8.00
Mohammad Hafeez1 0 4 1 4.00

So that's it from us. Pakistan win the series and continue their dominance in the shortest format of the game. Australia have lost, but they have pride to play for and will look to end their U.A.E. tour on a high. The final game takes place on 28th October, in Dubai again, at 2000 local (1600 GMT). See you for that. Cheers!

Pakistan captain, Sarfraz Ahmed says winning 10 series in a row in T20Is is not an easy thing to achieve. Reckons that they have improved in the past couple of years and it's been a combined effort between the team, management and selectors and that has helped. On Shaheen Afridi, he says he is young but he had faith in him and the pacer repaid that showing his quality. Adds that getting Imad Wasim back in the team gives them good balance and he can even use Mohammad Hafeez too when needed. On the batting, he feels that they played too many dot balls and if they can work on that, there are big hitters down the order who can score big when they come in. Ends by saying that in the final game he will try out the guys who haven't got a chance to play yet.

Australia captain, Aaron Finch says they were just a bit tentative in the Powerplay and later Pakistan just piled on the pressure. States that there's a good reason why Pakistan are the no.1 T20I side in the world. Reckons they didn't judge the conditions quick enough and that added to their downfall. Feels there are positives to take as certain players came in after a while and played well.

Man of the Match, Imad Wasim says he enjoys bowling in the Powerplay. Adds the wicket was different to the one in Abu Dhabi as this one was better. Mentions that you have to see the situation and then make your plans accordingly. States that he knew Australia wouldn't attack so he kept pitching it up. Ends by saying that he varied his pace as well which helped.

Australia will be disappointed with themselves. They had done well to restrict Pakistan to a total under 150, especially after how Hafeez and Azam were motoring along. With the bat, they just couldn't hold it together. Imploded of sorts yet again. Plenty to work on for them. The presentation will be coming up shortly...

A fine win for the Men in Green. This is their 10th series win in a row in T20Is. No.1 side in the world in this format for a reason. Setting a rather modest total on the board on this batting deck, they came out firing with the ball and were electric in the field too, barring a couple of dropped chances of course. Got rid of the top order quickly, there was some resistance provided by Marsh and Maxwell. More wickets fell and Pakistan were well on top. Maxwell (who scored a fifty) found an able partner in Coulter-Nile and both kind of took it close, but the ask was just too much. Eventually, the visitors fell short.

S Afridi to A Tye, Tye swings across the line, through mid-wicket and gets just two runs for it. It's not enough. PAKISTAN WIN BY 11 RUNS! And take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the series too.

Adam Zampa in for the last ball of the game. Andrew Tye will be on strike though.

S Afridi to N Coulter-Nile, OUT! GONE! Another wicket down. Full and just outside off, Coulter-Nile lofts this over covers. Doesn't have enough power on it and it's a simple catch for Asif Ali in the deep.
S Afridi to N Coulter-Nile, Full and wide outside off, Coulter-Nile swings and gets it off the outer half down towards third man. The fielder moves to his left and cuts it off, keeping the batsmen to two runs.

Andrew Tye is next in.

S Afridi to G Maxwell, OUT! Good catch. And just the man you want under such situations. Slower length ball around off, Maxwell swings too early and skies it towards long on. Malik comes running in, settles himself under the ball and takes the pressure catch ever so well. Maxwell played well, but he just had a little too much to do.
S Afridi to N Coulter-Nile, Length ball on off, it's hit somehow towards covers for a single.
S Afridi to N Coulter-Nile, SIX! THAT IS A MASSIVE HIT! Wow. Out of the stadium. Length delivery around off, there for Coulter-Nile to dispatch and he does so. Throws the kitchen sink at it and thumps it out of the park. What a start for Australia. 17 needed off 5.
H Ali to G Maxwell, Beautifully bowled. Brilliant end to the over from Hasan Ali. Bowls the slower bouncer and executes it to perfection. Maxwell backs away but can't do anything about it. Australia need 23 to win off the final over.
H Ali to N Coulter-Nile, It's been driven superbly through the covers. One run added to the total.
H Ali to N Coulter-Nile, SIX! Coulter-Nile gets in on the action. Crucial hit, this. Back of a length which just sits up for him, the batsman goes back and muscles the heave over mid-wicket for a biggie. The 50-run stand between these two comes up as well.
H Ali to G Maxwell, Is that a drop? Good effort from Shadab nonetheless. Length delivery on off, Maxwell backs away and slices it over point. Shadab out in the deep runs in, dives forward but just can't get underneath it cleanly. A single results.
H Ali to N Coulter-Nile, Ahead of a length, on middle, a mistimed slog from Coulter-Nile rolls to mid-wicket. A single is taken. Maxwell back on strike.
H Ali to G Maxwell, Makes room, cuts it, but only a single. Fuller length delivery on middle and leg, Maxwell stays leg side and hits it to sweeper cover.
S Afridi to G Maxwell, Fifty for Glenn Maxwell. His 5th in this format. Just punches it down to long on and gets to the other end. 33 needed to win off 12 balls.
S Afridi to G Maxwell, SIX! That's gone all the way! Full and right in the slot, Maxwell goes deep inside the crease and hits this straight as an arrow. A flat maximum. Fantastic hit.
S Afridi to G Maxwell, Wide! Another wide. Sarfraz once again just signals to the youngster to take it easy. It's been a superb over so far. Down leg again, Maxwell swings and misses.
S Afridi to G Maxwell, Wide! Angles it down leg, Maxwell swings and misses after going across. Wide signalled. Sarfraz just asks his bowler to calm down a bit.
S Afridi to G Maxwell, Another good delivery. Short and wide outside off, slower in pace once more, Maxwell comes down the track for the big swing and misses. Making it hard for Maxwell, keeping it away from his arc too. Smart stuff.
S Afridi to G Maxwell, Makes room and gets beaten! This is a good ball from Afridi. Over 140 clicks, follows Maxwell seeing him make room. The batsman looks to heave it over the leg side but misses.
S Afridi to N Coulter-Nile, Doesn't connect well at all, but gets a single and brings Maxwell on strike. Mistimes this towards mid off and changes ends.
S Afridi to N Coulter-Nile, Swing and a miss! Takes the pace off it and keeps it well outside off, Nathan swings early and misses it completely. Good start to the over.

Shaheen Afridi is back on.

H Ali to G Maxwell, Short ball on leg, Maxwell goes across to pull it down to fine leg but misses. 13 off the over. A big one for Australia.
H Ali to G Maxwell, A misfield now. Pakistan looks a bit jittery out in the field. Maxwell drills it to covers where the fielder dives to his left and lets it through. Two to the total.
H Ali to G Maxwell, FOUR! That's crashed! No chance for anyone to stop that. Back of a length around off, Maxwell stands his ground and cracks it through the covers for a boundary.
H Ali to G Maxwell, Dropped! Another life for Maxwell. He slices this fuller length ball over point. Hafeez out in the deep runs in to his right, dives and puts it down. Two runs taken.
H Ali to G Maxwell, FOUR! Length ball outside off, Maxwell plays at it and gets an edge. It races across the third man fence for a boundary.
H Ali to N Coulter-Nile, Low full angling in on leg, hit down towards long on for a single.
S Khan to N Coulter-Nile, Gets low and and sweeps it through square leg for a single. Will keep strike for the next over.
S Khan to N Coulter-Nile, Outside off, CN cannot get it past the off side.
S Khan to N Coulter-Nile, SIX! Coulter-Nile gets into the act. He can strike them. They need 14 rpo and they have 13 from the first 3. Slogs this over square leg just over the ropes for a maximum.
S Khan to G Maxwell, Tries to go again. But cannot connect as well. Hits it off the outer half over the bowler's head to mid on for one.
S Khan to G Maxwell, SIX! Connects this time. Pure power. Gets low and slogs this over mid-wicket for a monster of a six.
S Khan to G Maxwell, Leg spinner outside off, Maxwell goes for the big slogs but fails to connect.
H Ali to N Coulter-Nile, Just outside off, Coulter-Nile looks to put bat on ball but the ball whizzes through with great speed. Beaten!
H Ali to N Coulter-Nile, Stays back and keeps it out safely.
H Ali to N Coulter-Nile, Safe! It's brushed the off stump. Wow. And the bails still didn't come off. This is an absolute ripper from Hasan Ali. Lands it around off, it comes back in at great pace. Coulter-Nile is beaten as he looks to cut and there is some noise as the ball goes behind to the keeper. Sarfraz thinks there's an inside edge and takes the DRS. Replays show that the ball kissed the off stick. Ooooffff!

What's happened here? Did it hit the stumps? Or a caught behind? There is a woody sound. Let's see what the ball hit though.

H Ali to G Maxwell, The batsman has flicked the ball off his pads. One run added to the total.
H Ali to G Maxwell, Outside off on a good length, a play and a miss from Maxwell.
H Ali to N Coulter-Nile, Angling in at first and then straightening off the seam, Coulter-Nile taps this down in front of backward point and both batsmen take off. There is a shy at the bowler's end which misses. Had that hit, Nathan was a goner.
S Afridi to G Maxwell, The batsman hits it from within the crease. Two run added to the total.
S Afridi to G Maxwell, Wide! Going down leg, wide signalled.