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Kolkata vs Rajasthan - 49th Match

Series: Indian T20 League, 2018
Venue: Eden Gardens, Kolkata
Date: 15 May 2018

Kolkata 145/4 (18 Ovs) RR: 8.06 | Kolkata won by 6 wkts


Right then. Rajasthan will have to do with the memories of Stokes and Buttler now in their quest to 14. Kolkata have matters in their hands though, with a top two berth too there to take. The probablity combinations are heating .. it's getting messy. But that's exactly why this league is so much fun. This is Vineet Anantharaman signing off on behalf of Rishi Roy, Kumar Abhisekh Das, Pratyush Sinha, Ramakrishnan and our scorer Sulthan. Until another qualification combination beckons, ta ta!!

Kuldeep Yadav | MoM: I was a bit under pressure after the start they got. I was only thinking of taking a wicket, Jos Buttler is the man in form and I was really trying to get him out. You have to motivate yourself, you have to back your strengths and basics and try to succeed. I don't try a lot because I try to succeed with my strengths only. But you need to keep changing in a format like T20. I knew Buttler would go for a reverse sweep and that's why I bowled the quicker one to him. You need to keep planning in every game for every batsman; sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn't but you need to keep trying. (Half Hindi translation)

Dinesh Karthik | Winning skipper: I think they started off brilliantly; especially Buttler and Tripathi played really well. But it also shows our character where we just didn't give up. When we got the chance we just didn't let it go. Winning one, losing the next and then coming back is a part of the T20 League. We just try and put in team bonding sessions, keep interacting and look to put a smile one everyone's face to keep them motivated. (On the review he took) Yeah I was convinced. I thought at that stage the wicket was really important. Kuldeep is an international quality bowler and is one of the best chinaman bowler in the worl. He is sometimes so confident that he ends up slacking off and giving out one easy ball. But he is very hardworking, always in the gym and if I can keep him consistent it is enough. (On qualifications) Now you are scaring me (chuckles)

Chris Lynn: The only way we'd have let RAJ into the game is by losing a couple of more wickets. Not so exciting cricket but we got the job done. Important 2 points on the board. I didn't want to leave it to anyone else in the end. We wanted to boost that run-rate, which will come into play in a game's time. We have got quality players against spin in the middle overs. My strength, obviously, is against the quicker bowlers. We got to get our momentum back, and the boys are excited. (They) showed character in the first six overs.

Ajinkya Rahane | Losing skipper: The intent was positive (from the team). Jos (Buttler) and Tripathi batted really well and when I went in I just wanted to carry the momentum forward. Jos was batting really well and it's not just upto him all the time. Batsmen will have to take responsibility. We have to blame all the batsmen and we lost because we played badly. I felt our bowlers bowled really well. 170-180 would have been very good. We still have a chance. We have to learn from this game and move forward. We know how the wicket will play in Jaipur, so we got to learn and move forward. We will definitely miss Jos and Stokes, but as a cricketer I really feel happy for Jos that he has been picked in the Test squad. As a player you feel really happy when selected to play the Test matches.

23:26 local: Save your ears, Eden. Over 60,000 of them at the top of their voices and a campaign that's found its legs again. Never mind the final flourish, it is the first innings that seemed to have sealed the fate. 142 was never going to threaten, surely not on a small ground, surely not with dew setting in, surely not when the Rajasthan bowling has lacked teeth and surely not when the opposition ranks have batsmen in such form. Stokes did pull things back at the start after the first over carnage, Sodhi did do it in the middle overs, but a boundary an over elsewhere was never going to help their cause. Meanwhile Lynn anchored well, the others played around and Karthik, who's made it a habit, finished in style. Stay on, the interviews coming your way.

Jofra Archer to Karthik, SIX, goes over. And Kolkata keep the 16-pointer dream alive. Shortened length, Karthik deposits it into long-on with an all muscle heave

Into one shot mode now.

Jofra Archer to Karthik, FOUR, genuine edge. Zips up off the turf to take the splice on Karthik's lost overused dab. But the pace is enough to run it into third man. Or is it? Gowtham chases, dives, but nope, can't get his hand off the ball while his leg touches the rope
Jofra Archer to Karthik, no run, lines up to the good length, settling into a defensive whip to mid-wicket
Jofra Archer to A Russell, 1 run, 145kph. Another attempted yorker not quite right. This time the drill straight down finds long-on
Jofra Archer to A Russell, FOUR, oh the hammer. Brute. Archer misses the yorker by an inch, Russell takes out a mile. Launching into the overcook to crunch it through the covers
Jofra Archer to Karthik, 1 run, bumped in. Karthik pulls, not quite in control, but enough to ensure that fine leg can only take it on the bounce

Jofra Archer [3.0-0-27-0] is back into the attack

Unadkat to Karthik, 1 run, conventional. A driving steer down to third man
Unadkat to Karthik, no run, and again. His dab ditches him again. And DK's angry, let's the stump mic carry up some anger to us
Unadkat to Karthik, no run, another try. Goes to dab, but the ball's just wide enough to evade the poke, never mind the inward nip
Unadkat to Karthik, FOUR, pulls out some deft dabs from his bag of tricks. Unadkat keeps going through with full-paced seam ups .. Karthik's waiting, showing it the opened up face and dabbing it just wide of Buttler's dive
Unadkat to A Russell, 1 run, length now. Front leg out as usual. Almight swing as usual. Skews out an edge to gully
Unadkat to A Russell, FOUR, innocuously short, dishing out full pace. Russell gets back fiercely on his back leg, swings his cut, going over point and almost into deep point .. millimeters

Jaydev Unadkat [2.0-0-13-0] is back into the attack

Stokes to Karthik, no run, sees it out. It's been some spell this - 4-1-15-3. A pity the runs weren't there in the bank to give him the MoM. DK does it with a stoic block
Stokes to Karthik, no run, full again, around off this time as Karthik shuffles and knocks it to mid-wicket
Stokes to A Russell, 1 run, gets in the yorker. Russell's ready, squeeze-drilling it straight down
Stokes to Karthik, leg byes, 1 run, it slams the pad. Buttler seems to be jumping up in appeal. Stokes is busy trying to clean up the possible leg bye. Oh Rajasthan have to take it up. It's all up to the angle .. how big is it getting? Okay so DK has missed the glance, he's stuck in front of middle. And yes, HawkEye shows it clipping the edge of the bail. Everyone's happy

Andre Russell, right handed bat, comes to the crease

A time-out. Right, with an asking rate under six, Kolkata shouldn't be worried. Right?

Stokes to Chris Lynn, out Caught by Anureet Singh!! Strokes has another. Oh where was he hiding all this while? Anyway, it takes him to dish out a short-slower sticker into the pitch. Lynn as usual can't resist, loads up with a leg-cleared-cut. But doesn't quite adjust to the time the ball takes in getting there, slices off the top-edge and deep point couldn't have been placed better. Chris Lynn c Anureet Singh b Stokes 45(42) [4s-5 6s-1]

Stokes to Chris Lynn, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Stokes to Karthik, 1 run, good length on middle. Chipped away, quite off the outside half towards mid-on

Ben Stokes [3.0-1-13-2] is back into the attack

Dharmasena wants another ball in the over. Thank god for the third umpire to intercept .. we don't know the code to change in getting in a seven-ball over.

Ish Sodhi to Chris Lynn, no run, another wide toss up, Lynn drives from his stance. And it's air he gets. It's the end of Sodhi
Ish Sodhi to Chris Lynn, 2 runs, a little too full to be sweeping. But neatly changes his commitment into a lap. Never mind the top-edge, it's safely behind square
Ish Sodhi to Chris Lynn, no run, 85.4kph, teases him with the width. Teases him with the flight. And Lynn being the bully he is wants to launch it straight down. Slogs an entirely different line
Ish Sodhi to Karthik, 1 run, drifting into middle. A watchful dab, softly to cover
Ish Sodhi to Karthik, FOUR, gets cheeky. Picks up the floaty leggie outside off, knows there's nobody at third man. And reverses. Nailing it past slip
Ish Sodhi to Karthik, no run, clears his front leg going into a leaning drive. Straight to extra cover

Ish Sodhi [3.0-0-14-1] is back into the attack

The equation's under six. Rahane has to attack. And that means a slip.

Jofra Archer to Chris Lynn, FOUR, rub in the luck too. Neat bouncer, at the nose, but Lynn's already moving away, putting everything in his hooky-swing. Gets a fat edge that proves just enough to clear the keeper
Jofra Archer to Karthik, 1 run, half a hop again, stays back longer to dab it way too fine for point to cut it off
Jofra Archer to Karthik, no run, 140kph - there comes the pace in a back of a length back-bender. DK hops, tries guiding it through the cordon. Nah, can't
Jofra Archer to Chris Lynn, 1 run, slower bouncer. Front-foot-pull. Long-on
Jofra Archer to Chris Lynn, no run, almost another. A very similar nothing ball outside off, Lynn cracks, but point's corrected his angle
Jofra Archer to Chris Lynn, FOUR, 118.9kph. And then length and width. Lynn gets forward, and rocks back in a fierce cut. Nothing a diving point can do

Jofra Archer [2.0-0-17-0] is back into the attack

Anureet Singh to Karthik, FOUR, that's the ruin. All the width put out for Karthik to get .. and he chases, carving it over extra cover
Anureet Singh to Chris Lynn, 1 run, goes yorker. Jammed straight back. Decently quiet this for Anureet
Anureet Singh to Karthik, 1 run, ends up straight. And Karthik's back to taking it into mid-wicket. Those delicate wrists
Anureet Singh to Karthik, 2 runs, back to the floaters outside off. Squeezed out through extra cover
Anureet Singh to Chris Lynn, 1 run, too short. Lynn doesn't want a wide, goes forehand-ed. Cow corner again
Anureet Singh to Karthik, 1 run, slower cutter on middle, nurdled away through mid-wicket

Anureet Singh, right-arm medium, comes into the attack

He's finally here. Yes, he's in the side to bowl.

Unadkat to Chris Lynn, no run, angling in to cramp him for room. That adjusted bunt, off-side somewhere
Unadkat to Karthik, 1 run, too straight on the hips. Turned away round the corner
Unadkat to Chris Lynn, 1 run, 124.5kph, reaches out to the width, stabbing it behind point
Unadkat to Chris Lynn, FOUR, 119.3kph. And then half way down the pitch. And then down leg. Well .. well. Lynn swivels, adjusts to the lack of bounce. But pulls, very fine
Unadkat to Chris Lynn, no run, stays beside the line, opening up the bat face in his steer. And a diving point ruins the timing
Unadkat to Chris Lynn, no run, length, fourth-stumpish. Tall defensive punch
Ish Sodhi to Chris Lynn, 1 run, drags it down, Lynn tries making it worse with a rock back in the crease. Half a pull, top-edging that bunt down to long-on
Ish Sodhi to Karthik, 1 run, some floaty width, asks for a drive to cream it through to sweeper
Ish Sodhi to Karthik, no run, presses forward, tapping it to cover
Ish Sodhi to Karthik, no run, oh my. The turn gets sharper, degrees get bigger, starting from down leg, opening Karthik up big time as he jabs in desperation -- ends up guiding it to slip. Does well to his credit to drop his wrists as he does it

The one slip stays.

Ish Sodhi to Chris Lynn, 1 run, forward, closer to the pitch of it in wristing it straight down
Ish Sodhi to Chris Lynn, no run, big spin. Pitches around off, Lynn reaches to poke. And whizzes past

The equation: 63 runs in 60 balls. So a run a ball, and three runs from somewhere.

Unadkat to Karthik, no run, ends the over with an away-angling cutter. Karthik swings and misses
Unadkat to Karthik, FOUR, that's a glorious front-foot punch through covers. Gets on his toes and on top of the bounce to pack a punch through diving cover
Unadkat to Chris Lynn, 1 run, angling away, Chris Lynn opens the bat face and runs it through point for a single

Eden Gardens resonating with whistles. Now this is new.

Unadkat to Chris Lynn, no run, Lynn read it late and bailed out. Slower short ball, inviting a pull. Arrived slowly and nearly had Lynn in the trap
Unadkat to Karthik, 1 run, pitches on middle-stump and decks back in, hurrying Karthik into defending it off the inside-half of his bat to backward square leg
Unadkat to Chris Lynn, 1 run, full at 131ks from over the wicket, Chris Lynn checks the push straight down the ground and collects a single

Jaydev Unadkat, left-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

Ish Sodhi to Karthik, 2 runs, that was a very, very late second run. Karthik took off almost when the long-on fielder has gotten rid of the ball, and hence has to dive to get back in. Slow loop from Ish Sodhi outside off, Karthik sits low and fetches the sweep. Drags it wide of long-on, from where the fielder has to move to his right a few paces
Ish Sodhi to Karthik, no run, quick and full, this leg break, meaning Karthik has to come forward and block it
Ish Sodhi to Chris Lynn, 1 run, slow leg break, allowing Chris Lynn to punch that off the back foot through covers

Replays: I have never seen Rahane scream like that. Does he know about England's Test squad for Pakistan?

Ish Sodhi to Karthik, 1 run, spinning away from off-stump, and Karthik reaches out to cart that through point

Dinesh Karthik, right handed bat, comes to the crease

A slip for Karthik

Ish Sodhi to Nitish Rana, out Lbw!! Loud shout for LBW. And Rajasthan go upstairs with the review. Drifted across from over the wicket and it spun into the left-hander, surprising him with the turn. Pitching just outside off-stump -- slowmo replays suggest -- and rapping the front leg near the knee-roll. Impact on middle and that's crashing into the top of leg-stump, says ball-tracking. So Nitish Rana will have to go, as RAJ hold on to their review. Nitish Rana lbw b Ish Sodhi 21(17) [4s-2 6s-1]

Ish Sodhi to Nitish Rana, THAT'S OUT!! Lbw!!

Review time

Ish Sodhi to Chris Lynn, 1 run, googly negotiated off the back foot. Turned to mid-wicket for a single
Gowtham to Chris Lynn, 1 run, went wide of the crease and darted that in. Chris Lynn plays with the angle and pats that to long-on
Gowtham to Nitish Rana, 1 run, flatter, quicker, and Nitish Rana was hurried into keeping that out
Gowtham to Nitish Rana, SIX, Gowtham's horror isn't over. Brilliant loft from Nitish Rana, stepping out and timing it over extra cover. Flew into the crowd
Gowtham to Chris Lynn, 1 run, worked to long-on

Hey guys, I get it. The flag is golden and not yellow. Only if my chromatic awareness was better!

Gowtham to Nitish Rana, 1 run, steps out, gets too close to the pitch and squeezes it out to wide long-on
Gowtham to Chris Lynn, 1 run, one-legged clip through mid-wicket. On the stumps from Gowtham. He onviously doesn't have Narine now to unsettle him..

Krishnappa Gowtham [1.0-0-21-0] is back into the attack


Ish Sodhi to Nitish Rana, no run, fuller length, Nitish Rana prods in front and blocks
Ish Sodhi to Nitish Rana, no run, gets an under-edge on the sweep. Didn't read the googly
Ish Sodhi to Nitish Rana, FOUR, that's past backward point's dive. Got the ball to straighten on off-stump, which makes Nitish Rana's shot a good one. Didn't have much room to work, so uses his cocked wrists and thrusts the ball away
Ish Sodhi to Chris Lynn, 1 run, a bit quicker. There's spin on the leg break but Chris Lynn is nicely back, buying time for a nudge to long-on
Ish Sodhi to Chris Lynn, no run, gee, that falls short of Sodhi. Nice and slow leg break that Chris Lynn prods forward to with hard hands. And way too early. Pops back and luckily dips much short of the bowler

Stays over the wicket to the right-hander too. A slip again

Ish Sodhi to Nitish Rana, 1 run, slow googly that angles and then spins across, and Nitish Rana chops his cut to deep backward point

Ish Sodhi, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

A slip for Sodhi, who's from over the wicket to the left-hander

Considering how many they're chasing, this has been a superb powerplay. A full house Eden with a fast pitch on offer, and Lynn looks set to test the boundaries

Stokes to Nitish Rana, 1 run, into the pads, nudged to wide long-on. That's the end of powerplay: 51/2
Stokes to Nitish Rana, no run, 135ks on a back of a length -- cages Nitish Rana in the crease, forcing him to go further back and block it dead-batted
Stokes to Nitish Rana, wide, overdoes the ploy to angle it into the pads. Errs down the leg-side and concedes a wide
Stokes to Chris Lynn, 1 run, strewn off-paced and fullish outside off, and here's Chris Lynn, staying on leg-stump and reaching out to slap that through point
Stokes to Nitish Rana, 1 run, getting the ball into Nitish Rana from round the wicket here, with a slip waiting. Nudged to mid-wicket for an easy single
Stokes to Chris Lynn, 1 run, rocks back and across, punching the ball past Rahane's dive at shortish cover
Stokes to Chris Lynn, no run, slower delivery that's dipping on a very full length. Took Chris Lynn by surprise but he's managed to keep it out
Jofra Archer to Nitish Rana, 2 runs, he's not moving his feet much, is Nitish Rana. Throws his hands at the width and chops it through cover-point say
Jofra Archer to Nitish Rana, FOUR, past Samson's one-handed effort at backward point. An uppish cut shot that he placed just wide enough of the fielder
Jofra Archer to Nitish Rana, no run, bit of a push-drive that involved no feet but cover fielder's flown there and stopped it. Gowtham there perhaps. Stokes appreciates it
Jofra Archer to Nitish Rana, no run, beaten on the back foot now. Back of a length and straightening outside off -- Jofra Archer here is from round the wicket
Jofra Archer to Nitish Rana, no run, funny how a good pitch brings the lost values back into the game. A short ball is tailgated by a full one. Entices the drive and beats him outside off. Lovely to see. Perhaps some leftover from Malahide
Jofra Archer to Nitish Rana, no run, bends his back outside off. Got to love this pitch. And I can't be enough tired of saying it. Nitish Rana arches back; KOL need a rebuild
Stokes to Chris Lynn, FOUR, that's a nice drive through covers. Chris Lynn leaning a bit into it and reminding Stokes that he wasn't the batsman who faced the short ball, so a full ball outside off isn't going to work

Nitish Rana, left handed bat, comes to the crease

Stokes to Uthappa, out Caught by R Tripathi!! This is not over yet, folks. Second short ball from Stokes that gets the wicket. Got a little big on Uthappa, who agreeably was pirouetting well on the back toe. Ended up top-edging it high to deep backward square, where Tripathy was waiting. Uthappa c R Tripathi b Stokes 4(6)

Stokes to Uthappa, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Stokes to Uthappa, 2 runs, shaves it off his pads and picks a couple through deep mid-wicket
Stokes to Chris Lynn, 1 run, that falls wide of rushing mid-on. A bit of a miscue as Chris Lynn looks to pull a ball that's not short enough to do so. Gets away with it this time
Stokes to Chris Lynn, no run, beaten by pace and some low bounce you'd have to say. Stokes went wide of the crease and angled it in, seeing Chris Lynn make a bit of room early. Skid it on and interrupted Chris Lynn's swivel with a blow near the crotch
Stokes to Uthappa, 1 run, taps it delightfully to mid-on and runs
Jofra Archer to Chris Lynn, no run, one-handed fend back to Jofra Archer this time. Bends his back on this back of a length delivery and surprises Chris Lynn with pace and bounce off the deck. Nicely negotiated in the end
Jofra Archer to Chris Lynn, FOUR, now over third man. Just bounces inside the ropes and hits the cushions on the half-volley. Jofra Archer bowled it short again but shifted the line to outside off, and Chris Lynn nicely ramps it away
Jofra Archer to Chris Lynn, SIX, a 145ks delivery no good for all-hands Lynn. Moves a little leg-side and scythes this short incoming delivery over backward square leg. Didn't even rock back fully. Didn't need to
Jofra Archer to Uthappa, 1 run, gets a touch more width on this length ball and finally is able to tap that single to third man
Jofra Archer to Uthappa, no run, that's a cross-seamed back of a length delivery outside off. Uthappa trying to glide it to third man but misses
Jofra Archer to Uthappa, no run, starts with a full ball that's blocked towards mid-on

Jofra Archer, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

A slip for Archer too

Stokes to Chris Lynn, no run, angled full and is blocked to square leg. Wicket-maiden!
Stokes to Chris Lynn, no run, well short of mid-on. Angled into Chris Lynn who went for the loft but doesn't middle it. Good for him, here
Stokes to Chris Lynn, no run, makes a bit of room but he's drilled that straight to the fielder at cover
Stokes to Chris Lynn, no run, pushed into the off-side

Robin Uthappa, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Stokes to Narine, out Caught by Gowtham!! Gowtham is dramatic in his celebration. If you don't know why, scroll down and see how he was taken for runs in the last over. Takes the catch at extra cover and flings the ball at the stumps, and aggressively. A little OTT, the celebrations, but RAJ will take it. A short ball from Stokes does the trick. Narine is awkward as he goes back but is not really in a position to swat that across. Miscues that in the air and is caught. Narine c Gowtham b Stokes 21(7) [4s-2 6s-2]

Stokes to Narine, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Stokes to Narine, no run, bowls it short outside off from over the wicket. Narine makes room but is still cramped on the flash. Doesn't connect

Ben Stokes, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack

Stokes has a slip too

Gowtham to Chris Lynn, no run, flat outside off and Lynn block .He had a slip and FSL for company
Gowtham to Narine, 1 run, oh he fails to get under this and hits it along the ground to long-on
Gowtham to Narine, FOUR, he's an antidote to everything that Gowtham can be tonight. Backs away and lofts one at the stumps, splitting the air-gap between mid-off and extra cover
Gowtham to Narine, SIX, now puts on the wheels. Comes down the track and mauls it over long-on. Gowtham clasps his hands but that's not in appreciation, as you'd have guessed
Gowtham to Narine, FOUR, this flies squarer but he's middled it again somewhat. Swivels a little, carting the ball round the corner
Gowtham to Narine, SIX, how that's! Skid it into Narine, who went with it and swung it over deep mid-wicket

Narine and Chris Lynn are at the crease. Narine is on strike. Gowtham will open the attack