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Rajasthan vs Punjab - 40th Match

Series: Indian T20 League, 2018
Venue: Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
Date & Time: 08 May 2018

Punjab 143/7 (20 Ovs) RR: 7.15 | Rajasthan won by 15 runs


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Lokesh Rahul Not OutNot Out9570112
Chris Gayle stumped Gowthamstumped Gowtham1100
Ravichandran Ashwin bowled Gowthambowled Gowtham0200
Karun Nair c Unadkat & b Jofra Archerc Unadkat & b Jofra Archer3500
Akshdeep Nath c Gowtham & b Ish Sodhic Gowtham & b Ish Sodhi91310
Manoj Tiwary c A Rahane & b Stokesc A Rahane & b Stokes7800
Axar Patel runout runout 9510
Marcus Stoinis c Gowtham & b Unadkatc Gowtham & b Unadkat111600
Andrew Tye Not OutNot Out1100
Mohit Sharma dnbdnb0000
Mujeeb Ur Rahman dnbdnb0000
Extras 7 (b 4, lb 1, w 1, nb 1)
Total 143 (7 Wkts, 20 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
14-1 (Chris Gayle,2), 14-2 (Ravichandran Ashwin,2.2), 19-3 (Karun Nair,3.4), 45-4 (Akshdeep Nath,8.6), 66-5 (Manoj Tiwary,11.6), 81-6 (Axar Patel,13.3), 127-7 (Marcus Stoinis,19.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Krishnappa Gowtham3 0 12 2 4.00
Jofra Archer4 0 32 1 8.00
Jaydev Unadkat4 0 36 1 9.00
Ben Stokes2 0 13 1 6.50
Ish Sodhi4 0 14 1 3.50
Mahipal Lomror2 0 19 0 9.50
Anureet Singh1 0 12 0 12.00
Jos Buttler0 0 0 0 0
Ajinkya Rahane0 0 0 0 0
Sanju Samson0 0 0 0 0
Stuart Binny0 0 0 0 0


With all teams now having played 10 games, even a loss finds PUN planted at the third place. That's the kind of season they've had. They go back to Indore now, and host KOL on Saturday, while RAJ stay in Jaipur to host the big boys CHN on Friday. That's it for the night from Pratyush Sinha, who has Raju Peethala, Sriram, Varun Dixit, Praveen and Vineet Anantharaman for company. See you tomorrow, ta-ta!

Jos Buttler - Player of the Match: "Nice change for me; wasn't quite working in the middle. Didn't capitalize on a few good opportunities. Change in position worked wonders. Was hard to work out what a good score is. After the powerplay, you thought 180 is a good total but then it started to spin. You were never quite at home (on this pitch). With the field up, you've a lot of options. With the ball hard, opening position is a very good place to bat. Boys played well as a team, so we can take that confidence in the next game."

Rahane: "Really happy the way we played. I thought 160 was good here. Credit to the bowlers, the way they bowled. Powerplay overs were crucial. Ish Sodhi in the middle overs was fantastic. We thought keeping an attacking mindset will help us. KG bowled really well, getting Gayle and Ashwin. It's important that we enjoy this victory, forget this and move forward. Left-arm pacer is always good to have, especially when you play on slow wickets. Sometimes you get hit but good for Jaydev because he always thinks wickets. I was confused (at the toss) but putting runs on the board helped us. We want to play good cricket through all 40 overs."

K Gowtham: "The pressure is always there when you are bowling first-up when there are only two fielders outside the ring, I have been doing this consistently for my team. Team management believes in me and they are backing me. I love the pressure, the belief what team management is showing in me, I want to stand up to it and as a professional cricketer, you need to handle this kind of pressure. (On Gayle's wicket) It was not a plan to bowl him down the leg side but the plan was to bowl stump to stump. That was the reason I was having short leg. An off-spinner's delight is getting through the gate, that is the best wicket for an off-spinner."

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Ashwin: "I think we gave maybe ten runs over par. We lost too many wickets upfront, and in the end you saw how much you could catch up and we should have continued like we did in the last game. It was pretty evident that the wicket would get tougher and tougher. We wanted to attack in the powerplay, get ahead of the game and take it from there. Me coming up the order was an experiment, we were planning it in the last game as well. We are a team that knows our limitations and we are trying to counter it with our combinations. No, I am not worried with the situation we are in; if you would have given me six wins out of ten games I would have taken it hands down."

11:33pm local: Now Punjab have made a mess of another game here. They've now lost five out of five games at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium, and are clearly in dire need of a magic potion. Rajasthan found that tonight, in a welcome win that backs up a hat-trick of embarrassing losses. It all started with Buttler's continued red-hot hitting at the top. Though the underwhelming finish meant that Rajasthan had all but handed the initiative back to Punjab, but the bowlers shone, mimicking Hyderabad's bowling genes and frustrating Punjab. Rahul had another gem of a knock up his sleeve -- he carried his bat for a second consecutive game -- but clearly somebody else had to chip in too. Ashwin's self-promotion to No.3 clearly didn't work. Perhaps too much for cricket to take, too.

Unadkat to Rahul, FOUR, another similar open-chested reverse-hack over short third man but unfortunately, it's not enough for PUN. Rajasthan win by 15 runs
Unadkat to Rahul, FOUR, now he's opened his stance completely here. Chest facing the bowler as he reverses this over short third man
Unadkat to Rahul, no run, it's a disservice if you call it a drop. That was flat-batted back hard. Very hard. Unadkat got into a position to take the catch actually (or save his face) and took a blow on his wrists, as the ball dipped last minute to disrupt plans. Looks in pain, wincing in pain. But he's back up quickly. Good to see

24 off 3 isn't doable, no?

Unadkat to Rahul, SIX, he's ready for the cutter. Stays leg-side of the ball and pumps the free-hit delivery over covers. Highest score for him in T20 League
Unadkat to Rahul, no ball, no-balled for height. Rahul shuffled across on his knee to scoop, got a ball much higher than he anticipated and somehow deflected it off the splice/handle behind square
Unadkat to Andrew Tye, 1 run, slow and low full toss, Andrew Tye wrists it to long-on

Andrew Tye, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Unadkat to Stoinis, out Caught by Gowtham!! Sehwag's smiling in the dug out, perhaps because he's seen Gowtham take the catch and put the ball in his pocket. Very cool. A full toss outside off that Stoinis timed well but this is a big ground, we must remember. So there's Gowtham waiting at a square deep cover, timing his leap just perfect to reverse-cup the ball above his head. Stoinis c Gowtham b Unadkat 11(16)

Unadkat to Stoinis, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

16 runs off the last over but it's a tall chase from here.

Jofra Archer to Rahul, FOUR, this boundary means that 32 is required off the last over. Rahul gets into the scoop position again, and ramps this up over short fine leg
Jofra Archer to Rahul, FOUR, oh that's another stunner from Rahul. Shuffled across and timed his pick-up scoop just right. Not easy if that's almost a yorker from Jofra Archer. Perhaps an inch short but how good was Rahul, laying into it like it's a right he's earned
Jofra Archer to Rahul, FOUR, not great cricket overall, except from Jofra Archer. Bowled the slower one that spins away, Rahul looked ungainly while chipping this, because he was aiming cow corner. Just manages to clear mid-off, and there's Unadkat in the deep, sliding with the ball into the ropes..
Jofra Archer to Rahul, 2 runs, the mid-wicket/mid-on region is vacant, so Rahul digs this yorker out and collects a well-run second to that region. Jofra Archer was the one who ran across and fielded that
Jofra Archer to Stoinis, 1 run, now Jofra Archer nails the yorker right again outside off. Squeezed out to cover for JUST A SINGUJE
Jofra Archer to Rahul, 1 run, back of a length cutter, Rahul gets into a position to scoop and picks up the half-sweep squarer of short fine leg

48 runs, 2 overs

Unadkat to Stoinis, no run, what a stunning over from Unadkat. He's gone wide of the crease and angled the yorker in on sixth-seventh stump. Stoinis doesn't connect, even as he leans across and tries to
Unadkat to Rahul, 1 run, would have been a wide outside off had Rahul not played at it. But he does, with a reverse-sweep. Too wide, almost out of his reach and the toe-end only fetches him a single. PUN need more

49 from 14

Unadkat to Stoinis, 1 run, another slower delivery, and Stoinis's attempt to make room comes a cropper. Flat-bats it to mid-off, where Anureet pulls off some sharp piece of fielding to stop it
Unadkat to Stoinis, 2 runs, this isn't going anywhere for Punjab. Stoinis backs away, and finds long-off with this flat-batted forehand. Was a slower delivery, so credit to Stoinis for controlling it well
Unadkat to Rahul, 1 run, was backing away, so Unadkat nicely bowls a wide full toss. Finds Rahul reaching out and toe-ending it to short third man. Lovely piece of bowling
Unadkat to Rahul, FOUR, fetches it from outside off and heaves it between mid-wicket and long-on. Shuffled just a bit from leg to off, got behind the line and let his bottom hand take over
Jofra Archer to Stoinis, no run, another yorker length delivery, another squeeze. Gee, Rajasthan have come out in skin borrowed from HYD. 57 from last 3 overs
Jofra Archer to Stoinis, no run, makes a fool out of Stoinis with this slower delivery. And smiles. Slow, very slow, and Stoinis waits and waits. And ends up waiting more than he should. He's late on a slower bouncer, which was dicely a touch higher than it'd have been
Jofra Archer to Rahul, 1 run, yorker on the stumps this time, Rahul opens the face of the bat to point. Quick single but Stoinis makes it in
Jofra Archer to Stoinis, 1 run, another. Quicker single this time but it all all similar. Stoinis's making room and interrupted by a speary yorker beaming in from over the wicket
Jofra Archer to Rahul, 1 run, 100 comes up, finally. Early room made down leg, so Jofra Archer nails the yorker and only concedes a squeezed-out single to deep mid-wicket

CRAJ: 6.12 | REQ: 15.65

Jofra Archer to Stoinis, 1 run, followed down leg with a angled-in slower delivery, and Stoinis uses his hands to hack it to deep mid-wicket

Jofra Archer [2.0-0-12-1] is back into the attack

This over has made it a bit stiffer fot PUN, meaning this over has to go for runs for Ashwin and Co.

Shivank Goel: "Sodhi showing what the teams missed by not picking him at the auction despite being the no. 1 T20 bowler at that time."

Most runs scored in overs 16-20 in run chases in Jaipur -- 63 by RAJ vs HYD in 2012.

Unadkat to Stoinis, 1 run, yeah he can. Slower ball on the pads and it only yields a single. Nudged to backward square leg. There's nothing more you could do with that to be honest. 61 off 4 overs

Superb over from Unadkat. Can he finish it off?

Unadkat to Stoinis, no run, waits for the slower delivery outside off and finds backward point with his delayed back-but


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