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Rajasthan vs Mumbai - 21st Match

Series: Indian T20 League, 2018
Venue: Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
Date & Time: 22 April 2018

Rajasthan 168/7 (19.4 Ovs) RR: 8.54 | Rajasthan won by 3 wkts


Batsman R B 4s 6s
Ajinkya Rahane c Krunal Pandya & b McClenaghanc Krunal Pandya & b McClenaghan141710
Rahul Tripathi c Suryakumar Yadav & b Krunal Pandyac Suryakumar Yadav & b Krunal Pandya9810
Sanju Samson c Hardik Pandya & b Bumrahc Hardik Pandya & b Bumrah523940
Ben Stokes bowled Hardik Pandyabowled Hardik Pandya402731
Jos Buttler bowled Bumrahbowled Bumrah6800
Heinrich Klaasen c Ishan Kishan & b Mustafizurc Ishan Kishan & b Mustafizur0100
Jofra Archer c Hardik Pandya & b Hardik Pandyac Hardik Pandya & b Hardik Pandya8910
Krishnappa Gowtham Not OutNot Out331142
Jaydev Unadkat Not OutNot Out0000
Dhawal Kulkarni dnbdnb0000
Shreyas Gopal dnbdnb0000
Extras 6 (b 0, lb 0, w 4, nb 2)
Total 168 (7 Wkts, 19.4 Ov)
Fall of Wickets
14-1 (Rahul Tripathi,2.2), 38-2 (Ajinkya Rahane,5.4), 110-3 (Ben Stokes,14.1), 125-4 (Sanju Samson,16.2), 125-5 (Jos Buttler,16.3), 125-6 (Heinrich Klaasen,17.1), 158-7 (Jofra Archer,19.1),
BowlingO M R WEcon
Mitchell McClenaghan3 0 32 1 10.67
Jasprit Bumrah4 0 28 2 7.00
Krunal Pandya4 0 33 1 8.25
Mustafizur Rahman4 0 35 1 8.75
Mayank Markande2 0 15 0 7.50
Hardik Pandya2.4 0 25 2 10.42
Suryakumar Yadav0 0 0 0 0
Evin Lewis0 0 0 0 0
Ishan Kishan0 0 0 0 0
Rohit Sharma0 0 0 0 0
Kieron Pollard0 0 0 0 0


Keep all those heart patients away. Another night, another thriller, another chase from nowhere. Mumbai have done their usual bit of warming up, Rajasthan of keeping a fortress. It's back to the one-match-days from tomorrow. This was Vineet Anantharaman in the company of Pratyush Sinha, Sriram, Ramakrishnan, Varun Dikshit and our scorer Shashikant Singh bringing you all the action. Until next time, ta ta!!

Jofra Archer | MoM: It is good to be back on the park after missing the first few games. We just wanted to restrict them after it looked like they would get to 190. Stokesy had a chat with us at the half way stage and told us we needed to restrict them. That's exactly what we did and then chased it down (swag smile). It was a bit nervy coming to the end, when we needed 40 in 20, but with the talent we had in the line up we knew it would be easy. The heartbeat hasn't come down as yet; still pumping from that win.

Ajinkya Rahane | Winning skipper: I still can't believe what happened. I just want to give credit to my bowlers for the way they came back after 14 overs because it looked like they'd get to 180-190. But in the end KG's knock was unbelievable. In the time-out the plan was to take it deep. We knew we had hitters like Jos, Ben, Klassen and Jofra who could hit the ball a long way. We knew that we were always just two big shots away. Rahul batted really well at the top of the order last year, and that is the combination we wanted to go in with. It looks like we'll still continue with that. We are happy to see Jofra back, his spell and the way Jaydev and Dhawal bowled in the middle overs was the key. Jofra can bowl at 140+ and his pace and accuracy was amazing. He's always thinking about wickets and when you do that your mindset is always positive which is the way to go about.

Gowtham: On top of the world. I had a decent first-class year. The captain asked me to believe and that's what I did. It worked. You just need a good hit with 6 needed off 3 balls. That's what I was thinking when I denied the single.

Samson: How many ever runs you score, the man who wins the match for the team is the best (smiles). Very happy for Gowtham. Winning the game is the most important thing for me. Would not have mattered if I scored a fifty and got the orange cap in a losing cause. I need to finish games for my team.

Rohit Sharma | Losing skipper: Not easy, especially towards the end. Have to give credit to them; they played well. Not easy to score 10 an over given how the wicket was playing. I think (not finishing well with the bat) hurt us. We didn't capitalize on the start. Second or third time we have done that. I hope we can learn from the mistakes. Wasn't easy (towards the end of the innings), because they were taking the pace off but we needed to be smarter. It is not easy, which is probably the reason why I haven't been critical about my bowling unit. 20 runs more would have made the difference.

23:50 local: The thrillers refuse to die. Also Mumbai just can't seem to come on the right side of them. At the 14th over stage the Rajasthan were cruising, they had no business of taking this this close. And then Bumrah triggered a collapse, Mustafizur made it longer. But Gowtham, having only warmed the MUM bench for the whole of 2017 showed them what they'd missed. In a display of sheer timing which included refusing singles, not just slogging, he sealed it, with two balls still in the bank. But let's take nothing away from Samson, who did everything to set it up, and let someone else take the champagne. Mumbai have a lot to ponder, not least the lengths and the speeds they bowled in the final overs. It's almost turning into one of those situations of finding ways to lose from any situation. Stay on, interviews lined up.

Hardik Pandya to Gowtham, SIX, it's in the orbit. It's into the car park. And Gowtham turns hero - coming right at the climax, scoring at a strike rate of 300. Gets a juicy back of a length ball, in the slot and flat-bats it across the line. Into the clouds. And then cow corner

Another instruction bit from Rohit. What's on the cards?

Hardik Pandya to Gowtham, no run, does a Pollard. Can't beat extra cover with his push, doesn't want to let go of his strike
Hardik Pandya to Gowtham, FOUR, top thinking. He's spotted third man inside the ring, and ramps his bat out to shove it over. Wrong line, wrong length

Jaydev Unadkat, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Hardik Pandya to Jofra Archer, out Caught&Bowled!! Another twist. Agatha Christie would be so damn proud. Pandya lets out the bouncer, neatly directed into the head, and Archer's pulls in desperation, top-edging it high. Pandya takes matters into his own hands. Calls and holds his nerve. Jofra Archer c and b Hardik Pandya 8(9) [4s-1]

Hardik Pandya to Jofra Archer, THAT'S OUT!! Caught&Bowled!!

Hardik Pandya [2.0-0-15-1] is back into the attack

Bumrah to Gowtham, FOUR, goes pulling. And goes into the gap. Doesn't get enough meat, and thank heavens for that. It goes a lot finer, beating square leg in the ring. It's 10 off the final over. And you thought this was over, twice
Bumrah to Gowtham, no run, slower, cutting under Gowtham's lined up slog into the orbit. It turns, does it?
Bumrah to Gowtham, FOUR, utter disdain. Take that .. width, pace and it is back in that point zone. Thumped hard. How things turn
Bumrah to Gowtham, 2 runs, the free-hit's on the pad. Under the bat, but Mumbai's fielders day dreaming grabs them the second too
Bumrah to Jofra Archer, no ball, 1 run, the pressure. Massive overstep. A cool few inches over. Murdered back over his ducking running for cover
Bumrah to Jofra Archer, 2 runs, chipped up, taking it off his pads and lofting it to long-on
Bumrah to Jofra Archer, FOUR, very, very Caribbean. Okay former Caribbean. Archer transfer back, lets the ball get on par and waits on his drive, opening it to pierce the gap behind point. And that gap is huge
Mustafizur to Gowtham, FOUR, edge. And the Rajasthan have a massive edge of life. 15 off this one and all of a sudden there's oxygen still there in this one. A low full toss, across Gowtham, who throws his bat out in an attempt to slice. He'll make his peace with the edge, running past the keeper
Mustafizur to Gowtham, SIX, rocks back, deep in the crease, getting that front leg out once again. And targets the smallest part of the ground - cow corner. And swings. Smoking
Mustafizur to Gowtham, 2 runs, clears his front leg, carving it through the covers
Mustafizur to Jofra Archer, 1 run, slower one on the free-hit. And he's slogged it down long-on's throat
Mustafizur to Jofra Archer, no ball, over waist. Over the shoulders in fact. Wide outside off thankfully to cause damage. A yorker missed .. by a mile
Mustafizur to Gowtham, 1 run, not quite the bounce he'd lined himself up for. Mis-pulled towards long-on

Krishnappa Gowtham, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Mustafizur to Klaasen, out Caught by Ishan Kishan!! The bridge is falling. The fortess is falling in dramatic fashion. Klaasen gets himself a golden duck on his home debut. Fizz comes up with his go-to ball - a cutter slanting across. Klaasen with flat feet looks to drive away from his body, gets the customary edge and Ishan's diving low to his right to collect. Yes his black eye doesn't stop him from judging these perfectly. Klaasen c Ishan Kishan b Mustafizur 0(1)

Mustafizur to Klaasen, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Mustafizur Rahman [3.0-0-20-0] is back into the attack

Bumrah to Jofra Archer, no run, 147.7kph. Wow. It's a show guys. Yorkers don't get any better. Jammed down the pitch, not enough in it to go past Bumrah either. Archer getting a taste of his medicine
Bumrah to Jofra Archer, no run, closes it out. Full, blockhole, just outside off. 148kph. Can't squeeze
Bumrah to Jofra Archer, no run, no, no hat-trick here as well. Archer's behind the line, defending

Jofra Archer, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Bumrah to Buttler, out Bowled!! Perfect peach. And Rajasthan are well and truly doing a death over Mumbai. Bumrah's the Jofra in the remake. Nothing slow here, full paced, 144kph, hitting the good length, seaming in sharply and staying low to go through the bat and pad on Buttler's meek prod forward. Buttler b Bumrah 6(8)

Bumrah to Buttler, THAT'S OUT!! Bowled!!

Heinrich Klaasen, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Bumrah to Samson, out Caught by Hardik Pandya!! It was all timing till it lasted. The moment it deserts him, he falls. It was Bumrah's famed slower gripper, Samson tries hoicking it into cow corner. Gropes only the toe-end, spoons high and Hardik runs in. Nah, he ain't messing these up. Samson c Hardik Pandya b Bumrah 52(39) [4s-4]

Bumrah to Samson, THAT'S OUT!! Caught!!

Bumrah to Buttler, 1 run, 131.7kph. On the shorter side, slapped under a diving extra cover. The RAJR's crept over 11

Jasprit Bumrah [2.0-0-9-0] is back into the attack

Krunal Pandya to Buttler, 1 run, backs again, but manages to keep it out with a knock down the ground. There's the old Pandya's spell - 4-0-33-1


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